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  1. trigonometry

    what is the graph of y= cos2(x-pi)+2
  2. Math Graphing

    x^3 < 3x^2 would become x(x^2-3x) then how would I graph this?
  3. trigonometry

    What is the graph of y= 5sin1/2(x+pi)-1
  4. Math

    How do you know when a graph is a function or not? Could I please have and example
  5. algebra

    y=3/2x+4 y intercept and graph
  6. math

    how do you graph a pattern?

    If the graph of y=-4x+5 is shown, what would the value of y be when x = 1?? and the value of x when y = -3??
  8. mah

    How do you convert this into a graph 3x-y<or=4
  9. Calculus- Help please

    I don't know how to do this, so I can't graph it. f(x)= 1/x-4 Thank you for the help.
  10. Math

    How would you graph the inequality x > -5
  11. Physics

    This question contains a graph: h t t p : / / i . i m g u r . c o m / Q z l x d . p n g
  12. Math

    How can i draw the graph of f(x)=2x^2-3x+2/x^2+1 please help me
  13. math

    how do you graph f(x)=sin(x)-5
  14. Algebra 2

    how would i graph g(x)=4cosx
  15. 11th grade

    how do you graph y=-2?
  16. algebra 2

    How do I graph 3x+y<5.if u can help it'd be appreciated
  17. precalc

    how to graph y=5sin[3[2-pi/6]]+2
  18. Math 208

    Graph y<2x+2
  19. algebra 2

    how do i graph: y(less than or equal to)-6ãx
  20. Math

    If f(x) = x^2 - 1, which of the following three choices are on the graph of f(x)? A:(0,1) B:(1,0) C:(3,5) D:(5,24) E:(-2,3) F:(-4,-17) I think it is A, C, and D.
  21. Algebra 2

    how do you graph the function? f(x)=2(x+2)^2(x+4)^2
  22. Algebra 1

    What would the graph look like for y= the absolute value of 2x plus 1
  23. Math

    Graph the equation X = 1/2 y2
  24. Math

    Graph the line Y = 5x + 6
  25. Algebra

    Graph the equation: x-5y=8 Thank you!
  26. Math

    How would you graph the inequality x > -5
  27. Precalculus

    graph each equation Y=5 (let x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3)
  28. Algebra

    graph the inequality y<-|x - 5|
  29. math

    how would you plot on a graph y=(2/3)x + 1 Thanks
  30. algebra 2

    what is the foci of the graph x^2/36-y^2/16=1
  31. Math

    What will the graph look like for the equation y= 2x^2 + 3
  32. Math

    Graph this function f(x)=1/2x^2
  33. Algebra

    x+2y=6 2x+4y=32 how would i graph them and what would be my points?
  34. algebra

    graph f(x) = 2 − 1/4x
  35. algebra

    How do I solve and graph 3¡Ý 2x-4 Also this one 2(x-3)> 5x-14
  36. Math

    How do you graph the equation y=kx?
  37. algebra

    How do I graph the function f(x)+1/4x+4?
  38. algebra1

    how do figure out how to graph y>1/5x-2 5y-x<10?
  39. math

    where is the vertex of the graph of y=x2+6x-2?
  40. Math

    I need to figure out what the graph of f(x)= 1 / (2-3x)^3 near x=2/3 would look like.
  41. Math

    I need to figure out what the graph of f(x)= 1 / (2-3x)^3 near x=2/3 would look like.
  42. Math

    y=12^x What does this mean and how do you explain it on a graph?
  43. Geometry

    What is the x-intercept of the graph 4x-6y=12?
  44. Math

    How do you graph the line y = 3x + 2.
  45. Mathematics

    how do we plot this on a graph -2x+y=4
  46. math

    what is a plane graph ?????????????
  47. math

    how to graph the equations 9x+3y=15 and -6x-4y=-8
  48. Math

    how do I graph the equation 2x+y=0?
  49. Algebra

    solve and graph: x-2y=-2 x=2y=10
  50. algebra

    graph inequality k<-1
  51. calculus

    graph 2.25h+5m>23
  52. Math

    Y-2x=4 solve for x and y with graph
  53. math

    if (3,21) lies on the graph of f, then f()= what?
  54. calucus

    Draw the graph of y=-2f(x+1)-3
  55. algebra 2

    how can you tell when y is a function of x on a graph
  56. Precalc

    how do I graph this function? x^2-xy+2x-1=0
  57. math

    f(x)=-0.092x^2+5.3x-51.2 graph f in [ 20,40,5]by[0, 30,5]
  58. math

    solve and graph 4x+3y=6
  59. algebra 2

    according to the graph of h(w) (5.0,20.00) below, what happens when w gets very large?
  60. Math

    Which of the following points are NOT on the graph of y = x^2 - 1? A. (0, -1) B. (1, 0) C. (-1, 0) D. (0, 0)
  61. Math

    what would the graph look like for the equation f(x)=ax+b/cx+d when a>0, b<0, c>0, d<0?
  62. Algebra 1

    Can anyone explain how to graph y > x - 2?
  63. precalculus

    another one where I need points to graph please. f(x)=(7/5)^(3-x).
  64. algebra

    graph the line y-1=3(x-1)
  65. Algebra 1010

    Graph y=3x
  66. Physics

    This problem contains a graph: h t t p : / / i . i m g u r . c o m / p s z e p . p n g
  67. Pre-Calculus 12

    how to graph y= (x^2-3x-10)/(x-2)
  68. MATH

    Solve and graph 4n+1>17
  69. math

    what is a concrete graph
  70. algebra 1

    x>1 y<-2 solve and graph
  71. MATH

    solve and graph: 3a-8<19
  72. math

    3x + y = 0 and x-y =4 intercept graph
  73. algebra

    what would the graph of interval (-4, 10) look like?
  74. Algebra 2

    How am I supposed to graph g(x) = |x|/2 - 3/4?
  75. math

    what is the graph of y=-16t^2+8t+70
  76. Algebra

    How do you graph the equation of -1.2x + 2y= -4 and y = 0.6x + 8
  77. Math

    How do i graph and do this problem Y=x
  78. geometry

    what is a line graph?
  79. Precalculus

    "Sketch the ellipse. Find the coordinates of its vertices and foci. 34. x^2 + 25y^2 - 6x - 100y + 84 = 0 (Hint: Complete the squares in x and y. Begin by writing the equation in this form: (x^2 - 6x + ___) + 25(y^2 - 4y + ___) = -84.)" ==> I used the
  80. Math

    Bottom part of the greenhouse has a length of 350 cm, width of 220 cm, angle at the peak of the roof measures 90 degrees. Sketch the frame and label it with actual dimensions. Use trigonometry to find length of the roof pieces. Use a scale of 1:25 to
  81. College Physics

    Two iron spheres contain excess charge, one positive and the other negative. a) Show how the charges are arranged on these spheres if they are very far from each other. b) if the spheres are now brought close to each other, but do not touch, sketch how the
  82. Algebra

    Directions: Follow the instructions below to design a fair race for the new video game Animal Tracks. 1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2.
  83. math

    Directions: Follow the instructions below to design a fair race for the new video game Animal Tracks. 1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2.
  84. Math

    Directions: Follow the instructions below to design a fair race for the new video game Animal Tracks. 1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2.
  85. 5th Grade Math

    HELP PLEASE Bar Graph information is as follows: Aquariums At a museum On the left side of graph it shows the name of animals in the aquarium and on the bottom is shows capacity (in thousands of gallons) On the left the animals are as follows: 1.Shark -
  86. Calc

    I'm kind of rusty on my calc here... ok ther's a graph of velocity vs time w/ velocity in m/s and time in seconds were time is of course the x-axis k I'm asked to describe how the velocity changes over the timer interval in this interval the graph consists
  87. mATH

    MY ANSWER RECORDED BELOW 1. The circle graph represents a family’s monthly budget. If the total monthly budget is $5,000, how much does the family spend on items other than food and housing? circle graph (1 point) $1,000$1,500$3,500$2,500 The following
  88. math

    i have more than one question so if u no any of the answers please tell me 1.) write the point-slope form of the equation of the line with slope -2 passing through the point ( -5, -9). 2.) write the point-slope form of an equation of the line through the
  89. physics

    Derive a general equation for the time of flight of the banana en route to the monkey in terms of only the velocity, distance, and height hint: if you are doing everything right, there should be a lot of cancellations resulting in a relatively simple
  90. calculus -- PLEASE HELP!

    Suppose you are trying to evaluate the intergral 2x^3dx and you make the substitution u=x^2. The substitution takes one area and converts it to a different one-in this case a trapezoid with vertical sides. Denote by R the region under the first curve from
  91. math

    The length of time that it takes for a pendulum to make one complete swing depends on the length of the pendulum. The time in seconds, T, is related to the length in metres, L, through the equation T=2π√ L/9.8 State the domain and range of this
  92. Algebra 1 (Ms. Sue or Steve or Reiny)

    I cannot solve these, no matter how much I have desperately tried. I must complete this quickly! Can anyone assist me, please? 1. A store manager is accepting applications for part-time workers. He can hire no more than 14 people. So far, he has hired 9
  93. Gravity, fields

    Question 1) Consider two point-like objects, A and B, the first of which has four times the mass of the other (i.e. MA = 4MB). They are placed a certain distance d apart. (i) Sketch (in 2-dimensions) the gravitational field lines that are present in the
  94. Pre-Calculus

    The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is not a parabola but a shape known as a catenary. The name is given to the shaoe formed by the Graph of the hyperbolic cosine (cosh). The arch has a height of 625 feet andna span of 600 feet. The hyperbolic cosine
  95. analytic geometry

    1. Given the parabola defined by y^2 =-12x, find the coordinates of the focus,the length of the latus rectum and the coordinates of its endpoints.Find also the equation of the directrix. Sketch the curve. 2. Find the eccentricity of an ellipse when the
  96. Math

    Sketch the region enclosed by the lines x=0 x=6 y=2 and y=6. Identify the vertices of the region. Revolve the region around the y-axis. Identify the solid formed by the revolution calculate the volume of the solid. Leave the answer in terms of pi. I always
  97. Math+ confused?!

    I had to solve for this: 1) choose 4 people from a class of 12 My answer: n=12 r=4 12C4 = 495 2) chosse 8 people from a class of 12 my answer: n=12 r=8 12C8 = 495 why is it that they both eqaul 495? maybe I am doing it wrong but I am confused why do they
  98. Geometry

    Let ABC be any triangle. Equilateral triangles BCX, ACY, and BAZ are constructed such that none of these triangles overlaps triangle ABC. a) Draw a triangle ABC and then sketch the remainder of the figure. It will help if (triangle) ABC is not isosceles
  99. probability and statistics

    welsh, davis, burke, and williams (2002) conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink on sports performance and endurance. experienced athletes were given either s carbohydrate-electrolyte drink or a placebo while
  100. Physics

    A quarterback is trying to throw a football to a stationary receiver. The receiver is not directly in front of him, so the total velocity of the ball and the velocity of the quarterback has to be 20 m/s at an angle of 21.4 degrees from the vertical