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  1. easy math

    this is easy, but for whatever reason, i cannot get it :/ how would i express 3.456 billion as a number? or 1.009 trillion? i justneed them in their full form so i can put them in an excel graph :( thanks!
  2. Algebra II

    Evaluate: ƒ(2) + 5 It says to use this graph to solve the equation: h t t p://i55 . t i n y p i c . com/2qdvfur.jpg Right now we're on Algebra and Composition with Functions. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, and there are no instructions for any of
  3. calculus

    find an expression for the function whose graph consists of the line segment from the point (2,2) to the point (-1,0) together with the top half of the circle with center the origin and radius 1
  4. Computer Science

    Given an undirected graph G = (V,E), does there exist a set D ⊆ V of size k such that every v ∈ V is either in D or adjacent to at least one member of D. Show that DS∈NPC. You may only assume that VC is known to be NP-Complete.
  5. 9th grade math (algebra 1)

    Fine the solution set of each system of linear equations or inequalities below by graphing. Show all work under the graph of each system. 1. x + y = 3 2x - 2y = 6
  6. solubility graph

    A mass of 30 f of potasium nitrate is dissolved in 100 cm3 of water at 100gC. How many more grams of potassium nitrate must be added to saturate the solution?
  7. Physics

    A helicopter is lifting off from the ground and is moving vertically upward. The graph shows its vertical velocity vy versus time. How high is the helicopter after 7 s have elapsed?
  8. Math

    Graph the function Identify the vertex and axis of symmetry f(x)=2x^2 + 4x +1 please explain steps I need to do. I keep looking at notes and just can't grasp any of it. Failing math not sure how to start again. I think I missed something major.
  9. math

    what would be a good window for the graph of f(x) = -x^5 + 5x^3 - 3x + 15 I think that -10< x<10: -10<y<25 would be good. Does this seem right?
  10. math

    If the graph x squared + y squared = c contains the point (-3,5), then c = ?
  11. Math

    Graph the function below F(x)={2/3x x<-2 {-2 -2 < eqaul to x <1 {-3x+1 x > eqaul to 2
  12. math equation

    use the intercept to graph the equation -x+5y=10
  13. Algebra

    Graph parabolas how would i do this y=x^2 + 1 (-3 < or equal to X < or equal to 3)
  14. climate graphs

    what is japans climate graph?
  15. math

    Y=-3x-6 Slope- x-intercept- y-intercept How do I graph this?
  16. Math - Algebra

    How to solve ;; x-y <5 . How would I graph it ? Or solve it ?
  17. trig

    how to graph y = 1/2 cos 2x for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2 p
  18. Algebra

    Graph the line whose x-intercept is -8 and whose y-intercept is -7
  19. Algebra

    Is the graph of a parabola a function? I say that it is a function.
  20. Linear or nonlnear

    how do i tell if my graph is linear or nonlinear...
  21. math (for Penny)

    hey penny i need to know how to graph it
  22. algebra

    show this algebra equation on the graph 4x-6y=12 4x+3y=24
  23. MATH

  24. Math

    y=1/2x+3 Slope? x-intercept y-intercept How do I graph this?
  25. algebra

    Solve the equation for y. Then graph the equation. 5x – 4y = 12 A.y=-5/4x-3 B.y=4/5x+3 C.y=5/4x-4 D.y=-4/5x+3
  26. Science

    How do you create a bar graph for science?
  27. Algebra 1

    Graph y-7 equals 9(x plus 6) So 9x plus 54 54 plus 7 is 61 So y equals 9x plus 61. is it correct?
  28. Mathematic

    solve x2 + 2x - 3 < 0 and graph. Anyone can solve the problem please.
  29. Ellipse-Algebra

    I need help with the following questions please. Graph the ellipse. ((x-1)^2)/(9)+ ((y-2)^2)/(4)=1 (4(x+1)^2)+9(y-2)^2=36
  30. Algebra 1a

    Graph the number on the number line 3 - 2
  31. algebra

    Graph the number on a number line 10/7
  32. algebra

    can you please show me how to graph 6y+5x=-18 I know the x-intercept is (-18/5,0) and the y-intercept is (0,-3)
  33. find C

    Graph of f(x) = -2x + C passes through (-2,7) How do I find C. TIA Since f(x) = 7 when x is -2, 7 = -2(-2) + C = 4 + C C = 3
  34. calculus

    How many roots does the graph of this function have? 4x^4 - 4^x I believe that it either has two or three roots.
  35. equation and inequalities

    Graph the solution of the equation b-15=-12
  36. Algebra

    How do I graph a line given its equation? The equation is -3x + 2y = 2
  37. Science

    You will be designing and carrying out your own experiment to investigate the effect different forces have on an object’s motion. The experiment you design should test at least one of the forces that affect motion that you have learned about in this
  38. psy315

    Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking—even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern of
  39. Calculus

    So I have a math problem that says that a free-falling body near the surface of the earth accelerates downward at a constant of 32 ft/sec^2. so for the graph a(t) it would just be a straight line across 32 no matter what time, or in other words a(t)=32.
  40. math

    f(X)= (x^2)/(x^2 - 1) .find the symmetry , intercepts, asymptotes, interval of increase and decrease, local extreme values, concavity, point of deflection and draw the graph of the function.kindly show the working.
  41. Science

    If the trend in the graph continues through the summer, what would you expect the average high temperature in Louisville, Kentucky, to be in August? A. 66F B. 83F** C. 103F D. 125F I don't know how to give you think link. Any ideas?
  42. math

    What is range? From the lowest value to the highest value. I suppose you're talking about the terms that apply to the concept of function. The most common definition for this term is the set of values for the dependent variable. That is, it is the set of
  43. Calculus AP - Volume of Revolution

    Hi. I have a few calculus problems that I have to do using the washers and shell method to find out what the volume of the graph rotated is. I'll post one question at a time with my work. The problem is, I should be getting the same answer for the problem
  44. Calculus

    1. Chris makes an open-topped box from a 30-cm by 30-cm piece of cardboard by cutting out equal squares from the corners and folding up the flaps to make the sides. What are the dimensions of each square to the nearest hundredth of a centimetre, so that
  45. algebra word problem

    A small company produces both dollhouses and sets of doll furniture. The dollhouses take 3 hours of labor to produce, and the furniture sets take 8 hours. The labor available is limited to 400 hours per week, and the total production capacity is 100 items
  46. precalculus

    .(a)Determine the number of degrees the axis must be rotated to eliminate the xy term of the conic x2+6xy+y2-6=0. (b)Graph the conic in part a and use a graphing utility to confirm your result.
  47. CSIR General Aptitude

    An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis versus time is a semi-circle (see figure). The total distance covered in the 4 s is
  48. Algebra

    Graph the solution set of the system of inequalities and give the exact coordinates of the intersection points of the related equations: y>x^2 -8 X+y≤1, The closest points I'm getting is (-2.5,-1.8) and (2.5,-1.5) but I feel like they're incorrect
  49. intermediate algebra

    i need to write this algabraically and graph: a runner leaves his house and runs for 30 minutes at 8mph, he rests for 5 minutes and then continues to run home at 5mph.
  50. Trig

    I need help solving the two problems below. Thanks For each equation, determine whether its graph is symmetric with respect to the -axis, the -axis, and the origin. Check all symmetries that apply. 1. y=-sqrt(4-x^(2)) 2. 34x^(2)+12y^(2)=18
  51. Math 111

    Find the quadratic function that has vertex (-1, 8) and whose graph goes through the point (8, 170). I could not understand this problem I Can not for the lift of me get it. I got as far as some number(x+1)^2+8 but i don't know what the number before all
  52. Calculus

    let d2y/dx2= 6x. Find a solution to the differential equation that is continuous for negative infinity to positive infinity and whose graph passes through the point (0,1) and has a horizontal tangent there.
  53. algebra

    -5x + 5y=25 -10x+5y=10 Graph the linear equation by writing both equations in the slope intercept form... I'm really struggling with this questions.. i have to fill in y=___x+_____ y=____x+_____
  54. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly describes a graph that illustrates how a part or fraction relates to the whole? histograms bar graphs circle graphs scatter plots is it c?
  55. Algebra 1

    A local citizen wants to fence a rectangular community garden. The length of the garden should at least be 110 ft. and the distance around should be no more than 380 ft. Which system of inequalities and graph represent the possible dimensions?
  56. Calculus

    The base of a solid is a region located in quadrant 1 that is bounded by the axes, the graph of y = x^2 - 1, and the line x = 2. If cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are squares, what would be the volume of this solid?
  57. Science

    In my US History Unit test number 15 says how do layers B & D compare in age if rock layers between be and D have eroded away what is the boundary between be and D called? I cannot find a graph related to this question
  58. calculus (derivativs)

    Find the points on the graph of f where the tangent line is horizontal. original: x/x^2+25) After I did the quotient rule I got: (x^2+25)(1)-(x)(2x)/((x^2+25))^2 Then of course I know you set that equal to 0, but I do not know how to set it up or
  59. Algebra 2

    How do I draw the diagram/graph for this problem? Find the exact values of the six trigonometric functions of theta if the terminal side of theta in standard position contains the point (0,-4)
  60. statistics/normal distribution

    Find the area of the shaded region.The graph to the right depicts IQ scores of Adults (85-120), and those scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15
  61. Calculus

    Consider a circle of radius 5 and a point P rotating around it, as shown in the figure to the left, below. The angle(theta) , in radians, is given as a function of time t, by the graph in the second figure. What is the value of when t=0.5? Find the
  62. math

    A company logo has 4 concentric circles suppose you graph the points (diameter,circumference ) and connect them with a line. In terms of (pie), what is the slope of the resulting line.
  63. U.S Government

    1. This graph illustrates the fact that there is a ________________ turnout for general elections than for primaries. 2. When the will of the people is translated into public policy directly by the people themselves, ____________ exists.
  64. Social studies

    I am trying to find the population graph/growth of India. I need the chart to be in google images and it should be accurate. The years should be till 2000-2008. It has to be correct. Please help me find one. Thank you!
  65. Precalculus

    Let C be a circle that passes through the origin. Show that we can find real numbers s and t such that C is the graph of r = 2s*cos(theta + t) I think that I could start by writing it like R^2=(x-h)^2+(y-k)^2 where R is the radius of the circle, but I
  66. Pre Calculus

    Determine all discontinuities that exist on the graph of y = f(x) shown below. Please show your reasoning by justifying your answer with the conditions of continuity. If there is a discontinuity, identify it as removable or non-removable.
  67. calculus

    Consider the following shaded region. Find the area S of this region if a = 6, b = 3. (Give an exact answer.) The two graphs intercept at 0 and the other limit is not given. The integral is int(ax-x^2)-(bx. So y=ax+x^2 is the graph on top and y=bx is at
  68. math

    What inequality those this graph show: file:///C:/Users/751017272/Desktop/y%20ilt%202x%20plus%202.png (Copy and paste it) Can you show me how you get your answer also?
  69. calculus

    im having so much trouble figuring out how to get these answers. i already know the answers i just need to figure out how to get them... directions: find the points of inflection and discuss the concavity of the graph of the function... 1.
  70. Math

    The attendace at the harmony school carnival has shown a range of 200 people during the years 2008 through 2011.Which graph could show the carnival attendance correctly?
  71. statistics

    Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24- hour cycle of sleeping and walking- even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern
  72. statistics

    Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking—even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern of
  73. algebra

    Mike's family wants to build a rectangular fenced backyard area for their dog. They have a 20-meter length of wire fence and four posts. They can also use the 20-meter straight length of the back of their house as a side of the enclosure, but the fence
  74. math

    Determine whether the following data should be represented on a graph as one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional. the average rainfall during different months of the year
  75. math

    The graph of y = 7 cos theta + 24 sin theta would be a sinusoid if it were plotted. What would be the first positive value of theta at which there is a high point?
  76. calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph f and parallel to the given line Function: f(x)= 1/ square root of x Line: x+2y-6=0
  77. Ohms Law

    You plot a graph of voltage versus current. What is the slope? What are the units for the slope? How do you get the unit for the slope?
  78. Algebra

    Solve the compound inequality. <−16<−2x4−4 Graph the solution on the number line.
  79. Trig

    The graph of y-7 cosθ + 24 sinθ would be a sinusoid if it were plotted. What would be the first positive value of θ at which there is a high point?
  80. math calculus

    Find the equation of the function f whose graph passes through the given point. (Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) f'(x) = x^3 − 4x^2 + 3/ x − 3 ; (4, −5) f(x) =
  81. ALGEBRA 2

    Solve the compound inequality. <−16<−2x4−4 Graph the solution on the number line.

    T-test independent that people can hear better after having eaten a large meal A researcher theorized that people can hear better when they have just eaten a large meal. Six individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal.
  83. Algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. 3x+y=6 3x-y=0 This is how far I got: (First line): y=-3x+6 (Second line): y=3x I'm not sure how to graph the second line. Is the y-intercept (0,0) and the two lines meet at (1,3)?
  84. calc

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) = (x3 − 3x2 + 1)(2x4 − 1) at x = −1.
  85. Math, Year 10, Simult. Equations

    How can i know if two lines/equations intersect on a graph, algebraically? For example, I have two equations: 1. -x^2 + 3x + 4, and 2. x - 4 Ty in advan.
  86. calculus

    find the point on the graph of the given function at which the slope of the tangent line is the given slope x^3+9x^2+33x+15 slope= 6
  87. math

    4. From your equation, find the European equivalent for U. S. size 8. equation~ m = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1) m = (39-34) / (5-3) m = 5/2 b=26.5 Equation = y=5/2x+26.5 Can someone please help me answer this? I have a graph if you need it... ps thank you
  88. Calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of f and parallel to the given line. Funtion: f(x)=1/sqrt(x-1) Line: x+2y+7=0
  89. calculus

    optimization find the point on the graph of the function that is closest to the given point f(X)= square root of x point:(8,0)
  90. math

    Which points are on the graph of y=tan x? Select all that apply. (2 answers) a. [4pi/3, sqrt(3)]*** b. [pi/4, -1] c. [pi/6, -sqrt(3)/3] d. [pi/3, sqrt(3)]*** e. [1, -pi/4]
  91. physics

    A 3.0 m long, 2.2 kg rope is suspended from the ceiling. Graph the tension in the rope as a function of position along the rope, starting from the bottom.
  92. math

    Given an exponential graph that are concave up and the points (1,4) and (-1, 16), give a possible formula of the function. I plugged the variables into the f(x)=b times a^x and got: 4= b times a^1 and 16=b times a^-1 I am not sure where to go from here.
  93. algebra.math

    i need serious help, I'm trying to plot table of values for sketching graph (parabola)for y=x^2-5x+3 xy values are 0,3 1,-1 2.5,-3.25 3,-3 4,-1 5,3 6,9 are these values correct, I'm having problems graphing.
  94. Calculus

    Use the four-step process to find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the given function at any point. f(x) = 16 - 10 x Step 2: f(x + h) - f(x) = Step 4: f'(x) = lim(h->0)(f(x + h)- f(x))/h =
  95. Math

    if a polynomial function is of degree n, then the graph will have n-1 relative maximum and minimum points. Is this: Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True? It's really confusing me.
  96. math

    Waddell mountains have a species of birds that hatches two birds each week. Currently there are 7 birds. Write a function represent this graph?
  97. geometry

    2. For the circle with equation (x – 2)2 + (y + 3)2 = 9, answer each question: a) What are the coordinates of the center? none b) What are the radius and diameter of the circle? 360 c) Graph the circle.
  98. Math

    Waddell mountains have a species of birds that hatches two birds each week. Currently there are 7 birds. Write a function represent this graph?
  99. Math

    The graph of a rational function has a local maxima at (-1,0) and (8,0). The complex number 2+3i Is a zero of the function. What is the least possible degree of the function Answer is 6 But i need help with an explanation.
  100. physics

    This graph in the figure (Figure 1) shows how the temperature of an initially solid sample changes as time goes by when it is placed above a flame that delivers a constant heating power (that is, a fixed amount of energy input in the form of heat each