IN the question 20-2.7+1+(3)+10 am I right when I PEMDAS 20-14+4+10= 20-28=-8?

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  1. Social Studies

    I'm supposed to (Quiz question)--> "Summarize the reasons why John Adams was not reelected as president in the election of 1800" But I'm not sure what to do so I wanted to ask (My question)---> Did the republicans not want John Adams to run again because

  2. math

    In the order of operations what operation is completed first? A. addition B. multiplication C. subtraction D. parentheses*** (I think its D because of PEMDAS)

  3. math

    Original Question is: how many 1/2 miles are in 12 miles? write the division question 12 divided by 1/2= 24 what multiplication question could the model also answer? 12 x 2 =24 This is the one I didn't understand Write the question given as a

  4. L.A

    Which option describes a research question? A. a question that reveals where you can find information about a topic B. a question that encourages the reader to find out more about the topic C. a question placed in the conclusion of an essay to make the

  5. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Find the value of the following expression: (2^8 ⋅ 5−5 ⋅ 19^0)−2 ⋅ (5-2/2^3)^4 ⋅ 2^28 (5 points) Write your answer in simplified form. Show all of your steps. (5 points) Please somebody help me I'm so confused. I know I'm supposed to use PEMDAS

  6. Adv. Math

    Find the interest to the nearest cent Question #1 Amount: $5432 Annual Interest Rate: 6.2% Time: 3 years Question #2 $4500 at 5.5% for 4 1/2 years Question #3 $3680 at 6.75% for 2 1/4 years Question #4 5.5% for 1 3/4 years on $2543 I'm sorry for so many

  7. Science - - Second Try

    I'll repost the question I posted about thirty five minutes ago. It's still unanswered. Hello. (= I can't find the answer to this question: What are the five major classes of Chordates? The following question is: Using the list made in the previous

  8. chemistry

    Predict the precipitate that forms: HCl + AgNO3 --> ??? i don't know what the answer is but i think it is Cing04 AgCl. You need to learn the solubility rules. If you don't have a web site I can give you one. hey watz up can you help me with a question

  9. Science

    What is the average summer temperature in the desert biome? Select one: a. 38 degrees celcius b. 48 degrees celcius c. 58 degrees celcius Question 2 Not yet answered Marked out of 1.00 Flag question Question text What is the average winter temperature in

  10. Math

    Please help with this problem! Planet Pemdas is a perfect sphere that does not rotate. If a rocket flies in a path following the circumference of Pemdas, and maintains a constant altitude of 25,000 feet above the surface for one orbit, how many more feet

  11. Math

    Need help with one more question. Which best describes a statistical question? a. a question that contains numbers b. a question about numbers c. a question about designing an experiment d. a question about a population or sample. I was thinking it might

  12. math

    In the Trivia Bowl each finalist must answer four questions correctly. Each question is worth twice as much as the question before it. The fourth question is worth $6,000. How much is the first question worth?

  13. calculus

    this question is a multiple choice question, however i don't know how to start or finish it. The solution set of |3x+2|

  14. Math

    What is 12/6 x 3-5? If following order of operations (PEMDAS) you would multiply 6 times 3 and which is 18 and then divide by 12 but this will not give you a whole number?

  15. math

    I do not know how to answer this question. Would someone please help me with each of the four question below? Thank you. Question 1. Write the sample space for the outcomes of tossing three coins using H for heads and T for tails. Question 2. What is the

  16. English

    There are three teams in a classroom. 1. This question is for Team 1. 2. Only Team 2 can answer this question. 2-2. Only students in Team 2 can answer this question. (Do we have to put 'the' before 'students'?) 3. This one is for Team 3 students. 4. Team 1

  17. Math

    Which of the following are categorical data? A.numbers of inches of rain B.types of drinks C.lengths of movies (in minutes) D.weights of students Which best describes a statistical question? A.a question that contains numbers B.a question about numbers C.a

  18. Math

    Determine whether the question is a statistical question. If it is a statistical question, identify the units for the answer. An antique collector wants to know the age of a particular chair in a shop. I do not feel that this is a statistical question. Am

  19. Math

    Determine whether the question is a statistical question. If it is a statistical question, identify the units for the answer. How tall is Sam? This is not a statistical question. Am I correct?

  20. Math

    I need help with these three math question. 1st question. What is the additive inverse of 5 on the 12-hour clock? 2nd question. What is the equivalent number on the 12-hour clock. -22 the choices for this question is, 5 or 2 or 3 or 1. 3rd question. I need

  21. Math

    What is the answer to this question? 48÷2(9+3)= ( If I do it with PEMDAS, the answer would be 2, but when I type in google, it give me 288) [ 9+3 = 12 -> 48/2(12) -> 2 x 12 = 24 -> 48/24 = 2]

  22. Math

    Hi I wanted some help with this question, I don't want the answer though as I want to try to see where my workings are going wrong. 3 x 34 / 9 - 2 (10 - 6) - 4 / 2 A -13 B 5 C 6 D -14 But I'm getting -3. Here's how I work through the equation using PEMDAS

  23. Math, please help me!😔

    Solve the expression 6 x one sixth + 11 x 2 using PEMDAS. A)20 B)21 C) 22 D) 23

  24. English

    In the following example, what type of constructed response question is being used? In the story of the three little pigs, what material did the third little pig use to buy his house? Application – ‘Think and Search Question’ Knowledge or

  25. public speaking

    2. “To persuade my classmates that cheating in an exam is just as wrong as plagiarism” is a: A. question of fact. B. question of policy. C. question of value. D. question of guessing.

  26. Social Studies -- Merisa

    I've reposted your question because it was posted as an answer to another question. Next time, please click Post a New Question when you want to ask a question. Your question: Was the U.S right to become an imperialist country and was it right to take over

  27. Math Help

    Can someone help me with my math??? 1. Max had 16 cookies his friend josh and liya wanted 4 cookies each how many cookies does max have now? Explain Since max had two friends and they both wanted 4 that is 8 cookies and since he had 16 8-16 he has 8

  28. English

    I m doing an analysis question on a poem called Question by May Swenson. The question says: Describe the prosody of the poem and comment on the effect of the initial substitutions of the meter. I do not even know where to start with this question, if you

  29. English

    true and false question are called Rejective Objective Dejective Subjective I think it's dejective Objective exams , subjective test contain More question Harder question Fewer question No good answer I think it's more question

  30. prealgbra

    solve by simulating the have a 5 -question multiple -choice test. each question has four chices. you don't know any of the answers. what is the experimental probility that you will guess exactly three out of five question correctly?

  31. L.A.

    Hi! Could you tell me what this means? I have a question on my homework with this word in it and I was wondering what it meant. If someone could let me know ASAP, that'd be great. Although, if you're working on another question, take your time. My question

  32. Calculus

    1.) solve for x, 2 = (2x+2)e^x 2.) If you forget the expression that results when differentiating the tangent function. Explain how you can derive this derivative using another method? Note: question 2 has no correlation with question 1, also no mistakes

  33. Art

    As you try to answer the following question think about this question What does the expression of an angry superhero mean? Which of the following steps of art critique are you conducting for this type of question? describe analyze •• present interpret

  34. Probability

    A popular game show begins with the host reading a question to the contestants. One question involves putting four events (A, B, C and D) in chronological order. What is the probability that the contestant gets the question correct if he or she just

  35. Math

    8*2sq+7*(4+1)= ? Can someone explain to me what to after the parenthesis? I mean in the PEMDAS of operations says that I should multiply. Multiply what and when? By the way the actual problem is a example I got out of my book. Right at this momen there is


    PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM: 4((3x-6)/(6x+2))^3 * ((42)/(6x+2))^2 okay, here your going to use PEMDAS. Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction go in order of PEMDAS. does that help? (3+4}2*-(2*4)2 4=

  37. pre algebra

    IN the question 20-2.7+1+(3)+10 am I right when I PEMDAS 20-14+4+10= 20-28=-8?

  38. Algebra

    review the problem that george worked on he was simplifying an expression but made a mistake working on the following problem what mistake did he make when applying the steps of pemdas, 8 ÷ 2³ - 16 ÷ 2 4³ - 16 ÷ 2 64 - 16 ÷ 2 48 ÷ 2 24 Im real bad

  39. math,correction,plz

    Evaluate (15-5)/[((12)/(2*2))-2] my answer that i keep getting is 1 am i even correct or completely wrong The ans is 10 see i had that for the answer but when i revised the rule for order of operations. it says to divide first then multiply left to right

  40. Math

    -3+.5(2+3) PEMDAS Is it .5 or -.5


    4+x(10-8)=? not sure if I'm following pemdas with the answer =2?

  42. Mathematics

    Hello, I'm having trouble with PEMDAS, can you all help? Thanks. [4 - (6 - 5(2 - 5) + 5)] + 7

  43. Math Please help ASAP

    what does it mean when using pemdas the parenthesis are (-13). And what is the answer to (-13) is it 13

  44. Math

    Use PEMDAS to solve (5*53)/375 - (88)

  45. Math

    Use order of operation PEMDAS 10+7*9\6= 20.5 Is this correct???

  46. math

    What does FOIL stand for in Math Like PEMDAS

  47. math

    I am suppose to solve for the following prolbem using PEMDAS _ / _ * _ + _ * _ * _ / _ + _ * _ = 100

  48. Algebra II

    Can someone please help me with PEMDAS? 4² + [15 ÷ 9 - 3(2)] if you do parentheses first then 15 ÷ 9 doesn't make sense. So I did, 16 + 15 ÷ 3 = 21 Thank you!!

  49. Math

    Find the value of each expression using the pemdas method. 5(to the second power)+8 divided by 2

  50. math

    what are the four step in solveing an equation? I thought it was "pemdas" but i was woprnd is that just one of the steps?

  51. Math

    Ms. Sue can u explain how you got the answer 240 in my post! The one wth PEMDAS!

  52. Math

    5x{(24-19)x {(25+23)/12-(9-7)} 48 / 12 4 - (2) 5x (5) x (2) 25 x 2 = 50 Did I work this correctly? Please Help!! It doesn't come across real clear as to what the original equation was. Did you use the Orders of Operations (PEMDAS) when you solved it?

  53. Algebra Ⅱ

    Any expressions that equal 13? needs to follow rule of PEMDAS . (You must use all the basic operations at least once.) (And at least three sets of parentheses. You can use exponents if you want.) Plz Help :/

  54. Math

    Use a calculator to simplify the expression. 8/2^3-2+4.1*2 When I used the calculator, I got 22.2 So then I used "PEMDAS" but got 7.53333... But the answer is 7.2 can someone help please?

  55. math

    (-4)((-6+9)-5^2)-15 answer is 73 but i'm getting a complete different answer, im following pemdas but still don't get it?

  56. MATH 6 GRADE

    789*11-24(?DIVIDED BY)73-9001 You need to use the order of operations. PEMDAS( parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, additon, subtraction) so first multiply 789 by 11 and then subract 24 on the other side subtract and then divide

  57. Math

    Last week we talked about Order of Operation or (PEMDAS) and this week we are solving Linear Equations. Is there any relation to the two practices? Think about it, are the processes similar? Is the process reversed? I think that there is a relation between

  58. algebra

    Simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what ta dooooo after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3

  59. writeacher

    because in the previous message about the pemdas it is parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,division,addition,subtraction therefore how that little part that looks like this 12 divided by 2*2 it would be multiplication first then SORRY THEN DIVISION SO

  60. Math/English?

    Hey! How's it going? Can anyone help me out here? My teacher asked us students to come up with a mnemonic device for PEMDAS (you know, the order of Operations), other than Please Exuse My Dear Aunt Sally. I came up with great ideas, but she changed her

  61. math

    115-100+3*5= 115-100+3*5...Use BEDMAS (Bracket, Exponent, Division/Multiplication, Addition/Subtraction). So you would first do 3*5 which is 15. So you'd have: 115-100+15 And then from there solve to get 30. It's PEMDAS Raj!! P - PARENTHESSE E - Exponent M

  62. english

    4. Shenzhen is a shoking place, like nowhere elseon earth that i have ever seen. (make a question with sentence " i have ever seen") 5. The new Hopewell Highway runs from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. (make a question with " where question") 6. So the traffic

  63. Math re-post for Esther

    I’m doing mass/weight in the metric system my question is 3.6 t =_______kg How do I do this @Esther - Please always use the Ask a New Question link to post your own question instead of adding it to another student's question. Thanks. Writeacher

  64. stats

    You took a 5-question multiple choice quiz with 4 choices for each question. If you guess at random on each question, what is the probability that you get at least one question correct?

  65. Bob Pursley

    Bob: Thank you for answering my Chemistry question. I apologize that it was on there twice. I accidentally posted again the same question instead of a different question. You answered the first question with precision. Thank you

  66. english

    for my extended essay i need help reword a question. right now it sounds like a "book report" type question and i need it to a question where i can prove it. Here it the question: Has foot binding effected the culture of Chinese women throughout the ages?

  67. To Desmond

    Please use Post a New Question -- if you piggy-back a question on another student's question, it's unlikely to be answered. Please repost your question.

  68. chemistry

    I need help with this question. the question. ask to complete the following relationship between units. question a.___g= 1Gg how would answer a question like this.

  69. algebra

    simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what to do after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3 can

  70. Math

    4.The following table shows the high and low temperatures predicted for Dallas during the week beginning Monday, August 29 2011. Which day has the biggest difference between the high and low temperatures? A.Mon D.Tue C.Wed D.Sun Monday High temp 106 Low

  71. AVID

    this is about cornell note taking...i'm done taking notes but i'm having trouble with the summary and the question area...i don't know what to ask ....for the question can u help? The question area...put in a question that you think the teacher

  72. algebra

    Need some one check my homework. Evaluate 3p/q when p=2 and q=6. Answer:1 Use < > or = for __ to write a true sentence: 0.001 __ 0.0010 Answer:< Question 3 Evaluate -3/8 - 5/8. Answer:7 Question 4 Evaluate: 84 + (-99) + 44 - (-18) - 43 = Answer:4 Question

  73. Spanish

    In English the format for asking a question is Are you hungry?" with a question mark at the end. How is a Spanish question written differently? Isn't it to put a question mark at the beginning also?

  74. Math

    I appologize... for asking so many question. I’m horrible at math but I’m pretty good at science but I have... yet again... another question and this question is about something inside of the question hat I don’t understand so please don’t answer

  75. English

    He asked me a question. He asked a question of me. He begged me a question. He begged a question of me. He inquired me a question. He inquired me of a question. (Are the pairs all correct and interchangable? Doe they have the same meaning?)

  76. Math 30

    A popular game show begins with the host reading a question to the contestants. One question involves putting 4 events (A, B, C, and D) in chronological order. What is the probability that the contestant gets the question correct is he or she just guesses?

  77. maths(please help me fast)

    Question 1 In order to buy a Christmas present for his girlfriend, James takes a loan of R500,00 from an organization advertising in a local newspaper. The name of the organization is called “Sharks that Bite”. This organization charges 15% interest

  78. PLEASE


  79. Social Studies

    Im posting this question twice because i can't find my question that i posted so my question is i need help with east asia unit review practice. someone help me.

  80. Math

    Determine whether the question is a statistical question. If it is a statistical question, identify the units for the answer How tall is Sam? I do not believe this is a statistical question. Am I correct?

  81. Instructions

    The teacher gave us a mini essay that has 16 questions under each chapter (Chapters 1-4, 4 questions per chapter). Her instructions are as follows: "Below you will find short-essay-type questions from each of the Unit 2 chapters. Please select and respond

  82. Chemisrty

    Identify the type of question. Is it a literature research question, observation only question, demonstration question, or investigation question? How would you determine the PH of vinegar using cabbage juice as an indicator? (investigation) Do germaniting

  83. try

    I guess my question that I posted does not come up I would like to answer your question, but I am unaware of your previous post. Please repost with the question. Thanks for asking.

  84. Algebra

    Question 2 w=10, what is the answer to w+(w-12÷2^2•3)•7 73 66 23 17* Question 3 14-3•4÷6 14 12* 6 3 Question 4---which algebraic expression represents the following:the sum of four times a number and six? 4(x+6) 4(x•6)* 4x+6 x+4•6

  85. BIO

    I really need help with this question, Damon gave me an answer, but I do not know if it is for this question or for the one posted after. This is the only question I need help on, I promise not to post any other questions after this I need help

  86. Math

    Whoever can help with a question I posted earlier. I am very sorry; I put the wrong variable in the question. Question is to solve for y and not "x" as my previous message and the equation is: x = 3(r + ty) So sorry for the confusion. Please help at your

  87. english

    I'm having trouble understanding how to answer this question about a reading I did, the question is "could Joe have anticipated John's approach?" could anyone possibly help me understand what this question means better.....thanks

  88. ethics

    Would I talk about what I am expected to do in a Amish family as well as how I live with no electricity etc..... This Question is about the recent question of subordinate member and 3 day journal question I asked.

  89. Science Urgent

    i know i post this question before but i really need help on this question which have a higher value, iron-containing minerals or feldspars? Why? please help this is my last question i need to answer

  90. physics

    Im doing physics 20 in correspondance this summer, and Im stuck on a question about Refraction... and Snell's law. The question is... A ray of light is incident upon a 60-60-60 degree prism, n=1.5. Then it shows a diagram , and it asks to find the angle of

  91. Math

    I posted a question, but realized due to my multitasking, completely messed up the question. My question is Which ratios form a proportion? A. 4/9, 12/25 B. 3/7, 18/42 C. 5/11,20/45 D. 5/8, 15/25 I don't understand how to find the answer, could someone

  92. Social Studies

    Many of you gave me really good suggestions, THANKS. But I have another question relating to my first question.Question= Did France become a country in the late 400's? Many sites have been telling me this so please help me decide if the answer is yes or no

  93. Physics

    I am reviewing for a test and I don't know how to attempt this question. Could someone please work through this problem and then have the general steps that I need to take to solve the question? Here is the question: A rocket expels gases at a rate of 1.30

  94. For Dr.Bob222

    I posted a question under First Amendment, would you look at the question and give your opinion? I'm not finding it Carrie. I Posted the question under first amendment question I will pass since government is not my field.

  95. Literature

    Hi, I just have a question about a confusing question to me in a poem that I have to answer... The poem is Annabel Lee. Here's the question they are asking: What was the effect of the repeated rhymes? I can't find an answer to the question?

  96. Math

    How many subsets does this set have? A = {A, B, C, D} 10 6* 8 16 Question 2 Is {3,4} ⊂ {set of integers} no yes* Question 3 Which of the following is a subset of A = { whole numbers} {-2, 4, 7}* {0, 4, 7} {1/2, 4, 7} {1.5, 4, 7} Question 4 If U = Set of

  97. arithmetic progressions

    how to know whether i should use formulaes in this question or that question becoz i colllapsed and put the formulae to another question

  98. Math

    I might annoy you with this question but does any body know the question I posted below? This is my last question for today and I can't seem to figure it out.

  99. Algebra

    Hello, I'm sorry for posting the same question again but I'm not sure if the tutors can see when I reply to an already answered question. The sequence (a_n) is defined by a_1 = 1/2 and a_n = a_(n - 1)^2 + a_(n - 1) for n >= 2. Prove that 1\(a_1 + 1) +

  100. Mathematic Statistics Graph

    Question 5. The number of meteorites found in 11 states of the United States is 89, 47, 164, 470, 296, 30, 215, 78, 89, 48, 39 Sort the data in ascending (increasing) order. Question 6. For the data values in Question 5: a) Find the mean x-bar b) Find the


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