1. chemistry

    Would the reaction of NaOH and HCl be arrhenius, bronsted-lowry, or lewis? What about NaOH and H2SO4?
  2. Chemistry

    How has the equilibrium been modified in Haber Process? what is the heat value for the following exothermic reaction : Hb(aq) + O2(aq) = HbO2(aq) + (Heat ?)
  3. Chemistry

    The Ka value of nitrous acid, HNO2 , is 4.0 × 10¯4 . What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction; NO2¯ + H2O HNO2 + OH¯ ?
  4. chem

    Sb2S3(s) + 3 Fe(s) 2 Sb(s) + 3 FeS(s) When 14.7 g Sb2S3 reacts with an excess of Fe, 9.84 g Sb is produced. What is the percent yield of this reaction? %
  5. chemistry please help!!

    what is the net ionic equation for the reaction between a strong acid and a strong base? what does it mean by this question?/ (: thanks.
  6. Chemistry

    Hi, i would like to know how hydrogen can be manufactured from methane using a nickel catalyst. What must be added to methane in the reaction? +Ni CH4 + ??? -----> H2 + ???
  7. chemistry

    39.3 grams of c6h6 are allowed to react with 108.3 grams of o2. How much co2 will be produced by this reaction?
  8. Chem

    What determines whether 2-bromobutane undergoes an Sn1 or an Sn2 reaction how would you favor SN2 formation?
  9. Chemistry

    What is the percentage yield for a reaction if you predicted the formation of 21 grams of C6H12 and actually recovered only 3.8 grams?
  10. CHEM

    Consider the reaction, 3 NO2(g) + H2O(l) ® 2 HNO3(aq) + NO(g), where DH = – 137 kJ. How many kilojoules are released when 92.3 g of NO2 reacts?
  11. Chemistry

    A cell has a standard emf of +0.177 V at 298 K. What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the cell reaction a) if n=1? b) if n=2?
  12. Chemistry-Stoichiometry

    what is the limiting reactant if 0.10 moles Fe and 0.16 moles O2 react according to the reaction 4Fe +3O2 -> 2Fe2O3?
  13. College Chemistry

    The value of ΔG°f at 25°C for gaseous mercury is 31.85 KJ/mol. What is the vapor pressure of mercury at 25°C? [Hint: calculate the Kp for the reaction Hg(l)=Hg(g)]
  14. A & M

    how many grams of CaO are required for complete reaction with the HCl in 275mL of a 0.523 M HCl?
  15. Chemistry

    if the rate of a certain reaction is 6M/hr at 273K, what would be the predicted rate at 278k with activation 30kj/mol
  16. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of NaCl formed from the reaction of 2.75 mL of a 6.00 M Na2SO4 solution and 8.30 mL of 2.5 M solution of HCl?
  17. psychology

    a defense mechanism is an unconscious reaction used to protect the mind? true or false ,true right
  18. Chemistry

    How many grams of dichloromethane are formed from 1500.0 grams of methane, it the percent yield for the reaction is 82.5%?
  19. Chemistry

    Consider the Unbalanced Reaction: Al2O3(s) + CO(g) → Al(s) + CO2(g) Estimate ∆G at 298 K if 7.1 moles of Al2O3(s) is reacted.
  20. Chemistry

    Consider the reversible reaction: A(g)-2B(g)At equilibrium, the concentration of A is 0.381 M and that of B is 0.154 M. What is the value of the equilibrium constant, Keq?
  21. Chemistry

    What is the theoretical yield of ethyl chloride in the reaction of 19.2g g of ethylene with 48g g of hydrogen chloride?
  22. English

    where can i find information on The Most Hateful Words by Amy Tan? Information such as a summary or reaction about it
  23. Chemistry

    Once it is balanced, in the following chemical reaction NaHCO3(s) Na2O(g) + CO2(g) + H2O(l), what is the coefficient for Na2O (s)? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
  24. chemistry

    What is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction? Cl2 (g) + 2Na+ (aq) + 2Br- (aq) --> 2Na+ (aq) + 2Cl- (aq) + Br2 (l)
  25. chemistry

    C3H8+5 o2 - 3CO2 +4H2O the reaction If I have 56.7 liters of o2 reacted, how many liters of H2O were produced?
  26. Chem II

    For the reaction H2+I2, Kc=55.3 at 700K. In a 2. L flask containing an equilibrium mixture of three gases, there are .056g H2 and 4.36 g I2. What is the mass of the I2 in the flask?
  27. Chemistry

    Is the unbalanced reaction for copper + silver nitrate Cu + AgNO3 = Cu(NO3)2 + Ag or Cu + 2AgNO3 = Cu(NO3)2 + Ag?
  28. chemistry

    If 35 mL of H2SO4 is titrated to the equivalent pint with 45 mL of 0.30M NaOH, what is the molarity of the H2SO4 before and after the reaction?
  29. chemistry

    Co2(aq)->Co2(g) calculate the free-energy change for this reaction at 25 degrees Celsius.
  30. Physics

    A car is traveling at 24.4 m/s. If the driver has a reaction time of 1 second, what will be his stopping distance if his car slows down at 8 m/s2?
  31. chemistry

    What type of chemical reaction is this equation? CuO (s) + [2H+ + SO4 2-](aq) [Cu2+ + SO4 2-] (aq) + H2O (l)
  32. ap chemistry

    Under certain conditions, the reaction 3A + 2B -> 4C was observed to proceed at a rate of 0.00348 M· s−1. What was the corresponding rate of change in reactant A?
  33. physical science

    In terms of energy, the general chemical equation AB+CD+energy = AD+CB represents a (an)_________ reaction.
  34. Chemistry

    how many grams of ethylene (C2H4) are required for the complete reaction of 31.7 grams of hydrogen gas?
  35. chemistry

    Calculate ΔG for this reaction under the following conditions (assume an uncertainty of ±1 in all quantities). Assume that ΔH° and ΔS° do not depend on temperature.
  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the temp at which DG for a reaction (with/ DH= -19.9 kJ/mol and DS= -55.5 J/k-mol) will be equal to 0. Is the correct answer -358.56 K?
  37. chemistry

    Write down a balanced acid-base reaction given the following reactants Reactants: NaOH(aq) + HCl(aq)
  38. Chemistry

    Hydrazene can be used in fuel cell N2H4(aq)+o2(g)->N2(g)+2H2O(l) IfΔG°for this reaction is -600kj what will be the E°for the cell?
  39. chemistry

    What's the net ionic equation for the reaction: PH3(g) + O2(g) → P2O5(s) + H2O(g)? Please go step by step:)
  40. science- chemistry

    what is the rate of reaction, if rate of consumption of iodide is 2.130x10^-5? 5I-(aq)+IO3-(aq)+6H+(aq) 3I2(aq)+3H2O(l)
  41. chemistry

    How many mL of 0.40M NaOH are need to neutralize 30.0 mL of 0.50 M H2SO4 according to the following reaction. 2NaOH(aq) + H2SO4 (aq)----Na2SO4 (aq) + 2H2O(l)
  42. Chem

    A reaction of 48.5 g of Na and 53.7 g of Br2 yields 55.4 g of NaBr. What is the percent yield? 2Na(s)+Br2(g)--->2NaBr(s)
  43. Decomposition reaction

    List the number of reactants and the number of products in a decomposition reaction; 2H2O(I)=2H2(g)+O2(g)
  44. chemistry

    How many grams of O2 are needed to produce 45.8 grams of Fe2O3 in the following reaction? 4Fe(s)+3O2(g) - 2Fe2O3(s)
  45. farewell to arms english

    What is cathirines first reaction when she learns that henry is in the italian army?what was her decription of the italian front?
  46. chemestry

    How many grams of O2 are needed to produce 45.8 grams of Fe2O3 in the following reaction? 4Fe(s)+3O2(g) - 2Fe2O3(s)
  47. Chemistry

    In this reaction, 4.58 L of O2 were formed at 745mm Hg and 308 K. How many grams of Ag2O decomposed. 2 Ag2O----> 4 Ag + O2 Please help I'm very confused

    Only one of the following reactions occurs. HCl + F HF + Cl For the one that does occur which side is favoured? Explain WHY the other reaction will not occur.
  49. chemistry

    the value of ΔH° for the reaction of 2 C6H6 (l) + 15 O2 (g) = 12 CO2 + 6H20 is -6535 kJ. how many kJ of heat are released in the combustion of 16.0 g of C6H6 (l) ?
  50. chemistry

    the value of ΔH° for the reaction of 2 C6H6 (l) + 15 O2 (g) = 12 CO2 + 6H20 is -6535 kJ. how many kJ of heat are released in the combustion of 16.0 g of C6H6 (l) ?

  52. Chemistry

    If you begin with 34.4 grams of ammonia how many grams of hydrogen and nitrogen can you produce in a decomposition reaction
  53. chem

    If 507 g FeCl2 were used up in the reaction FeCl2 + 2NaOH Fe(OH)2(s) + 2NaCl, how many grams of NaCl would be made?
  54. Chem

    3O2(g)---> 2O3(g) At a given instant, the reaction rate in terms of [O2] is 2.17x10^-5 mol/L*s. What is it in terms of O3?
  55. chemistry

    how many moles of oxygen (molecule) are required for complete reaction with 2.1080 moles of iron?
  56. Chemistry

    Draw the product(s) of the following reaction CH3-CH2-C(triple bond)C-CH2 ---------> ? (Na/NH3)
  57. Chem

    A lake may be polluted with Pb2+ ions. what precipitation reaction might you use to test for the presense of Pb2+?
  58. science

    If solid iodine sublimes to produce iodine gas:write down the equation for the reaction
  59. Chemistry

    A reaction uses 4.5 grams of oxygen and an excess of nitrogen. How many grams of dinitrogen pentoxide are produced?
  60. chemistry

    Explain how mixing red paint and white paint could be used as an analogy for a neutralization reaction.

    When doing a titration, for example acid base, how do you know how much base to measure out and how much analyte to pour in the reaction flask?
  62. chemistry

    How many moles of H2S would we expect to be formed by reaction if 3.50 moles of HNO3 reacted completely?
  63. chem

    write a mechanism for the reaction of sodium chloroacetate with 4-chlorophenolate. - i know its a sn2 mechanism, but I don't know who to go about from here
  64. Chemistry

    how many grams of ammonium sulfate is formed from the complete reaction of 700 grams of ammonie
  65. chem

    What happens to a catalyst in a reaction? a. it remains unchanged b. it is incorporated into the products c. it is incorporated into the reactants d. it evaporates
  66. Chemistry

    3O2(g)---> 2O3(g) At a given instant, the reaction rate in terms of [O2] is 2.17x10^-5 mol/L*s. What is it in terms of O3?
  67. Biology

    In the following chemical reaction, what is carbon dioxide (CO2)? 12 H20 + 6 CO2 -> 1 glucose molecule + 6 O2
  68. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 1.5 M HCl must be transferred from a reagent bottle to provide 25g HCl for a reaction?
  69. CHEM

    A reaction of 48.5 g of Na and 53.7 g of Br2 yields 55.4 g of NaBr. What is the percent yield? 2Na+Br2 2NaBr
  70. Chemistry

    Which reaction had a negative T value: Citric Acid and baking soda or metal and hydrochloric Acid
  71. chem

    determine how many grams of N2 are produced from the reaction of 8.75 g of H2O2 and 5.43 g of N2H4. 2H2O2+N2H4 4H2O+N2 g N2?
  72. Chemistry

    What data do you need to determine whether the following reaction is spontaneous or not? 4Fe(s) + O2(g) ----> 2Fe2O2(s) Would it be temperature, delta H and delta S?
  73. science

    Proper condition for maximum yei of so3 in reaction 2so2+o2=so3+HEAT
  74. Physics

    A projectile is launched with an initial speed V0. At its highest point, the projectile's speed is V0/2 . What was the launch angle above the horizontal? (in deg)
  75. physics

    What is the work done by a car's braking system when it slows the 1500-kg car from an initial speed of 96 km/h down to 56 km/h in a distance of 55 m? I have tried to work this one and can't seem to get the answer.
  76. physic12-dymanics

    A block is launched up the incline(coefficient of friction is 0.3) with an initial speed of 12m/s. What is the maxximum displacement of the block up the incline?
  77. physics

    Atop a cliff, a projectile is fired horizontally with an initial speed of 10 m/s. Neglecting air drag, what is its speed 1 second after it is fired? A) 20 m/s.B) 14 m/s.C) 30 m/s.D) 28 m/s.E) 10 m/s. would this be 10 m/s?

    A block is pushed up a frictionless inclinded plane with initial speed V0 =5.50 m/s. The angle of incline is 0= 23.0º. How far up the plane does the block go? How long does it take to get there?
  79. physics

    the velocity acquired by a body moving with uniform acceleration is 12 m/s2 in 2 secs.and 18 m/s2 in 4 sec. find the initial velocity of the body?
  80. physics

    11.0 g of aluminum at 200C and 20.0 g of copper are dropped into 54.0 of ethyl alcohol at 15C. The temperature quickly comes to 25.0. What was the initial temperature of the copper?
  81. chemistry

    when it absorbed energy from a 79.4 g sample of water whose initial temperature was 70.1 °C. What is the specific heat of the metal in J/g·°C? How do i get the final temperature of water
  82. physics

    A projectile is launched at a 60 degree angle above the horizontal with an initial velocity of 35.5 m/s. What is the projectile's velocity (magnitude and direction) 1.50 s into the flight?
  83. physics

    Starting at = 0 , a horizontal net force 0.265 (-0.445 is applied to a box that has an initial momentum -2.95 3.85 . What is the momentum of the box at = 2.15 ?
  84. Physics

    a soccer ball is kicked and given an initial velocity of 12m/s at an angle of 30 degrees from the ground what's the velocity of the ball in the x axis
  85. physics

    A ball is kicked with an initial velocity of 16.1 m/s in the horizontal direction and 14.4 m/s in the vertical direction. What maximum height is attained by the ball?
  86. AP Chemistry

    If you combine 2.00 ml 2.0 x 10^-3 M KSCN and 98.00 ml 2.0M Fe(NO3)3 what is the concentration of FeSCN? I know the equation (V concentrated*M concentrated)=(V diluted *M diluted) should be used, but how do you go about that when you have two initial
  87. Physics

    You are given two transverse waves on a string: f1(x) and f2(x) moving toward each other. At an initial time, the wave f1(x) (lying between 0 and 5 m) moves to the right at v1 = +1 m/s and f2(x) (lying between 5 and 10 m) is moving to the left at v2 = −1
  88. Biomechanics

    A volleyball is bumped vertically up to a height of 10 m above the player’s arms. What was the initial velocity of the ball just after leaving the player’s arms?
  89. calculus

    c(t) = t^3 * 2^(-t/2) Find the initial concentration c(0) at time t=0 min. Finds the maximum concentration of the dye sand the time when this occurs.
  90. Physics

    A car traveling with an initial velocity of 15.5 m/s accelerates at a constant rate of 3.0 m/s2 for a time of 3.6 seconds. (a) What is its velocity at the end of this time? A) 26.3 m/s B) 18.5 m/s C) 10.8 m/s D) 22.1 m/s E) 19.1 m/s
  91. Physics

    if body having initial velocity of 10m/s moves with a uniform acceleration 10m/s then the final velocity when it covers a distance
  92. Calculus

    Find a general solution to each first – degree ODE. If an initial condition is given, find the corresponding particular solution. Write all solutions explicitly if possible. dr/dè = r^(2)/è
  93. Calculus

    For Questions 1–2, use the differential equation given by dy/dx = xy/3, y > 0. 1. Complete the table of values x -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 1 1 1 y 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 dy/dx 2. Find the particular solution y = f(x) to the given differential equation with the initial
  94. chemistry

    A sample of gas at 80°C is cooled by 30 degrees until its final volume is 1.75 L. If the pressure remains constant, what was the initial volume of the gas.
  95. Chemistry

    It requires 17.9 mL of 0.120 M KOH to titrate 78.0 mL of an HCl solution of unknown concentration. Calculate the initial HCl concentration.
  96. Physics

    A projectile is launched with an initial speed . At its highest point, the projectile's speed is . What was the launch angle above the horizontal? (in deg)
  97. calculus

    Use Euler's method with step size .2 to estimate y(.4), where y(x) is the solution of the initial value problem y=x+y^2, y=0. Repeat part a with step size .1
  98. physics

    A 0.5 kg object is given an initial velocity of 3 m/s after which it slides a distance of 8 m across a level floor. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the object and the floor?
  99. Math

    marisol owed $384 in interest after a 24 month loan with a simple interest rate of 8.09%. What was the initial amount of the loan?
  100. physics

    A baseball is thrown at an angle of 40.0 above the horizontal.The horizontal component of the baseball's initial velocity is 12.0 m/s^2 . What is the magnitude of the object's acceleration?