1. Math

    What are the positive integers between 1 and 100 that are only divisible by three numbers: one, the number itself and a prime number?
  2. Math

    Use division of find the factors of each number. Then write if the number is prime composite. 1) 5. 2) 20. 3) 26. 4) 31.
  3. Help w/ Math PLS

    If a, b, and c are three integers in geometric progression, prove that the number a^2+b^2+c^2 is exactly divisible by the number a+b+c.
  4. Math

    half of some number times 5 divided by another number. I have to put this into an expression. 1/2 * a * 5 / b or .5 * a * 5 / b Is this correct?
  5. maths

    the hcf of two numbers is 145 ,their lcm is 175.if one number is 725,the other number is
  6. Math

    Find a number whose square root is 24 more than 5 times the number. How do I set up this problem? Thank you for any help!
  7. Algebra

    Divide 60 into 2 parts, such that twice the smaller number exceeds half of the greater number by 10
  8. math concepts and applications

    What number completes this number sentence? 3x(5+8)= (3x5)+(__x8) F.3 G.5 H.15 J.24 F ?
  9. math problem solving

    Eduardo thinks of a number between 1 and 20 that has exactly 5 factors. What number is he thinking of?
  10. math

    What is the expression,with only one varrible to this problem. Thirty-six than the number of days in a given number of weeks
  11. Math Proof

    Find a rational number and an irrational number between x=8.9949926 and y=8.995
  12. Maths Problem

    I still don't get it..please help, The average of two numbers is 81. The difference between the number is 26. What is the smaller number?
  13. math

    Make a subtraction number pattern so that the second number is 40. Fill in the blanks for the all 6 numbers.
  14. math

    a number cube numbered 1 through 6 is rolled.what is the probabilty of rolling a prime number.
  15. math

    A number cube numbered 1 through 6 is rolled. What is the probalitlity of rolling a prime number?
  16. Chemistry

    What is the mass number for a neutral atom that has an atomic number of 33 and 35 neutrons? How do you get the answer
  17. 5th grade math

    What missing number makes the number sentence, 28.02=20+8=?, true?
  18. math

    A number is rounded to 5,349,000.What are the smallest and greatest possible values for this number?
  19. Algebra 2

    Two times a number subtracted from its square equals 143. Find the number(s).
  20. Maths Problem

    Please help me to solve this.... The average of two numbers is 81. The difference between the number is 26. What is the smaller number?
  21. pre algebra

    how do i figure out how to write a number setence for the product on the number line -10 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 2
  22. math

    what does repeated multipcation and what is a number when multipied by itself gives the number plz help i need answers for monday
  23. math

    a number is divided by 6.Then 7 is added to the divisor. after dividingby, thye result is 4. what is the number
  24. MAT 116

    Please HELP!! traslate six times a number subtract three the number then simplified the expression
  25. Math

    3. Which number line shows the approximate location of √56? (On number lines) 8 7.5 7 6.5
  26. science

    write the represtation of a nitrogen atom with mass number 14 and atomic number 7
  27. chemistry

    What is the relationship between mass number,atomic number and of neutron and Give examples
  28. Algebra

    −20 times a number minus 36 is equal to -45 less than a number unknown is x write equation.
  29. MATHS

    STORY PROBLEM A number divided by 15 gives 451 as quotient and 13 as remainder.What is the number?
  30. Math

    Dividing the square root of 63 by what number will give a rational number solution?
  31. Math

    if x-y=10 4 times the larger number - 30=3x the smaller number = 20. I am having trouble even starting this question.
  32. Math

    A data set consisting of 3 numbers has mean of 12. The median is also 12. The least number is 5. What is the greatest number.
  33. college algebra

    Translate to an algebraic expression; the product of 48% and some number; use y to represent some number.
  34. math

    How do I identify the number that' makes this number sentence true 4000_ hundreds
  35. math

    To what number does 153 rounded to the nearest hundred? Use the number line to explain why.
  36. math 116

    Translate. Let x represent the unknown number. Two more than four times a number is the same as six. The way I would solve this would be: 6=2+4x 6-2=2+4x-2 4=4x 4/4=4x/4 1=x is this right?
  37. math

    Write each improper farction as a mixed number or a whole number.1. 13/12 = 1 1/12. 2. 50/10 = 5 3. 23/10= 2 3/10 4. 17/15 = 1 2/15. is my answer correct..
  38. Math homework

    a number is a ( n) ___ if it can be written in the form a/b where a and b are intergers and b =/ 0 Wouldn't it be whole number?
  39. math-8th Grade

    I'm stumped. Would someone please guide me? The question is: 175% of a number is 50. What's the number? Thank you!
  40. calculus

    Evaluate the integral upper number is 8 lower number is 1 1/x^2 times sqrt of (1 + 1/x) dx
  41. geometry

    write the definition " a prime number is a whole number greater then 1 and has exactly two factors" as a biconditional. i really need help on this!!i!!
  42. Math

    I am thinking of a number. If I add a half, fourth, and a ninth of it together, I get a total of 62. What's my number?
  43. MATH HELP!!!!!!

    A number is rounded to 5,349,000.What are the smallest and greatest possible values for this number?
  44. Algebra

    One number is 10 less than twice a second number. Find a pair of such numbers so that their product is as small as possible. I came up with 15 and 5 and those are incorrect
  45. 5th Grade Math

    writing a prime number factorization of a number using exponents. does that mean 15= 5 x 3 60= 6 x 10 28= 4 x 7 49= 7 x 7 Yes,No or What?
  46. math

    a number is 160 when rounded off to the nearest ten.whta is the smallest possible value of the number?
  47. Math 8 - HELP! (PLZ!)

    7 times a number decreased by 4 is the same as 6 plus twice that number my answer - 7n - 4 = 6 + 2n am i correct and can you help me solving it, please!!! thank you! :)
  48. math

    What is the difference between the largest prime number less than 50 and the smallest composite number greater than 10?
  49. maths

    a certain number x is decreased by 15 is equal to twice the number increased by 3. what is the correct mathematical expression?
  50. math

    N and P are integers greater than 1 5N is the square of a number 75NP is the cube of a number smallest value for N+P IS what? thank you so much
  51. algebra

    Example 2: The difference of two numbers is 16. The first number is 4 less than twice the second number. Set up this system that describes the situation.
  52. math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number greater than 3? 1) 2/3 2) 1/3 3) 1/6 4) 1/2 I think 1/2 Thanks
  53. mAth

    A number was subtracted by 2.6 and that difference was then divided by 0.3 After which the quotient was multiplied by 3. This product was -48. What was the number?
  54. Math!!

    Hi!! 1. Use only four 4's to write a numerical expression that equals the following number. Use parenthesis as needed. EXAMPLE: (4+4)/(4+4)=1 **NUMBER: 10 Please help!! Thank you!!
  55. Math!!

    Hi!! 1. Use only four 4's to write a numerical expression that equals the following number. Use parenthesis as needed. EXAMPLE: 4+4 ----- =1 4+4 **NUMBER: 10 Please help!! Thank you!!
  56. Math

    The answer to the homework problem is greater than -5. Which rational number must be the number in the second circle?
  57. Math

    How do you write 680% s a fraction, mixed number, or whole number in simplest form? I need help please
  58. Math

    Translate into an equation use x to represent an unknown number two thirds of a number is negative 28
  59. math

    the difference between two numbers is 235. If the larger number is 876 what is the small number
  60. math

    translate and solve please. five times two less than a number equals seventeen. find the number
  61. Math

    You have equally likely chance of choosing any number from 1 to 10. What is the probability that you choose a number greater than 6?
  62. Math

    “ y and z are integers greater than 1 5y is the square of a number 75yz is the cube of a number. The smallest value for y + z is = ?”
  63. math

    suppose you add 8 to a number, then multiply by -4, and then subtract 5. IF the result is 10 what is the starting number?
  64. math

    suppose you add 8 to a number , then multiply by -4 and then subtract 5. If the result is 10 what is the starting number?
  65. Pre-Algebra - 7th Grade

    How do you add a negative number and a positive number. For example: -9 + 7 = ?
  66. math

    A coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled. What is P(heads, a number less than 5)? 1) 1/3 2) 5/12 3) 2/3 4) 5/6 I think #2...can you check?
  67. Maths

    The difference of two numbers is 5600.the smaller number is 34500.what is the bigger number
  68. Guru found Singh

    A product of two integers is -630.If one number is 42,find the other number.
  69. statistics

    Is this correct: The probability of rolling a die once and getting a number greater than 3 or an odd number is 5/6.
  70. Math

    What is the difference between the largest prime number less than 50 and the smallest composite number greater than 10? 35 36 37 38
  71. Math

    Find a number such that 32 is 60% of the number.(decimal answer rounded to nearest tenth)
  72. Mathematics

    6x + 7 = 55 x = 8 Is this the correct answer to the following question? "I'm thinking of a number. If you multiply it by 6 and then add 7, you will get 55. What is my number?"
  73. Math

    If you start with a number, subtract 14, then divide by 12, the result is 248. What was the original number?
  74. Algebra

    Only one number is spelled in the English language with its letters in alphabetical order. What is the number?
  75. math

    I am a decimal number and when you multiply me by the number that is 10 times greater than me you get the answer 291.6
  76. biology

    the combinded number of ? will determine the number of electrons in orbital around a neutral atom
  77. problem solving

    I think of a number, multiply by 4, subtract 6 and then divide by 5. If the answer is 10, what is the original number? (4x - 6) / 5 = 10
  78. maths

    What number should be repalced with * in order to make the number 48732*637984 divisible by 9
  79. math

    I am between 20 and 30. When you put me into 5 equal groups, there is an odd number in each group and one is left over. what number am I?
  80. Math

    what is the number 90.909090..... as a mixed number. Hint: What does 10/11 equal? That you so much it equals .90909090....
  81. Intermediate algebra

    Seven times the difference of six and a twice a number yields the same result as the same number decreased by one.
  82. Math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number greater than 3? A. 2/3 B. 1/3 C. 1/6 D. 1/2
  83. ashford

    In the number 854, 263, 189, what number tells the numbe of million
  84. Math

    Find a number that results in a greater number when it is added to 00 than when it is multiplied by 100?
  85. Math - number of solution

    Determine the number of solutions for the system without solving. 3x+12y=-27 4x+2y=34
  86. Math

    Which amount is larger and by how much? A positive number a or the same number a decreased by 50% and then increased by 50% of the result?
  87. math

    what is the smallest number which must be subtracted from 208 to leave a number which is exactly divisible by7?
  88. 5th grade math

    what number is 10,000 less than 337,676 in number sense?
  89. Math

    Find the probability that theven pointer will stop on an odd number or a number less than 7
  90. math

    The positive number X is divisible by 42, and is composed of only 1s and 0s when written in base 10. What's the smallest number that X might be?
  91. math

    If it says: "five less than three times a number is 20 More than half a number" would the equation be 3n-5=n/2+20? If so what would the answer be? Please help this is a bit confusing!
  92. math

    Three whole number have their LCM as 180 and their HCF equal to 3. Two of the numbers are 45 and 60. Find the third number.
  93. algebra

    3/4 of a number is 1/2. Find the number in the lowest terms... please show work I am confused
  94. math psp

    A number is300 when rounded off to the nearest hundred.what is the greatest possible value of the number
  95. Hkl

    when rounded to the nearest 10, am 20. I am an odd number. The difference in my digits is 1, am greater than 21, what number am l
  96. science

    Number of electrons in the outermost m shell of an element is 3.find its atomic number.
  97. Math

    A number becomes 9 ones and 18 tenths when it is rounded off to 1 decimal place. What is the greatest possible value of original number?
  98. math--fast help please

    Find the interior and exterior angle measurements of a polygon with this many sides: x=2y help? I don't want the answer, I just would like to know how to do this one. I don't see why a number of sides is being specified as an equation. The SUM of the
  99. Reply to Yorkie16

    Original qustion posted here: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1239379999 If you do computations Modulo some number, say Modulo 11, then you identify numbers from the ordinary number system that differ by a mulitple of 11. A rigorous mathematical
  100. Binalbagan, math

    Two numbers are in a ratio 3:5. If the difference between the two number is 24 find the number