1. Math

    Explain how you can estimate to tell whether 433-147=286 is reasonable.
  2. science

    explain what science is give an example of a type scientist and what they study
  3. physics

    explain why we sweat when it is hot? How does it help us? In terms of heat and temperature what happens
  4. Chem Help Please!

    Explain why bromination of cyclohexene produces trans 1,2-dibromocyclohexane.
  5. Buisness Ethics

    In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain
  6. algebra

    Determine whether each binomial is the difference of two square. If so, factor it. If not, explain why. -m^6
  7. BIOLOGY 12

    Explain the path of deoxygenated blood from the right atrium to the lungs
  8. social studies

    Does apartheid still exist in some ways in South Africa? Explain.
  9. science

    Please help!!!! Explain how mutations in DNA may affect the traits of an individual
  10. American Government

    Please explain what conditions cause new democracies to survive and thrive or to fail ?
  11. math

    Explain how you can use an array to find partial products for 4x36
  12. math

    In the number 13,407.036 there are two 3s. Explain how the values of the 3s are related. Thanks
  13. CHM 300

    Explain why I2 is not a good primary standard? why is this an iodometric procedure?
  14. Buisness Ethics

    In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain
  15. Buisness Ethics

    Identify and explain a situation where you have seen Machiavelli's framework at work
  16. math!! help pleaseee

    5: 2 = 8 : 10 please explain to me how to do thissss :( im so lost and i have to one to turn to or any math books or anything.
  17. social studies/ history

    Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".
  18. poetry

    Can u please explain to me the poem On the wire by Robert service in detail?
  19. Math 11u

    There are two values for "a" and "b", if any, that would make (-4)^a(divided by)b Undifined? Explain reasoning.
  20. MATH

    Series converges? or diverges? Which test? explain? (-1)^n * (4n^3) ------------(fraction) (n^4) + 1
  21. HUman resource managment

    Can someone explain to me about the developing and resource strategies in HRM, in the staffing??
  22. Algebra

    Explain how to use a graph to determine the number of solutions of a system?
  23. science

    which would have a lower melting point, C3H6 or CH30H? explain.
  24. psychology 230

    describe how one of the theories from the big five might explain the evolution of your personality.
  25. Science

    Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes. Thank you for help.Kinga
  26. Chemistry

    Which is the strongest acid, CCl3COOH or CH2ClCOOH please explain WHY it is stronger.
  27. human resources

    Identify and explain a situation where you have seen Machiavelli's framework at work
  28. physical science

    Explain how the snowboarder can have both kinetic and potential energy at point B.
  29. science

    Can anybody plz explain to me how the digestive system works for all mammals?
  30. english

    Explain the process by which hrothgar wins power and fame?
  31. english

    Explain the process by which Hrothga wins power and fame.
  32. math ( sets )

    { 30,31,32,....,100 } How many numbers in the above set are divisible by 8 ? a. 9 b. 10 c. 11 d. 12 e. 13 please answer and explain
  33. Geometry

    Explain why the inverse of sine times 1.5 does not make sense.
  34. math help plz

    explain whether or not,in a composition of two or more isometries,the order of applying them matters
  35. Algebra 2

    Which quadratic function has its vertex at (2,3) and passes through (1,0)? a. y = 2(x-2)^2+3 b. y = -3(x-2)^2+3 c. y = -3(x+2)^2+3 d. y = 2(x-2)^2-3 Could you explain why you got your answer, too?
  36. english

    In “Crossing the Bar,” Paraphrase Explain, what the speaker desires
  37. math

    explain whether or not,in a composition of two or more isometries the order of applying them matters.
  38. Unit rates

    Explain how you can use a unit rate to compare what store is a better buy.
  39. Math

    I need to describe a situation that's linear and nonlinear, but I'm not sure how. Can someone explain, or give an example?
  40. Math

    Is a bar graph better than a pictograph to display data? Explain.
  41. English J.B.

    In the book J.B. by Archbald MacLeish, can anyone help me find metaphors and explain them. Thanks
  42. phycology

    Explain how biological influences play a role in BPD?
  43. math

    in algebra if you have a problem like -2+2 will the answer be negative or positive? can you please explain why
  44. social sciences

    Write a paragraph of at least eight sentences to explain how the swahili language came into being
  45. clothing an textiles

    six ways in which control fullness in a garment explain any two methods
  46. chemistry

    Explain in one or two sentences how new evidence affects scientific models
  47. Math

    Explain whether the set (0,1,2) is closed with respect to additon on whole numbers
  48. Math

    When you put together unequal groups you can only add. Is this correct? Explain
  49. Math

    ---LINEAR TRI-SYSTEM--- Please explain how to do this problem because I already have the answer as (0,4,-2) 5x+y-z=6 x+y+z=2 3x+y=4
  50. Interpersonal Communications

    Explain the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications
  51. Math

    Jill said that An angle is made of any two rays is she correct explain
  52. integral

    find the integral ~(e^x + x)^2 (e^x + 1)dx can you pls explain how it arrive to this? ans = 2e^4x + C
  53. physics

    density= mass/volume=150kg/(30*20*500) in kg/cm^3 what is kg/cm^3 and can you explain how to use this please
  54. Trigonometry

    How do you solve the equation 5√3 secθ = 10 in degree measure? please explain.
  55. math

    A square and a rectangle each have a perimeter of 100 feet. Explain how this is possible.
  56. Sports

    Explain the law 'handling the ball' in the field of cricket.
  57. Biology

    How do you explain the relationships between allele position and crossover frequency?
  58. math

    How can I explain the angle sum theorem? and whats a good example for it?
  59. accounting

    what period expense is difficult to match with revenue. explain why?
  60. Fine Arts

    Need help with this-- 26. Explain the relationship between the Baroque style and the Counter-Reformation. -MC
  61. math

    Your fav store is having a sale. Would you prefer to get a $10 off or a 10% off coupon? EXPLAIN PLEASE.
  62. Math

    Can someone please explain this question? What would be a brief scenario of a continuous probability distribution? Thanks for your help.
  63. science

    ok my summer homework is to explain how the si system is used in the scienetific community. HELP!
  64. math

    Explain another way to help you find the product of 8x6 without repeated addition.
  65. chemistry

    can O3, AsH3 and H2Se act as a lewis acid? please explain.
  66. chemistry

    can O3, AsH3 and H2Se act as a lewis acid? please explain.
  67. Math Time

    From 1:30pm-2:15pm Is 75 minutes? I added 60 plus 15 If I'm wrong, please explain
  68. trig

    If sinθ>0 and tangθ
  69. bio

    explain what will happen to a sugar cube when it is placed in a glass of water.
  70. maqth

    explain the steps you follow to multiply by a 1 digit number
  71. 5th grade math

    can you explain inverse operations to solve an inequality program?
  72. Math

    How do I do square roots when you have the numbers 42 and 84? This is the best way I could explain it. Hope you know what I'm talking about.
  73. Env. Sci.

    Explain how an organism can be dead, yet still considered a biotic factor.
  74. physics

    Explain the difference between a GET and MOSFET on the basis of their construction and working
  75. business law

    Explain that distinction of "interactive-passive" test of jurisdiction.
  76. Math

    Ther are 16 teens and I want to give them each 5/8 of a sub sandwich. How many sub sandwiches do I need? Explain please?
  77. Biology

    How do genes determine the traist of an organism explain in details
  78. Chemistry

    Standard enthapies of formation are not always like bond enthalpies.Explain
  79. agricultural science

    Outline and explain the objectives fencing a farm land
  80. psychology

    Jiskha experts, can someone please explain to me what is the premise of business psychology?
  81. Math Gr. 7

    Is it possible to polygon with 290 deg angle? Plz explain
  82. biology

    How could you explain this statement "An ecosystem is constantly changing ,yet it remains the same."
  83. science

    Explain how so many languages spoken in south asia are related?
  84. world culture

    Explain how so many languages spoken in south asia are related? PLEASE HELP
  85. Algebra

    Can someone explain how you could convert a repeating, nonterminating decimal to a fraction? Thanks. :)
  86. biology

    What is the heterotrophic hypothesis and how can I explain it from both a biological and conceptual framework?
  87. math

    Sara says the number with the most digits is always greatest. Do you agree? Explain.
  88. math

    Explain whether the set {0, 1, 2} is closed with respect to addition on whole numbers.
  89. math

    what is the cost of nine ounces of cheese at $.80 per pound? can anyone solve it and explain me. thank you.
  90. math

    Explain why there is no number that can replace n to make the equation /n/ = -3 true.
  91. Science

    An energy convesion makes the telephone a useful machine. Explain.
  92. algebra

    find a quadratic equation with roots -1+4i and -1-4i If someone could explain it would help me understand
  93. chemistry

    explain why the type of bond could determine the volatility of a substance
  94. science

    Explain why the temperature of water might increase when a solution forms.
  95. Medical Coding and Billing

    Explain the importance of a fee schedule and the factors it's based on.
  96. physics

    Explain why helicopters need 2 rotors to fly in a straight line.
  97. Orientalism

    I do not understand what Orientalism has to do with Arab and Muslim Americans. Can someone please explain
  98. Math

    If events A and B are independent and P(A) and P(B) are nonzero, explain why P(A U B) does not equal P(A)+ P(B) im not sure how to answer this
  99. Math

    Given line AB, explain how to contruct a square with sides of length AB.
  100. Math

    Question: What is 17% of thirty? I don't know how to find the answer can someone explain this please?