I have done this problem alot and still don get it can some one help me?? Thank you Solve 3/x-9 + 6/(x-9)^2

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  1. Physics

    What is the value of each of the angles of a triangle whose sides are 95, 150, 190 cm in length? I have tried to do this problem, don't get me wrong, but I don't really know where to go. Can someone tell me how to even approach this problem? The textbook

  2. indiana Connections acadamy

    i know that this isnt really a homework question but i do know alot of people from connexus are on here. If i want to unenroll from Indiana conenctions acadamy, can i unenroll in the next 9 weeks or do i have to wait until next semester. My parents wont


    CALCULATE THE pH AND HYDROLYSIS IN 0.10 M AlCl3 SOLUTION.Ka = 1.2 X 10-5 FOR [Al(OH2)6]+3,OFTEN ABBREVIATED Al+3.TELL WHETHER pH IS ACID OR BASE.GIVE IONIC EQUATION. Help us a little by telling us how much you know to do and exactly what you don't

  4. math

    A large bag of sugar weighs 7 1/2 pounds. How much does 1 1/4 bags of sugar weigh? I really need help with this question. the first problem is that I don't know what operation to use and second I don't understand the main problem of this question.

  5. math,help,factoring

    i need help i don't know how to do the next step. factor by grouping x^3-3x^2+4x-12 so what i have so far is this =(x^3-3x^2)+(4x-12) =x(x^2-3x)+4(x-3) from here i don't know... and then this one is driving me insane this next one... Rewrite the middle

  6. Algebra

    Create a multiplication problem which answer is 8 x 10^13. Must be in scientific notation. I don't get how to do this problem can you help me figure it out?

  7. physics

    Four point charges are located at the corners of a square with sides of length a. Two of the charges are +q, and two are -q. Find the magnitude and direction of the net electric force exerted on a charge +Q, located at the center of the square, for each of

  8. math,help

    can someone help me with this i am lost now i've been doing math for the past 8 hrs. Problem # 1 solve: 4(x-10)-3x=x-40 Problem # 2 solve for t: a = p + prt Problem#3 translate to an algebraic equation 7 less than the quotient of a number and 3 is twice

  9. Math

    Tell me how to figure out these probabilities In how many different orders can 9 people stand in line? In how many ways can 4 people be seated in a row of 12 chairs? Thank you For the first problem, we have nine people and want to arrange them in a line.

  10. Quadratic Equations

    The question is Is the point (-3, -2) a solution of the intersection of the following set of quadratic equations: Y < -X^2 X^2 + Y^2 < 16 I guess I am somewhat confused by the way it's written. Would I be graphing this to find out? I'm so confused with

  11. Math

    I'm having alot of problems with the problem. I don't want the answer but I need to know how to figure it out to get the answer. To put it in another way I don't know where to start. A farmer takes to market in her cart, but she hit a pothole, which knock

  12. Geometry

    I am doing volume and surface areas of 3D figures, and am running into the problem of having to give the exact answers as well as approximate answers. The approximate answers I don't have a problem with but the exact answers are requiring me to get the

  13. senior courses

    So far in high school i have taken geometry, algebra 2, and trigonometry. one of my friends is taking calculus and she says its way too difficult. and since i have alot of trouble in algebra and trig myself i don't think calculus would be the right choice

  14. Math subject Calculus

    Hi there I am having some difficulties to solve this problem from my homework package and i don't understand how to approach this problem. Please help me by giving me advice on how to approach this problem. Let z = xsin(x/y), y does not equal zero. Show

  15. 7th grade

    Hi im a 7th grader and there is alot of book reports and homework in the 7th grade i really don't have time to do all that because im in extra cericular activities and i need to be passing all of my classes to be in my activities can somebody please help

  16. Mathematics

    I need to solve this problem in two diferent ways showing work. I have one way but I don't know what the other way could be the problem is 3 3/4 +5 1/3

  17. math problems

    thanks alot for giving me those sites but i already know this stuff. They don't teach how to read an aritmetic problem so its confusing to me what to do with them, when sometimes its so obvious i just need someone to actually explain it to me in a diffent

  18. Algebra

    I have done this problem alot and still don get it can some one help me?? Thank you Solve 3/x-9 + 6/(x-9)^2

  19. Integrated science

    An insect inside a bus flies from the back toward the front of the bus at 3m/h. The bus is moving in a stright line at 40m/h. What is the speed of the insect? Show you work. I was woundering if someone could help me find the math for this problem? But I

  20. integral Calculus

    Please help me with this integral problem: ʃ x^2(a^2-x^4)^2dx please help..thanks alot:)

  21. French for Anonymous to Sra

    Thank alot for everything i received your email all lined up!! You have been of so so so much help thanks alot again :) ;) thankouvery much!)!D xD

  22. geometry

    i don't know how to solve for x when there are alot of missing numberz

  23. Geometry.

    HELP WITH ALOT OF QUESTIONS? TRIG? I don't get any concepts.

  24. science

    who invented or discoverd the first microscope? http://www.cas.muohio.edu/~mbi-ws/microscopes/fathers.html robert hooke I think i just need help for my science project fair and i don't know haow too do it cause im new and i don't speak alot of

  25. Math (Reimy)

    Yes i get it now thanks ALOT and no i don't play pool so i had no clue what the order would be.

  26. Literature

    This is one of my pre-writing exercise: Have you ever noticed that some reviewers list the criteria they use to evaluate something right in their review? When you write your essay, you'll need to be clear what criteria you used to evaluatate the work. In

  27. algebra

    i have tried alot of different ways of doing this problem but i cant find the right answer. QUESTION:2and2/3 plus 2/3 plus 1and1/3

  28. world history

    So do you think that Caesar was a tyrant, if so why? I personally don't because he tried to alot of good I think but I want someone else's opinion

  29. algebra

    sorry...I have alot of homework and these are afew questions i don't understand. please see last post thank you

  30. Calculus

    Give a Right-hand sum approximation of integral 1 to 4 of x^2 with n=4? I have done this problem alot and my teacher says the answer is 30 but I cant get it. HELP

  31. english

    Which of the following is CORRECT? A. It's a lot of work. B. Don't aggravate me. C. I like movies alot. D. She is smarter then he is.

  32. Calculus

    I don't understand how to get q for this problem? The next steps for the problem, you just need to plug q in, but I'm not sure what to do? Do you set revenues equal to expenses? Problem: Revenue is given by R(q) = 750q and cost is given by C(q) = 6000 +

  33. science

    A block with mass 35kg rests on an incline 13 degrees to the horizontal calculate the : (a) perpendicular weight component (Fc) on the inclined plane; (b) parrallel weight component (Fs) on the inclined plane.. This is the question exactly out of the book

  34. chemistry grade 10

    i don't really get the idea of what a poly atimic ions is. i couldn't understand the meaning from my textbook. can u plz explain it to me. thanks alot!!!

  35. Management Accounting

    well i try to solve this problem but it look so complicated I need to cash buget what's the problem? check the problem i don't get it check the problem i don't get it

  36. to ms.sue

    i know it's late and well I don't know what sentence I could use using the word twined.And how come you aren't trick-or treating.I'm not because I have alot of homework.My sister and my momwent just 13 minutes ago.

  37. Math

    I need help correcting my math homework. I have been out sick and was told that I have to have it done by monday and I missed alot. I don't know how to do this. It's surface areas and volume and solids and triangle and prisms.

  38. Grade 10 Math

    I've missed quite alot of school because I was sick and when I get back I have a test right away. The only problem is I have a worksheet and no answers, I really would appreciate help! I can't tell if I'm in the right direction or not for this test! Thank

  39. Calculus

    Show that y= x + sinx-pi satisfies the initial value problem dy/dx=1 + cos x, y(pi)= 0 i don't understand how to do this problem. i don't know where to begin.

  40. please help

    oook that site didn't help much I don't need to know how to suck up to my teacher. I need to know how to set up a ratio, can someone help me?? The format for ratios is # : # :: # : # Example 1: 2 :: 2 : ? 1 is one half of 2... so 2 would be one half of ?

  41. thanks


  42. US History: FDR

    I don't understand what the problem was with international relations during the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt was president. something about exchange-rate stabilization. That FDR refused to take part in. Mainly, I don't know what the problem was

  43. History

    I don't understand what the problem was with international relations during the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt was president. something about exchange-rate stabilization. That FDR refused to take part in. Mainly, I don't know what the problem was

  44. english

    I have a general problem with not being able to determine when it is appropriate to use semicolons. I usually use appostrophes and it is incorrect, of course. Is there a way to recognize the place where a semicolon should go? The examples I have seen are

  45. U.S.History

    i'm stuck on this question In battles in the East, McClellan was best known for his a. caution b. wise strategies c. bold attacks d. use of technology my book says: he was an outstanding organizer and an excellent strategist. it also says: his great

  46. trig

    I'm trying to see if the teacher didn't give us the right problem or if I'm just not getting it. The problem is "re-write the expression without a fraction: 4/(1-sin x)". I can do it if the problem is sin squared x but I don't know how to solve the problem

  47. Language book

    Hi i need help with this book called as for me and my house could you help me with this question When mrs. Bentley decides to plant a garden, the main problem is that according to propriety the mistress of the parsonage should not ___________ a.sow b.weed

  48. urgent!!!words questions

    I have alot of questions here but you don't have to answer them all but please help me!They are due on 24/6/05. The male of mare? The citizens of Paris,Netherlands,New Zealand or Malta? The collection name for cattle,wolves,lions,elephants or whales? What

  49. math: percent and fractions

    Can you give me two examples of two realistic percent problems in which the percents are actually nice fractions and the numbers involved are compatible with the fractions. One problem should as for the part, given the whole and the percent. And the other

  50. algebra 2

    i need help with my algebra 2 homework, the section is called using matrices to represent data. here is one of the problems: -1/2A+(B-A) A=[7 3 -1 5] [-2 8 0 -4] and B= [6 0 11 -3] [-5 2 -8 9] i don't know how to do this problem and the book doesn't have a


    i'd like to thank all the homework helpers on this site for helping everyone, and I'd like to say thanks to this site for not having us to have a login id to post a question, because I don't have an email. Thank alot, this site is really useful.

  52. algebra

    i have a homework problem that i don't know how to do it the question to the problem says: Find the value of expression.identify the property used in each step and the problem is:7(10-1x3)

  53. Math

    I am very sorry but I was wrong with the problem. The math problem is: 9 / (3.6-2.1) Thank you Anonymus for your answer but I want the problem that I wrote above. If you help me again pleaseeeeeeeee. I don't know how to resolve this. Thanks again.

  54. algebra

    x^3 - x^2 __________ x^4 reduce to lowest terms??? Hint: factor the numerator, then reduce. Post your work and tell us exactly what you don't understand if you require further assistance. We are a homework help board. The emphasis is on HELP. We don't do

  55. Molecular Formula

    How do you work out the molecular formula? Generally you convert grams to mols, then find the ratio of the atoms to reach other. But this is all generality. Why don't you post the entire problem, tell us what you know how to do and what you don't

  56. english

    I have this homework for english. I have to write an essay about the relationship between christopher and his father from "the curious incedent of the dog in the night time". As an IB student, i don't have alot of time on my hands so it would be really

  57. Math

    Hey! So, I've been working on this problem for awhile but I'm currently a bit dumbfounded on how to solve it. I think this question has been answered before but I still don't quite understand how it works or how to explain it. The problem is as follows:

  58. Physics

    The 56 kg man in the roller coaster car is sitting on a bathroom scale. If he is traveling at 40.9 m/s at the point shown and the radius of the vertical coaster track is 87 meters, to the nearest newton what does the scale read? What is the answer to the

  59. Physics

    I have a hw problem that I know involves calculus, but I'm stumped. The number density of photons left over from the Big Bang has an energy dependence of the form n(E)=(E^2)/e^(E/T)−1, where E is the energy of the photon and T is the temperature of this

  60. Math

    Match the expressions with thier equivalent equations in the columns. List A: List B: 6x+12 6(1+x) 6+6x 6x-6 6(x-1) 6(x+2) Fill in the blank: The expression 6x+12 is equivalent to the expression __________ The expression 6+6x is equivalent to the

  61. Maths

    In our math class, we didn't really go through alot on The circle so I still have some problem about the question assigned to me : Two circle C1 and C2 have equations x^2 + y^2 +4x - 3 = 0 and 2x^2 + 2y^2 +4x -6y + 3 =0 respectively. Show that, for all

  62. calculus

    actually an ODE question(but there's no diff. eq. subforum) (y^2)(dy/dx)+y^3/x =2/x^2 using substitution u(x)=y^3 so I've been doing a few of these and getting them all wrong and this problem... I don't know where to start. I tried

  63. Science/ Social Studies

    I need help with those two subjects. Please tell us specifically what you need help with, and we'll try to help. If you have a question, please post it along with what you think the answer may be. I need alot of help in those subjects because I got an N in

  64. Modern History- Oral Assignment

    Hi I'm doing an assignment on the Cold War. Specifically the role the Warsaw Pact and Nato played in increasing tensions. My problem is that it is a multimodal, so I need to present a speech and back it up visually. I don't want to do a powerpoint or

  65. Physics- Projectile motion

    Hi guys, Im not one to ask for help but i missed ALOT of school because I got sick and I was wondering if anyone could solve three problems for me and help me out! Thanks in advance ! Problem 1- A plane is dropping a supply of coconuts to survivors of the

  66. Math

    I don't get the first problem of my homework. We learned three lessons today, the increase, decrease, and finding the base number. But i don't know which one I should use. Please help with this problem: There are 12 girls in Mr. Cooper's class. The girls

  67. math

    The area of a square garden is represented by the quadratic expression 9x2 - 12x + 4. The length of one side of the square garden is 91 inches. What is the value of x ? Hint: Since the garden is in the shape of a square, the expression 9x2 - 12x + 4 is the

  68. Chem (but i think its physics)

    Ok so this problem appeared in my online chem homework, but it looks alot more like a physics problem. I have no idea how to do it A 203 lb man eats an order of French Fries consuming 250 Cal of food energy. Afterwards he feels guilty and decides to work

  69. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    Is this problem correct?I'm trying to solve the equation. 8xt7=4x-5 x=2 I don't understand what you mean by 8xt7. Do you mean 8x+7? Is this problem correct? 8x+7=4x-5 x=2 nope the answer id -3....if u plug in 2 it would be 23=3...they don't equal to each

  70. Physics

    Well, I just found out that I failed my physics midterm. I got a 51. Yes I studied but I still don't get the forces and inclined planes. And my parents are going to kill me if they find out. The midterm brought down my grade to a 79!! Any advice? P.S I

  71. history

    what impact did the Iron Age have on history. (there was no information about the iron age in our text book and alot of the websites i have looked at don't give me the information i need...PLEASE HELP!!)

  72. math

    I still don't get it. I asked someone and they said that the answer was 111. ok, i got it but i still don't understand how to do it since i still have many more problems. could someone please thorougly explain to me in steps how to do a problem like: 12

  73. simplifying radicals

    helo! i know how to simplify radicals but.. I don't get this one. behind of the radical (square root sign) there is a big gap before the number. Many people are saying it's a typo, but.. i don't know. there are a couple like that. example problem: square

  74. economics

    i need help in econimics identify 2 product categories that are easy to sell on the internet. then identify 2 others that are not books and toys, or games sell alot on the internet and 2 that don't are electronics and automotives i have no answers

  75. Physics

    i know this is alot to ask for but these 10 i can nott get out of the 30 A man pulls a 10-kg box across a smooth floor with a force of 71 newtons at an angle of 23 degrees and for a distance of 97 meters. How much work, to the nearest joule, does he do?

  76. calculus

    how do i use a taylor series centered at some x value to approximate the value of the function centered at a different x value? for example, if im given some taylor series centered at 5 of f(x) but i want to find f(3), how do i do this? (btw that example

  77. science

    I don't understand how to do this problem because i don't see a precipitate. If you could show your work on the problem that would be great so i can follow along! Identify the spectator ion(s) in the reaction Zn(OH)2+ H2SO4→ZnSO4+ 2H2O in aqueous

  78. science

    I don't understand how to do this problem because i don't see a precipitate. If you could show your work on the problem that would be great so i can follow along! Identify the spectator ion(s) in the reaction Zn(OH)2+ H2SO4→ZnSO4+ 2H2O in aqueous

  79. Eng Ms. Sue

    I'm typing the final draft of my essay. I finished but I'm having major difficulty figuring out of how to cite my quote properly on my work cited page. I have been to alot of websites that shows examples but I'm so confused. Can you please help me. That's

  80. Language Arts

    Thomas: Come on, Patrick you'll have fun. You'll learn alot, and you'll be helping a family have a home that they otherwise couldn't afford. Patrick: I don't know, Thomas. I've never built anything before, much less a house. Thomas: You don't have to build

  81. Physics

    Please help!!! Physics test!? I have a physics test tomorrow on projectile motion, and I don't feel ready for it. I'm having trouble in the class and I need to ace this test. The problem is I get confused when I get a problem. I don't know how to proceed.

  82. pre calc

    the hour hand of a clock is 5 inches long and the minute hand is 6 inches long. Determine the distance between the tips of the hand at 11:40 p.m. please help i don't understand how to do this. if you work it out this will help alot

  83. Algebra 2

    The absolute value of 4-x>14. Is this a disjunction or a conjuction?I know I already asked this question but I don't kow how to tell if this is an and problem or if it is an or problem.

  84. spanish

    what does yo soy tuja and dame un beso and yo te amo mucho and no me quiero ir yo soy tuja means i'm yours (girl verison) dame me un beso means give me a kiss yo te amo mucho means i love you alot no me quiero ir means i don't want to leave Thank you for

  85. Science

    Respected teachers, I have got assignment that i have to write about 7 scientists i am in class 6 and we have to write 1 page for 1 scientist we have to write about their life style and what they invented and how they were great and i know names of some

  86. Algebra/Quadratic equations

    I have to make a word problem/story out of this quadratic equation -t^2+3t+18=0 The plot of the story I want to write about has to deal with world hunger, and food being dropped in to remote locations by helicopter. Can someone please help me come up with

  87. algebra

    I forgot to ask my teacher how to do this problem because I got it wrong..so i need someone to help me do this problem. I don't understand it! 3(2+3x)=22-5x

  88. math,algebra

    Can someone help me with this problem I don't understand what to really do or even how to graph them I show what i have so far. Directions: Solve each of the following systems of linear inequalities graphically. Problem:

  89. Math 3

    graphing log functions for y=log12^x I don't have a calculator for this and I would like to know how to work this problem on paper so I can graph it to my chart. Can someone please help me with this problem?

  90. algebra

    Can someone show me how to use the quadratic formula to solve this problem.This is for extra credit.I don't uderstand how to do this, so can someone point out the steps so I can be able to do the other five problem like this one. Thanks again for your

  91. Math

    No, I'm sure the problem is written like this: [(3a^3-27a)/(2a^2+13a-7)]/[9a^2/4a^2-1)] And to divide you multiply by the reciprocal. So i still don't get the problem I also know to factor, but I'm stil confused.

  92. chemistry

    How do these things shift the direction of a chemical reaction?: -adding/removing reactants -adding/removing products -adding/removing energy Thanks! It depends upon the equation and whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic. Post the entire

  93. science

    Can you help me with this problem? 1.2 (1+ 23.0 x 10-6/°C*50) Thank You. i don't know, this is just a guess, but would you use distributive property? if so it would be: 1.2+27.6*12-7.2/°C*60 wouldnt it? I don't know. i'm really not good at stuff like

  94. English

    Talk with your partner about what you don't have to do during the vacation. What don't you have to do on vacation? 1. I don't have to go to school. 2. I don't have to take the bus. 3. I don't have to take bus number 5 to go to school. 4. I don't have to

  95. Math

    I really need help with a quadratic question. So the problem is kx^2+[k+2]x-3=0 has roots which are real and positive. Find the possible values that k may have. The answer is -8+ √60

  96. Algebra

    Slove each system by substitution. 4x = y - 1 6x - 2y = -3 I have already attempted this problem and couldn't figure out what I should do. I came out with 4x + 1 = 3x + 1.5 I think this looks right because our teacher told us that for this specific problem

  97. SAT Math

    I don't remember what problem I struggled to understand... But it was something like this... There are 3000 numbers so how many of them are odd.. Something like that.. Please give me a problem like that and please teach me!!!! I hope you know what I am

  98. math

    i don't get how to do this problem mrs. sue please help how would you convert the repating nonterminating decimal to a fraction? explain the process as you solve the problem/0.1515... remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem how

  99. math

    I am confused need help a computer store sold a total of 300 items last month. the store sold six times as many hard drives as they did CD-RoM drives, and half as many floppy drives as hard drives. Based on this information,, how many of each item were

  100. Math: is it? is it not?

    Is this math problem hard? - There are 12 brothers living in a mansion. Six brothers are sitting in a rectangular kind of table. Six other brothers stood around them. They all have ten huge backpacks. Each backpack has 8 large monkeys. For every large


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