1. Math

    express 53 as the sum of 4 or less perfect squares please help me solve, thanks!
  2. Algebra

    Is it possible to factor a sum of two squares by using real numbers?
  3. math

    The sum of my two digits is 13. I am not divisible by 2. List all possible numbers I could be.
  4. maths

    Find all possible pairs of two natural numbers whose sum is 77 and their g.c.d. is 7
  5. math

    Find two consecutive odd integers whose sum is 56.
  6. Algebra 2

    the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. if A:B:C = 2:3:3, what is C-A?
  7. maths

    Find the sum and product of the roots of the following equation. x^2 - 4x + 1 = 0
  8. maths

    find the sum of 2 , 3 and 1 - - - 5 4 10 give me the total answer
  9. Math

    How you solve this in inequality form? Six less than or equal to the sum of 4 and -2x.
  10. math

    at what rate of interest a certain sum will be doubled in 8 year?
  11. MATHS

    The sum of three consecutive multiples of 3 is 36. The smallest of the three will be.....? answer is 9
  12. Math

    Write three arithmetic sequences with 30 as the sum of the first five terms

  14. maths

    find 2 numbers whose sum is 64 and product is 960
  15. 8th grade math

    If the sum of 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + ... + 49! + 50! is divided by 15, what is the remainder?
  16. Math

    use rounding or compatible numbers to estimate the sum 5 x 2 3/5
  17. Math

    What is the sum of all prime numbers less than 500 with only 3s and 4s as digits
  18. math

    find the sum or difference. 1. 5/6 + 4/9 1. 1/2 2. 9/18 3. 1 5/18 4. 1 1/2 I think it is B 2. 15 5/12 - 11 1/8 1. 4 7/24 2. 4 7/12 3. -4 1/3 4. -4 7/24 I think it is A 3. 5/8 - 3/10 1. 13/40 2. 1/20 3. 1/4 4. 1/5 I think it is C 4. 15/16 - 3/4 1. 1 2. 3/4
  19. math

    without adding, how do you know that the sum of 36.179 and 8.63 will have a 9 in the thousandths place?
  20. math - analytic geometry

    the sum of the distances of p(x,y) from (0 -3) and (0 3) is equal to 10.
  21. 7th grade math

    identify a value of x for which sum of 3+x is positive
  22. math

    The sum of three consecutive multiples of 7 is zero.find the integers
  23. Maths,

    A certain is to be shared among three brothers ,one of them gets 2/5 of it,another gets 1/4 of it and the third one gets #2.10k. How much is the sum of money?
  24. Algebra

    Find two consecutive numbers whose sum is 529.
  25. algebra

    serenity is 13 years old than chase. the sum of their ages is 27. how old are they?
  26. math

    Find three consecutive odd integers whose sum is -33.
  27. math

    find 3 consecutive integers such that the sum of the twice the first and the third is 748.
  28. maths

    I am equivalent to 1/2 the sum of my numerator and denominator is 15. What fraction am I?
  29. Math

    If (3-x)+(6)+(7+5x) is a G.P.Find two possible values for x,common ratio,sum of the g.p.
  30. algebra - theory of numbers

    Sum of divisors ofN
  31. maths

    If two dice are toced what is the probility of having a sum of 5 as the outcome(a)1/9(b)1/6(c)1/8
  32. Algebra 2

    Find the sum of the infinite series 1/3+1/9+1/27+... if it exists
  33. Math

    The sum of two integers is -129. If one of them is 150,find the other
  34. math

    serenity is 13 years old than chase. the sum of their ages is 27. how old are they?
  35. Algebra

    Find three consecutive numbers whose sum is 930.
  36. Algebra

    Find two consecutive even numbers whose sum is 1306.
  37. math

    Without adding, how do you know the sum of 36.179 and 8.63 will have a 9 in the thousandths place?
  38. algebra

    The sum of three consecutive integers is -96. What is the largest integer?
  39. algebra

    The sum of three consecutive integers is . What is the largest integer?
  40. algebra 2

    how is 7-3i + 7+3i = 14/1 we're doing sum and product of roots, and i don't get how this is equal to 14
  41. maths..g.p

    Find the sum of all numbers between 5 and 130 which are divisible by four
  42. Math

    Use induction to prove the sum of the first n odd numbers, or 1 + 2 + 3 +....+ (2n 1) = n^2
  43. calculus

    Find the sum of the series: 10 + 14 + 18 + 22 +...+138 and 6-12+24-48+96-...+1536
  44. math

    What would the expression be if the problem was "the sum of four consecutive numbers." ?
  45. Math

    Write an algebraic expression for: the quotient of 0.5 and the sum of q and 2
  46. math

    Find the sum of the arithmetic progression 4 + 9 + 14 + 19 + …….94 + 99 + 104
  47. math

    express the sum of difference in simplest form 1-1/6-11/18=
  48. Algebra 1

    Find all sets of four consecutive even whole numbers whose sum is less than 35
  49. Math

    Find three consecutive even integers whose sum is 252

    1.Determine the sum of infinity of the series 4,2,1
  51. arithmetic

    The sum to t of an Arithmatic Sequence is 1/2 t(5t-1).Determine the k term
  52. math

    Describe two ways you could evaluate 37% of the sum of 27 3/5 and 15.9. Tell which method you would use and why? THANK YOU!
  53. Math

    Describe and correct the error in finding the sum. 3/10 + (- 1/10) = 3+1/10 = 4/10 = 2/5
  54. math

    find the sum or difference. 5/6 + 4/9 1. 1/2 2. 9/18 3. 1 5/18 4. 1 1/2 I think it is D can someone please check my work
  55. math

    There are 4 positive numbers whose sum is 60. Their maximum product will be :
  56. Sixth grade math

    The sum is 1.7 and the product is 6.3. What are the numbers?
  57. MATH

  58. math

    show that the sum of four consecutive whole numbers is divisible by 2
  59. Physics

    Find the magnitude of the sum of two forces, one 24 N and the other 9 N, when the angle between them is 60.0o.
  60. Math

    What are the largest three consecutive even numbers that sum to less than 1000
  61. maths

    find all possible pairs of two natural no whose sum is 77 and their gcd is 7
  62. math (this correct)

    translate to an algebraic expression? the sum of x and b Is it = x+b?
  63. math

    find the sum of 3/6+4/10+3/30 and reduce to lowest term
  64. Calculus

    Find the Riemann sum for f(x) = sin x over the interval [0, 2π], where x0 = 0, x1 = π/4, x2 = π/3, x3 = π, and x4 = 2π, and where c1 = π/6, c2 = π/3, c3 = 2π/3, and c4 = 3π/2.
  65. 2nd grade

    It is greater than 30 and less than 40.If you add the digits,the sum is 10
  66. Math

    The sum of two decimals is 100. Their difference is 18.50. What are the numbers?
  67. basic math

    for a sum of 10.1955 do I round up or leave it as is
  68. Math

    1. Find the sum of the sequence: 32, -16, 8, -4, 2, .... My answer is 64/3. Am I correct?
  69. Trig

    What is the sum of the arithmetic series where n=100 , t1=7 and t2=205
  70. Chemistry

    The principal quantum number, n, describes the energy level of a particular orbital as a function of the distance from the center of the nucleus. Additional quantum numbers exist to quantify the other characteristics of the electron. The angular momentum
  71. English

    I think it's a, but document formatting messes me up a little :) Any help would be great, and much appericated When citing a source within the body of your essay, what must be included after the quotation marks at the end of the sentence (when the
  72. programming

    write a java application to calculate the exponent value of a number using the following specification <Prompt the user to enter an integer value <Pass the integer value to the method squares the number and to a method cubes the number.The result
  73. Econ Help

    Trying to study for test, don't understand. (3) Suppose that the slope of a curve showing the relationship between the number of burglaries per month (on the vertical axis) and the number of police officers (on the horizontal axis) is –0.60. a. Compute
  74. math

    how would you approach this problem..the difference between two numbers is 2184..the larger number is 3 times the smaller number
  75. math

    a frog sat on a number line, it was on the number 18. it made two equal hops and anded at 0. where did it land first?
  76. math

    If you place the ... comparing 1272 and 1269. Do you need to cmpare the ones digits? Which number would be the farther to the right on the number line and why?
  77. mathmetic

    if 4th power of pojetive real number 3.215 find the number,also veriphy your answer.
  78. 5th grade math

    If you roll two number cubes numbered 1-6, what is the probability of rolling the same number on each cube?
  79. Math 6 grade

    If you need to find the percent of a number, explain how you can predict whether the part will be less than, greater than, or equal to the number. HELP PLEASE
  80. Math

    Why is raising a number to the power of 1/2 the same as finding the square root of the number? Can someone please help. Please provide examples. I would appreciate it if you guys can help as soon as possible.
  81. math

    translate to an algebra statement. seven times the difference of six and twice a number yields the same result as the same number decreased by one
  82. grade 7 math factors

    you can decide if 10 is a factor of a whole number without dividing the entire number by 10 true / false
  83. math

    Mr. Steve, thank you very much to answer my question on Sunday, 23 August at 1:44 pm. But please, show me how to get : Number 1 : 1. D = -1 Dx = -2 Dy = -3 Number 2 : 2. D = -5 Dx = -14 Dy = -3 Because the steps to know that is important for me. Please...
  84. Probability(math)

    How many computer passwords can be created with three digits followed by three letters if the first number cannot be 0 or no number or letter can be repeated?
  85. Applied Math

    How would I set this up to work? When a number is divided by 5 and the quotient is increased by 8, the result is 16. Find the number.
  86. ALGEBRA 1 help

    If three times a number is decreased by 5, the result is 7. Find the number. IS THIS RIGHT ? 3x -5 = 7 +5 +5 __________ 3x = 12 ___ ____ 3 3 x=4 IS THIS CORRECT
  87. math

    . I am thinking of a whole number. If I divide it by 13, then multiply the answer by 12, then subtract 20, and then add 89, I end up with 93. What was my original number?
  88. geometry

    What equation will express the relationship between the number of side, s, and the number of lines of symmetry, l, in a regular polygon
  89. Math

    By picking a natural number randomly up to 100 find the probability of the number being a perfect cube
  90. chemistry

    State everything you know about the following atoms. Do NOT assume that they are balanced or neutral. Atomic number = 98 Mass number = 101
  91. backwards math

    Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6.
  92. coordinate algebra

    Which equation describes the proportion: The number of chickens (c) is four times as many the number of horses (h) on the farm.?
  93. math

    in the experiment of rolling a pair of dice, compute the probability of an even number or a number greater than 3 facing up
  94. math

    the ratio of the number of people at dinner to the number invited was 106:100. Express this as a percent
  95. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    A number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find P (number is greater than or equal to 3). a.) 4/6 b.) 1/6 c.) 2/6********** d.) 5/6
  96. Math

    Write an algebraic expression. Let n= the number. The cube of a number and 5. ( hint: cubed means the exponent 3)
  97. bio

    What is the difference between an atom and an element? What are atoms composed of? What is the significance of atomic number and mass number.
  98. math

    If you have ten numbers and the alphabet on a key board what is the probibilty that a number will be picked first a letter second and a number third
  99. Maths

    A certain number is halved, then increased by 3. The result lies between 5 and 7. Between which two values does the number lie? Write an inequeality for this?
  100. algebra

    Translate to an algebraic expression. The product of 44% and some number. Use y to respresent some number. Type the percentage as a decimal.