1. American Government

    What was the name of the nonmilitary struggle between the United States and its allies (anti-Communists) and the former Soviet Union and its allies (Communists) that began shortly after World War II and continued through the 1980s? a. Cold War. b.
  2. Government

    In an earlier part of United States history, Congress...? a. helped further the discrimination of minorities by inaction. b. consistently acted for the benefit of minority groups. c. pursued legislation aiding African Americans, but not women. d. pursued
  3. history

    What effect did Samuel Slater's actions have on the U.S. economy? Tariff revenues on imported clothing increased. The efficiency of American textile production increased. The price of clothing produced in the United States increased. Wages for workers in
  4. read essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    read my essay and tell me if its good Industrialization, which followed the Civil War, had a big impact in the United States. The workers suffered a great deal. They worked hard and lived in poor conditions. Children also suffered; children had no
  5. social studies (check plz)

    Which statement best describes the government of Canada? The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada. The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States. Canada has complete power over its own government(MY ANSWER) The prime minister is the
  6. History

    Imagine you are living in Los Angeles in 1944 and have just read about the case of Korematsu v. the United States. Write a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times telling which opinion in the case (majority or dissenting) you support and explain why.
  7. english

    Stereotyping is a three-part procedure. In the first stage, we identify a group to which we believe another person belongs. For example, if a man is wearing a turban, one might assume he is a Muslim. In the next stage, we recall a generalization other
  8. algebra

    The United States postal service charges a "nonmachinable surcharge" for first class mail if the length of the envlope (parallel to the address) divided by the height of the envolope is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5. Charlene has an envelope with the
  9. Math

    Posted by Lance on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 9:47pm in response to math. please give us one set of numbers so we can work an example for you. What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 –
  10. Civics

    You are governor Of Florida, and you are considering running for president of the united states. What may you be able to do as governor they you will be unable to do as president? Require information in writing of executive officers Appoint a justice to
  11. Math (Q#2)

    Even though tetanus is rare in the United States, it is fatal 70% of the time. If three persons contract tetanus during one year, what is the probability that none of the three will die. Assume that fatalities due to tetanus are independent of each other.
  12. Help ms sue or whoever smart as history

    In the 1800s, it was believed women were good at working on projects to improve the community because (5 points) women were better leaders than men. women were better planners than men. women were more emotional than men. women were more moral than men. 2.
  13. American History

    What statement best describes Jefferson's attitude toward government? A. He wanted a larger and more powerful government. B. He wanted a smaller federal government with reduced taxes, military, and bureaucracy. C. He believed that a government wasn't
  14. social studies (CHECK ASNWERS)

    please check my answers and if there wrong maybe you could tell me the correct one.but thanks anyways. 1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics? A.It ended the one-party system. B.It consolidated power among a few key
  15. social studies(CHECK ASNWERS)

    please check my answers and if there wrong maybe you could tell me the correct one.but thanks anyways. 1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics? A.It ended the one-party system. B.It consolidated power among a few key
  16. English II

    One of these sentences contains and error in Verb Forms. A.The oldest humanlike fossils have been found in Africa. B. Within the Great Mosque in Mecca is the sacred Black Stone, which Moslems believe came from heaven. C. Archaeological remains indicate
  17. eth. please give your thought

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), are helping Native Americans to advance? Explain your answer.
  18. Government

    This is a summary of my notes from the article: Please read. Now I need help with putting it into a summary paragraph WHEN I FIRST MEET TAMMY DUCKWORTH in her suburban Chicago campaign office, she nearly mows me over with her $4,000 titanium wheelchair as
  19. English

    I have to deliver a five-minute speech at a farewell party organized for the the American students who partecipate in the school-exchange programme. Can you please help me organize my ideas or suggest a site where I could look for information? I really
  20. LAW

    1. The rule that excludes additional evidence later obtained in an investigation that was the result of an initial illegal search is called the __________________ rule. A. fruit of the poisonous tree B. silver platter C. bad faith D. purged taint im
  21. Personal Finance

    The global economy seems to be in a debt crisis. The National Debt (what we owe) of the United States is now over $18 Trillion dollars and growing every day. Our Gross Domestic Product (our income) is around $16 Trillion. That means our debt is more than
  22. world history

    Which ruler converted to islam and made a hajjin in 1324,forgiving new diplomatic and economic ties with other Muslim states while crossing Africa ? A.Ezana B.Mansa Munsa C.Sonni Ali D.Muhammad My answer is ...B?
  23. world history

    define... 1- assets 2- intervening 3- haciendas 4- nationalization 5- revolution short answer 1- what political and economic factors helped cause the Mexican Revolution ? 2- Explain how the constitution of 1917 tried to resolve some of the problems that
  24. Social Studies unit test

    which of the following is an example of how the united states countered the soviet influence in asia and africa? a) established new democratic colonies in those areas b) enacted a boycott to any area wanting communism c) sent aid to the colonial power to
  25. American government

    I want to make sure that my answers are correct. Can somebody check them and correct them if they aren't. Please and thank you! 1) Which of the following are formal qualifications for serving in the Senate? Select all that apply. - must be at least 30
  26. government

    Does the entire senate vote on federal and state bills?
  27. american goverment

    One function that both the House and Senate share is to? . Somebody can tell me where can I found this?? Thanks
  28. Government

    Is the house of representatives and senate under repubican or democractic control, right now?
  29. social studies(check answers)

    please check my answers and if there wrong maybe you could tell me the correct one.but thanks anyways. 1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics? A.It ended the one-party system. B.It consolidated power among a few key
  30. public and health

    Which of the following statements is true? A. Carbon monoxide is a greenhouse gas B. The United States has effectively controlled its greenhouse gas emissions C. Emission of greenhouse gases by various countries is proportional to the size of their
  31. Algebra 2

    From 1990 to 1994, the mail order sales of health products in the United States can be modeled by S = 10t^3 + 115t^2 + 25t + 2505 where S is the sales (in millions of dollars) and t is the number of years since 1990. In what year where about $3885 million
  32. economic

    in the United States more than 50 firms produce textile, bur only 3 produce automobiles. This statistic shows that government antimonopoly policy has been applied more harshly to the textile industry than to the automobile industry. Can you give an
  33. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

    Assume the Chilean peso is decreasing in exchange value compared to the U.S. dollar. Who will benefit most in this situation? A Chilean company that imports oil from Venezuela A Chilean family visiting relatives in the United States A Chilean exporter who
  34. math asap

    Use the ‘|’ key (Shift + \ on most keyboards, just beside the backspace key) to create the line between the stems and the leaves. Be sure to put a couple spaces between each of the leaves. Country Percent Of Household With Microwave Ovens Argentina 97%
  35. English

    I am typing an essay for my English 101 class, and I have come across a sentence in which Microsoft Word detects a grammatical error. It suggests that I change the pronoun "I" to "me", although, I remember I was taught in school to use "I" in occasions
  36. math

    The following graph shows the growth of the median home value in a particular region of the United States starting in 1996. The graphs starts in 1996 and shows the trend through the year 2000; therefore x = 0 represents the year 1996 and x = 4 is 2000.
  37. probability

    n 1980 (before the era of in-vitro fertilization), there were 3,612,258 births in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), of which 68,339 births were to twins and 1,337 births were to triplets or more. What was the probability of having
  38. Social Studies

    A new oil field found in North Dakota would most likely have which effect on the United States? A)It would create more jobs and industries. B)It would strengthen the economy. C)It would weaken the economy. D)It would both create jobs and strengthen the
  39. History

    what 3 or 4 political changes were the most important in the U.S., circa 1890s – 1910s? what were the 3 most important impacts of increased U.S. involvement in foreign countries, 1890s – 1910s? what were the 3 most important social changes in the
  40. Social Studies

    What is a likely reason the Northeast region has a high population density and the cities are rich in ethnic diversity? How did the arrival of European settlers change life for indigenous people on the plains? The southern region of the United States has a
  41. eth. need some info please

    What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? What are the differences? Level of assimilation o Relative lifestyle success in the United States o Political involvement o Experience
  42. History

    The Congress of Vienna in 1815: A. was attended by representatives of France, Britain, Italy and the United States. B. operated in accord with the principles of liberalism. C. agreed to meet periodically to take steps to maintain Europe’s peace and
  43. Government USA-Help

    The U.S. lesson learned from the Vietnam War was that a. public opinion could be ignored by leaders during wartime. b. nuclear weapons had utility in a war of insurgency. c. there were limits on America's ability to get its own way in the world. d. the
  44. Biology

    Use your understanding of natural selection to describe how the following trait might have evolved: Plants have pores on the surfaces of their leaves that allow carbon dioxide into the leaf (for photosynthesis), but also allow water to escape. Land plants
  45. history

    which statment best describes nations? nations must follow the law by the united states. nations have less political power than do regional organisations nations interact almost exclusively with other nations in their region nations have political power
  46. Government US

    38. Regarding Soviet foreign policy, President Harry Truman believed that the Soviet Union was a. an implacable foe that required direct opposition. b. a regional threat. c. not a threat to its neighbors, Europe, or the United States. d. likely to evolve
  47. World Geography

    REVIEW 1.The forests of the Pacific Northwest are just one of the many different ______________ in the United States where many people work in the same industry. A. elevation regions B. political regions C. climate regions<<<<< D. economic
  48. math

    As of July 2004, the population of the United States was 293,027,571. If more than half of these people live within 80 kilometers of an ocean, about how many people live within distance? I guess I have to look to find the conversion of kilometers to
  49. pol week 2 quiz

    The basis for national power lies in (Points : 1) the Interstate Commerce Clause only. the Supremacy Clause and the Treaty Clause only. the Treaty Clause and the Interstate Clause only. the Interstate Commerce, Supremacy, and Treaty Clauses. Question 2. 2.
  50. HIS 204

    Every era in American history has had notable men and women who shaped their times, for better or worse. Identify one person from this week’s reading who you believe had a significant impact on the years from 1945 to 1974. This could include a president
  51. stats

    The per capita consumption of coffee by people in the United States in a recent year was normally distributed, with a mean of 24.2 gallons and a standard deviation of 8.1 gallons. What proportion of people in the U.S. drink more than 20 gallons of coffee a
  52. math

    need step by step on how you get the answer Aging in the United States In 2050, about of the population will be aged 65 or over and about 1 over 20 of the population will be aged 85 or over. Estimate the fraction of the population that will be between the
  53. business

    can some tell me or give me an example of what the CIA does? What kind of work do they do? The CIA is the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Because it collects information about possible threats to our country, it's been nicknamed the "Spooks"
  54. Social STUDIES

    which of the following statements about World War 1 would be most difficult to prove and disprove a. American casualties were more numerous than in any other war. b. it was the first war in which the opposing sides used airplanes c. the U.S government
  55. history

    Can someone please help me? :) 1. Which of the following best describes the beliefs of Andrew Jackson? (1 point) States’ rights should be exercised over federal law. Federal funds should be kept in a national bank. The nation should have a strong federal
  56. research paper

    • Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper in which you identify the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper must address Mexican
  57. check geo

    abstract painting and geometric design are examples of: A)realism B)impressionism C)romanticism D)modern art my choice d the maastricht treaty was an agreement among: A)all european nations B)western european nations C)eastern european nations D)europe and
  58. social studies

    Please check:( these came from a word bank) wanted the united states to have a port on the gulf of mexico: Thomas Jefferson needed money to fight a war: William Clark? leaders of the Corps of Discovery: Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Thomas Jefferson
  59. statistics

    Please advise-Thank you. The Center for Urban Transportation research released a report stating that the average commuting distance in the United States is 10.9 miles Suppose that this average is actually the mean of a sample of 300 commuters and that the
  60. criminal law

    •Should the United States combine all the police agencies into one national police organization? Why or why not? •If you must consolidate the police, would you have to do the same to the criminal justice system? How would you create and establish such
  61. Gov't

    Which of the following is NOT a major function of either of the two major parties in the United States? a. To keep the general public informed about key issues. b. To monitor the conduct of its candidates in office. c. To assure the qualifications of
  62. Proofreading..Jrn Law

    Hi can someone please proofread this body paragraph of my research paper.. it's contrasting the 'fault standards' between Japan and the US In the United States, fault standard depends on the fame or notoriety of the plaintiff. A plaintiff who is a public
  63. English

    1. Where is the bathroom? 2. Where is the restroom? -------------------------------------------------- We use 'bathroom' at home. We use 'restroom' in public places such as departments, schools or hospitals, etc. Do you use 'bathroom' frequently in public
  64. u.s. history

    How many people died from the epidemic each month in the United States? *how many people died altogether -come 675,000 Americans died altogether how many people died on each continent? i can't find these last two questions
  65. Math

    Under the rules of the United States Golf Association the volume of a golf ball cannot be less than 2.48 cubic inches. A. calculate the radius of this golf ball. B. Calculate the circumference of this golf ball *Please help i don't know how to do this!!*
  66. Social Studies

    Name all the south-East states Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Look in any Atlas of the U.S. and you will find the southeast states: 1. http://geology.er.usgs.gov/states/southeast.html 2. (Broken Link Removed) 3.
  67. Science

    The u.s. constitution provides that each of the three branches of the federal government has certain powers that can limit the powers of the other branches. These limitations are known as the system of checks and balances. Which of the following actions is
  68. Social studies

    Why was McCarthyism able to spread so easily in the United States? A The Rosenberg trial led the public to believe there were more communists in the country. B Many people believed the returning army veterans were communists. C The Vietnam War fueled
  69. Social Studies

    what was the African diaspora? a. the transporting of Africans to the New World for slave labor b. the dispersion of Africans during and after the trans-Atlantic slave trade*** c. the multiculturalism of African American colonies in the New World d. the
  70. SS8R - paragraph help!

    How did it make his money? He earned most of his fortune in the steel industry. In the 1870s, he founded the Carnegie Steel Company. Carnegie Steel Company was sold to the United States Steel Company in 1901 for $500 million is it good???? do i did more
  71. Social Studies.

    where can i find information to answer these questions How do you think an average American’s perceptions of Muslim and Arab groups are created and what people think are the common United States-centric viewpoints on Muslim and Arab American and
  72. Social Studies

    Got stuck on this question and was wondering if I could get any help on it: Which event did not change the culture of the united states during the early 1920s? A.) Bank failures that closed factories and decreased job opportunities. B.) Installment plans
  73. Government (Check Answers)

    1. What is the procedure of voter identification intended to help prevent fraudulent voting and keep the process organized? A) political socialization B) registration C) gerrymandering D) precinct divisions E) franchising 2. What do you call all the
  74. biology

    EVOLUTION (fill in the blanks) Natural selection is the BLANK for evolution As a result of natural selection, organisms with more BLANK traits are more likely to BLANK, BLANK, and BLANK on the favorable traits to their offspring. These traits are passed on
  75. teacher aide language and other barriers

    to be truly successful teachers aide in a nonbias culturaley diverse classroom you must? (a)be concerned about and aware of the problems of both minority and nonminority students (b)be particularly sensitive to minoritystudents as many come from unstable
  76. english - revision

    What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you? The term race defines what we are and where we come from. In essence, race is a classification between different groups of people; where each race looks different, speaks a different language and has
  77. Help Math PLZ

    6. George Washington warned that political parties would (1 point) divide the nation. create lively debate.* help the nation. destroy states' rights. 7. Federalists believed in (1 point) free trade. state banks.* a national bank. rule by the people. 8.
  78. statistics

    In the following problem, check that it is appropriate to use the normal approximation to the binomial. Then use the normal distribution to estimate the requested probabilities. More than a decade ago, high levels of lead in the blood put 89% of children
  79. Statistic

    In the following problem, check that it is appropriate to use the normal approximation to the binomial. Then use the normal distribution to estimate the requested probabilities. More than a decade ago, high levels of lead in the blood put 87% of children
  80. S.S

    Lesson 10: Unit Test CE 2016 Social Studies 8 B Unit 6: Meeting New Challenges What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a
  81. 156

    is this a strong thesis statement? Legalizing marijuana has many benefits such as, reducing overcrowding in prisons, helping create jobs for low to mid income individuals, reduce the budget for ”the war on drugs” and can treat different medical
  82. Human Resource

    Can someone please look over this and let me know if this is right. • Develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage a specific employment position. The materials you create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train,
  83. English

    1. I have not made up my mind yet. 2. I have not decided yet. 3. I have not determined yet. 4. I have not made a decision yet. 5. I have not made a determination yet. (Are they all the same?)
  84. science

    how do liquid water, ice, and water vapor differ from one another? A.) They are different states of matter B.) They are different compounds C.) They are made of different kinds of molecules. D.) They are mad of different kinds of atoms.
  85. American History

    Critics of American policy in Vietnam claimed all of the following except that a. the war was a civil conflict in which the United States had no part. b. the president had subverted the role of Congress in declaring war. c. the North Vietnamese Communists
  86. social studies

    The number of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) has grown rapidly in the United States since 1980. The main reason for this increase is that: A. studies show that people are having more frequent intercourse. B. less frequent intercourse has resulted
  87. math

    In the year 1910, many people immigrated to the United States-460,935 from northern and Western Europe, 465,356 from eastern and southern Europe, 89,534 from the Americas, 23,533 from Asia, and 1,072 from Africa. Make a bar graph to show this data. What
  88. American Government

    In this extract from the federalist papers, Alexander Hamilton most likely use a comparison between the president of the united states and the king of Great Britain to show * that the president is just as powerful as the king. * that the king has treated
  89. Social Science

    Discuss how the recent PATRIOT Act may advance various forms of collective behavior among groups within the United States. 2. Discuss the reasons for resistance to social change. 3. Describe the political, social, and ideological reasons behind the Defense
  90. Social studies help quick

    Why do United States citizens have civic responsibilities? A in a republic the president can order any citizen to help. B in a democracy every citizen must earn their rights C in a democracy the country is run by all citizens working together. D in a
  91. Social Studies

    What factors may contribute to the differences in GDP per capita in the areas of the world in places like Europe which is high compared to Africa which is low? I know that the United States and Europe are more technologically advanced than Africa. I also
  92. tempe

    An April 15, 2002 report in Time Magazine stated that the average age for women to marry in the United States is now 24.5 years of age. If the standard deviation is assumed to be 4.1 years, find the probability that a random sample of 32 U.S. women would
  93. Statistics

    An April 15, 2002 report in Time Magazine stated that the average age for women to marry in the United States is now 24.5 years of age. If the standard deviation is assumed to be 4.1 years, find the probability that a random sample of 32 U.S. women would
  94. Biology

    True or false? (if false, replace word in *here*) 1) The random changes of allele frequencies associated with genetic drift frequently lead to a *gain* in genetic diverse. 2) *sexual selection* helps maintain the Hb^a/Hb^s heterozygous conditions in
  95. Juvenile Delinquency

    Compare the adolescence period in the United States with that of other nations. Compare and contrast any ritualistic (rites of passage) behavior used by both Americans and foreign children. Please re-post and include the answer or response you have come up
  96. Soc. Studies

    The Industrial Revolution led to changes as the U.S. became more economically independent. Which of these changes occurred during this time? A. Cities began to grow, because individuals moved from farms looking for education. B.Low taxes allowed people to
  97. Math

    In each case, determine whether the situation calls for a discrete or continuous random variable and explain your answer. Please help! a. The description of the number of children in a family selected at random from families in Ft. Wayne, Indiana b. The
  98. Business Communications

    Which of the following would be an example of an emotional appeal that is part of a persuasive message? (Points: 5) "All of the ingredients we use are home-grown in the United States." "We can save 20% in labor costs if we relocate our plant to the
  99. global history

    did nationalism topple (brake up)empires Nationalism is one of many causes for the break up of empires. Strong nationalistic movements in India and Africa played a large part in breaking up the British Empire. Of course, the independence of the United
  100. Social Studies

    PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! 1) Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in the western region of the United States. If these problems are not solved, what will the outcome likely be? 2) Why do you think the Canadian government is