1. Math statistisc

    I have a 6 sided dice with numbers 1 to 6 written on faces. What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die five times in order to have the smallest possible standard deviation? What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die 5 times
  2. Math statistisc

    I have a 6 sided dice with numbers 1 to 6 written on faces. What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die five times in order to have the smallest possible standard deviation? What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die 5 times
  3. Math statistisc

    I have a 6 sided dice with numbers 1 to 6 written on faces. What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die five times in order to have the smallest possible standard deviation? What number(s) would have to show up if you rolled the die 5 times
  4. math

    Evaluate (2.1 x 10^4) + (5.68 x 10^-2)Express the result in standard form. Can you explain your steps? I don't understand how to solve this with the negative 2
  5. math

    Find the distance between the two points. Round an approximate result to the nearest hundredth. (-1, -1) and (3, -7) A) 7.21 B) 26 C) 6.93 D) 24 i don't know if i am doing something wrong but i keep getting the answer of 2
  6. Math

    If 5 times a number n is subtracted from 15, the result is negative. Which of the following gives the possible value(s) for n? A. 0 only B. 3 only C. 10 only D. All n is greater than 3 E. All n is less than 3
  7. math

    How to Arrange multiplication and division symbol as you wish between number 1 to 9 to get a result of 1.

    when 3 times a certain number is subtracted from 14 , the result is 2 more than R. which of the following equations expresses the value of R.
  9. math

    if 13 times a number x is added to twice its square.the result is 84.find x
  10. math

    if a number is subtracted from twice its reciprocal the result is 7/3. find the numbers.
  11. math

    Kevin and Zach are playing a number guessing game. Kevin says, "I am thinking of a number. If you double it and then subtract one, the result is 7." a) Write an equation that Zach could solve to find Kevin's number. b) Explain the steps Zach could use to
  12. Algebra

    Simplify: (x)+(4/x)-(1) --------------divide top by bottom (1/x)-(3/x^2) I have been trying to solve this one, but I just don't know how to start. I feel like I am missing out on some math rules, so please help!
  13. Boolean Algebra

    I need help starting this, I don't want a plain answer just a what to do. (bc'+a'd)(ab'+cd')-Simplify My best guess is to use the distributive property. (a+b)(a+c)= a(b+c). But now that there is a 4th variable what do I do?
  14. algebra

    how do I simplify the fraction? 2 3√18 ( 3 is the power, small number) 6
  15. algebra

    simplify the number using the imaginary unit i. square root of -16
  16. Alegbra

    I need help understanding this problem. ​(Simplify your answer. Type a whole​ number.) 3^2 3^3=
  17. math 10

    1. Simplify 1/2! + 2/3! + 3/4! ... + 11/12! 2.let x=2^100,y^60 and z=10^30.What is the smallest number among the three? can you check my answers? 1. 1 2. y=3^60
  18. math

    find the average of 3 2/9 and 5 1/8 simplify and type a mixed number
  19. Math

    I need help with making a formula..? This is what I put.. "The 100th Triangular Number is 5,050. I found this by adding 100 to the value of the 99th Triangular Number. The 99th Triangular Number is 4,950. The formula I used to find it is..." Help?
  20. Math

    There are 4 odd functions and 3 even functions in the gallery of the 12 basic functions. After multiplying these functions together pairwise in different combinations and exploring their graphs, make a conjecture about the summetry of: A) a product of 2
  21. Monitors of Board

    Is there any way that the postings could be numbered? The post below this one by TONY obviously refers to a previous posting of his 8 steps below. I know the URL has a number behind each particular post, and each post can be identified by a title and
  22. chemistry

    When I have the table filled out, what would I need to do in order to calculate the solubility product for calcium hydroxide? The following is what I have in mind, please tell if I am incorrect or correct. Ksp = [Ca+2][OH-1]2 You should have an average
  23. math

    Compute the number of vinyl tiles, measuring 10 in. each side, needed to tile a kitchen measuring 20ft. by 16ft. _____tiles
  24. English

    1. After feeding the baby with milk, you should put the milk bottle with leftover milk in the fridge. If not, the leftover milk will become bad. 2. After having meals, you should put the side dishes in the refrigerator. If not, the foods will be spoiled
  25. Algebra I

    I can understand this if the steps are shown to me. Please help me explain it to my daughter! One number is 8 more than another number. Their product is 273. I got this far. X(X + 8) = 273 X^2 + 8X = 273
  26. Chemistry - HELP IGCSE

    I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and I don't get the double bonding in covalent bonding I tried many websites , textbooks and other books and yet nothing worked Can someone please explain it clearely and in a simple way and please don't put any links for
  27. math (vectors) & physics

    In unit-vector notation, what is the net torque about the origin on a flea located at coordinates (-2.0, 4.0 m, -1.0 m) when forces F1 = (-4.0 N) k and F2 = (-5.0 N) j act on the flea? _____________________________________ Torque is the cross product of
  28. math

    ) A wierd number is a number that is the product of two consecutive primes, such as 7x11=77 . What is the least common multiple of the 5 smallest wierd number 7) According to an ancient belief, when a friend visits a sick person, 1/70 of his sickness is
  29. Physics/Math

    What work is done by a force (in newtons) F = 3.1xi + 3.1j, with x in meters, that moves a particle from a position r1 = 2.1i + 2.5j to r2 = - -4.9i -3.9j? For Further Reading * Physics/Math - bobpursley, Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 6:27am Work is the dot
  30. Physics question

    1.) If the curling stone was initially sliding at 2.97 m/s and stopped precisely 10.8 meters from its launch point, then the coefficient of friction (the ratio between the magnitude of the frictional force and the magnitude of the normal force) was? 3.)
  31. Sociology

    What does it mean by shared stereotypes? I know that stereotype is like an image that has a certain meaning. How would that relate to smokers? I don't know but would that be like commericals that are related to smokers or like others that smoke for the
  32. math 4th grade

    Anna has 32 red beads, 16 blue beads, and 8 green beads. She wants to put an equal number of each kind of bead on necklaces she is making. How many of each kind of beads can Anna put on each necklace? Can anyone explain this clearly.
  33. Order with fractions

    2 division sign (2/3) + 3 division sign 4 division sign (4/5)=
  34. Algebra

    Translate the phrase to mathematical language. Then simplify the expression the difference between 119 and -40 What is a numerical expression for the phrase?_________(Do not Simplify) Now simplify the expression
  35. Help

    Is the Grammarly plagiarism checker reliable? I put one of my short answers in there a while ago and it said that there was significant plagiarism. Now, about one-two weeks later, I put in the same paragraph and it is saying that there is no plagiarism. I
  36. Math

    Solve the system of equations to find x,y,z (hint let d=x2 e=y2 and d=z2 . Find d e and f first) !!where ever you see 2 it's supposed to be a squared sign. I've seen questions answered similar to this but I don't understand how to get z^2 and y^2
  37. math

    i'm having difficulty understanding radicals.. I don't know how to type the radical sign on here so i'll use parenthesis instead like for instance 17+34 (192)/34 how would u solve that.. also how do u decipher the two multiples of 192 since it's not a
  38. Math Surveying

    Hey, Need some help working these 3 problems. I have the answers but I'm having problems working them. Thank you in advance. The slope measurement between two points is 25.333 m and the slope angle is 1°50. Compute the horizontal distance. A distance of
  39. math

    Allana used Fraction 3 over 5 yard of fabric to make a scarf. Can she make 2 of these scarves with Fraction 1 and 7 over 10 yards of fabric, and why? No, because the quotient of Fraction 1 and 7 over 10 Division sign Fraction 3 over 5 is 1 and 1 over 50
  40. Chemistry

    Phosphoric acid, H3PO4(aq), is a triprotic acid, meaning that one molecule of the acid has three acidic protons. Estimate the pH, and the concentrations of all species in a 0.200 M phosphoric acid solution. pKa1 = 2.16 pKa2 = 7.21 pKa3 = 12.32 Ok I haven't
  41. --->CHEMISTRY<--- HELPP

    (a)107.868 - (2.113e02) + (5.623e03) Calculator Result: 5519.568 Correct Result:________ * The correct result would be in .001, right? If yes, shouldn't it just be 5519.568??
  42. English

    Hi, can I speak to Tom? - Just a moment! I'll get him. -------------------------- This is a telephone conversation. What is the meaning of the last sentence? What is the meaning of the verb 'get'? 1. I'll bring him. 2. I'll fetch him. 3. I'll take him. 4.
  43. science someone please check my answers

    i just want to know if my answeres are correct! A.The problem = the main issue or subject being in vestigated in the study B.a method=a procedure, process, or approach used to investigate the problem C.a finding=a proven result obtained as a part of the
  44. chemistry

    Could someone help me with this please? In chemistry, we did a lab in which he put brands of commerical vinegar in a microplate. We put in 10 drops of each vinegar in each plate thinger then we added 1 drop of phenolphthalein and then put in as many drops
  45. Vocab

    I have done much research on the difference/meaning of connotative definitions and denotative definitions and I'm still very confused. I was wondering if someone could give me a simple definition/meaning thank you!
  46. English

    Oh, Susanna, Oh don't you cry for me For I come from Alabama With my banjo on my knee ------------------------------------- What is the meaning of the sentences? 1. Don't cry for me, because I've come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee. 2. Are you
  47. English

    1. He is outgoing. 2. He is extrovert. 3. He is extroverted. (Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?) 4. He is shy. 5. He is reserved. 6. He is introvert. 7. He is introverted. (Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?)
  48. English-please help

    In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. What is the meaning of the word "dedicated" in this context? Can't seem to find the meaning from the dictionary.
  49. Chemistry

    Can someone explain for organic chemistry naming, when something would be given something like "iso" in it or when we would say "s-butyl" or "t-propyl" etc., with "s" meaning secondary and "t" meaning tertiary.
  50. Physics (College)

    A car starts from rest at a stop sign. It accelerates at 2.0 m/s^2for 6.0 seconds, coasts for 2.0 s, and then slows down at a rate of 1.5 m/s^2 for the next stop sign. How far apart are the stop signs?
  51. reading

    I need help with questions for the book a boy named slow.Thanks. The questions are 1.what happens when Returns again goes hunting 2.What big thing does slow do, 3.what else does he do to prepare himself for adulthood, 4.What does slow decide to do, 5.what
  52. Math Block Problem

    A child organizes animal blocks in rows on the ground. There are 64 animal blocks in the 5th row & 92 of those blocks in the 9th and last row. Suppose that the number of animal blocks frm row to row form an arithmetic sequence. The number of animal blocks
  53. Hypothesis Testing - maths

    Data were collected on the differences in weight gains of 12 people one month after they stopped smoking, compared with their weight at the time when they stopped smoking. The data are given in Table 2. A positive quantity corresponds to a gain in weight,
  54. physics

    A car starts from rest at a stop sign. It accelerates at 4.6 m/s^2 for 7.4 s, coasts for 1.8 s, and then slows down at a rate of 3.5 m/s^2 for the next stop sign.How far apart are the stop signs?
  55. Math

    Translate: The product of 16% and some number?
  56. algebra

    The sum of two and the product of one and a number xx.
  57. Math

    when you multiply any number by 1,what is the product ?
  58. math

    COULD 35 ever be the product of 10 and another number?Explain
  59. math

    Eight more than the product of two and a number x xxx.
  60. algebra

    How would you translate the product of 39% and some number?
  61. Algebra 1

    9 less than the product of 7 squared and a number is 6
  62. MATH

  63. math

    Three less than the product of two and a number x. what will the equation be
  64. 12

    the product of 4 consecutive even number is always divisible by
  65. math

    the product of a number and five decreased by eight
  66. math

    How do I translate this? The product of 12% and some number Thanks
  67. Math

    Eight increased by the product of 2 and two less than a number
  68. math

    the product of -3 and a number is at least 9 -3a_> 9 is this right.
  69. maths

    the product of two number is 380 what will be their L.C.M. if their h.c.f is 1?
  70. math

    The product of my digits is 10. I'm an even number who am I?
  71. Equal-Groups Riddles

    I am a number between 20 and 30. When you put me into 6 equal groups, there is a even number in each group and 1 is left over. What number am I?
  72. equal group riddles

    i am a number between 20 and 30.when you put me into 6 equal groups;there is an even number in each group and 1 is left over.what number am i
  73. english grammar

    please kindly help me to correct the usage in english grammar. 1. Teacher: So what do you know __about___ prepositions? From At In About 2. Student: Well I know that they usually come _before___ nouns. On After Under Before 3. Teacher: Very good. Which do
  74. Calculus

    1.evaluate (integral sign)x cos 3x dx A.1/6 x^2 sin 3x + C B.1/3 x sin 3x -1/2 sin 3x +C C.1/3 x sin 3x +1/9 cos 3x +C << my choice. D. 1/2 x^2 +1/18 sin^2 3x +C 2.evaluate (integral sign)xe(power of 2x)dx A.1/6 x^2 e(to the power of 3x)+C B.1/2
  75. Computer

    Suppose that you are the general manager for a major-league baseball team. During the off-season, you need to sign some free-agent players for your team. The team owner has given you a budget of $X to spend on free agents. You are allowed to spend less
  76. Calculus

    "The quantity, q, of a product manufactured depends on the number of workers, W, and the amount of capital invested, K, and is given by q = 6 * W^(3/4) * K^(1/4) Labor costs are $10 per worker and capital costs are $20 per unit, and the budget is $2000.
  77. Math check answer

    Suppose that you are in a class of 31 students and it is assumed that approximately 13% of the population is left-handed. (Give your answers correct to three decimal places.) (a) Compute the probability that exactly five students are left-handed. Answer
  78. English

    Why don't you try a little harder? Why not try a little harder? Why don't we try a little harder? Let's try a little harder. Let's try a little harder, shall we? Shall we try a little harder? How about trying a little harder? What about trying a little
  79. Physical Geography

    1-if a person's line of vision is at the top of Building 121 feet high, how far out to sea could a person see with a good telescope? 2- the light in a lighthouse is 144 feet above sea level. How far does the light extend before it dips below sea level? 3-
  80. algebra II

    Help me solve this problem that I missed, so that I can see where I went wrong. Synthetic Division (3X3 -2x +5). (x-2) I would set it up with the following algorithm to do synthetic division (this is how I do it and how I taught it, the ----- are simply
  81. Biology

    Consider the following 45 base-pair (bp) DNA sequence: 1 10 20 30 40 | . | . | . | . | . 5’-CGCACCTGTGTTGATCACCTAGCCGATCCACGGTGGATCCAAGGC-3’ ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 3’-GCGTGGACACAACTAGTGGATCGGCTAGGTGCCACCTAGGTTCCG-5’ Tip: If
  82. Algebra1

    Hello, need help with this question: Find the product. (-7m2n)(-9mn3) For my answer i put 63m^3n^4 and I got it wrong, the computer online doesn't recongnize the carrot and we were told for the carrot you have to replace it and now I am lost.
  83. Pre Cal/Vectors

    Can someone show the steps involved in figuring out this type of problem? Given the magnitudes of vectors u and v and the angle Ό between them, find the magnitude of the sum u + v to the nearest tenth and the angle that the sum vector makes with u to
  84. Math

    I need help... I don't need the answer just how I would figure this out. Identify the hypotenuse of the triangle by giving its letter. It is a triangle with the left and bottom lines of the triangle as a right angle. The longest line of the triangle is the
  85. Algebra (check my answers)

    Please check these answers. Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x - 12y - 5 Evaluate the expression 3x2y when x = 3 and y
  86. chemistry

    2. Bromine can be added to limonene to create a brominated compound. The balanced equation is shown below. When 613 mg of limonene and 3.5 mL of a 10% (v/v) solution of Br2 in dichloromethane (a solvent) are combined, 959 mg of the product is isolated.
  87. 1st grade

    I don't know how to do this.. I don't understand it. Use | and . to show the number 42
  88. Accounting

    E6-9 (a,b) Tiger Golf Accessories sells golf shoes, gloves, and a laser-guided range-finder that measures distance. Shown below are unit cost and sales data. Pairs of Shoes Pairs of Gloves Range Finder Unit sales price $100 $30 $250 Unit variable costs 60
  89. Civics

    The president of the United States is the head of the executive branch and plays a large role in making America's laws. His job is to approve the laws that Congress creates. When both chambers have approved a bill, they send it to the president. In order
  90. Analytic Geometry - Circles and Areas

    Let R denote the circular region bounded by x^2+y^2 = 36. The lines x=4 and y=3 partition R into four regions R1, R2 ,R3 , and R4. Let [Ri] denote the area of region Ri. If [R1]>[R2]>[R3]>[R4] , then compute [R1]-[R2]-[R3]+[R4]. Could someone help
  91. music

    What is the meaning of the song maria from west side story? What is the meaning of the song sandy from grease
  92. meaning of Quotes

    Some body please tell me the meaning of "early to bed, early to rise...helps a girl to go with other guys"
  93. chem

    Compute 4659¯0−214¯00. Round the answer appropriately. Express your answer numerically using the proper number of significant figures.
  94. describing data

    Sixty students were given a history exam. Their scores are shown below, sorted from smallest to largest. 6 36 36 38 38 39 39 40 41 41 42 42 42 45 49 50 53 65 66 71 72 72 72 73 74 76 76 76 78 78 79 79 80 80 81 81 81 81 81 82 82 82 82 83 83 83 84 84 85 86 86
  95. Organic Chem

  96. chemistry (please someone help)

    lewis acid or lewis base? then draw the product. H3C^+ :NH3 ----> I'm assuming H3C is the acid and :NH3 is the base? As for drawing out the product I don't know what to do.
  97. chemistry

    lewis acid or lewis base? then draw the product. H3C^+ :NH3 ----> I'm assuming H3C is the acid and :NH3 is the base? As for drawing out the product I don't know what to do.
  98. statistics

    A student was asked to compute the mean and standard deviation for the following sample of n _ 5 scores: 81, 87, 89, 86, and 87. To simplify the arithmetic, the student first subtracted 80 points from each score to obtain a new sample consisting of 1, 7,
  99. Math Help!

    I apologize for all these questions but I really need to get them done fast so I appreciate if you tried to answer some of them! 1. Bill is saving money in an empty jar. The first day he puts in a certain amount of money. Every day after the first he puts
  100. english