1. math

    there are two 2's in 299,792,458.name the place value of each 2.explain how their values are related.
  2. Algebra II

    Explain, without doing any calculations, why there cannot be a Real solution to the equation p5 + 2x2 + 3px + 7 + 8 = -2:
  3. math

    To find 6x8 i can use the facts for 5x4 and 1x4. do you agree, if so explain
  4. Chemistry

    where would the safest location on the bench to set up and use a labratory burner explain why
  5. science

    Explain why radioactivity can be used as a "clock" to measure the march of geologic time.
  6. Culinary Arts

    Explain the procedure for portioning muffins and preparing them for baking?
  7. trigonometry

    Find a complex number a + bi such that a^2 + b^2 is irrational. Justify and explain your reasoning.
  8. math

  9. Economics

    Explain how market research helps producers maximize profits
  10. History

    Bootlegging meant boom,time for the bahamas explain what this means.
  11. Organic Chemistry

    Different conformers of C3H7Cl? I know that there are different constitutional isomers. But, Im not sure about the conformations.. Please help and explain this to me!! Thank you!
  12. Math

    When you divide a whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 explain how you can find the quotient?
  13. 11Science

    Using scientific concepts, explain how can you have your grandfather's eyes and your grandmother's nose.
  14. 6th grade math

    what is the reason why we have an order of operations? Explain and provide an example.
  15. please help....teacher didt explain how to do it:/

    how do i find the coordinates of the midpoint of a segment having given the endpoint? K(-9,3),H(5,7)
  16. medical billing and coding

    explain how evaluation and management (EM) codes are grouped
  17. social study

    Hypothesize as to why so much conquest took place in Mesopotamia. Explain your hypothezie.
  18. Third Grade Math

    When you put together unequal groups, you can only add. Is this correct please explain.
  19. algebra

    siplify and state any restrictions on the variables. x-2/x+3 plus 10x/x^2-9 Hope someone can explain this to me.
  20. social

    explain or give an example why slaves should not be beaten. REMEMBER THINK LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815...
  21. Algebra

    Using complete sentences, explain how to graph y = x - 2 using the slope-intercept method.

    How does the discovery of seafloor spreading help to explain the mechanism behind why plates move??
  23. math

    Explain mentally which fraction would be the larger. Use two different types of thinking for each problem. A. 4/5 or 8/9 B. 3/5 or 3/8
  24. chem (urgent)

    Can someone please explain to me in simple terms what the eutectic point and temperature are?
  25. math

    Explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten.
  26. Math

    Identify the number 113 as either prime or composite. Show or explain why
  27. Jerry Mahura Secondary

    Outline and explain the objectives of fencing a farmland
  28. math (algerba 1) Please help!

    x+y=0 3x+y=-4 Sovle each system of equation by graphing. If got the answer (-3,3), but it's not there. Please explain!
  29. physic

    equation F = mv^2/r i don't get why the velocity is squared can anyone explain? this is waves on strings
  30. Biology

    Can someone explain how negative feedback helps the body maintain homeostasis?
  31. social sciences

    Write a paragraph of at least eight sentences to explain how the swahili language came into being
  32. chemistry

    The densities of the liquid and solid states of a substance are often similar. Explain.
  33. math

  34. psychology 230

    describe how one of the theories from the big five might explain the evolution of your personality.
  35. Life orintation

    Explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease HIV AIDS
  36. math B-logarithms

    im having a quiz on this tom and i don't understand it at all! Can sum1 explain it to me?
  37. math

    explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten
  38. algebra

    Explain how many miles does it takes to get from home to work, with "distance Formulas?'
  39. physics please help

    the potential difference across a load is 9V. explain what this means in more fundamental terms.
  40. statistics

    What is the relationship between Sample Size and the width of the Confidence Interval? Please explain further as to why
  41. geometry

    In the figure below, find x if these two lines are perpendicular. (3x+9) A. 24 B. 25 C. 26 D. 27 can someone please help and explain how you got your answer; because I'm stuck between A and D.
  42. Math

    How do you know which operation to choose when solving a real life problem? Can anyone help me explain this?
  43. math

    Can you explain how I find the values so I can plot a graph of T=(25 ln24/ln) -(25/ln2) ln M
  44. business law

    Explain that distinction of "interactive-passive" test of jurisdiction.
  45. math

    how much fuel will all of your familys vehicles hold if they are completely full Explain
  46. Alg I

    Find a pair of factors for each number by using the difference of two squares. 84 55 80 Please explain. Thanks
  47. Divisors?

    What is the largest remainder possible if the divisor is 10? I am helping my child and do not know how to do this Please show me how to and how to explain it.. Thank u
  48. physical science

    if a blue object is placed in front of the screen, what color will it be? explain?
  49. math

    Find all the zeros of the function. t^3 - 3t^2 - 15t + 125 Please explain. I am very confused on how to do this!!
  50. Algebra

    I do not understand multioplying binomials + factoring (x+9) (x-9) can you show and explain the steps
  51. Micro Econ

    How can you explain the MR=MC equation as the PROFIT MAXIMIZING output level?
  52. Alg I

    12r^2 + ____ + 6 How do I solve this ax^2 + bx + c problem. Please explain in detail. I simply do not get it. Thanks.
  53. Micro Econ

    How can you explain the MR=MC equation as the PROFIT MAXIMIZING output level?
  54. History

    Explain the long term impact of the Renaissance era art.
  55. education MA

    What two major concerns do you have about being a reflective decision maker? what does tis mean? need explain
  56. Algebra 1

    Clearly show and explain each step for full credit. solve the inequality |4x-3|=5
  57. 8th grade social studies

    explain to me how climate changes had a affect on the changes of culture please!!
  58. Survey of Calculus

    For the function below, find the slope of the tangent line at x=2 (5x^(4)+4)/(-2x^(3)+7) Can someone explain how to do this?
  59. History

    Explain any three aspects highlighted by Charles Dickens in his novel 'hard times'.
  60. Algebra

    CRITICAL THINKING Explain how you know that the slope of the line through (4, 5) and (4, 5) is positive without calculating.
  61. chemistry

    Explain how 0.25molar sodium trioxocarbonate4 can be prepared for practical use the ml is 500.
  62. science

    Would somebody be so kind and help me with my homework,please?Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes. Thank you for help.
  63. chemistry

    what is the volume of 3.85x10^24 molecules of AMmmonium Bromide? please explain I'm confused
  64. math

    how do i find the limit of this? (This symbol:-> is an arrow) lim of x-> 0 sin^2x/x can someone please explain?
  65. medical billing and coding

    Explain how evaluation and management (E/M) codes are grouped?
  66. 5th grade math

    explain how did you decide on the number of zeros in the product.
  67. economics

    Explain this statement: the most unlikely problem of the national debt is that the government will go bankrupt.
  68. algebra

    a student writes 5y.3 to model the relationship the sum of 5y and 3.explain the error
  69. maths

    Find the sum to n terms in the following series. 2.3.4 + 3.4.5 + ......... Please explain me in detail, thanQ!!
  70. History

    can someone explain the long-term impact of the Renaissance era art
  71. math

    Explain what benchmark you would use to estimate the number of people that can ride on a bus.
  72. math

    Explain what benchmark you would use to estimate the number of people that can ride on a bus.
  73. physics

    A carton of juice remains intact even after you have sucked out all the drink from it. please explain
  74. Algebra

    4x^2 - 13x + 3 How do you break this into groups? So far I'm having trouble with this type of concept. Please explain it, thanks!
  75. physical science

    using the cinetic theory explain what caused gas pressure
  76. Algebra

    Rename each of the following using the distributive property of multiplication over addition: A: ax+ bx+ 2x B: 3(a+b)+ x(a+b) and explain how you got this answer please!
  77. Biology

    Explain what is meant by source to sink flow in phloem transport.
  78. Calculus

    How would I go about finding the limit of this sequence: (e^(2n)+6n)^(1/n) Please explain the steps, it'd be super helpful! Thanks!
  79. Math 2

    Graph g(x)=−6(x−2)(x) Ok so I don't know how to do this because it isent two binomials but if you can help me this is what I got Vertex:1,6 X-intercpts: x=2 Is that right if not explain it to me please!
  80. CHM 300

    Explain why I2 is not a good primary standard? why is this an iodometric procedure?
  81. Cis/105

    Besides budgeting - What are some uses for MS Excel we did not cover in class? Can you think of any other way you could use this application? Explain.
  82. faith academy

    kindly explain the 2 major environments in social studies
  83. math

    matt reasoned that he can write 9/1000 as 0.9 is he correct . explain your answer.... please help....
  84. Solving Two Step Equations

    -2p - 4 = 2 What is p? I don't get how to solve this but if anyone could explain, it would make my day♡ Thank you!
  85. Math

    If a dozen items are divided into two equal groups how many will be in each group explain how you know
  86. Science

    State and explain five causes of disability in children during the post natal period.
  87. Algebra 2

    Solve the system by substitution 2x-y+z=-4 z=5 -2x+3y-z=-10 I think the answer is (-8,-7,5) But can someone tel me the right one and explain I’m so lost
  88. english

    Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence
  89. math

    Explain why and when we would need to use LCM and GCD? Share, describe and summarize 4 examples of both.
  90. Algebra

    which factors would you multiply first to find the product of 2x5x3? Explain your reasoning.
  91. chemistry

    Explain the relation between muscles, ATP energy, and the calcium ion.
  92. criminology

    Can someone explain to me how diversion programs are related to social process theories.
  93. Mathematics

    Of the set (-5,5,-3,8) which two numbers have the same absolute value. I'm having trouble trying to solve this I'd be great anyone help explain it.
  94. Business

    Explain why sears and walmart cant create a trendy counercoulture image
  95. math

    Is it possible to write a Pythagorean triple in which 2 of the numbers are even and one is odd? Explain your reasoning.
  96. computers

    What software solutions would you recommend to your executives based on their needs? Explain your answer
  97. math

    Is it possible to write a Pythagorean triple in which 2 of the numbers are odd and one is even? Explain your reasoning.
  98. billing and coding

    Explain the importance of a fee schedule and the factors it's based on.
  99. math

    You have f(x). You find f’(x). You discover that f’(3) DNE. Does that mean there’s a discontinuity in the graph of f(x) at that point? Explain.
  100. Pre-Calculus

    Can you please help me to explain how to divide complex numbers by an imaginary number