1. Civics

    Which of the following is a bank required to do in the United States? A. Avoid lending money to people who want to start a business B. Invest money in the stock market C. Keep a portion of the money deposited available to account holders D. Lend money to
  2. Calc

    The U.S. population is approximated by the function P(t) = 556 1 + 3.72e−0.5t where P(t) is measured in millions of people and t is measured in 30-year intervals, with t = 0 corresponding to 1930. What is the expected population of the United States
  3. World History (Ms. Sue)

    How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the role of African Americans in the war? My answer: The Emancipation Proclamation delared that African-American men would be able to "be received into the armed services of the United States," which also lead
  4. Math

    In the United States, every 57 minutes an underage drinker is involved in a traffic fatality. A recent report urges a crackdown on teen-age drinking and driving. Estimate the number of underage drinkers involved in traffic fatalities each day.
  5. Immigration

    Who were the Canadian immigrants? Why did these people immigrate to Canada? What are the positive and negative impacts of immigration on Canada and the United States? Please tell us what you've learned from your book and your research. We'll be glad to
  6. History

    "Although the economic growth of the United States between 1860 and 1900 has been attributed to a governmental policy of laissez-faire, it was in fact encouraged and sustained by direct government intervention." Assess the validity of this statement. Is
  7. Statistics

    Marks: --/20 What percentage of the general US population have bachelor's degrees? The Statistical Abstract of the United States (120th edition), gives the percentage of bachelor's degrees by state. For convenience, the data are sorted in increasing order.
  8. Social Studies

    headline from the Past: Hiram Rhodes Revels Elected as First African-American Senator! headline from modern times: United States Elects First African-American President, Barack Obama How are the two events described in the headlines above similar?
  9. math

    in 2001 there were about 2,317,000 marriages in the United States. Ms.Sue, I know you want me to do this by myself and you would do the explaining. Ms.Sue here is one of the example problems from my study links.I don't get how they find the percentage. My
  10. Georgia State History

    What is a compromise? Explain why a compromise was necessary at the Constitutional Convention to agree on the structure of the new American Government. (Answer the questions below) One group of delegates believed: They believed the convention would break
  11. IT/210

    Generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program. Need to know if this looks right. Test Case 1: Valid Selection = Canadian Inputs: Currency_Type = 1 Int_Value = 100 U.S._Value = 68.12 Expected Output: The value of 100
  12. math

    A student has a cup with 14 writing implements: 7 pencils, 5 ball point pens, and 2 felt-tip pens. In how many ways can the student select 4 writing implements? = C(14,4) = 1001 In how many ways can the selection be made if no more than one ball point pen
  13. Government

    Need help What is the difference between a member of the President’s cabinet and a czar? A)There is no difference. B)Czars are confirmed by the Senate but not cabinet members. C)The President appoints cabinet members but Congress appoints czars. D) Both
  14. language arts

    1. What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence: The family drove to the store. a. the family drove b. drove to the store c. the family d. to the store *** 2. What is the appositive phrase in this sentence: My mother, Rebecca, loves to eat pumpkin pie.
  15. Social Studies

    Which of the functions would an international organization not perform? A-) Encourage greater trade among nation-states. B-) Help establish treaties between nation-states. C-) Set binding laws for nation states. ***** D-) Support multinational health and
  16. precal

    In sixteen states and the District of Columbia, the legal blood-alcohol level is 0.08. Use the formula A(x) = -0.0082x2 + 0.06x to compute blood-alcohol levels as a function of x (the time in hours). When is the first time that a person can be arrested for
  17. English

    Could you paraphrase this sentence for me? His wish was to keep his country's independence from the United States. It's best if YOU do the paraphrase and then post what you write. Someone here will give you feedback. To paraphrase, cover the sentence and
  18. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    What is one advantage the United States has over Canada for maintaining a diversified economy? The U.S. has a greater gold resource. The U.S. has a greater labor resource. The U.S. has a greater per capita of fresh water. The U.S. has a greater land
  19. Civics

    The Supreme Court case United States v. Nixon led to A.gaining executive privilege B.limits to executive privilege(I pick this one) C.Nixon keeping the tapes private D.Nixon losing his re-election
  20. general

    Web Resources Identify one Web resource of official information and one Web resource of unofficial information about the occurrence of delinquency in the United States. Copy and paste the URL addresses into the spaces provided.
  21. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    What is one advantage the United States has over Canada for maintaining a diversified economy? The U.S. has a greater gold resource The U.S. has a greater labor resource The U.S. has a greater per capita of fresh water The U.S. has a greater land
  22. Math

    There are 12 students to be seated in a row of 12 chairs. Paul and Martha have broken up and will not sit together. How many different seating arrangements are possible?
  23. History

    Could someone please check my History questions? Any help will be greatly appreciated! My answers are under the question... 1) Which characteristic is most commonly associated with the westward expansion of the United States? A) Industrialism B)
  24. Social Studies

    How do you think America might be different if Maine had not become a state? If Maine had not become a state the Louisiana Purchase would not have been divided and the number of free and slave states would not be equal creating turmoil between the North
  25. 12th grade

    The three fifths compromise and the commerceand slave trade compromise were included in the constitution at the insistence of the southern states. Why did states in the south think these items were important and what price, if any, did southern states pay
  26. Can someone Help w/Math

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. 18 states had a dropout rate of at
  27. Grammar

    The united states of america is located in north america. Is the verb in this sentence just "is" or is "located" a verb to??
  28. social studys

    if you choose to be a diplomat after college which of the following would be your primary job? A)organizing military operations involving two or more countries B)promoting a friendly and open relationship with another government C)determine if another
  29. History

    {The Second Great Awakening picture} What is this drawing of a camp meeting most likely illustrating? A. The growth of reform movements in the United States B. The large influence revivals had on Americans (My choice) C. The rise in the information of
  30. ETH/125

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper in which you identify the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. The paper must address Mexican Americans,
  31. American Government

    I know it's long but it would be really helpful if someone could read over this. Thank you. (Describe the problems that surfaced under the Articles of Confederation (8-10 problems we discussed in class) soon after the Revolutionary War. Use these problems
  32. ELA

    In which sentence about "Two Kinds" is the word nonchalantly used correctly? A. The family nonchalantly moved to United States from China. B. The piano was reconditioned nonchalantly. C. The daughter nonchalantly announced she was quitting piano. D. The
  33. Physics

    (a) Calculate the kinetic energy that the earth has because of its rotation about its own axis. Assume that the earth is a uniform sphere and that its path around the sun is circular. For comparison, the total energy used in the United States in one year
  34. transportation and cargo security

    what agencies had the biggest impact on global transportation security post 9/11. would this be like... • TSA • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) • U.S. Customs and Border
  35. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a reason in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? A. To develop closer political ties with Europe B. To open China to provide the United States with needed materials C. To support peacekeeping efforts in Europe D. To acquire
  36. Math 120

    Heart disease was the leading cause of death for women in the United​ States, killing​ 292,188 women in​ 2009-that was approximately one in every four female deaths. What is the chance of two non-related women in a row both having heart disease?
  37. Social Studies

    According to the declaration of independence, all men have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Which document outlines specific freedoms guaranteed to United States citizens? A) Article 1 of the Constitution B) Article 2 of the
  38. 7th grade - Social Studies

    how do you think women and native americans felt about not being included under the 14th amendment? how do you think white women felt when former slaves were allowed to vote and they were not? what percent of slaves were not freed after the issue of the
  39. Math

    Which survey question is biased? “Should the President of the United States serve a six-year term “Which meal—breakfast, lunch, or dinner—is your favorite meal of the day?” “During which month do you prefer to go on vacation?” “Do you
  40. ethnics

    Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of the United States. What will this face look like in the year 2050? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=trends+immigration There are many promising articles in this collection to help you. Please
  41. SS

    In 1954, the French gave up control of their colony in Vietnam, primarily because of: A. A bloody war for independence fought by Communists under Ho Chi Minh. B. The entry of the United States into the war in Vietnam. C. Invasion by the Japanese. D.
  42. Math

    Which survey question is biased? A. “Should the president of the United States serve a six-year term?” B. “Which meal—breakfast, lunch, or dinner—is your favorite meal of the day?” C. “During which month do you prefer to go on vacation?” D.
  43. Pre calculus

    When “superballs” sprang upon the scene in the 1960’s, kids across the United States were amazed that these hard rubber balls could bounce to 90% of the height from which they were dropped. If a superball is dropped from a height of 2 m, how far does
  44. english

    Which of the following would be an example of an emotional appeal that is part of a persuasive message? A. "All of the ingredients we use are home-grown in the United States." B. "We can save 20% in labor costs if we relocate our plant to the Midwest." C.
  45. U

    Which of the following passages from the novel most accurately reflects the political climate of the United States in the early sixties? A. Let's see, where was the 'Coloreds only' bathroom downtown? B. Bright in the spot where the little bird had crashed
  46. social studies

    what is one cost that victory in the cold war brought to the united states? a. many new governments emerged in eastern Europe and opposed the US b the "peace divided" people hoped for never came about. c. the spread of nuclear weapons and general arms race
  47. History

    NASA, space shuttles, and the International Space Station are (a)all related to Cold War spy technology (b) joint scientific study and space exploration efforts (c) United States efforts to build anti missile defenses (d) belief in extraterrestrial life
  48. history

    By how much is the hispanic population in Texas' public schools expected to increase by 2040? A 24% B 93% C 104% D 213% About what percentage of the population increase in Texas is due to people moving in from other states? A 12% B 22% C 32% D 42% Why have
  49. Language

    1. In the 1800s, it was believed women were good at working on projects to improve the community because (5 points) women were better leaders than men. women were better planners than men. women were more emotional than men. ****women were more moral than
  50. fitness

    1.The leading cause of death between ages 25 and 44 is A. heart disease. B. malignant neoplasms (cancer). C. unintentional injury. D. chronic low-respiratory disease. 2.Nearly _______ percent of the United States population dies from heart disease, cancer,
  51. Statistics

    In advance of the 1936 Presidential Elections, a magazine titled Literary Digest released the results of an opinion poll predicting that the republican candidate Alf Landon would win by a large margin. The magazine send post cards to approximately
  52. english

    I had to correct the following fragment sentence error. Please advice if they are correct. Thank you in advance for your help. 1. It is true that the first drive-in theaters opened in New Jersey in 1933, which was in the middle of the Great Depression when
  53. US History

    Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effective in solving the problems that confronted the new nation. After the revolution, this gave the states freedom and independence. There was a comitee of delegates of representatives from
  54. fundamental of organizational communication

    can some assist me with this assignment? It is time to choose an organizational communication scenario to use as the case study for your final project. Most learners choose a problem or issue they are experiencing at their current workplace, but you may
  55. Social Studies check my answers please

    1. Who invented the sewing machine? A.Elias Howe******* B.Robert Fulton C.Samuel Morse D.John Deere Answer A. 2. By 1860 the Midwest and the east were united by a network of_____? A. Roads B. Railroad tracks**** C. Canals D. Steam-powered ships Answer B 3.
  56. HIS204

    Question 1.1. The Depression reached its most devastating point in the months between FDR’s victory and when he entered the White House. However, he proclaimed that there was only one thing that the American people needed to be fearful of. Which of the
  57. ethics

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto
  58. HSM210

    Mrs Sue I corrected the answers that you said I had wrong in my assignment . Do you mind checking these for me again to see if I corrected them . Thank you so much for your help. 1. The Supreme Court has a greater obligation to protect the rights of
  59. statistics

    The average age of a vehicle registered in the United States is 8 years, or 96 months. Assume the standard deviation is 16 months. If a random sample of a group of 48 vehicles is selected find the probability that the mean of the group’s age is between
  60. stat.

    The average age of a vehicle registered in the United States is 8 years, or 96 months. Assume the standard deviation is 16 months. If a random sample of a group of 48 vehicles is selected find the probability that the mean of the group’s age is between
  61. History

    The effects of world war 2 are best judged as? A. Very unimportant because the war lasted only a short time B. Somewhat unimportant because the United States and it’s allies won C. Neutral because wars still take place around the world D. Very
  62. Civics

    In Article I, the United States Constitution says, “No State shall…coin money.” Instead, the Constitution grants authority to coin money to the national government. This means that coining money is an example of what kind of power? Reserved Shared
  63. English

    On following sentence the first clause is a dependent clause. The second clause is an independent clause which can stand by itself. Before President Roosevelt died, President Truman did not know that the United States was developing atomic weapons. I say
  64. american goverment check answers

    3.  The National Science Foundation (NSF) raises money for scientific projects and research in the United States. What kind of agency is the NSF? (1 point) staff agency line agency legislative agency judicial agency 3.C
  65. Language Arts /The Giver

    1. What is the jonas apprehensive about at the beginning of the novel? A. a plane flying over the community B. a dream that he had recently C. the upcoming ceremony and his assingment ***** 2. In Jonas's community, members are released from the community
  66. social studies

    i don't get it in the 1880's Laws in the 1800's restricted___________immagritio to the U.S. I think you mean IMMIGRATION In the late 1800s, the United States didn't want people from Asia to come here. Our laws made it difficult or impossible for people
  67. government

    Why is the Senate particularly likely to become an arena for entrepreneurial politics?
  68. history

    Describe the role of the senate in Rome???
  69. social studies

    Who was the Senate leader of Reconstruction?
  70. social studies

    how long is a term for a senate
  71. Social studies

    The president of the senate also serves as the?
  72. government

    Should we abolish or reform the senate in Canada?
  73. ap u.s history

    how could the trusts purchase a senate seat?
  74. history

    Describe why the senate was so important to Rome. =] thanks
  75. history

    What is important about the Senate(think about the Great Compromise)
  76. can someone edit my body paragraph thanks :

    can someone edit my body paragraph thanks : The senate has important jobs that not many people know about. One of them is to disapprove or approve any piece of government legislation; with the help of the House of Commons. As well the senates investigate
  77. Business Communications

    I wanted to welcome you ASAP to our little family here in the States. It's high time we shook hands in person and not just across the sea. I'm pleased as punch about getting to know you all, and I for one will do my level best to sell you on America. are
  78. check this for me

    After we settled to the United States, my dad got a job in a factory in North Miami and my mom cleaned homes for a living. We lived in Little Havana in a one bedroom apartment; at that time that was the best my parents could afford. Life was not easy for
  79. us history

    In its initial dealings with Colombia over the Panama Canal, the United States proposed all of the following except a) a six-mile-wide zone; b) a ten-year, non-renewable lease that would then turn control of the canal over to Colombia; c) a yearly payment
  80. History

    Select two groups of Native American people from two different areas within the United States. The area you can select from include the North, West, Southwest, Plains, and East/Southeast. Explain how environmental factors influence their homes and food. I
  81. civcs

    Which statement was part of an initial draft of the Declaration of Independence, but not part of the final version of the Declaration of Independence?        A. Governments were created by people.   B. The United States of America declared itself
  82. social studies (CHECK ANSWERS)

    1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics? A.It ended the one-party system. B.It consolidated power among a few key leaders.(I PICK THIS) C.It ended the revolution. D.It lessened the power of the president. 2. It is hard
  83. History

    7.)The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, & books in the united states during the 19th century contributed to which of these? A.)The emergence of a uniquely American literary style B.)The expansion of educational opportunities for women and
  84. History

    The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities
  85. World History

    1.) After September 2, 1949, both the United States and the Soviet Union had atomic weapons that they could use in a war against each other. In a paragraph, analyze how this fact shaped the progress of the Cold War and the relationship between the two
  86. writing skills

    (1)A number of States have adopted no-fault auto insurance,but what is it exactly?(2)Lets say that two drivers are involved in an auto accident,and one is injured.(3)The injured driver must prove that the other driver was at fault, or liable, at least
  87. Social stuides

    Why did President Roosevelt begin the Good Neighbor Policy? A He hoped to discourage Japanese expansionism in Latin America. B He believed it would end the Depression. C He knew it would be highly popular in the United States. D He wanted to strengthen
  88. Statistics

    Let x be the elevation (in thousands of feet) for an archaeological site in the southwestern United States. Let y be the percentage of unidentified artifacts (no specific cultural affiliation) at a given elevation. Suppose that the following data were
  89. Econimics

    Is president Obama's plan for health care reform socialism or common sense " mixed economy" approach in the economic and political mainstream of America? How would Adam Smith have used the free market to solve our health care problem? What other models
  90. Statistics

    Let x be the elevation (in thousands of feet) for an archaeological site in the southwestern United States. Let y be the percentage of unidentified artifacts (no specific cultural affiliation) at a given elevation. Suppose that the following data were
  91. math

    In how many ways can 4 students from a group of 9 be seated in a row of 4 chairs? I tried 9C4 = 126, 126C4 am I going the right direction? thanks in advance
  92. Math

    Find the original price for a kitchen table and chairs selling for $799.99 at 40% off. Round to the nearest dollar
  93. Math/Precal

    There are 12 students to be seated in a row of 12 chairs, paul and martha have broken up and will not sit together. How many different seating arrangements are possible?
  94. american government

    Voter registration in the United States: a)was introduced as a means of keeping white males without property from voting b)applies to voting in general elections but not primary elections c)has been a device by which official have discouraged some groups
  95. health care policy making

    where can I find health care policy of the United States and develop a timeline. I need some fresh ideas about the policies like the names of some I have searched Google but ran out of ideas
  96. American History

    True or False The population of the United States dropped sharply after World War II. -----------------my answer: True Because world war II resulted in more deaths and destroyed more propertey than any other was in history. is it right?
  97. statistics

    Assume that we collect a large (n>30) simple random sample of annual incomes of adults in the United States. Because the sample is large, can we approximate the distribution of those incomes with a normal distribution ? Why or why not?
  98. essay

    I am writing an essay on a courageous United States elected official and cannot pick a subject to write about. The official must have been elected since 1956; presidents are not recommended subjects. Any ideas? Any ideas?
  99. Science

    Predict what would happen to the weather in the north-eastern united states if the polar jet stream dipped to the south. How would the weather change if the jet stream moved to the north?
  100. MATH

    The median number of medals won by these 12 countries is 14.5. If the United States of America's medal count is deleted from this data set, what is the median number of medals for the remaining countries?