1. Random Book Selection Questions

    What statement does the story (or stories) of Winesberg, Ohio make about life in the small towns of America?
  2. science

    3. Which term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce? A. natural selection B. overproduction C. competition D. variation I think either A or D
  3. U.S History - Pls check my answer!!!

    Document C Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress, Dec 7, 1829 The condition and destiny of the Indian tribes within the limits of some of our states have become objects of much interest and importance. By persuasion and force they have been made to retire
  4. American Government

    Why is it easier for the prime minister of Britain to pass legislation than it is for the U.S. president? * The United Kingdom is a federal system where the prime minister is chosen by the British queen. This provides the prime minister the opportunity to
  5. Art

    The United States supreme Courts architectural design symbolizes what values that are also shared with Greek culture? A. resistance and persistence B. creativity and love C. tranquility and peace D. balance and justice I feel like it's D or B 2.Realists
  6. language arts

    in "all together now" , Barbara jordan's main purpose is to A) persuade readers that a tolerant society is best created by working on a small scale . B) inform readers of the recent history of the civil rights movement in the united states. C) praise the
  7. math

    What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577 1997- 53,463 I'm trying to figure out the percentages of population increases between different countries at different
  8. Literature/Social Studies

    "The New Frontier" by John F. Kennedy. 1. What ideas does Kennedy express by quoting William Brandford? A: ? 2. What reasons does Kennedy offer for going to the moon? A: Kennedy offers reasons such as the task of going to the moon being difficult, the goal
  9. 7th grade social studies

    I am doing a research on diamonds and need help. I am having trouble finding a source that answers my questions besides Wikipedia. My teachers will not let us use Wikipedia. Can you please provide links to these questions? 1. Where is the natural resource
  10. geography

    Will you please check my answers? 1.What states border Lake Michigan? Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan 2. How many states are on the 60 degrees N line of latitude? Just one state ( Alaska ) 3. What do the following countries have in common: Chad,
  11. science

    How long is day and how long is night? PLEASE HELP ME! thanks PLEASE HELP ME!! We usually think, in the United States, of a day being 12 hours and night being 12 hours; however, as you well know, the actual hours of daylight and night time change daily.
  12. gov

    Why does the constitution require those who serve as president to be at least 35 years old; those serving as senate be 30 years old; and those serving in the house of representatives to be at least 25?
  13. Chemistry

    The heads of matches are made with P4S3. this material is made by heating a mixture of red phosphorus and sulfur: 8P4 + 3S8----> 8P4S3 If a match company uses 5435 grams of phosphorous (p4) with an excess of sulfure, how many grams of P4S3 can be made?
  14. history

    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all
  15. History

    1.) What was the German Blitzkrieg? a.) A new military strategy known in Britain as a "Phony war" b.) A secret invasion of the Sudetenland region. c.) a propaganda strategy that promised "Peace for our time" d.) a new style of warfare that emphasized speed
  16. English 9R - Civil Disobedience Essay Check (PLZ!)

    Please check my essay for any grammar errors and anything, because my English teacher grades HARD and I really want a 100 on this essay. I spend HOURS writing this and I really appreciate if you check. Thank You! :) here it is: Civil disobedience is
  17. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!! In a basketball free-throw shooting contest, the points made by Sam and Wilbur were in the ratio 7:9. Wilbur made 6 more points than Sam. find the number of points made by each...... I'm so confused
  18. Engineering maths

    A rectengular swimming pool 30m long and 22m wide is made.And a deck of the uniform width is made around the pool,and only 480m^2 deck is made,HOW WIDE SHOULD THE DECK BE?
  19. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!! In a basketball free-throw shooting contest, the points made by Sam and Wilbur were in the ratio 7:9. Wilbur made 6 more points than Sam. find the number of points made by each...... I'm so confused
  20. Social studies

    which of the following is true about textiles and georgia economy 1. the states textile industry has found it difficult to complete with overseas textile industries 2. four major carpet companies are located in goergia 3.georgia is a world leader in carpet
  21. Algebra/story problem

    Can someone help me work this problem please? The equation y= -1777x+27,153 can be used to predict the number of gun deaths in the United States x years after 2000, that is x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=2 corresponds to 2002, x=4 corresponds to 2004, and so
  22. Economics

    9. During the 1990's the inflation and unemployment trends in the United States changed. What was unusual in the 1990s? A. Unemployment reached very high levels but inflation fell to less than five percent B. although inflation remained at less than three
  23. statistics

    It is thought that prehistoric Indians did not take their best tools, pottery, and household items when they visited higher elevations for their summer camps. It is hypothesized that archaeological sites tend to lose their cultural identity and specific
  24. eth

    What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped me better understand or relate to specific minority groups? Have you learned something new about your own cultural history? I am sure the teacher wants YOUR opinion and not mine. So
  25. Physics

    You buy yourself a new Lamborghini which can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds. 1.) what is the magnitude of the car's acceleration in SI units? 2.)the latest figures on speeding related car accident fatalities show 32788 deaths per year in the
  26. Math

    1. There are 20 guests at a party. The host has 8 gallons of punch. He estimates that each will drink 2 cups of punch. If this estimate is correct, how much punch will be left over at the end of the party? 2. A typical lap around a track in the United
  27. English

    1. The team is made of 12 players. 2. The team is made up of 12 players. 3. The bridge is made of stone. 4. The bridge is made up of stone. ------------------------ is each pair grammatical?

    18, How would Clays American System with high tariffs on imported goods have benefited the west and south? He expected that money from tariffs would be used to help farmers ship their goods to the north He expected that Northerners would use their profits
  29. social studies

    Characterize the united states culture according to the five categories of value orientation theory:man-nature,activity, time,human nature, relational. What is your view on Us culture. I am reading a book about the US cultures. I just wanted to hear or
  30. Religion,help

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States? i really don't know how to answer this question or even what points to hit. I know that one even was the Iraqi war but i don't know what else i can put because i don't want
  31. civics

    Cabinet members are nominated by the President and confirmed by Secretary of State House of Reps Senate Supreme Court is it Supreme Court?
  32. Social Studies

    Who is Cincinnatus? A.A dictator that served for 16 days B. A dictator that served till death c.A plebeian d.a member of the senate My answer:B Plz help me
  33. US history multiple choice

    When Kennedy was elected president, many were: A. fearful because he had not won a majority of the popular vote. B. pleased because of his clear experience. C. fearful because he had appointed such controversial people to the cabinet. D. pleased because of
  34. health PLZ HELP ME ASAP

    1) identify one common cause of the increasing number of overweight and obese people in the united states. A. activity level has increased B. healthy food choices have increased C. more making is done at home D. portion sizes have increased*** ( I think
  35. government

    which of the following is an example of checks and balance? the u.s supreme court declares a law uconstitutional, power is shared between state and federal governments, congress passes a law, the senate devolps rules for its internal processes. i think its
  36. math

    Mr.Edstrom had a budget of $1500 to spend on a table and 6 chairs. The total price was $249 under her budget amount. The table cost 3 times as much as a chair. What was the price of the table?
  37. Math

    Ms. Taylor has a budget of $1500 to spend on a table and 6 chairs. The total price she spent was $249 under her budget. The table costs 3 times more than a chair. What was the price of the table?
  38. Science

    • Explain the scientific and technical concepts related to communication. o Which types of electromagnetic radiation are typically involved in the process of communication? o How is information transmitted? o What are the main differences between wired
  39. Science

    • Explain the scientific and technical concepts related to communication. o Which types of electromagnetic radiation are typically involved in the process of communication? o How is information transmitted? o What are the main differences between wired
  40. history

    can someone check my history questions?? Please? Questions~ 1) Read the quotation below and answer the question that follows. “We are unanimously of opinion, that the law passed by the legislature of Maryland, imposing a tax on the Bank of the United
  41. american government

    Compared with the decision in a Supreme Court case, the opinion is more significant because it a. determines the losing party in a case and the penalty to be imposed on this party. b. reveals the conflicts between the justices, which the president and
  42. English

    Word Bank: deliberately, derision, despair, diligent, fatigue, felicitous, fervent, impudent, insolence, keen, lingered, meagerness, merit, mock, obliged, resentful, tedious, terse, treacherous, vast. 1. When it looked like all hope was lost for winning
  43. psychology 11

    Dan and maureen are married and have 2 children, ages 7 and 12. Dan coaches Litle League, and Maureen drives the kids to soccer practice. Dan works as a middle manager in a high-tech firm, and maureen is a successful architect. They own their own house, 2
  44. Algebra

    Students get two grades for a test in an introductory psychology course: a letter grade, and a numerical equivalent (weighted value). So an A is worth 4 points, a B is worth 3 points, a C is worth 2 points, a D is worth 1 point, and an F is worth 0 points.
  45. Language Arts

    There is little, if any,m "storm" in the new movie Storm Fever. Aren't actors supposed to act, and aren't directors supposed to direct? Actor Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set. And director Sue Smith can't seem to figure out to present
  46. Algebra

    An acre of land is chosen at random from each of the three states listed in the table at the right. What is the probability that all three acres will be farmland? 1. Does the choice of an acre from one state affect the choice from the other states? 2. How
  47. Englis

    My father and I have already visited several states this month.On June 20, dad's friends Helena and Franco Garabis met us in Brownsville, Texas. I had to capitalize all the errors in the above sentence but it still has one more that is capitalized and I'm
  48. Algebra

    Someone please help me with this The equation y=-1777x+27,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United states x years after 2000.That is x= 0 corresponds to the year 2000. x=3 corresponds top 2003x=6 corresponds to 2006 and son on.
  49. History | Need help, i'm in a rush =(

    the underground railroad used escape routes that went throughout the south. based on that fact, which of the following conclusions could be made? a) the southern states were leaning toward emancipation of the slaves b) slaves were hopeful to acquire jobs
  50. math

    A theater group made appearances in two states. The hotel charges before tax in the second state were $1000 lower than in the first. The tax on the hotel bill was 4% in the first state and 9% in the second. After the trip, the total tax paid on
  51. algebra 2

    For 1980 through 1995, the number of degrees D(in thousands) earned by people in the united states and the percent of degrees P earned by women can be modeled by D=-0.096t^4+3t^3-27t^2+91t+1700 P=0.043t+49 where t is the number of years since 1980. A. Find
  52. math

    last year kitbits made 2675 plastkits. this year 16% fewer will be made. how many fewer will be made?
  53. English help

    Identify the complete predicate in the sentence. 1. Oregon is one of the northwestern states. A. Oregon B. is one C. of the northwestern states. D. is one of the northwestern states.**** 2. The drama performance brought tears to the audience's eyes. A.
  54. Social Studies

    In what way did the purchase of Alaska fit with Secretary of State William Seward’s foreign policy toward Asia? A. Seward thought the purchase of Alaska could protect the United States from Asian aggression. B. Seward thought that Alaska could be a
  55. History

    Has anyone read the book A People's History of the UNited States? if so, can you help me with a question about the first chapter? How does Zinn's story of first contact differ from your own prior knowledge of the story? I haven't read this text, but the
  56. Social Studies

    Why were many countries still dependent on outside help from other nations, such as the United States, following their independence in the 1800s? A. The colonies were weak, and other nations promised to maintain military bases in their countries in order
  57. Maths

    Hannah made 0.7 of her free throw in a basketball game.Abra made 9/10 of her free throw. Dena made 3/4 of her free throws. Who was the best shooter ? Explain I say Abra 9/10 am I correct
  58. Math

    In a basketball free-throw shooting contest, the points made by Sam and Wilbur were in the ratio 7:9. Wilbur made 6 more points than Sam. find the number of points made by each.
  59. History8

    Lincoln best demonstrated the qualities of the Republican Party in that ___________________ . a.he supported Congress’ decision in the Dred Scott Case b.he believed that blacks and slaves were equal to whites c.he supported secession by the Southern
  60. SS

    Which of the following statements best describes Mexican history after independence? A:Mexico has been at war or in a state of revolution from independence to today. B:social class has not been an important factor in determining opportunity. C:many
  61. Biology

    We know that variations (differences) within a population are necessary for natural selection to occur. Which of the following is NOT a source of genetic variation? a. Mutations b. Independent assortment c. Crossing over d. Mitosis
  62. Bio

    Which of the following provides the raw materials for the genetic variations that play an important role in natural selection? A.Mitosis B.homeostasis C.cell differentiation D.Mutations D
  63. Language Arts

    Which verb mood is used in the following sentence from the selection? If you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever. A. Indicative B. Sunjunctive C. Conditional D. Imperative Is the answer B?
  64. Language Arts

    Which verb mood is used in the following sentense from the selection? If you have any sense at all , avoid Storm Fever. A. Indicative B. Subjunctive C. Conditional D. Imperative Is the answer A?
  65. statistics

    Suppose 10 undergraduate students are selected randomly to be interviewed about credit card usage. Is the selection of 10 studets a binomial experiment? Explain.
  66. Physical Science

    In your room are things such as tables, chairs and other people. Which of these things has a temperature lower than air? Greater than air? And equal to the temperature of air?
  67. Social Studies

    1.) What flatlands extend south from Chesapeake Bay to the east coast of Florida? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "flatlands 'east coast' 'United States'" to get these possible sources:
  68. Chemistry

    Iodine pentafluoride is an incendiary agent, a substance that ignites combustible materials. This compound is usually made by passing fluorine gas over solid iodine, but it also forms when iodine monofluoride changes into the element iodine and iodine
  69. american goverment

    7. Which is, by design, most removed from popular control? (1 point) state governor state house of representatives state senate state supreme court I M THINKING ITS D
  70. English

    1. There are two seats in the corner. 2. There are two chairs in the corner. (Does #1 mean #2?) 3. Listen carefully in hearing. 4. Listen carefully when you hear. (Are both the same?)
  71. Social Studies (Reed)

    1. What caused a division between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the black power movement? A: For Martin Luther King, Jr., Black Power was ‘‘essentially an emotional concept’’ that meant ‘‘different things to different people." However, for
  72. scinece

    In the United States, rank order the users of energy from smallest to biggest: Smallest Biggest a) industry home transportation b) transportation industry homes c) homes industry transportation d) homes transportation industry e) transportation homes
  73. Am I right?

    I have to state three causes and effects of the cold war. Causes: -The Soviet union was trying to get surrounding countries to become communist -The acquisition of atomic weapons by America caused fear in the Soviets. -Both countries feared an attack from
  74. history

    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all
  75. english

    Hello! I'm french, I have an english homework "studying an newspaper's article" Can you correct it please please beacause I'm sure that's very bad.So please help me. During his first year, president Obama was much debated: 30 000 soldiers sent out
  76. anthropology

    Decision made by colonial powers were generally made on the basis of
  77. Math

    Nick made an array that has 10 counters.Draw 4 arrays that he might have made.
  78. American Constitutional Law

    In the case of Puerto Rico v. Branstad, the Court ruled that states had: A. a mandatory duty to extradite fugitives properly demanded. B. the power to charge residents and nonresidents different fees. C. the authority to execute treaties with foreign
  79. Social Studies (check my answers)

    1. Mexico's economy is based largely on (2 points) oil exports. mining. agriculture and livestock.** industry. 2. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because (2 points) it is the only land available to them. the soil is very good for
  80. Government.

    The President exercises legislative power over Congress by: a - recommending legislation. b - preventing a bill from coming before Senate committees. c - routinely telling Congress when it must adjourn. d - allowing all bills to die through pocket vetoes.
  81. American Gov

    2. Members of the Senate were originally chosen by the House of Representatives- True? 7. Which of the following does not serve to limit the power of the federal government? a. Tenth Amendment b. voting rights c. state legislators d. Bill of Rights C?
  82. Social Studdies, Ms. Sue please check!

    1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. A people with a shared
  83. art(need help)

    i know these are a few questions but i just can't find them anywhere.i really need to know why the bauta mask was made,how you make one,who made it, and it's texture.if you could help me with any of these,i would be so thankful.
  84. English

    "The boat is made of paper." Why is the made in the past tense in this sentence? What kind of grammar is this?
  85. english

    I find it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagoule There is a relationship -- what the people referred to in the second link wore -- a cowl ( http://www.answers.com/cowl ). I think the origin is French, but I can't find anything specific either. =( Thanks
  86. English II

    "Base Details" If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath, I’d live with scarlet Majors at the Base, And speed glum heroes up the line to death. You’d see me with my puffy petulant face, Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel, Reading the Roll of
  87. history

    What was the main result of the invention of the Clermont in 1807? This steamboat built by Robert Fulton helped speed up industrialization and increase interest in canal and river transport. This passenger train built by Henry Ford provided immigrants an
  88. Government US

    What is the greatest restriction on appeals in the United States? a. the refusal by state appeals court judges to grant even a first appeal b. a federal law that bars in most instances a second federal appeal by a state prison inmate c. the lack of any
  89. goverment

    “The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and, upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors, removed from office . . . The person of the king of Great Britain is sacred and inviolable; there
  90. american Government

    what is the main weakness of the articles of confederation? A. congress could not provide for a national defense B. powers given to the central or national government were limited C. states had no way to settle disputes D. states had to relinquish their
  91. HELP

    Tell me how AU, DLF, JEM, SLA, SLM, United States, SPLA and UNSC assist the victims of Genocide of Darfur. Simply answer is fine. So please someone teach me how they were helped geonocide of Darfur. I already got some site. So I just make sure how they
  92. Civics

    Which of these book titles best describes the United States v. Nixon case and its significance? Not Above the Law - Nixon's illegal actions resulted in a Supreme Court ruling requiring sharing of the private tapes*** Stealing the Presidency - The Supreme
  93. history

    which of the following was a law established by the northwest ordinance? A.only territories with a population of at least 60,000 can apply for state hold B.the education would be paid for by the central government. C.anyone who escapes slavery would be
  94. Social Studies

    Everyone, this is on history just to let you know 1. How did geography help defeat the British at Yorktown? 2. In what ways might the states have been called the Disunited States in 1781? 3. As Americans fought the revolution, what events were taking place
  95. POL201

    In Ronald Reagan’s version of new federalism, the goal was to return power back to the states through @The answer can be found in “New Federalism II, 1982-Present.” A) deep cuts in federal spending. B) the Great Swap. C) orders to the states to take
  96. Social Studdies

    Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. (This is The Age of Jackson) Transportation innovations affected migration in many ways, good ways too! Transportation helped migration happen
  97. us government intro paragraph help

    After the American Revolution, many people were grateful to their new profound independence, but some were unhappy with the government’s involvement. The United States has been run by two important constitutions. The Articles of Confederation, the first
  98. American Government

    What statement is true about the legislative branch? A. It is divided into a senate and a house of representatives B. Members are selected for life C. It has no real authority D. It is more powerful than any other branch of government.
  99. English III

    Lesson 6.07 Letter to a Citizen of Kentucky, an excerpt Executive Mansion, Washington, April 4, 1864. A. G. Hodges, Esq., Frankfort, Ky. My Dear Sir: You ask me to put in writing the substance of what I verbally stated the other day, in your presence, to
  100. civics

    “Government is taking 40 percent of the GDP (all the goods and services produced in the country in a year). And that's at the state, local, and federal level ... At some point, you cease being a free economy, and you become a government (command)