I know, I keep posting questions like this but the tutors aren't even helping. So people that keep getting tired of me posting these type of problems it because, I don't understand how to do it. So quit saying "Oh

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  1. Goodbye, Ms.Sue =(

    I am so broken. This is everyone's fault (not the tutors). You guys told Ms. Sue to kill herself, and worst. you guys should feel ashamed. She tried helping you guys but you were bullying her. I'm so happy that Ms. Sue is in a better place where she

  2. Jiskha

    Hi, I am new to Jiskha. May one of the tutors tell me what Jiskha is for? My daughter uses Jiskha, but I'm not sure if this is a safe site. Is Jiskha for kids cheeting? If so, I'll immediately tell my daughter to log off. Also is Ms. Sue a tutor? I'm

  3. Latin I

    1. Estne in Campania? a. where is Campania? b. he is in Campania, isn't he? c. he is not in Campania, is he? d. Is he in Campania? 2. Vesuviusne populum terruit? a. did vesuvius frighten the people? b. Vesuvius did not frighten the people, did it? c.


    i was not taught in my science class any of this, probably a review over 6th grade science, because i learned these in 6th grade.(im in 7th grade now) identifying Errors read the following paragraph and then answer the questions. andrew arrived at school

  5. Jiskha banning

    This is not school related, but it is Jiskha related. If you get banned for Jiskha, is there any way to get in-banned. I have been banned for a month and something weeks and I am ready to stop posting bad things, so Jiskha tutors, PLEASE READ THIS AN UNBAN

  6. Social Studies 3

    What did Churchill mean when he said "iron curtain"? You need to start stating what YOU think the answers are for YOUR questions. Then the tutors here will be able to give you feedback and point you in the right direction if needed. =)

  7. Rhetoric: Harriet Tubman Quiz

    As described in harriet tubman conductor on the underground railroad tubman dedicated her life to A: Helping change the views of slave owners B: Helping change laws about slavery C:Helping enslaved people escape*** D: Helping her family escape slavery

  8. English

    1. He likes helping poor people. 2. It is good that he likes helping poor people. 3. I think it good that he likes helping poor people. 3-1. I think it good for him to help poor people. 3-2. I think it good to help poor people. (Are the sentences all

  9. social studies

    hi, I was wondering if someone could check some of my answers for this unit test, I've been having a lot of trouble with it. 1. The Israelites consider Canaan to be the Promised Land because they believed that A. When the Pharoah released the Israelites,

  10. to Anonymous, <3, and Thanks to all Jiskha Teacher

    We do not allow students to be successful imposters of our tutors. You have been banned from posting for this reason. Perhaps in a few days, you'll be unbanned ... to see if you've learned acceptable online behavior. =(

  11. Environmental Science

    Your grandparents, who loves to garden, are thinking about buying a house in a country. Next weekend, they are going to look at two houses. One has a large garden that is part of a small farm that was abandoned 25 years ago. Use what you know about

  12. ? about this website

    Yes. I have wondered this for a while. Can you guys tell what house or computer the questions come from? Well...not REALLY. But that doesn't mean other people can't. When you are online, your computer has an IP Address (Internet Provider Address). With

  13. science

    why are you guys posting questions without the answers to them

  14. Math

    I know, I keep posting questions like this but the tutors aren't even helping. So people that keep getting tired of me posting these type of problems it because, I don't understand how to do it. So quit saying "Oh this is like the same problem that you

  15. to bobpursley

    My classmates friends want me to post their questions as well.Thats why there are multiple names is there a problem. Yes. You are posting duplicate or even triplicate questions. That is silly. If we have answered one, the answers to the others follow.

  16. General

    I just have a question for the people who help the students. Do you guys pick certain people to answer or does it take more time to figure out or answer certain problems over others? Or does it just have to do with the fact that some tutors and volunteers

  17. to Katie A A

    #1 - The school subject is MATH, not "help" -- I've never heard of a school subject called help. #2 - To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or

  18. Thank you tutors

    Thank you tutors for helping kids. You guys work very hard to help me and other kids. You tutors are amazing! Happy Holidays -Stressed Otaku

  19. Thanks Tutors

    To all the tutors here, i know i was suppose to ask a question from my homework, and this is a homework website, but i like to thank you for helping me with my homework for the past few months. With you guys help, i got 100% on my math test and

  20. Social Studies

    Please review the question and check my answer below. Thank you tutors. Q: Which of the Big 5 companies were started by missionaries or their sponsors? My answer: Alexander & Baldwin & (and) Castle & Cooke. I also got my answer from a reading I was given

  21. Math...For All Math Tutors

    I would like to know how many of the people answering math questions here are current math teachers, were math teachers at one time, are current tutors working for a tutoring company or simply love math. What's your story? I would love to hear from all

  22. English

    1. You and Tom didn't attend the meeting, did you? 2. You, he and I are good friends, aren't we? 3. Tom and I are good students, aren't we? 4. Tom and Ted are good lawyers, aren't they? -------------------------------------- Are the tag questions all

  23. Social Studies

    Please review the question and my answer. Thank you tutors. Q: What did AGENTS do for the sugar plantations? My answer: Agents took over the sugar plantations. If there is more than that for the answer that I gave, then please tell. Thank you tutors. I

  24. All subjects

    Thank you tutors for your dedication to helping students!

  25. To: Teachers/Tutors on Jiskha

    Hello! I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of the teachers and tutors on Jiskha for their amazing hard work and perseverance to make sure everyone on Jiskha gets their questions answer, in one form or another, or gets the help they need. I feel

  26. Homework

    We, my roomates and I, keep getting replies saying stop posting under more than one name. We are not posting under more than one name we are all different. We all live together and only have this common computer at the moment, but we are more than one

  27. Pre-Algebra

    this is the question please help me explain what to do its confusing. The rate that a hot tub drains is 5.9L/min.How many minutes does it take to drain a 160L hot tub? ~27 mins. Rate*time= volume solve for time. ((27.12 to be exact)) Hi Science. (And don't

  28. Health

    Dear tutors, I have an few more questions that need answering. If you could, may you answer them. What is the best definition of friendship? A) A long-term connection with another person B) A special relationship between people who enjoy being together C)

  29. Algebra

    Please help me with this problem, I'm not entirely sure on what to do to solve it. Thank you, tutors. The weight of an object is related to its length by the equation: weight (in pounds) = 3L^3 (in feet). If the object is 6 feet tall, what is its weight?

  30. tips.

    Please show your work. Tutors will not do your homework for you. Please show your work for any question that you are posting.

  31. ap english exam

    Does anyone know where I can find a free online copy of questions 28-43 on the 1996 AP English Language & Composition Exam? I found the exam but for some reason they skipped questions 28-43. I couldn't find it online, but it's possible that questions 28-43

  32. math

    From a group of 65 students who failed Business Mathematics in 2010 we found the following reasons: 35 for not attending class (C); 30 for not doing homework (H) and 25 for not visiting tutors (T). Fourteen did not attend class and did not visit tutors; 15

  33. French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy

    I'm posting questions related to those paintings one by one. Detestez-vous une peinture? Laquelle? Pourquoi? English: [Yes, I hate the painting, "A Japanese Bridge", because it is not clear.] French: [Oui, je deteste la peinture, A Japanese Bridge, parce

  34. math

    I cannot figure out how to make a 3 circle veen diagram from the following problem. Can someone please help me? Country-westren songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison, and trucks. A survet of the local country-westren radio station produced the

  35. Interview

    Tomorrow i will be interviewed by some highschools and i want to have a list of questions ready to ask them. Does anyone know any good websites where i can get questions to ask? Thanks for helping me!!

  36. PLEASE READ before you ask a question

    Before posting, please understand a few things. 1) If we see other tutors replied to your message, we might skip it to go to others at first. This may be a problem, which I will discuss in a minute. If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer.

  37. geography

    hi guys , anyone having trouble finding info about broughton airbus. i know people have asked before but i can`t find the answers to my questions. the question i`m finding hard is what alterations have been made to the factory? thanks for helping me . ive

  38. Geo

    How will human aging affect health care? Older people in general need more health care than younger people. As we age, more goes wrong with our bodies. An aging population means we're going to need more health care to take care of the older people. So how

  39. math

    Would this be a good resource for my students? This website? Yes, I believe so. We have several people who are very good at helping students with their math homework questions, from elementary school through college levels. Be sure to check out the

  40. physics

    Hi, can you help me with this one? A family ice show is held in an enclosed arena. The skaters perform to music playing at a level of 75.0 dB. This intensity level is too loud for your baby, who yells at 65.5 dB. (a) What total sound intensity engulfs you?

  41. science-due tommorow

    we are reading catching fire. we have a mini project to do. there are 17 questions and i couldn't find 4. so my questions are : 1. what is healing capacity of salt water? 2. why does salt water have those positive effects on us? 3. what is saline solution

  42. science-due tommorow please help!!!!!!!!!!

    we are reading catching fire. we have a mini project to do. there are 17 questions and i couldn't find 4. so my questions are : 1. what is healing capacity of salt water? 2. why does salt water have those positive effects on us? 3. what is saline solution

  43. ela

    we are reading catching fire. we have a mini project to do. there are 17 questions and i couldn't find 4. so my questions are : 1. what is healing capacity of salt water? 2. why does salt water have those positive effects on us? 3. what is saline solution

  44. English

    Before I start posting questions, I'd like to ask, has anyone read the script -Joker in the Pack. It is a short play about Mitch--the main character. Even if you have not read this script is it okay if I still post the questions about it. I'll answer them

  45. To Ciara

    Please do not post any more insurance questions in this forum. I don't believe they are 9th grade questions. They look more like ads for insurance. If you post any more you'll be banned from posting on this board.

  46. Accented Syllables-Writeacher

    I feel stupid. I honestly can't hear it when I say it. I've used dictionary reference site to look at the definitions but it says some of the words you said were stressed and my book said were stressed aren't... Do you think if I called my school's tutors

  47. substitution and elimination methods

    Can someone please help explain this, my notes aren't helping me much. Given the following system of linear equations: {x-4y=20 -3x+4y=-12 The solution to the system is: The system is: The equation is: Please help

  48. Algebra

    Hello, I'm sorry for posting the same question again but I'm not sure if the tutors can see when I reply to an already answered question. The sequence (a_n) is defined by a_1 = 1/2 and a_n = a_(n - 1)^2 + a_(n - 1) for n >= 2. Prove that 1\(a_1 + 1) +

  49. general

    I really don't like the fact that you guys are skipping so many questions we need help here and were not getting it. i understand that no one knows everything but, please don't skip the questions its really hard when i need help and no one is helping me.

  50. spanish sra jmcguin

    this is the assignment I'm supposed to do a draft essay on helping a high school senior with improving his grades. 3 recommendation as his friend and there explanations, along with introduction and conclusion sentences. Only one paragraph the next posting

  51. Question (PLEASE READ!!!)

    What website is when you can ask any questions and other people can answer it something besides YA like free lik jiskha but for people to ask random questions and them answering.

  52. Math

    If a > b and c < 0, then: Select one: a. ac > bc b. a/c>b/c c. ac < bc d. None of the above I have no idea how to answer this questions because there aren't any numbers!

  53. math

    Tutors on jiskha help you 57 times and there are over 10 tutors. how many questions did botaman ask. answer= jiskha is the best. you are always helping people 24/7 so if you dont mind me asking, how are you? are you stressed? do you enjoy what you do? you

  54. random

    this website is so helpful but i am confused on some things 1) the people who answer questions is this their job or are they volunteering to for free and what do they gain out of this 2)do the tutors who answer questions sit at home and answer or at some

  55. science

    I posted this under science because I see it occurring most under this subject. Many of the tutors here are very rude and useless at times. Honestly, if kids are on the internet seeking help for questions on their homework or whatever, they aren't going to

  56. All students who use Jiskha I have a announcement.

    Hello, Thank you for clicking on this post. I have a announcement to make, let me just start off this way. Thank you, tutors, for helping us everyday, and volunteering to help us, students. I am very grateful for this site. I am sure that my grades will be

  57. To all students posting math questions

    Please know that at least 3 of our frequently posting math tutors are away from their homes on trips. There are other very good tutors who are online, but less frequently. You'll need to be very patient.

  58. jiskha

    so im wondering, what time do the main tutors log off of jiskha ? like some main tutors, reiny, damon, steve, ms. sue, and writeacher. i don't see any tutors that are answering the 9 current questions, but i know that writeacher is still on because he/she

  59. English

    Hello, can someone please help me? I have to do an assignment, and one of the questions ends in a phrase that I don't understand. The words are "crossing the common." Thanks if anyone can help. I've been stuck ever since I got to it, and the online results

  60. math

    So I don't have a question I just wanted to wish all of the Jiskha tutors a very Happy Thanksgiving! All of the Students that use this site really appreciate all of the help. Thanks you all for checking our questions, and explaining materials to us when we

  61. science!

    first go to my original question which has the data table with my name, anon, and the school subject as science! tanks. okay so i have a question and most likely will be posting more questions regarding of constructing a graph. my question is, x axis is

  62. The problem

    See now this is the problems when tutors aren’t here and it makes students disappointed.

  63. Final thought+Suggestion

    Okay, I recently made a post about converting the homework help section into a homework help forum. I have heard that many tutors have suggested this but there were some problems that occurred. What do you guys think? I want to here opinions from all the

  64. Just a message(please read)

    First of all I would like to thank everyone for helping me. The reason that I post my questions like I do is b/c they are multiple choice and all I'm looking for is to know if my answer is correct or not. If its not right then I would go back and try to

  65. micro

    Homework or not, you need to post your question and how far you've gotten in your thinking toward the "answer" in order for someone here to be helpful to you. Please be patient and wait for someone with economics expertise to respond to you. Thanks. that's

  66. Just wondering

    Why are we not allowed to post links? Everytime I try it doesn't work, but I always see tutors posting links

  67. Social Studies

    Please review the question and my answer below. Thank you tutors. Q: Which modern-day shipping company was originally founded by one of the Big 5? My answer: Matson I also got my answer from a reading I was given from my teacher, and I don't want to cite

  68. no subject

    Ok first of all Ms.sue if cheaters are banned from posting then why do people constantly post answers on here to give others answer???? Yall on this website make it seem like yall have no home training at all. And on behalf of them krystina im sorry about

  69. homework help

    I noticed that the people who asked for questions that need help with spanish have not been answered..when people who have asked questions after them have already..this concerns me that the people on this website help with the subjects they know and don't

  70. A cheater's questions

    What was the original purpose of this website? Who founded it? I ask these questions because people like @Ms. Sue, @oobleck, @Writeacher, and @Sliverstream are triggered about people using this website to get direct (sometimes even indirect) answers; when

  71. Chemistry

    I don't know why these aren't posting? Can someone please explain this to me? The maximum number of electrons that can occupy ONE f orbital is: A. 14 B. 6 C. 2 D. 18 E. 10 Wrong Points Earned: 0/2 Your Response: A

  72. Thank you

    This isn't a question on homework help, so just skip this if I'm wasting your time. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the free tutors (and possibly the paid ones, I don't know if there are any paid tutors of this site) for spending time out of your

  73. Thanks to Writeacher Ms. Sue and others!

    I just wanna say thank you for Helping us a lot even though MANY people cheat` And if anyone agrees with me please say one grateful thing to each helper that helped you. I am VERY grateful to you and i'm sure i know Emma Helper is too. I have gone through

  74. HELP

    What/how do you study???? I have been struggling, and even flashcards aren't helping. My final exams are next week!!!!!

  75. To: Kathy -- finance

    I removed your two posts containing a lengthy assignment that appears to be a semester project. If you're posting to be sure it's included in Jiskha archives, you're misusing this forum. If you honestly want some help, please post a small part of it and

  76. soil!

    In what ways is soil pH and light the two critical factors for plant growth in the Boreal Forest? Please only post your question once. Double posting sidetracks tutors and wastes time that could be better spent on other posts. See my response to your other

  77. Social Studies

    Please review the question and check my answer. Thank you tutors. Q: What was the Reciprocity Treaty? My answer: The Reciprocity Treaty allowed Hawaii sugar into the United States duty-free and set of rapid growth in the Island's sugar industry. I also got

  78. Jiska Homework Help: Live Tutors

    On the top right of the page, it has a link that says "Chat With Live Tutors", are the tutors who work on this site or other places?

  79. Thank You!

    Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much to all the tutors here. They always help, and are very patient and nice. Thank you so much, Reiny, Ms. Sue, Writeacher, bobpursley, oobleck, and all the other tutors I didn't name.

  80. Biology - Heart Rate/Blood Pressure

    Hi, can someone help me with these questions? Why is it that athletes have to exercise harder/longer to get max heart rate than people that aren't physically fit? Why does smoking cause rise in blood pressure? (Does it have to do with less oxygen getting

  81. Calculus

    Hello, Tutors! I am struggling on how to do problems related to finding the volume using integrals. Could you please help me? Any easy-to understand resources? Thank You for all your help. I am thankful for you tutors!!!!!!!

  82. Three Cups of Tea

    Has any tutors here read the book Three Cups of tea? By: Greg Mortenson? I need to ask some questions about it.

  83. any tutor

    Are there any tutors on right now or people who are good with chemisty?

  84. Servery For my School

    Hi I am a young student who is doing a survey for a school project. I know this is a homework helping website, but I would like to extra credit by surveying many people. I would like to ask the following questions: What is your name / nickname? What is

  85. Math fraction plss check this

    The pet store has 8 people working there. Two eighths of the people are working in the grooming center. Three eighths of them are working at the cashier. The rest of them are helping customers in the store. How many staff members are helping customers?

  86. Kaylee - banned

    Kaylee is now banned for posting answers to invisible questions.

  87. R.E

    Please help, sorry if i keep re-posting but i have loads of R.E questions for my homework. What do Hindu's do with those who have died please? Thanks

  88. Survey ?

    Why should people be informed about teen suicide? ( I need like a stong reason It's a survey question that we have to ask different people. Thank you for helping me out)

  89. English

    Are your guides kind to you? l asked (questions tag) (A) are they? (B) aren't they?

  90. Live Help

    This may not be homework...but how do I go about using the live help for this site? At this point, live help is not available. Computer glitches, you know. So keep posting your questions on the message boards. Especially in the afternoons and evenings,

  91. just writing

    So, this isn't for school or anything- but I want to know if just by this first page if you would read this book. It's got facts about history and helping you plan for the future. Let me know what you think! Written on the Wall Life is rarely fair.

  92. Survery

    Hello everyone, I need help with my homework in school. I need to take ten people ten questions. But the problem is, I don't have ten people to ask. So I went towards Jiskha . Can I ask you these question, and can you answer them? Its not that hard, and it

  93. ela

    we are reading catching fire. we have a mini project to do. there are 17 questions and i couldn't find 4. so my questions are : 1. what is healing capacity of salt water? 2. why does salt water have those positive effects on us? 3. what is saline solution

  94. Common Sense

    Do people actually work for this website like, bobpursely, gurublue, PSY,Leo, and other? We teachers are all volunteers. We answer questions on this site because we enjoy helping students learn. And yes -- we are real human beings!

  95. Math

    Siko is a contestant on a TV game show called Win a Million. Each time she answers a multiple-choice question correctly, she wins money. If she picks a wrong answer, she is eliminated. If Siko does not know the right answer, she can use one of the

  96. Math

    Is the squareroot of 75 8.6? I also was curious if all the tutors that answer questions get paid? Or is this voluntary?

  97. geography

    hi guys , anyone having trouble finding info about broughton airbus. i know people have asked before but i can`t find the answers to my questions. the question i`m finding hard is what alterations have been made to the factory? thanks for helping me . ive

  98. Jiskha

    How do people become tutors on this site? do you have to be real teachers?

  99. Seasons Greetings from Dr Russ

    Seasons Greetings to all the questionners and fellow tutors answering questions. Best wishes for your studies in 2010. Dr Russ

  100. English

    Before I start posting my questions, I want to ask has anyone read "The Lightning Thief"?


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