2. computer

    In Windows Vista, which button is used to create a new folder? A. Organize C. File B. Windows icon D. Views 20. Which Windows feature allows you to personalize your computer system? A. My Pictures C. Default Programs B. Control Panel D. Computer
  3. Windows 7 operating system

    A business has a kiosk computer located in the lobby for customers to use. The kiosk computer has recently been updated to Windows 7 from Windows XP and is not part of a domain. The local computer policy created for Windows XP has been applied to Windows
  4. English

    Let's write down what you can do with the computer. 1. I use the computer to chat with netizens in chatrooms. 2. I use the computer to do paper work. 3. I use the computer to make documents with the word processor, Excel. 4. I use the computer to surf the
  5. System recovery: can't finish my homework !!!!

    I've been waiting for over 13 hours for the computer to finish restoring the registry ( also files). I think the computer is infected. It's a laptop, windows vista home premium. Also could a just shut down the laptop ? If a do will the restoring process
  6. Management 2

    Which type of lighting is most compatible with computer work? a. fluorescent, b.sunlight from windows, c. task lighting, d. colored lighting?
  7. Intro to computer

    you want ghost your network's computers with a fresh desktop that features Windows 8, as your computer currently using windows 7. You will use Norton Ghost to do this. What source will Norton Ghost utilize to install Windows A. The ISO installation file
  8. computer

    What is the chronological order of the release of Microsoft GUI operating system? 1. Windows 1.0 November, 1985 2. Windows 2.0 December 9, 1987 3. Windows 3.0 May, 22 1990 4. Windows NT 3.1 August, 1993 5. Windows 3.11 February, 1994 6. Windows 95 August,
  9. Computers

    what files do i need for windows 1998 and 2000? What do you mean what files do you need? ..... to run windows 98? or what? be more specific Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. More than the system you are running, what kind of computer do
  10. Education technology

    Which of the following is a sign that your computer may have been infected with malicious code? Your computer runs faster than normal The page you open are not distorted Your computer restarts on its own and then runs properly •• Your computer locks up
  11. computer literacy

    what is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed?
  12. computer science

    ____________ is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed.
  13. computer literacy

    ____________ is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed.
  14. Ed Tech plz helppppp

    What does it mean to troubleshoot your computer? identify problems with your computer and attempt to fix them*** to open your computer to see what's missing from the hard drive to switch the mouse and keyboard plugs to download and print an new computer
  15. computer class

    ok so my computer (windows) is acting weird, i used a software on it that i've never use before and now when i turn it on says "sorry for the inconvienence due to software or hard drive change your computer had done something to protect your files and
  16. math

    Thomas is playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a computer. It is the computer's turn to place an "x" on the board. If the computer makes its moves at random in the open spaces, what is the chance it will win on this move?
  17. math

    Thomas is playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a computer. It is the computer's turn to place an "x" on the board. If the computer makes its moves at random in the open spaces, what is the chance it will win on this move?
  18. Download please?

    Can anyone please download the prep guide for the nystce exam for me? My computer isn't compatible and I need it a.s.a.p. Thanks in advance.
  19. Computers

    Your sister is considering purchasing a tablet computer that utilizes RT as the operating system. She asks you if RT is any different from her Windows 8 desktop she has at home. What do you tell her? A. Unlike her Windows 8 PC, RT does not have a
  20. English

    1. I use the computer to make files with Power point. 2. I use the computer to do paper work with the word processor programs such as Hangeul, Power point and Excel. 3. I use the computer to buy things at Auction, an on-line shop. 4. I use the computer to
  21. math

    you are trying to cool your house. The temp in the house is 85. Your ac is set for 78. The outside temp is 71. Which will cool the house the fastest leaving the windows open or leaving the windows closed? With the AC running, it will be better to open the
  22. computers

    which windows feature allows you to personalize your computer system? a. my picture b. control panel default programs d. computer
  23. science

    Which Windows feature allows you to personalize your computer system? A. My Pictures C. Default Programs B. Control Panel D. Computer
  24. college

    how to save a microsoft word document on a computer runnign a windows based operating system to a computer disc
  25. computer

    How does a computer generated animation work? (Points: 5) The computer creates constant movement in the characters. The computer, along with human workers, moves the characters on the screen. The computer creates a set of continuous movements, one
  26. Technology in the classroom

    What is the ideal computer arrangement to use when you want to integrate computers directly into the classroom curriculum? A. One computer located in each classroom B. One computer that's shared among several classes C. A central computer lab, with one
  27. troduction to computer

    you call the help desk to report a problem you are having on your computer. The technician asks you what operating system you are running . you know it is windows 7 but you forget which version. how can you find out
  28. computer

    you need to access the registry on your windows 7 computer.how do you do this ?
  29. com 130

    Create a set of instructions explaining how to save a Microsoft® Word document on a computer running a Windows-based operating system to a computer disc.
  30. English

    Taking a computer home to complete a work-related assignment. Is it ethical or unethical? When an individual takes a job they ensure their employer that they will work their very best, and distribute quality work. By any means the worker is required that
  31. Computer Science

    You try to run the CHKDSK utility from a command prompt but you keep getting an error message that you need to run it in Elevated Mode. How do you correct this? Reboot the computer in SAFE Mode and then run CHKDSK from a command prompt. Open command prompt
  32. Math

    Shania bought a new computer for 1,550 from computer 'r' us. If the value of the computer depreciates at a rate of 5.35%per year, when will the value of the computer reach 825 ?
  33. Computer

    How much was the first computer? Cost of the first computer? You have to be more specific. The first digital computer? The first electric analog computer? The first "personal" computer (PET)? The first mechanical analog computer? The earliest computers
  34. Science

    Which most resembles a scientific model? A) computer keyboard B) computer hardware C) computer game D) computer mouse
  35. English

    1. He is sitting at the computer. 2. He is working at the computer. 3. He is eating at the computer. [Are they all grammatical? Is he doing the activities near or in front of the computer?]
  36. computer probblem!!!

    anybody know why my computer wont completely download...it stops in the middle of the download!!! I suggest discuss this with your parents. parent??? i am the parent..lolol I don't know what's causing this problem. Who can really tell what's going on
  37. computer problem

    Many day ago my seddenly my computer can't open. The power botton can't light. Please help me.
  38. math

    A computer technician has been assigned the task of cabling together five computers numbered one through 5. Computer one must be cabled to computer three, and computer two cannot be cabled to computer five. Make a sketch of the distinct ways that the five
  39. please help asap

    hi i need steps on how to dissemble a pentium computer. i was wondering if anyone could give me a specific website because i looked in google but I don't know, I can't find what i want. It has to be pentium and it can't be pentium 2 or three or others.
  40. windows xp

    In windows XP, which of the following icons is not found in the control panel window? a.my computer b.mouse c.keyboard d.display
  41. Computer Harware

    You have a single hard drive on your computer that contains two NTFS partitions. Your computer's operating system alerts you that the C partition is running out of room. Your E partition still has 75 gig of free space. What is the least intrusive way to
  42. intro to computers

    A user calls the help desk and says she cannot install a Windows application on her Windows 8 computer because she is being denied. What is the most likely reason?
  43. english

    I have to give the following feedback to this paragraph: (Evaluative, Interpretive, Supportive, Probing and Understanding). I don't know how to start or if I have to use all the 5 types of feedback. This is the paragraph I have to read and give feedback
  44. Computer problem: related to finishing my homework

    This is not a homework question, but if anyone could help because i need to use the computer for my homework.I did a system recovery and it's still saying that it's restoring the registry. It's been over an hour now. Should I just turn the computer off? I
  45. operating system

    a set of instructions explaining how to save a Microsoft® Word document on a computer running a Windows-based operating system to a computer disc
  46. computer

    You are having problems on your Windows 7 computer and you pull up Device Manager to see if there are any alerts. Two of your devices have yellow exclamation points over them. What does this most likely indicate? A. A missing driver B. A disabled device C.
  47. CIS 105

    As you have discovered, there are a variety of computers available, from the smallest computer in a domestic device to the supercomputers used in industry. Despite the different uses of computers, they all have basics elements in common—each computer
  48. Creating High-Quality Centers

    Which of the following teachers is using the computer most effectively? A. "I use the computer to manipulate figures and place the actual hands-on manipulatives nearby." B. "I use the computer so that children can manipulate geometric figures." C. "I
  49. Intro to Computers

    You are setting up a desktop computer for an AutoCad specialist who needs a minimum of 125 GB of RAM. Which operating system below would be best-suited for his needs? A. Windows 8 Home 64-Bit Edition B. Windows XP 32-Bit Professional Edition C. Windows
  50. Child Care

    Which of the following statements about children and computers is incorrect? A. To be effective, a child's computer learning experiences must be planned and supervised. B. At a day care center, computer time should be scheduled like any other activity. C.
  51. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 11:42pm 1. He is sitting at the computer. 2. He is working at the computer. 3. He is eating at the computer. [Are they all grammatical? Is he doing the activities near or in front of the computer?] Reed Wednesday,
  52. Math-Advanced Pre-Algebra

    A computer repair shop charges a flate rate of 50$ plus $35 per hour spent repairing each computer. LEt h be the number of hours spent repairing a computer. Use function notation to write an equation that gives the total charges for repairing a compujter
  53. Education technology

    Which of the following helps prevent your computer from becoming infected with malicious code? Open all emails with attachments that aré from stanger Is sure your computer gets open up and the dust cleaned out of its regularly. install and regularly run
  54. Statistics

    Hello Can you help me It is reported that 72% of working women use computers at work , choose 4 working wonen at random . Find the probability that : A : all 4 use a computer at their work B : at least one does not use a computer at work Please help me
  55. Computer

    For which operating system is exFAT NOT an option when formatting a partition? A. Windows XP with SP3 B. Windows XP with SP2 C. Vista with SP1 D. Vista
  56. Computers

    What does the program 7-Zip do for the files on your computer? A. It provides security for your computer when you're not using it. B. It closes Windows when you're working in other programs. C. It helps you move quickly through a variety of Internet tasks.
  57. Computer

    What types of issues can you likely resolve by knowing how to access and use the Control Panel? Choose all that apply. network issues*** screen resolution and volume issues**** frozen application issues virus issues What can help prevent issues related to
  58. Design

    I know this isn't really a homework problem but I was wondering if anyone could give a recommendation on any computer software I could use to make a logo for a school project. I use Connexus and in 8th Grade but i need the software to be easy to use and
  59. computer

    To all computer programmer or people know or use computer programming. what tags can we use to connect the comment of the web page to your email. thanks to all of you to help me...
  60. algebra

    The price of a new computer is p dollars. The computer is on sale for 20% off. Which expression shows the savings that are being offered on the computer?
  61. Math

    7. The value of a computer has a decay factor of 0.85 per year. After 2 years, the computer is worth $1445. What was the original value of the computer?
  62. computer

    distinguish between computer data represented by the start of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user
  63. English

    1) I find it difficult to describe activities people normally do when working on the computer (on "Microsoft Word", for example). Can you help me? (For example: I switch on the computer, then I click on the icon "word" and wait for it to open. I type in my
  64. Physics

    When u type on a computer keyboard, do u do work on the computer keys? Pleasee explain
  65. english

    This new computer program makes printers work twice as fast computer is used how in this sentence.
  66. College Computer

    Distinguish between computer data represented by the state of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user?
  67. windows xp and vista

    Please can someone check my answers to these questions for me. 1. when saving a document or drawing, you determine the destination folder in which the file will be saved by a. making a selection in the save in:box b. choosing a folder from the destination
  68. English

    1. Two months ago, he was flying to L.A. for a meeting. 2. Two months ago, he was flying to L.A. to have a meeting. (Are both the same?) 3. While he was writing a report, the battery in his computer died. (What other words can we use instead of 'died'?) 4.
  69. computer

    I am interested in computer so i wanted to ask that what is computer engineer? do they repair computers? are they rich? what are they?
  70. Math1

    You buy a new computer for $2100. The computer is decreases by 5% annually. When will the computer have a value of $600? Y = a(1+r/n)^n(t)
  71. Tecnology

    Alex works at his computer for several hours a day. He is careful to sit up straight at the computer with his feet on the floor and to keep his muscles relaxed, and stays off his computer after 6 p.m. For what kind of computer-related health problems is
  72. Computer

    Your computer is running very slow. The LED light for the hard drive blinks nearly continually, indicating that the hard drive is spinning even when data is not being saved or read from the hard drive. Based on this scenario, what is probably causing the
  73. English

    What do you think he is doing? 1. I think he is playing computer games on the computer. 2. I think he is playing a computer game on the computer. (Which answer is right? Do we have to use the singular form or the plural form?)
  74. math

    1. You are debating about whether to buy a new computer for $800.00 or a refurbished computer with the same equipment for $640.00. If a savings account earns 4.5% APR interest, how much do you really save with a refurbished computer if you put the
  75. computer(internet)

    in my computer all sites are available but facebook site is not available when i tries to open facebook "this webpage is not available"comes i have window xp and i use modem for internet connection plzzzzzzzzz help me?????????????????????????
  76. Statistics

    Suppose 52 of the students in class have a calculator and 14 have a computer. It is known that 4 do not have either a computer or calc and there are 64 students in the class. Find the probability that a randomly chosen student has a computer AND a
  77. computer

    why do you think windows is so prevalent?
  78. intro to comp

    You need to install an operating system on a computer that will be sharing files for the company employees. You estimate there will be as many as 15 users accessing these files at one time. Which operating system below is ideally suited for this machine?
  79. computer

    1define monitor 2state the functions of a computer 3explain the following 1enter 2 home 3 insert 4 Esc 5 caps lock 4 mention seven ways to care for the floppy disk 5 define a computer keyboard
  80. Ed tech

    what is the most important reason to create a backup of your files somewhere other than your computer? a) to access them on another device b) because your computer may be damaged and you risk losing or not being able to access the file*** c) because your
  81. Computer Question

    Does anyone know where I can remove the memory card? from a computer? I tried looking it up but all I get is those memory cards for cameras... I'm not sure what it is, except that it contains computer memory. Also, I remember someone saying that I need to
  82. Spanish

    Schools in Mexico _______. a. have no computers b. have 10 to 12 computers c. are working to increase the student/computer ratio*** d. have plenty of computers because they work with large computer companies Just checking my work:) *** - My Answer Thanks,
  83. algebra

    computer manufacturing company would like to come up with a new laptop computer such that its monitor is 80 a square inches smaller than the present ones. Suppose the length of the monitor of the larger computer is 5 inches longer than its width and the
  84. english

    Read text below. Label 5 sentences with feedback (complete sentences), using these five types of feedback: Evaluative, Interpretive, Supportive, Probing, Understanding. The fear of using computers stems from several reasons. Most people don’t understand
  85. Statistics

    I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where I could find linear data sets to use for my statistics paper. I'm having a problem finding something that I can open or even view on my computer. I have a mac and would be using numbers to to the
  86. acct.information system components

    can someone correct these for me when you have a chance thanks: a) source documents b) input devices c) information process d) information storage e) output devices I have to assigned them to the following titles that best plays role in the accouting

    Can you help me find out any information about this address? My security program identified it as a virus and promptly removed it. Can you help me identify it? ADW_WEBSEARCH.AS http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060801013521AAUqfpo STay away
  88. computer

    1 define a mouse 2 state the function of a computer 3 mention seven ways to care for the floppy disk 4 define a computer keyboard i tried to search for it on Google but was not there
  89. computer science

    How many products are in the windows xp family?
  90. computer

    A coworker calls you at 9:00 a.m. at work and asks for a favor. He is having car trouble and will be an hour late for work. He explains that he has already been late for work twice this month and that a third time will cost him four hours of pay. He asks
  91. Statistics

    Computer Depot is a large store that sells and repairs computers. A random sample of 110 computer repair jobs took technicians an average of 93.2 minutes per computer. Assume that o is known to be 16.9 minutes. Find a 99% confidence interval for the
  92. English

    1. After each meal, I drew a chart with /on a computer that I had bought by paying a lot of money. 2. I drew the chart on the computer after the meal. 3. With the money, I bought a computer, and I drew spending charts on/with it. 4. I earned some money by
  93. Business Computer Information Systems

    is this appropriate for workplace e-mails and i was wondering if you could help me punctuate it correctly Hi I wanted to let you know that i'm going to be a late for work on October the 28th because of a personal reason
  94. CIS111(Computer)

    How many folder menu options are available in Windows 7?
  95. Computer

    Your computer is running a lot of services and applications when you log on that you never use. What implications can this mean for your computer? A. Unused services and applications take up valuable hard drive space. B. Your computer uses more power than
  96. computer

    how do computer viruses work?
  97. Computer Tech

    Name 2 things that a computer virus might do if it gets into your computer.
  98. computer

    You have over forty applications installed on your computer. However,most of your time on the computer is spent using only two programs. You want a faster way to acess these applications than by constanly searching through the start menu for them. What is
  99. computers

    i am processing in word. which type of format would you not use. a doc b jpg c txt d rtf What format would you use with a photo of the grand canyon on windows xp? how do you input into your computer? a gif b bmp c jpg d pict how can you input a picture
  100. computer help!!

    I recovered my deleted word file..but i cant open them!! In Microsoft word, it says "select the encoding that your document is readable." Neither can I open the jpg. files...does anyone have any suggestions or even a program that I could download that will