1. Algebra

    Bob and Ray are describing the same number. bob says the number is a positive even integer less than or equal to 20. Ray says the number is divisible by 4. If bobs statement is true, and Rays statement is false what are all the possible numbers? PLEASE

    asked by Kirsten on February 25, 2015
  2. math

    How many times does the number "9" appear in the page numbers of a 100-page newspaper? Choose from the possible answers below. ( )9 ( )10 ( )15 ( )19 ( )20 ( )21 Unless this is a trick question that I have missed, there should be 11 times that the number

    asked by M.A. on August 20, 2009
  3. algebra 1A

    help please! the deepest point of the gulf of mexico lies approximately 12,4000 feet below sea level what is the integer that best expresses the given number. type a negative number with a negative sign, or type a positive number with no sign. is either

    asked by Lea on September 18, 2009
  4. physicalcs

    A block having a mass of m=15 is suspended via two cables. The angles are as follows: a=19-degree, and b=26-degrees. a) write an expression for the sum of the forces in the x direction in terms of T1, T2, m, g, angle a and b. Use the specified coordinate

    asked by dalia on February 14, 2017
  5. algebra

    A company that manufactures bikes has a fixed cost of $8,000. It cost $800 to produce each bike. The total cost for the company is a sum of fixed cost and variable costs. Write the total cost, C, as a function of the number of bikes produced x then find

    asked by pam on July 13, 2015
  6. chemistery

    suppose that "element a" has a valence number of 3 and "element b" has a valence number of 2. if the two elements combine, then when writing the formula for the resulting compound what subscript number will be given to "element b"?

    asked by jake on March 4, 2011
  7. Probability

    A loaded die has the property that the probability of throwing an odd number is three time the probability of throwing an even number. If the even number are equally likely to appear, find the probability of rolling either a 3 or a 6.

    asked by A loaded die on June 10, 2013
  8. Math

    One number is 10 less than twice a second number. Find a pair of such numbers so that their product is as small as possible. These two numbers are_ and _. (Use a comma to separate your numbers.) The smallest possible product is_. The number are NOT 5,15 or

    asked by Barb on March 13, 2016
  9. Algebra

    Given that a+1/(b+(2/c))=17/5, where a is the integer part of the mixed number, and c is the numerator of the fraction part of the mixed number when the mixed number is written in least terms, find the product abc.

    asked by anon on November 14, 2018
  10. math

    How do you figure out a percentage with a fraction of a number. For example 66 2/3 of ________ = 74? change the percentage to a decimal or fraction. Lets do fraction: 66 percent is 2/3 2/3 * Number = 74 multiply both sides by 3/2 Number = 3/2 * 74

    asked by Shivangi on February 22, 2007
  11. math

    Someone please check my answers 1.In the number 854,263,189 what number tells the number of millions. 4 2.Write 4x4x4x4x4 as a power of 4 4^5 3.write 684 in expanded form 600+80+4 4.Turner agrees to buy a boat for $2,800 down and $129 a month for 48

    asked by deedee on October 22, 2008
  12. Please Help Me Math

    Find the sum and express in simplest form. Show all work: x^2 2x-15 ----- *------ x^2-9 x^2-9 *I don't get this at alll.Plz help me. I assume you are trying to add, since the problem says "find the sum" and express in simplest form. x^2/(x^2-9) +

    asked by Margie on February 25, 2007
  13. Math Systematric Trial

    Hey everybody, I really need help solving these math equations. Thank YOU! For helping me! Use Systematic trial to find the value of each variable. a) 5+7c=89 b) 26=5+3e c) 8k-16=200 d)525-6u=339 Write each sentence as an equation. Solve each equation. a)

    asked by Harmony Ann on February 23, 2014
  14. math

    What is the least number of place-value blocks you need to show 4,200? The greatest? well, here is what the blocks are: 4 2 0 0 thousand hundreds tens ones does this help at all? I'm actually trying to figure this out so I can help my daughter. I

    asked by melissa on September 28, 2006
  15. java programming

    1. Time Calculator Write a program that asks the user to enter a number of seconds. • There are 60 seconds in a minute. If the number of seconds entered by the user is greater than or equal to 60, the program should display the number of minutes in that

    asked by ignatius on April 28, 2016
  16. Ratios math

    The ratio of the number of cars to the number of SUVs in a parking lot is 4:1. The ratio of the number SUVs to the number of Minivans is 4:5. (A) Find the ratio of the number of minivans in the parking lot. (B) if there are 20 minivans, how many vehicles

    asked by Catania on May 26, 2016
  17. math

    i need help with this. In 1994, the number of cassette singles shipped was 81.1 million. In 1997, that number dropped to 42.2 million. Write an equation that gives the number of cassettes shipped, y, in terms of the year, t. Let t=4 represent 1994. how do

    asked by Jessica on December 18, 2009
  18. Chemistry

    If an element N has isotopic abundances X% of mass number 12, atomic number 6, and Y% of N of mass number 13, atomic number 6. If their relative isotopic mass is 12.35. Find X and Y.

    asked by Adigun on January 31, 2014
  19. Math

    The larger of two numbers is 1 less than 3 times the smaller number. If twice the smaller number is increased by the larger number, the result is 18 more than the larger number.Find both numbers

    asked by Omer on August 29, 2016

    A die is rolled. Find the probability of the given event. (a) The number showing is a 5; The probability is? (b) The number showing is an even number; The probability is ? (c) The number showing is greater than 5; The probability is?

    asked by Sarah on October 1, 2016
  21. Chemistry

    How can i tell how many electrons an element has? like Carbon The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus AND the number of electrons. Carbon has an atomic number of 6; therefore, it has six electrons. Oxygen is 8; Ne is 10 etc.

    asked by Bryan on November 13, 2006
  22. Chemistry

    If an element N has isotopic abundances X% of mass number 12, atomic number 6, and Y% of N of mass number 13, atomic number 6. If their relative isotopic mass is 12.35. Find X and Y.

    asked by Adigun on January 31, 2014
  23. Math ( Can You check my Work?)

    1.an = 3n - 1 2. an = 2(2n - 3) 3.an = 4^n 4.an = (2/3)^n 5. an = (-1)^n(n + 5) 6. an = (-1)^n + 1(n + 6) 7. an= n+3/2n-1 8. a1 = -5 and an = an-1 - 3 for n ≥ 2 9. a1 = -6 and an = -2an-1 for n ≥ 2 10.a1 = 4 and an = 3an-1 + 2 for n ≥ 2 11. Find a8

    asked by Tony on August 1, 2012
  24. helllllllllllllllppppppppppppp

    need help math I have a big square of 9little squares in it on the first row going down I got 1 4 6 that makes 11 ok I have to make 11 using those number on the other squares and I can not double the same number in every way it has to come out 11 straght

    asked by sally on August 31, 2005
  25. Chem

    what occurs during the reaction below 4Hcl+MnO2-->MnCl2+2H2O+Cl2 1.the manganese is reduced and its oxidation number changes from +4 to +2. 2.the manganese is oxidized and its oxidation number changes from +4 to +2. 3.the manganese is reduced and its

    asked by Tina on March 21, 2011
  26. Chemistry

    40 Ca2+ 20 79 Br- 35 58 Ni2+ 28 For the three ions written above give the correct number of each of the following: a) the maximum number of electrons in the first shell b)the unpaired electrons in an oxygen atom c)the full orbitals in a chlorine atom d)the

    asked by 0oooooooo0 on October 4, 2017
  27. geometry

    The trapezoids are similar. The area of the smaller trapezoid is 564m^2. Find the area of the larger trapezoid to the nearest whole number. The picture of the small one has a number 42m and the larger one has a number 57m. Can someone please help me my

    asked by kevin on April 8, 2012
  28. Algebra 2/statistics

    On a fair 6-sided die, each number has an equal probability p of being rolled. when a fair die is rolled n times, the most likely outcome (the mean) is that each number will be rolled NP times, with a standard deviation of sqrt NP(1-P). Brandon rolls a die

    asked by Jordan on April 30, 2015
  29. gems

    The sum of present age of father nd son is 82 .when the father age was equal to the present age of son .the sum of their age is46.find their present age

    asked by Avi on December 12, 2015
  30. math

    Farah, Kate and Jane have managed their savings well. The sum of Farah and Kate's savings is $1548. Farah and Jane's savings sum up to $1842. The ratio of Kate to Jane's savings is 4 : 7. How much has Farah saved?

    asked by Anonymous on May 16, 2016
  31. math

    what is a number model? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "number model" to get these possible sources: http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~novak/model.html

    asked by Sydney on February 27, 2007
  32. Java

    Write a GUI application that prompts the user for a number between 1 and 5. Be sure to include error checking so that the program continues to prompt the user for a number until the user's entry is between 1 and 5, inclusive. Once a valid number is

    asked by Robert on December 15, 2009
  33. stat

    ok there was a question that my teacher told me i got wrong the question asked me to compute the mean which I did... then the question went on to tell me compute the mean with another observation equal to zero then the part that he drew the line through

    asked by stat on September 6, 2009
  34. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a block of mass MM=12.0 kg that sits on a horizontal, frictionless table. One force F⃗ 1F→1 has a magnitude of 10.0 N and is directed at an angle θ1 equal to 37.0° from the xx direction as labeled in the figure below. As a

    asked by Neam on February 23, 2017
  35. math

    graysen has a green number cube and a white number cube. the faces of the cubes are numbered 1 through 6. graysen will roll each cube one time. what is the probability that the green cube will land with an even number face up and the white cube will land

    asked by josiah on January 8, 2016
  36. Math

    Which statement is true? 1. Every rational number is a square root. 2. Every irrational number is a fraction. 3. Every rational number can be written as a fraction. 4. Every square root can be written as a whole number. I believe the answer is 4, am I

    asked by Venus on October 30, 2018
  37. phyical science

    Boyle’s law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if the A. temperature and number of particles are constant. B. temperature reaches absolute zero. C. number of particles decreases. D. temperature and number of

    asked by sidney on October 11, 2015
  38. math

    Please, help me to solve this problems by Cramer's rule Question number : 1. 5/x + 3/y = 19 2/x + 1/y = 7 Question number : 2. log x + 2 log y = 4 2 log x - 3 log y = 1 The Answer for number 1 : D = -1 Dx = -2 Dy = -3 The answer for number 2 : D = -5 Dx =

    asked by Iman on August 24, 2015
  39. math

    can someone help explain how to do this? allen has nickels dimes and quarters in his pocket. the number of nickels is 1 more than twice the number of quarters. the number of dimes is 1 less than the number of quarters. if the value of change in his pocket

    asked by Robbie on March 28, 2011
  40. Algebraic inequalities

    There are three kinds of fruit in a basket:apples, oranges, and pears. The number of apples is 1 less than the number of oranges. The number of pears is 2 times the number of apples. There are 17 fruits in the basket. How many of each kind are there?

    asked by Logan on December 16, 2015
  41. math

    pls. explain how to get this: A number x is the harmonic mean of two numbers a and b if 1/x is the mean of 1/a and 1/b. a) Write an equation to represent the harmonic mean of a and b. b) Determine the harmonic mean of 12 and 15. c) The harmonic mean of 6

    asked by hi on November 9, 2011
  42. Math Help ASAP!!!

    1. a standard number cube is rolled 180 times. Predict how many times a 3 or 5 will be the result. 31 times 60 times*** 57 times 30 times 2. A number cube is rolled 360 times, and the results are recorded as follows: 61 ones, 26 twos, 36 threes, 76 fours,

    asked by Haley on May 11, 2017
  43. Math

    A number sentence is 50 1/2 ÷1/4 =202. Part A. Create a story or context for this number sentence. Part B. Rewrite this number sentence using multiplication. Part C. Give a verbal explanation that describes how these three numbers are related.

    asked by Anonymous on July 20, 2016
  44. Math

    The number of calls received by a car towing service averages 14.4 per day (per 24 hour period). After finding the mean number of calls per hour, find the probability that in a randomly selected hour the number of calls is 0

    asked by Katie on February 28, 2011
  45. math HELP PLS!

    using 4 fives, with any signs( +, -, /, x, etc.) sum to 24.

    asked by bobby on March 3, 2011
  46. Geometry

    Given the sets A={2,15,21,5,13} and B={6,9,15,12,21} , what is the sum of all the elements in A¾B ?

    asked by Steven on May 16, 2013
  47. Arithmetic

    Find the sum. 1 − 1/2+1/4-1/8+....-1/512

    asked by fabian on August 10, 2015
  48. math

    the sum of 16 and 3 is greater then the product of 9 and 2

    asked by max on September 10, 2012
  49. algebra

    two integers, x and y have a product of 20. what is the least possible sum of x and y?

    asked by please help on December 12, 2014
  50. Math

    Find the Sum -4+[3+(-2)+(-2)] is the answear -5?

    asked by Anonymous on December 9, 2008

    what is the sum of five sixth + two thirds?

    asked by MOGIE on September 27, 2018
  52. calculous (Series)

    -2.02 - 2.11 - 2.2 - ... -4 Find the sum of the series

    asked by Samantha on December 12, 2014
  53. 5TH grade math

    estimate each sum or differnce. 7.4 + 3.1+ 9.8 How do I do this?

    asked by Alyssa on August 25, 2011
  54. Math

    Find each sum or difference. 1. -1/2+1/3 A.-1/6 B.-1/3** C.2/3 D.1/6 2. -3 1/5+(-6 1/2) A.-3 2/7** B.-3 7/10 C.-9 2/7 D.-9 7/10 3.5/8-(-2/8) A.-3/8 B.-7/8 C.3/8 D.7/8** 4.-9/10-2/5 A.-1 3/10 B.-1 1/10 C.-7/10** D.-5/10 5.6 3/5-(-2 1/5) A.-8 2/5 B.-4 2/5

    asked by Otaku@Heart on September 21, 2018
  55. Math

    N is increased by 2n,the sum is 5more than 4n

    asked by Wen on May 2, 2013
  56. math

    Use benchmarks to estimate the sum. 1. 11/15+1/8. A:about 1/2 B:about 3/4 C:about 1 D:about 1 1/2

    asked by davonte on October 5, 2017
  57. Math

    Sum of two integer is -35 if one of them is -12 find the other?

    asked by Noor on November 1, 2016
  58. math

    what 2 numbers has a sum of 15 and a product of 56

    asked by che on January 13, 2013
  59. math

    Determine the sum of the following angles: 13° 31' 27" , 64° 12' 48"

    asked by eric on March 24, 2011
  60. algebra I

    What are to conecutive integers whose sum is 35?

    asked by Alex on September 15, 2009
  61. calculus

    find the sum ∑(n/(n+1)!) from n=1 to infinity

    asked by Alex on November 1, 2010
  62. Algebra

    What is the sum of all coefficients of the polynomial? f(x)= (3x^3 - 3x - 1)^38 * (2x+1)^4 * (x^4 - 3x^2 + 5x - 2)^77

    asked by andrew on November 26, 2013
  63. Math

    Divide the sum of -1/12 and -4/9 by difference?

    asked by Tsetan on February 16, 2017
  64. Check Calculus

    What is the sum of 3 forces in equilibrium? Is it F3 = - (F1 + F2) or 0?

    asked by Ann on May 5, 2010
  65. 11th grade math

    find the sum of -2 plus 3i and -1 minus 2i ..........im not sure how to do it can anyone help me out?/

    asked by Lia on January 4, 2010
  66. Math

    Find the sum or difference 7-(-8)

    asked by Elizabeth on September 26, 2018
  67. math

    what are the three consecutive whole numbers whose sum is 48?

    asked by saima on November 21, 2012
  68. Maths

    If the sum of first n,2n,3n terms of the AP are S1,S2,S3 respectively,then prove that S3=3(S2-S1).

    asked by Nishi sen on October 24, 2017
  69. MAth

    estimate each sum or difference. 22.8+49.2+1.7

    asked by shion on September 20, 2011
  70. MATH

    What is the sum of (x^2-3x+2) and (5x^2-3x-8)? show your work help me!!!

    asked by SAMANTHA on April 15, 2012
  71. math

    two integers, x and y have a product of 20. what is the least possible sum of x and y?

    asked by anonymous on December 12, 2014
  72. Math

    What is the simplified sum when you evaluate 10/15 + 1/4

    asked by Nolan on June 12, 2010
  73. math

    Subtract the sum of 81.6 and 4.07 from 129.4

    asked by Kerri-Ann on September 11, 2012
  74. math

    the sum of all numbers 1-100

    asked by iselle on October 18, 2016
  75. Math

    62 is the sum of 16 and hectors score

    asked by Marie on January 14, 2018
  76. Check Calculus

    What is the sum of 3 forces in equilibrium? Is it F3 = - (F1 + F2) or 0?

    asked by Ann on May 5, 2010
  77. math

    Find two binomials whose sum is 4x^2 - 4x - 15

    asked by Sam on March 26, 2017
  78. math

    3 1/4 + 2 5/6 estimate each sum or difference

    asked by steve on October 27, 2014
  79. 5th grade

    find the missing sum 3+9+15+....+87

    asked by Anonymous on November 8, 2010
  80. mathematics

    Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6) +....

    asked by tolu on February 15, 2015
  81. calculus

    Find the sum of the series 2 + 9/2! + 27/3! + 81/4! . . .

    asked by julia on August 9, 2011
  82. Math

    If two integers a and b have a product of 34. What is the least sum of a and b

    asked by Annie on September 1, 2017
  83. Math - HELP

    If the product of n and 17 is 340. What is the sum of n and 17?

    asked by Elina on January 26, 2014
  84. maths --plse help me..

    On a certain sum, C.I. is Rs 41 and SI is Rs 40. for 2 years. What is the rate p.a

    asked by sumit on December 18, 2012
  85. math

    what is the quotient of 100 and the sum of b and 24

    asked by brook on January 3, 2013
  86. maths

    Find the indicated sum n sigma k=1 4(0.5)^k

    asked by ELIJAH HAVA on April 28, 2013
  87. math

    two numbers are reciprocals of each other and whose sum is 3

    asked by Angel on August 17, 2016
  88. math

    explain how to use addends of a sum 17

    asked by Anonymous on November 13, 2011
  89. maths

    Find the indicated sum. n ‡”4(0.5)^K K=1 Help me because I do not know how to solve it.

    asked by Seth. please a needy help!!! on April 27, 2013
  90. Math

    Find two numbers whose sum is -64, if twice the first is 1 more than the second

    asked by Anonymous on March 18, 2016
  91. math

    The sum of two primes is 60. What are the numbers?

    asked by Tina on October 24, 2008
  92. Algebra 2

    What is the sum of the multiples of 4 from 16 to 100?

    asked by Nicole on February 18, 2015
  93. 6th grade

    i am a fraction between 1/8 and 1/4. the sum of my digits is 10

    asked by suz on March 19, 2010
  94. math

    what numbers would you use to estimate the sum of 47 and 21?

    asked by Alison on March 29, 2011
  95. math

    How to solve divide 90 by the sum of 7 and 8

    asked by nene on August 12, 2016
  96. math

    Calculate the sum of the series: π²/3!-π^4/5!+π^6/7!-π^8/9!+π^10/11!....

    asked by unowen on November 19, 2017
  97. geometry

    what is the sum the measures of an octagon.

    asked by christopher on January 9, 2012
  98. maths

    On a certain sum, C.I. is Rs 41 and SI is Rs 40. for 2 years. What is the rate p.a

    asked by sapna on December 18, 2012
  99. Stats

    Can you tell me what ∑xy means? Like is in the sum of all x times y or what?

    asked by Carol on July 10, 2011
  100. maths --plse help me..

    On a certain sum, C.I. is Rs 41 and SI is Rs 40. for 2 years. What is the rate p.a.

    asked by faizel on December 18, 2012