1. science

    if the contour interval was greater, would there be more or less lines on th emap? explain.
  2. Math

    Jill said that an angle is made of two rays. Is she correct? Explain
  3. Pre-Calculus

    How is -16/(4x+6)^5 and -1/(2(2x+3)^5) equivalent? I think -1/2(2x+3)^5 is the more simplified version of the two, but I just can't figure out how -16/(4x+6)^5 simplifies to -1/(2(2x+3)^5). please explain
  4. Pre-Calculus

    Can you please help me to explain how to divide complex numbers by an imaginary number
  5. Planning 10

    Can someone please explain the importance of social responsibility and independent action to me?
  6. Physics

    How is time peroid the reciprocal of frequency? Plz explain
  7. physics 101

    explain rocket propulsion in terms of conservation of momentum
  8. chemistry

    Explain what subatomic particles mke up an atom and how are they arranged
  9. social - totem pole

    can you explain the history of northwest coast native art?
  10. College Chemistry

    explain why krypton can form compounds with other elements, but neon cannot
  11. math

    Without doing the computation explain why or why not19.7 is a reasonable value for the expression 122.14÷6.2.
  12. maths

    what are power functions used for? including strengths and limitations for use and EXPLAIN please :)
  13. Maths

    What is the algebra candy mixture problem? PLease explain clearly and detailled.
  14. Amherst

    x+0.054=-1.802;x my answer sheet say 1.856 can you explain?
  15. chemistry

    Hello this is ellie again. I was wondering could you explain what a bombardment reaction is and and show an example of it? Thanks
  16. science

    explain the importance of convection currents to pond life
  17. Life orientation

    Explain what is meant by trends and demands of the job market
  18. ISB

    Find the angles of atriangle which are in the ratio 2:3:5. Could someone explain how to do this also. Thnaks.
  19. math

    a + bc = -1 b + ac = -1 c + ab = -1 Which of these values of 'a' is one solution for this system of equations? A) -2 B) -1 C) 0 D) 2 Please also explain how you got the answer, thanks.
  20. financial management

    Is an increase in collection period necessarily bad? Explain.
  21. math

    Is it reasonable to say the sum of 146 and 149 is less than 300? Explain.
  22. criminal justice

    explain the relationship between theory and hypothesis development and testing
  23. science

    Explain the main factors that affect the Earth’s temperature.
  24. Algebra

    Explain how you could check the answer to a division question in which there is a remainder
  25. Chem Help Please!

    Explain why bromination of cyclohexene produces trans 1,2-dibromocyclohexane.
  26. chemistry

    briefly explain how to demostrate that all the reactants in a neutralization reaction has been used up
  27. Social Studies

    Why do you think dictators need to find scapegoats for their nation's ills? Explain.
  28. s.s

    how does jefferson explain the reason for a formal declaration of independence
  29. math

    how many weeks in 3 years, explain your answer.show the work
  30. One Step Equations with Rational Coefficients

    T/-11=11 I am not getting this so it would be highly appreciated if you would explain me the steps to the answer, thank you for helping me!
  31. Geography HELP

    HOw do I explain how you would make a scale map of a room in your home.
  32. math

    Maria said 7x3=21. Connie said 3x7=21. Who is correct? Explain.
  33. math

    Please help me with this one, I am stymied! ; Does weight + height affect force? Please explain!
  34. Geometry

    Find the perimeter of the trapezoid. L1 = 9.65 yd, L2 = 9.25 yd, L3 = 10.12 yd, and L4 = 6.20 yd Can you please explain how I answer this? Thank you kindly:)
  35. Life orientation

    Identify your 3 human rights violations or discrimination and explain
  36. science

    why do crickets chirp louder when it is warm. I think it is because they are ectotherms but i really do not know how to explain why. Thanks.
  37. algebra

    Determine whether each binomial is the difference of two square. If so, factor it. If not, explain why. -m^6
  38. MATH

  39. math

    118 ft = ________yd____________ft . 21 ft 11 in =_______in please explain how to solve these sums. thank u
  40. Math

    Do you think there is a commutative property of division? Explain why and why not. Give examples.
  41. logistics

    do some research in India. explain the cause of heavy rains which are falling.
  42. math

    In triangle ABC, AF and CE meetin D. If AE=EB, BF=FC, then AD x CD/DF x DE equals a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6 e. 8 please answer and explain
  43. Physics

    Can you find a vector quantity that has a magnitude of zero but components that are different from zero? Explain.
  44. Science

    Explain what happens when a skydiver reaches terminal velocity? thank you...your help is very much appreciated!!
  45. maths --plse help me..

    Is eulers formulae true for spheres and cylinder ,please explain
  46. Math

    Jill said that an angle is made of two rays. Is she correct? Explain.
  47. math

    jill said that an angle is made of two rays.is she corret? explain
  48. math

    1. If m∠BAC = 38° and m∠DEC = 100°, then what is the value of x? Explain and show all work.
  49. math

    To find the sum of 286+134 would you regroup once or twice explain
  50. science

    when the depth of water increses the pressure also increases. explain with example?

    Estimate the product of 3 7/8 and 25. Describe your method. Please answer and explain.
  52. science

    The moving water causes sediments to abrade against each other. Explain this sentence.
  53. business communication

    What do you consider to be the most important features of an effective communication? Explain your choices
  54. biology

    explain the following statement: "life is complex on the molecular level"
  55. algebra

    2xy + 6 -------- 3y -4z if x= 2, y=6 anwser 3 this is a question from in class i don't get. Could you explain to to me
  56. chemistry

    Is there a relationship between HOMO & LUMO and bonding & antibonding? Explain.
  57. governement

    In 3-4 sentences, explain why is voting important in a democratic society.
  58. Math

    Explain how knowing that 5 divided by 8 = 0.625 helps you the decimal for 4 5/8.
  59. social studies

    identify 3 kinds of artifacts and explain what they tell us about ancient people.
  60. chemistry

    How does a straw work? Using the Kinetic Molecular Theory to explain?
  61. math

    The dimensions of a box are 9 by 16 by radical 25. Its volume is a. 60 b. 3600 c. √(50) d. √(60) please explain
  62. Math

    You have used tables, equations, and graphs for math. When would you use each representation. explain
  63. graphical geometry need help

    the graph of the relation y=x^2+2x+k, passes through 2 and 0 find the value of k. plz explain
  64. need help math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken
  65. Health

    What are GMO's? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not? Please explain in detail.
  66. Math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken
  67. algebra

    how do i explain how to write 20 miles/4 hours as a unit rate?
  68. Math

    Solve & check your solution ( if checking isn't possible, explain why ) 5x/4 + 1/2 = x - 1/2
  69. geometry

    what is the general form of the equation of a circle? Explain "h", "k" and "r" stand for.
  70. English

    Explain how reading, critical thinking, and writing relate to one another.
  71. science

    explain why must the ramp be angled initially to get a starting height
  72. faith academy

    kindly explain the 2 major environments in social studies
  73. Physical Science

    Explain the role friction plays in the conservation of energy.
  74. Science

    Explain how osmosis across the membrane affects the size of the egg.
  75. math

    what is the value of c approximatedto 3 decimal places ,, the value of c is 112 and can you explain as how to get the answer
  76. Cis/105

    Besides budgeting - What are some uses for MS Excel we did not cover in class? Can you think of any other way you could use this application? Explain.
  77. World History

    Do you support the colonization of the Philippines by the United States? Explain.
  78. Biology....someone who can explain something to me

    can someone explain the Miller-Urey Experiment to me? I've read it again and again and I just don't really get it. Please help me out here.
  79. math

    How do you simplify equations; ex. 8x+3(-4x+5)2x Caxn someone explain not just post the answer.thanx(:
  80. World History

    Do you support the colonization of the Philippines by the United States? Explain.
  81. Science

    Can u please explain how u say 1M is equal to 6.02e23.,, What is the number 6.02e 23 electrons.
  82. american history

    Did the Watergate scandal have any lasting effects on the nation? Explain.
  83. Algebra

    What is the simplified form of each expression? 1) 3g^-2b^2 A)3b^2/g^2 B)3g^2b^-2 C)3gb^-4*** D)b^2/3g^2 2) 3/g^-2h^3 A)3/g^2h^3*** B)3g^2/h^3 C)6g/h^3 D)3/gh Are these correct? If not, please explain.
  84. Calculus

    Give an example of a function that is integrable on the interval [-1,1], but not continuous on [-1,1]. Explain.
  85. biology

    Explain negative feedback and give one example in the human body.
  86. Math

    Explain how you can estimate to tell whether 433-147=286 is reasonable.
  87. math

    If a line is horizontal, its slope is 1) 1 2) 0 3) undefined 4) neative please explain ..thanks!
  88. Calculus

    Let f : R --> R be an odd function. Explain why, for any positive number a, the integral from -a to a of f(x) = 0.
  89. About the Red River Colony

    How did the conflict occur? Was it just because of the land? I'm having some trouble understanding. Please explain to me.
  90. Math

    I just have a question. How would you explain how to graph information from a ratio table?
  91. Pre- Algebra

    Can you graph these equations for me so that I can figure out how to do them? 1). Y=4x-3 2). 4x-5=2x-y 3). Y=1x1+4 4). X+5=2x-7 Can you explain your work?
  92. physics

    How can you explain the caculation of velocity or speed using distance and time?
  93. physical science

    using the cinetic theory explain what caused gas pressure
  94. Math

    Find the length of the curve r(t)=sqrt(2)ti + e^tj + e^-tk, 0
  95. Science

    Scientific methodology is what distinguishes science from other disciplines. Explain
  96. Math

    Choose 5, 10, or 100 as the most reasonable interval for the data. 15, 25, 10, 10, 5 Please explain Thanks
  97. math

    I can't understand rounding rules of numbers Can you simply explain it ?
  98. Calculus 1

    True or false. Explain. The line x=1 is a vertical asymptote of f(x)=(x^2+x-2)/(x^2-1)
  99. Child Growth & Development

    You niece is three years old. How would you explain her cognitive development according to Piaget?
  100. governernment

    explain the role of government in a free enterprise system?