How to sketch graph of

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  1. Algebra

    Graph on a number line. 21/2. please help thank-you
  2. geometry

    . Graph the following functions. • y = 2x – 1 • y = (–3/4)x + 5 • y = x2 – 4 • y = –3x2 – 6x – 5
  3. Math

    Graph y=|x|-2. If someone could help me that would be great.. Im really confused.
  4. Math

    an equation of the normal to the graph of f(x)= x/(2x-3) at (1,f(1)
  5. math

    What are the critical values on the graph of y = x^3 - 6x^2 + 9x + 3?
  6. math

    graph the inequality on a plane 2y-3x>6
  7. Math

    Find the slope of the graph of the following: 9x - 3y =15 a. -3 b. 3 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 ****
  8. physics

    (5m/s)t+ (0.75m/s3)t3 what shape is the graph?
  9. Algebra

    What are the slope and y- intercept of the graph of y=-2/3x+1?
  10. algebra 1

    how do you graph quadractic function
  11. geography

    I need a climate graph for italy NOW!!!
  12. Algebra

    What is the graph of the system? y ≤ −x − 1 y ≥ 2x + 4 Would I use elimination for this?
  13. math

    Graph the quadratic equation f(x)=x^2-8x+16
  14. Statistics

    What does the scope of the graph refer to?
  15. math

    Where does the graph of x2 - x - 2 = y cross the x-axis?
  16. math

    Where does the graph of x2 - x - 2 = y cross the x-axis?
  17. electricty and magnetism

    did anyone do the question on the graph? can you help me please/ thanks
  18. Math

    How do I graph .4x + y = 325,000
  19. Calculus

    How can you tell where on a graph f is discontinuous? What are the criteria?
  20. Math

    Match the equation with its graph: 5/8x - 1/3y = 1/8
  21. algebra

    Graph the piecewise function given by f(x)= -1/3x +2, x<0 x-5,x>0
  22. algebra

    On a graph, what is the slope of the line -2,1?
  23. math-graphing

    How would I graph the equation y=6?
  24. Algebra

    Find the value of C such that the graph of 3x+c=5y has an x-intercept of (-4,0)
  25. Algebra

    You're supposed to graph each equation when, 2x+3y=9
  26. math

    when might you want to use a scale on a graph that does not start at 0
  27. Algebra 2

    How would I graph this function as a parabola: f(x)= -2(x+9)^2
  28. algebra

    how do you graph c =40t+ 250
  29. college algebra

    if (a,-20) is a point on the graph of y=x^2+9x, what is a?
  30. math

    need three points to graph from equation 0=3y-6
  31. geometry

    graph on a rectangular coordinate y-2x+3=0
  32. mat116

    Graph the system of inequalities: x+3y <or= 9 3x+y <or= 9 x >or= 0 y >or= 0
  33. trig

    What is the graph of y = 3 sin (3x + 180)?
  34. Science

    How do you represent data in a graph?
  35. math

    how do u find the coordinates to graph 2x=10?
  36. math

    when will the line .5(x)-87 and .4(x)-34.8 meet on a graph
  37. Algebra 1

    -2x+y=3 What is the function graph and chart
  38. PreCalculas

    Can someone tell me what the graph of r=cos (5/2 x angle) should look like?
  39. Math

    how do i find the intercept and graph 1/2x-y=2
  40. algebra 1

    graph the function for the domain of 3x -y=1;D:(-3,-1,0,4)
  41. Algebra

    Describe what the graph of interval[-4,10] looks like.
  42. economics

    qs=-400+2p qd=1600-2p how do i graph that
  43. trig

    how do you graph the equation y=-2cosx?
  44. math

    how to graph absolute value equations
  45. Calculus

    Graph f(x) = 4^(x - 1) Please show work
  46. maths

    how can i skech the graph y=inx/x
  47. Math

    Solve for y, state the m and b, and graph. X-3y+9=0
  48. Math

    Solve and graph the following inequality: -m/5+8>10
  49. algebra

    Use the intercept to graph the equation x+2y=4
  50. Algebra

    Assume that f(3)=4. Name a point that must be on the graph of y=f(x)+4
  51. Algebra

    3x-2y=-5 and 4x+3y=-18 i need to graph and find the intersection
  52. statistics

    what is the graph for Y-hat = -0.333x +35.3
  53. Math

    Draw the graph n < 4, with the constraint n > 0.
  54. algebra

    use the intercepts to graph the equation x+2y=4
  55. Algebra

    The vertex of a graph is (2,-2) is it a minimum, yes or no?
  56. Algebra

    Solve. Ten graph. 4 x > 12 -
  57. physic

    how to caluate a ke vs. time graph
  58. Algebra

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like.
  59. algebra

    describe what the graph of interval {-4,10}
  60. Maths

    f (x) = x2 - 4/ x2 - 1 This needs to be plotted onto a graph, but I don't know how
  61. algebra

    describe what the graph of interval {-4,19}
  62. physics

    What quantity is given by the gradient of such a graph?
  63. Math

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like can someone help me
  64. algebra

    describe what the graph of interval (-4,10) looks like.
  65. Calculus

    At what value of x does the graph of y=9x^(1/3)+x^2 have a point of inflection?
  66. Algebra HELP

    How do I graph the system of inequalities? y > or = to -3. and x > = to 6.
  67. algebra

    solve and graph-14x>-56?
  68. Algebra

    How do I graph the system of inequalities. y _> -3. and x_>6.
  69. Math

    How do I find the points, so that O can graph it. y=1/4x+4
  70. algerbra 2

    how do i solve and graph these factors y= x(x+3)^2(x+5) y=x(x-2)(x+0.5)(2x-1)
  71. math

    please graph 4x^2/(x^3-1) and show asymptotes
  72. Algebra

    Assume that f(3)=4. Name a point that must be on the graph of y=1/2f(x/2).
  73. Math plz help

    Name a point on the graph of y = 2x + 3. A. (1, 6) B. (1, 5) C. (0, 5) D. (1, 3)
  74. Math

    Find the vertex and graph of y = x2 + 5?
  75. algebra2

    To which graph does the point (–1, 3) belong?
  76. algebra

    how do you represent the x-interept of the graph y=2/3x+6?
  77. algebra2

    On the graph of the equation 8x – 3y = 24, what is the value of the y-intercept?
  78. math

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like.
  79. Math

    3xsquared-9x-11 How to map unto a graph
  80. 12th Grade Math

    How do you graph f(x)= ((x+5)(x-4)^(2))/((x-2)(x^(4))
  81. Algebra

    describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like. thank you
  82. Math

    Find the vertex of the graph of f(x)=2x^2+8x+6
  83. Math

    Can a graph of a function ever have more than 1 x-intercept?
  84. math

    (-3, -1) , m = 1/5 graph this using given point and slope
  85. math

    Solve,graph,and check 12<6x+b
  86. Inequalities.please a needy help here!!

    solve and graph y>2x-1
  87. 10th grade

    How can you graph the distance between y = -3/4x - 1 3x + 4y = 20
  88. algebra

    graph the system of inequalities y>_ -2 y<3
  89. math

    which graph represents the function y= -2x^2-5
  90. Calculus

    Graph of f(x) = (x^3 - 5x ^2 + 6x)/(x^2 - x- 2). Can anyone please post a picture of this or something?
  91. algebra

    a)using intercepts, graph the three lines 4x + y - 8=0, 2x - y - 4=0, x + 2y - 16 = 0
  92. Math

    How do you do this?: Which ordered pair is on the graph of y= x+ +11
  93. math

    I have to make an array graph for 11 x 17
  94. math

    describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like
  95. physics

    how does the graph of velocity look like when staitionary?
  96. Algebra

    y = f(x – 1) – 2 What does the line for this graph look like? Can anyone show me please? Thanks!
  97. math

    explain how to graph the inequality 13>=x
  98. algebra

    can anyone please help me with understanding how to graph equations such as 2x-3y=9? thanx i appreciate it!
  99. Algebra 1 Question

    How do I graph y = 2x squared -7?
  100. math

    If z=2t^3 -7t how do I calculate the gradient of a graph of z against t at t = 3?