1. English Hamlet

    Horatio was asked to speak to the ghost because: a. He was not afraid b. He had seen the ghost the night before c. He was a scholar d. He could speak Danish to the ghost I picked B. Is that correct?
  2. To rockrboiluvr14 - 8th grade language arts

    Posted by rockrboiluvr14 on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 11:29pm. Internal conflict occurs when a force within the character is against him/her. If someone is possessed by a ghost, would it be considered external or internal conflict. I still say external
  3. HAMLET!!!

    How are the ghost’s entrances made impressive? Look at the lines of whoever's speaking just before the ghost appears each time. What is the topic of discussion? Are there any consistencies in this for the two times the ghost appears? ??
  4. math

    Laura’s pet bunny, Ghost, hops up a flight of 12 stairs. Ghost can hop up one or two steps at a time, and never hops down. How many ways can Ghost reach the top
  5. English

    Writeacher, I urgently need you to check this paragraph. I really hope you can help me. As it is a short summary of Wilde's Canterville Ghost, I think it should be in the present. Can you suggest a site containing a simple and concise summary of the story?
  6. Social Studies 8R help!!!!

    What is Ghost Town? I looked in my textbook it's not there. I checked in the glossary, I only see Ghost Dance. Please help
  7. English

    Yes, it does make sense. Blasè means uninterested. Could you please check if everything is OK as I made a few changes? Thank you very much! 1) Mr. Otis buys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. After that, Mr. Otis drives with his family to
  8. English

    1. After watching Ghost I like watching horror movies. I saw the movie Ghost with my father. It was scary but great. I expecially liked the scene where the main character got rid of the fierce ghost with his magic stick. 2. After watching Gone with the
  9. English

    I retyped the first part considering your corrections. Can you check if it is OK now? Thank you very, very much. 1) Mr. Otis buys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. After that, Mr Otis drives with his family to Canterville Chase. When they arrive
  10. Writing

    I am writing an essay about Ghost in The Shell the original film and I was thinking that the Ghost stance is pro technology than con, what do you think it is and why?
  11. English

    I left out three sentences. Could you please check them too? I did some of the corrections myself. 1) Hamlet has been troubled since his father _________ in tragic circumstances. (died, was murdered but not "has been murdered"?) His uncle Claudius _______
  12. world literature

    in the story "the night the ghost got in" Downstairs , we could hear the tromping of the other police. Police were all over the place; doors were yanked open , drawers were yanked open, windows were shot up and pulled sown, furniture feel with dull thumps.
  13. English

    I urgently need you to revise these sentences, please. 1) The ghost of Hamlet’s father appears in front of him and Horatio because he wants to explain how he was killed and who killed him. 2) The play ends with the deaths of Laertes , the King, Queen
  14. English

    Can someone check these sentences, please? Thank you very much. 1) The ghost wears a white shroud and a notice hangs from its neck saying “ The Otis Ghost The Only True and Original Spirit ignore all imitations”. (Is the punctuation correct?) 2) When
  15. English

    Hi, If anyone has read Hamlet...I have to write an essay showing how Hamlet is a hypocrite or similar. I need 3 main points of proof. I only have one, which is that Hamlet says he loves Ophelia but hes the cause of her death and he shunned her. I need two
  16. Intro to computer

    you want ghost your network's computers with a fresh desktop that features Windows 8, as your computer currently using windows 7. You will use Norton Ghost to do this. What source will Norton Ghost utilize to install Windows A. The ISO installation file
  17. english/hamlet

    i'm writing an essay on Hamlet comparing and contrasting the characters of Hamlet and Horatio. One of my paragraphs talks about the differences in their balance of character; Hamlet is unbalanced and dies, while Horatio is the ideal, balanced character who
  18. math

    Mrs. Decker saw three witches land in a field where they found a pile of pumpkins and a ghost. They agree to sleep overnight in the field and divide up the pile of pumpkins in the morn. During the night one witch wakes up gives one pumpkin to the ghost
  19. English

    I still have some more sentences I need to check. Can you please have a look at them, too? 1) Hamlet arranges a play at court in order to expose his father's murdere. So in the third act there is the-play-within-the play that is paradoxically the only true
  20. ghost in city hall

    Hello all. Does anyone have a scanned copy of "ghost in city hall" worksheet? It is a math worksheet. Thank you, Sandy
  21. Physics

    In TV picture, faint, slightly offset ghost images are formed when the signal from the transmitter travels to the receiver both directly and indirectly after reflection from a building or some other large metallic mass. In a 25 inch set, the ghost is about
  22. English

    I'm finding it difficult to check these sentences. Could you please help me? Thank you. 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. At the end of the play Hamlet manages to kill Claudius, but he also dies and
  23. English

    Thank you very much. I retyped the sentences you checked. Can you please tell me if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) A violent crime was committed against a member of the hero’s family. The ghost of the previous king, the elder Hamlet, appears to his
  24. English

    I'm reposting you a few sentences I checked myself again, because you told me they were too wordy. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A
  25. English

    I tried to do some of the corrections myself. I think some changes must still be made. Thank you very much. 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to
  26. English

    Thank you, very much. Here is the second part. I will post you the whole summary again after your correction. 1) Mr Otis’s daughter, Virginia, finds the ghost and he talks to her about his story. Virginia takes the ghost seriously and decides to help
  27. English/GuruBlue

    I needed to write an essay on how Hamlet is a hypocrite and my three points were that he doesn't obey his father right away, he says he loves his mother but treats her badly, and he says he loves Ophelia but he is the cause of her madness. But now, my
  28. early childhood literacy

    WHICH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING IS PROBABLY THE LEAST EFFECTIVE APPROACH ABOUT DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR? a. Ms. Avery wrote a note to the mothe and sent it home with him asking her to call when it was convenient. b. Ms Avery phoned his mother and asked her if she
  29. maths

    A group of 5 people are going to meet weekly at the library for 4 weeks. Each week, two people are selected at random to speak. Each person may speak in multiple weeks, but no pair of people will speak together more than once. The probability that there is
  30. Probabilities

    A group of 5 people are going to meet weekly at the library for 4 weeks. Each week, two people are selected at random to speak. Each person may speak in multiple weeks, but no pair of people will speak together more than once. The probability that there is
  31. maths

    A group of 5 people are going to meet weekly at the library for 4 weeks. Each week, two people are selected at random to speak. Each person may speak in multiple weeks, but no pair of people will speak together more than once. The probability that there is
  32. english

    in his plays william shakespeare wrote a great many phares that have stood the test of time. see whether you can rearrange the letters below to discover shakespeares phares still used today. a)d t o h i n i a van_s_e_ i_t_ _h_n _ir hint: its what hamlet's
  33. world literature

    Ther are several ways to learn about characters: through their appearance, actions, speech, thoughts, feelings, and descriptions by other characters. Take one character from " the night the ghost got in" and give two different examples of characterization.
  34. English

    1)The ghost is sympathetic to Gertrude )is sympathise with a synonyn?) 2)In the morality play characters stood for human qualities, either good or bad (or good and bad??) 3)show sympathy for someone, to feel pity for (is "to pity someone also correct?)
  35. science

    GHOST's are on the earth (yes& no)?
  36. english

    who is the author of the story the ghost got in
  37. ENGLISH!

    hey i need some help =[ for english i have to write a paper about "if i were hamlet what would i do in terms of killing the ghost. it says to take into account the revelations of the ghost, the situation at cort, characters etc....idk how i could create
  38. Evolutionary Bio

    What is Ghost of selection past?
  39. Social studies

    What were boomtowns and ghost towns?
  40. Language arts

    Is "white as a ghost" an idiom?

    PLEASE CORRECT THE ANSWERS ACCORDING TO THE QUESTION BELOW. insert the prepositions in the following sentences : 1) he was christened Stephen UNDER his father,buthe answer IN the name of George. 2)He has not been heard since for years no one knows what has
  42. Geometry

    Why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall/
  43. english

    where can I find a ghost song for my book report?
  44. algebra 1

    why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall
  45. reading

    Is the presence of ghost proven/disproven and why should we keep investiagting
  46. algebra

    Why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall?
  47. English

    I'm posting sentence 3 again for you to check. I'm includinga few other sentences. 1) Macbeth starts to be haunted by Banquo’s ghost. At the feast he becomes pale because he sees Banquo’s ghost sitting at his place. 2) The fifth act opens with the
  48. English

    What is the significance of Catherine Earnshaws ghost in Wuthering Heights?
  49. English - Native speakers

    Need a help from a native speaker of English. Can you fill in this text by using either Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect? You would really help a lot. Thank you When Craig Myers __________(buy) his restaurant, he got it for a very good price
  50. Instrumental: Mistah FAB Ghost Ride It

    where can i find the album? it would help me greatly. thank you.
  51. SS8R - help!!!!!!! (2)

    Why were many Plains Indians attracted to Wovoka's teaching about the Ghost Dance?
  52. language arts

    what are simple subjects ang simple predicates help me work due monday The simple subject is the one word that is doing the action. The simple subject in these examples are CAPITALIZED. LASSIE came home. ONE of my brothers plays football. Have YOU ever
  53. english

    plz help me i want small dialogue Between two friends-the one a believer, and other a disbeliever, in ghost stories.
  54. Social Studies

    What were Boomtowns and ghost towns? My history book dosn't describe it very well! Thanks for your help!
  55. English

    I left out the following sentences. I did some corrections myself. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much. 1)All revenge tragedies derive from the Greeks, then came Seneca who set the rules for all revenge tragedies written in the Elizabethan Age. 2)
  56. English - Hamlet

    My teacher has asked me to identify and explain how Shakespeare creates atmosphere in Act 1, Scene i. I think he creates atmosphere by making the readers to think what will happen to Prince Hamlet and the ghost? I'm not really sure how to answer this
  57. English

    Can you please check my sentences? Thank you very much. 1) Hamlet makes some soliloquies. The oak, along with the mistletoe, was the most important sacred tree to the Celts. 2) Most Druids were women. 3) In a revenge tragedy usually appears a ghost who
  58. English

    Hello. I would be very grateful for your help. Do you think it's possible to use "speak" in the following context: "Speak on the role of the monarchy" or "Speak on the major challenges facing the country at present" (a question at an exam or something like
  59. English

    Hi I am student of 7th class My teacher gave me homework (write a paragrap on When i met a Ghost) please helpme
  60. math

    250 people on a plane; 120 speak english;150 speak spanish; 30 speak neither. what probability speak English and Spanish ?
  61. English

    Thank you very much for your corrections! Here are some more sentences I need you to revise. 1)There is the appearance of a ghost which urges the hero to commit the revenge. (Correction: to avenge, get/have/take revenge on Claudius/to seek revenge for his
  62. History

    Is it true that pianos in ghost towns can "play themselves?" I don't mean because of supernatural forces, but I remember reading once there is a scientific explanation for it. Do you know why that might be? Thank you.
  63. Social Studies

    1. What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the west? I think it would be Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing. Is this right?
  64. English

    Can you please check these statements on Macbeth? Thank you. 1) Macbeth doesn't feel safe because he is obsessed with the witches' prophecy about Banquo. He is worried that Banquo's son will take his place. He decides to have Banquo and his son killed. 2)
  65. Micro

    Hi I have the following question - With the Estern enlargement of Europe. Danish firms can now also recruit workers from these countries. Are Danish and eastern European workers perfect substitutes? E.g. would Eastern Europeans be suitable in all job
  66. L.A

    In the diary of anne frank act 2 why wont Mr. Frank answer the telephone A. he doesn't speak dutch very well. B. he is afraid that the caller will give him bad news. C. he prefers to speak to people face to face D. he doesn't want anyone to know that the
  67. L.A.

    Whose attitude towards Scrooge is the most severe? Marley's Bob Cratchit's the Ghost of Christmas Present**** Mrs. Cratchit's
  68. LA

    Whose attitude towards Scrooge is the most severe? Marley's Bob Cratchit's the Ghost of Christmas Present Mrs. Cratchit's
  69. LA

    8. Whose attitude toward Scrooge is the most severe? (1 point) Marley's Bob Cratchit's the Ghost of Christmas Present's Mrs. Cratchit's
  70. LA 12

    Does the the Ghost, in Hamlet, instruct Hamlet to punish Gertrude?
  71. English

    Okay, in school we just finished "To Kill A Mockingbird" and we have a sort of questionnaire thing to do. One of the questions is "Who symbolizes the "gray ghost" and why?" I have my suspicions that it is Arthur "Boo" Radley but I would really like to make
  72. math.

    In Mrs. Harrington’s history class, 80% of the students speak English and 60% speak German. There are 30 students who can speak only one language. What is the maximum number of students who may speak both English and German in her class? so I think i'm
  73. english macbeth

    i really nedd to know what i'm suppose to write in macbeth's theme superstition? i know that it's about the witches and their prophecies and apparitions and about banquo's ghost but what should i emphasize on??
  74. English

    i need poetic terms for the song thriller by Michael Jackson? It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
  75. history

    use ten adjectives to describe ghost towns. I got: 1-abandoned 2-ancient 3-lonely 4-broken down 5-old 6-empty 7-sad 8-quiet I still need 2 more adjectives, but I am all out of ideas.. please help, thank you
  76. English

    Directions: Identity the participle or participle phrase and the words that they modify: The horseman is the ghost of a beheaded soldier who appears at night. I am thinking beheaded is the participle that modifies the soldier or is it a phrase beheaded
  77. math

    in a group of 50 students, 28 speak english and 37 speak spanish. if five members speak neither language, how many speak both english and spanish? i donn't understand... it says a group of 50 students but 28 + 37 is already grater than 50
  78. Latin

    Do these make sense for beginner sentences? Umbra terret Puellam The ghost scares the girl* Puella conspicit puerum The girl catchs sight of the boy*
  79. celebrating Diversity

    To welcome a child who doesn't speak English, it would be appropriate to A. ask the child to repeat words. B. Tell the child not to speak in his or her native tongue. C. Speak very loudly. D. Allow the child time to observe and listen. D is my answer.
  80. Spanish

    Todays homework 1. ¿Qué comerás esta noche, Pepe? Comerá pizza. Comerás espagetis. Comeré lo que prepara mamá. Comere un sandwich. 2. ¿Qué va a hacer Paquito hoy? Irá al cine conmigo. Estudiaré en casa. Venirá al partido de futbol. Dormirás
  81. Child Care

    To welcome a child who doesn't speak English, it would be appropriate to A. ask the child to repeat words B.tell the child not to speak in his or her native tongue C.speak loudly D.allow the child time to observe and listen. I pick the letter D
  82. Reading

    Business-Speak In recent years the business world has coined its own unique, jargon-filled sub- language. This sub-language is often called "business-speak" (or "manager-speak," since some of its most enthusiastic users are managers and executives).
  83. english (hamlet)

    Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on a. The moor near the battles ground b. The birnam woods c. The ramparts of elsinor castle d. The cellar of the castle
  84. English

    1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold
  85. macbeth

    In macbeth is the person that sees a ghost is it macbeth and also for this qoute The prince of cumberland that is a step on which I must fall down or else oerleap that's macbeths quote right. Thanks These are odd questions: have you read the play? I
  86. English

    1. What is ECTO:1? (Is ECTO a model of a car?) 2.SLIMED! Lose all your points. (In a game on a computer,there is a green ghost and the expression in #2. Then what does "SLIMED" mean? ) 3. Marshmallow Man (Is it a character?)
  87. math

  88. statistics

    Between 50 and 80 people are hired on a ship. 75% speak English only and 25% speak German only. What is the mean number of people that speak English only? Can this even be calculated?
  89. Language Art, please check!

    1. Tiny Tim’s father, Bob Cratchit, works for Scrooge. What is the appositive in this sentence? Tiny Tim father Bob Cratchit *** Scrooge 2. The Ghost of Christmas Future, the third spirit, takes Scrooge to see his grave. What is the appositive phrase in
  90. LA

    What is the appositive in this sentence? Tiny Tim’s father, Bob Cratchit, works for Scrooge. (1 point) Tiny Tim father*** Bob Cratchit Scrooge 4. What is the appositive phrase in this sentence? The Ghost of Christmas Future, the third spirit, takes
  91. English

    So I'm writing an analytical essay on The Odyssey, about Odysseus. And I have to pick traits about him and use multiple quotes to support what I say. So I have a paragraph which I am trying to describe his homesickness. Would a quotation about how he
  92. English

    1. Don't speak ill of/about others. 2. Don't speak badly of/about others. 3. Don't speak evil of/about others. ------------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use both 'of' and 'about'?
  93. English Literate

    For my novel Wuthering Heights I need 3 differences and 2 similarities from the 1939 movie version and original book so far I have 3 differences and 1 similarity which is Catherine Earnshaws ghost appearing in the window.I need one more major similarity
  94. English

    Need help with a thesis. Hamlet who is young and emotionally unstable should not attempt to avenge his father's death based on what a ghost has to say. Is this good? - the question is "Something is rotten in the state of Demmark" Develop Thesis based from
  95. Algebra

    The difference between the number of people who speak French and Spanish is 15,637,000 and the difference between those who speak French and German is 155,000, while the total number of people who speak all three is 20,588,000. Determine from information
  96. MATHS

    In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak french. how many speak English but not French?
  97. A.P English

    Would an example of parallelism in "Beloved" be the mention of the "chokecherry tree" on her back, since it's mentioned a couple of times? Or would parallelism be more like the dog leaving and not coming back to the house twice because of the ghost? (I'm
  98. english/reading

    Which detail in the following excerpt exemplifies the psychological distress that Ichabod experiences? In the dark shadow of the grove, on the margin of the brook, he beheld something huge, misshapen, black and towering. It stirred not, but seemed gathered
  99. Early Child Ed.

    Can you help me with this question? Please tell me if I have chosen the most appropriate answer. 1. It has been recommended that teachers encourage limited-English parents to: A. speak their native language at home. B. only speak English in the home. C.
  100. english

    I don't mind (speak/speaking/to speak) to him. find the right answer?