I need a pro and con for relevance within a school environment

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  1. World History

    Which doctrine devised by Adam Smith argued that government should not interfere with economic matters? laissez-faire pro bono affidavit quid pro quo On google, it says that Pr Bono was something clinics switched to, so it seems pretty obvious that that's

  2. chemistry

    A 25.00 mL sample of 0.4 M dimethylamine (CH3)2NH is titrated with 0.150 M HCl. What is the pH at the half-equivalence point? Not sure what to do here exactly, I'm bad with the titration problems. I know there are normally a couple tables (finding the

  3. P.E help plz

    the friends you hang out with at school are an example of A. your physical enviroment B. your heredity C. bullying. (D). your social environment***

  4. communications

    Which of the following are the qualities of effective interpersonal communication conversation skills? A.making introductions, relevance, tact,and sincerity B.relevance, tact, sincerity, and giving directions C.relevance, tact, courtesy and sincerity I

  5. Child Development

    When preparing an environment for school- aged children the caregiver should ensure that the A. outdoor area allows them to continually challenge their physical ability B. Children are continually intermixed with the younger children C. Environment

  6. English

    What was Thomas Jefferson's stance on the Declaration of Independence? What is a pro and con of the Declaration of Independence Please Help Me

  7. Health

    In your life, you will face some decisions that are so serious that you will want to consult others. These are decisions that will affect your life and your health. In the following questions, you are asked to apply the Great Decisions model to a decision

  8. Math

    using a systems approach to financial planning it is necessary to develop a a.pro forma income statement b.cash budget c.pro forma balance sheet d. all of the above

  9. finance

    pro forma financial statements are a. the most comprehensive means of financial forecasting b. often required by prospective creditors Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a definition of Pro Forma Financial Statements: Definition

  10. world history

    Write two short editorials (2 paragraphs each)--the first as an editor of a pro-Israeli editorial about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the second from the point of view of a pro-Palestinian editorial. I'm not quite sure what they are asking me to do


    i need help finding info. on Taoist... if they are pro or con on the following things... prayer in school, creationismv. evolution, studying woman's rights in the middle east, saying the pledge of allegiance, starting a gay or lesbian support group, and

  12. science

    Identify one pro and one con to using nuclear energy as a power source

  13. English

    I'm doing a pro/con argumentative essay. Is this topic sentence argumentative? The benefits of war and economics are better than global peace.

  14. Spanish 1

    64. -"¿Van Gustavo y Ud. a la playa?" -"Sí, ____." a. voy b. vais c. vamos d. vas C? 65. -"¿Dónde está Rosa?" -"_____." a. A las cinco b. En el parque con Miguel c. Por la tarde d. De Guatemala B? 66. Necesito más lápices. Voy a ir ______. a. a la

  15. Spanish

    What is the most appropriate answer to the following question? "¿Con quién vas al cine?" a. Van con mis amigas. b. Vas con mis amigas. c. Vas con tus amigas. d. Voy con mis amigas.***

  16. BIO 100

    Can someone help me with this discussion question. I was assigned Agricultural biotechnology for this discussion. Provide at least two ways the use of this biotechnology could benefit society and two ways this biotechnology could be harmful. When answering

  17. Social Studies

    What view did Thomas Jefferson NOT hold? A)Rule by wealthy class B)pro-French ideas C)strong state government D)pro-state banks Please help I'm so confused.

  18. English

    1. My school begins at 8:30 a.m. like Bora's school. 2. Our school begins at 8:30 a.m. like Bors'a school. (Which one is correct? Are both OK, my school and our school?) 3. My school and Bora's school are the same as follows. School begins at 8:30 a.m.

  19. Business Management

    The Environmental Protection Agency administers environmental standards in the U.S. EPA represents the what, and of what organizations? A.local communities; task environment B.finiancial institutions; internal environment C.government regulators;task

  20. Spanish

    5. "Vamos al cine. Quieres ir con nosotros?" "No, gracias. No puedo ____ esta noche. Tengo que estudiar." a. comer con Uds b. ver un partido de beisbol c. salir d. repasar D Thanks

  21. spanish

    "De pequeño, ¿con qué jugabas en el patio de recreo?" "Jugaba con _____." a. el columpio y los peces b. el cajón de arena y las tortugas c. la cuerda y la verdad d. el tobogán y el sube y baja D

  22. education

    I needs some help please, I need to create a list of the top ten characteristics of a multicultural school environment. Could someone help me please?

  23. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    Some of the worst con artists practice their craft based on meteorological events. These are known as ________ con artists. A. event B. disaster C. weather D. special occasion I think it's B, but not sure

  24. PED 212

    I need a pro and con for relevance within a school environment

  25. PED 212

    What are some pros and cons in relevance within a school environment in organized sports?

  26. Social studies

    What effects does mining have on the environment? what are the pro's and con's of mining?

  27. Human Services

    The class will be divided into two clusters for a debate about regulatory issues in health care and human services. The Pro Lobbyists will argue that, through standards and accountability, a highly regulated environment benefits the delivery of health care

  28. Eng. Ms. Sue

    What would some pro's and con's be for charging for air? What would some pro's and con's be for charging for water?

  29. Research Writing

    I have to pick a topic and list argument and counter-argument for a research paper (com 220 class). I would like to write about the death penalty, I just need help chosing a pro and con to write about. I believe I need more detail than just saying my topic

  30. English

    High school students are still reading A Separate Peace more than forty years after its publication. Compose an essay describing what you think the book's enduring relevance is. What do the characters and the conflict say to people today? Do you imagine

  31. Genetics

    Need help figure out the order of GENES. Okey here is the info Bacterial cells of genotype pur- pro+ his+ were transduce with P1 bacteriophage grown on bacteria of genotype pur+ pro- his-. Transductants containing pur+ were selected and tested for the

  32. science

    What is the Pro's and Con's of energy

  33. Social Studies 30

    What are some pro's and con's of nuclear weapons?

  34. HHS

    the class will be divided into two clusters for a debate about regulatory issues in health care and human services. The Pro Lobbyists will argue that, through standards and accountability, a highly regulated environment benefits the delivery of health care

  35. Appendix f AED 204

    how is this done it it about religions of all kinds and the pro and con of prayer.

  36. healthcare


  37. Physics

    Explain fully one pro and one con of nuclear energ

  38. Hippa pro and con


  39. Design & Technology

    What are the social and moral issues with puppets for children? (Pro's and Con's)

  40. English

    Can anyone write a real issue and list who would be on the pro/con side of it. (Preferably 4 or more please) Thanks.

  41. pol 201

    Should the Supreme Court's power of judicial review be strictly limited by a constitutional amendment? In answering either question, clearly state your position (thesis) at the beginning of your post. Define important terms and explain your position fully.

  42. english

    I have to write a one page persuasion letter to a congress person. I would like to write it about the issues surrounding DD. Debbie.... I don't know what topic "DD" is, so I can't help you specifically. However this site is super in giving you a step by

  43. science

    what are the pros and cons of laser eye surgery? atleast 5 of each pro and con plz need help urgently thanku

  44. finance

    As you respond to this discussion question, think about the various ways you have purchased products and comment on the pro's and con's from your personal experiences.

  45. Political Science

    I'm just looking for a little helpful pro-con list in order for me to answer this question: Do you believe that the Declaration of Independence successfully justified the cause of the Revolution? Why or why not?

  46. spanish

    "Cuando era niño, ¿con qué juguetes jugabas?" "_____" a. con un sube y baja, una guardería infantil y una pistola de agua b. con un dinosaurio de peluche, un columpio y una cuerda. c. con un pajaron, un patio de recreo y un muñeco d. con un robot,

  47. AED 204

    I am doing an assignment about different religions. I have to fill in a chart about different religions. The religions that I am having trouble with are Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Methodist, Hindu, Islam, Mormon, Sikh, Judaism, and Taoist. These are

  48. Spanish

    26. No puedo ir a la playa. Tengo mucha _____. a. lástima b. hora c. enferma d. tarea D? 27. "¿Con quién te gustaría ver la tele?" "_______" a. Contigo b. Con nosotros c. Conmigo d. Con nosotras Not sure.. 29. "¿Con quién vas a la fiesta?" "Voy

  49. qualities of persuasive business messages

    How do you organizing information in informative, positive, negative, and persuasive messages? Assuming that the audience is not in favor of the change, the message is most effective when the pro agruments are given fist, then the con arguments followed by

  50. Writing

    I am writing an essay about Ghost in The Shell the original film and I was thinking that the Ghost stance is pro technology than con, what do you think it is and why?

  51. science

    i have to do a crossword for school and need help on the following question (answer 9 letters)what describes all the organisms within an environment and their relationships with each other and the environment please help

  52. com/150

    I need help filling out Appendix D for my com/150. I need some help with my supporting details, and my subdetails. My thesis statement is "Instead of being the solution to larger issues like low self-esteem and depression, cosmetic surgery has became the

  53. com/150

    I need help filling out Appendix D for my com/150. I need some help with my supporting details, and my subdetails. My thesis statement is "Instead of being the solution to larger issues like low self-esteem and depression, cosmetic surgery has became the

  54. child care

    When preparing an environment for school-aged children, the caregiver should ensure that the A. environment resembles their school setting. B. children are continually intermixed with the younger children. C. outdoor area allows them to continually

  55. Grammar (will you check the rest please)

    Demonstrative Pronoun or Adjective? 1. Does anyone know how to bake this cake? ADJ 2. You can check that book out of the library tomorrow. ADJ 3. That singer is ainger is quite talented. ADJ 4. Those do not heat as well as some. PRO 5. Take these to the

  56. english

    please help me getting started with the following essay question: Describe what the book's, A Separate Peace, enduring relevance is. What do the characters and conflict say to people today? Will the book retain its relevance in the future? pls help give

  57. HS English

    VERB ADJ NOUN PRO VERB PHRASE Identify the poem you will analyze, CONJ VERB PRO VERB PRO and explain why you chose it.


    The Pro Lobbyists will argue that, through standards and accountability, a highly regulated environment benefits the delivery of health care and human service to clients.

  59. math

    The table below gives the total spectator attendance for various U.S. sports in 1997. Sport Attendance (millions) Pro Baseball 64.9 College Basketball (Men’s) 27.7 College Basketball (Women’s) 6.7 Pro Basketball (Men’s) 21.7 College Football 36.9 Pro

  60. children development, part 2

    please i need help with the question . when preparing an environment for school-aged children, the caregiver school ensure that the.

  61. PSY

    Are there differences between a team and a group? What have been your experiences with being a member of a team; did you experience conflict or cohesion? Has the diversity of the team members played a role in the effectiveness of the group-pro or con? How?

  62. 12th grade science (food & nutrition)

    Were doing a class debate on vegetarianism and i'm supporting vegetarianism (pro side) and i need 10 question to ask the con side (against vegetarianism). Don't really know how to start.

  63. Resume help

    I really do not find many cake decorating positions needing a resume so I went with what I am studying in school. Is this ok? Career Objective: To assist the sick as a registered nurse. I would also like to become a traveling nurse at some time to. I am

  64. spanish

    is this correct? "Como puedo pagar por esta gorra?" "Puede pagar _____ ." a. con una tarjeta de credito o en efectivo b. con el catalogo o el cesto de la ropa sucia c. con un cheque o una cremallera d. con una tarjeta de credito o una manga A?

  65. health records

    I am doing a paper on communication for health records and have done the email, fax, but what else is ther I can add to this. Pro’s and con to communication methods for health records

  66. Physical Education

    pro’s and con’s of health-criterion-based fitness assessments and normative-based fitness assessments?

  67. 8th Grade Language Arts

    Hi, I have to write an essay on a controversial topic. This is the topic: Should GPS devices be installed in phones and other electronics? I'm having some trouble finding websites based on this topic and it really interests me so I don't want to change it

  68. Economy

    Which one is more important? In today's world, we're having this global crisis and people are suffering. That's why economy growth is very important. Usually there's the opportunity cost of environment which will be exploited for the economy have a strong

  69. History

    I have to write solutions on how to solve the social security problem (the amount to pay retirees will exceed the amount collected to finance the program.) The solutions are, raising the taxes that finance S.S. and Paying S.S. benefits only to people who

  70. debate

    i just need some point or info on pro side: - Taxes gain more money over time - Tax on capital gains at same rate as income tax will benefit the government con side: - When taxes get too high, economy goes into recession - trimming tax cuts are more simple

  71. linguistics please!!!

    1. (a) Mary murdered the platypus (b) Mary killed something Select a maxim that is being flouted in this conversation. A.Quantity B. Manner C. Quality D. Relevance 2. Bob: Do you want to grab a cup of coffee sometime? Sally: Sure! I absolutely love

  72. philosophy

    Hello I am to write a three page paper that identifies a current event or a contemporary social issue that involves ethical values.I have chosen to write about abortion. For my pro choice argument I have chosen existentialism. And for the pro-life argument

  73. Strategic

    An organization’s external environment has three components: the remote environment, the industry environment, and the operating environment. My company i chose was Department of Social Service but i am looking for something on the Remote and idustry

  74. Math Urgent!

    A manufacturer has recorded the profit P (in dollars) when there is a monthly advertising expenditure of A dollars. The data is recorded in the following table. A 200 500 800 1100 1300 P 8030 14,480 14,630 8480 860 (a) Find a quadratic model for pro fit as

  75. Survery of Modern and Contemporary Art

    I have to compare and contrast Rococo Architecture and Art Nouveau with political elements as well as historical relevance. I am having troubles finding information on these. Could you help me compare and contrast these, political elements and historical

  76. calculus

    Continuous/discontinuity Can someone please tell me how to make this determination? 1/x(x-3) x=0,x=-4 is the function con @ x=3 is the function con @ x=0 is the function con @ x=-4

  77. sra jmcguin

    I'm supposed to do a draft essay on helping a high school senior with improving his grades. 3 recommendation as his friend and there explanations, along with introduction and conclusion sentences. Only one paragraph. ths is the draft any suggestions are

  78. writing

    Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in the future? According to events taking place now in the world, our future will change drastically. In 50 years, our society, environment, and schools will be greatly affected. Our society will change

  79. Debating

    Hi Im debating a difficult topic and was hoping that people could help on this topic the topic is that single sex schools are best. Please Help

  80. Legal and Ethical

    A con lobbyist argue that a higly regulated environment makes health care and human service delivery too complex and beaucratic, reducing the quality of care to clients. How can I write a 350 word response and what should I say agreeing with this. Could

  81. English

    Would someone edit my essay so far please. So far, I only have the introduction, the first paragraph and the conclusion. I am arguing for school uniform. "You know, if we had a uniform policy, it would make things better in this school." (Mitchell). Said

  82. spanish

    Is this the correct spanish prepositional pronoun in this sentence? Chicos, voy a hablar con la señora Perales, en un momento estoy con ellos?

  83. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 7:25am. The dietitian says, "This is the school cafeteria." What does the school cafeterian mean? 1. This is the (only) school cafeterian of our school. 2. This is the specific school cafeterian of our school. [What does "This

  84. Math-Help

    A manufacturer has determined that pro t P (in dollars) is a quadratic function of dollars per month a spent on advertising. The relationship is given by p=1+50a-0.1a^2 if a is at most 500 dollars per month -How much should be spent on advertising if pro t

  85. educating young children PART1

    which of the follwing is not a drawback associated with anecdotal notes? (a)significant events can happen to children on days when youre not writing about them (b)theres a tendency to write about interesting events as opposed to developmentally-significant

  86. English

    1. At the pro-wrestling match, the wrestler beat his opponent with his heading. 2. At the pro-wrestling match, the wrestler defeated his opponent with his heading. 3. At the pro-wrestling match, the wrestler beat his opponent with his headbutting. 4. At

  87. Science

    WHat names do we give to portion of the earth form (a) our gaseous environment, (b) our liquid environment, and (c) our solid environment. My answers a. greenhouse gases b. ocean c. land

  88. political of the internet

    Why do you think the imposed pro-democratic movement in Iraq was so unsuccessful, whereas the grassroots pro-democratic movement in Egypt was successful in structural change?

  89. English

    I urgently need to check the following statements concerning global warming. 1.I think it is important to protect our planet for the future generations. 2.We must respect the environment instead of polluting it. 3.I agree with Sophia that teenagers can

  90. business

    2. You are in the process of a major Spring Clean in your home/bedroom/office/garage. You have identified a variety of new and used items that you are no longer using. With summer around the corner you could use a bit more cash for a little vacation.

  91. Art

    an artist creates a mural that depicts local species living harmoniously in their natural environment. this mural is an example of community art for which purpose? A.empowering the local school children B.educating the public about the natural environment

  92. English

    Your opinion on Online Banking. How you feel about it. Gurv, What do you need to know about Online Banking? Here is a site that gives the pro/con. http://www.fool.com/news/take/2002/take020115.htm Are you writing an essay? If so, after you finish it, we

  93. child development part 2

    when preparing an environment for school-aged children, the caregiver should ensure that the

  94. child development part 2

    When preparing an environment for school - aged children, the caregiver should ensure that the

  95. spanish help

    tu/pensar/mirar/la television/con tu amigos pensas mira la televison con tus amigos is this correct

  96. Spanish

    I had to write about what I do when I go to the airport. Is this correct Voy al aeropuerto con mi equipaje. Me presento en el mostrador con mi boleto aéreo y mi pasaporte. Registro mi equipaje. Voy con mi maleta de mano y paso por seguridad. Luego de

  97. Psychology

    In what ways do you see psychology used in the environment (work, home, school, etc.) on a daily basis?

  98. spanish

    "¿Con qué quiere Ud. el perro caliente?" "Lo quiero con _____." a. mostaza y paella b. mayonesa y duraznos c. melones y salsa verde d. mostaza y cebolla D

  99. spanish 1

    Hello, can anyone check my spanish grammar, please? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola, me llamo Kayla. My pasatiempo es leer un libro y juego voleibol con mis amigas. Yo prefiero leer un libro porque

  100. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? Gazpacho Es un sopa frío y refrescante de Andalucía. Es hizo con tomates, pepinos, pimientos y ajo. Tortilla Española Ingredientes incluya patatas, cebollas y huevos. ¡Es la comida perfecto si necesites un desayuno


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