1. Calculus 1

    True or false. Explain. The line x=1 is a vertical asymptote of f(x)=(x^2+x-2)/(x^2-1)
  2. math

    Explain and show hot to convert 0.765 to fraction
  3. prealgbra

    identify the number as rational or irrational. explain 291.87
  4. math

    Explain how to use cross product to detemine whether the ratios 27 to 36 and 12 to 16 are equal.
  5. English

    The question ask us to analyze this quote, "We've got all the time in the world." What does this mean? How do you explain it?
  6. Chemistry

    Standard enthapies of formation are not always like bond enthalpies.Explain
  7. physics

  8. MATH-Algebra

    please show/explain what I have to do to work the below problem: p/3 x 24 = 16 p=___________ thank you
  9. biology

    explain how organisims have evolved physiologically to become suited to its environment
  10. Chemistry

    I'm having trouble with knowing the relations between quantum numbers n, l, m(sub l), and m(sub s). Could you please explain?
  11. science

    which would have a lower melting point, C3H6 or CH30H? explain please!
  12. math

    Without doing the computation explain why or why not19.7 is a reasonable value for the expression 122.14÷6.2.
  13. criminal Justice

    Why are K-9 units important in fighting crime? Explain.
  14. maths

    for each of following sequences state whether it converges and if it does to what limit explain your answer to the below An =(6n-3n^3)/(2n^3+4n^2) (n=1,2,3,...)
  15. Science

    Explain how would you can locate the pole star with the help of Ursa Major.
  16. Math

    If you use $63.00 divided by nine is seven dollars greater than or less than the exact answer explain
  17. math

    If 9x8=72, then 72 divided by 8 is what number? Explain how you know without actually finding the quotient?
  18. algebra

    P +4- 2 (p-10)> 0 Please check, it was marked wrong P+4 -2p +20 > 0 -p+ 24> 0 -p >-24 P > 24 Answer choices are 29, 26, 24, 22 Please explain thank you
  19. math

    what is the value of c approximatedto 3 decimal places ,, the value of c is 112 and can you explain as how to get the answer
  20. chemistry

    pls. explain why the copper element has two ion charge?
  21. science

    how to write a conclusion for medicinal plants projects?please explain it.
  22. MathLog#4

    is the product of two linear functions always a quadratic function? Explain..
  23. Bioscience

    Explain the role of exocytosis in the communication between a neuron and synapse
  24. math

    I can't understand rounding rules of numbers Can you simply explain it ?
  25. algebra

    Could someone please explain to me how to do this problem, and also what the answer is? I don't understand !! (8x10^4) x (4.43 x 10^9). THANKS SO MUCH!
  26. math

    what is -3.5 + 17? The online calculator says 13.5 and I don't get how that is the answer. I got 14.5 and I am confused. Please help me and explain this to me
  27. Chemistry

    What is the mole fraction of O2 in a mixture of 15.1g of O2, 8.16g of N2, and 2.46g of H2? (PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO!) Thanks
  28. algebra 2

    Reiny - I don't understand can you explain how you did this - I will assume you meant g(x) = (x-3)^2 (f o g)(11) = f(g(11)) = f(64) = 64-20 = 44
  29. physics

    how to explain the relationship between the mass of the rotating object and its period?
  30. MATH

    explain how a bar graph and apictograph are used to compare data
  31. algebra

    Please Explain how to factor the following trinomials forms: x2 + bx + c and ax2 + bx + c in words.
  32. math

    explain how abar graph and a pictograph are used to compare data?
  33. Health

    What are GMO's? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not? Please explain in detail.
  34. organic chemistry

    what type of impurity is associated with large crystals? Explain.
  35. Precalc Please Help

    1 + tan^2 (5) - csc^2 (85) = ? Would this equal 0 could someone explain this to me and the correct answer?

    1 + tan^2 (5) - csc^2 (85) = ? Would this equal 0 could someone explain this to me and the correct answer?
  37. Math

    Can someone explain how to do this Give the five-number summary of each set of numbers 7, 7, 5, 4, 1, 9, 8, 8, 8, 5, 2. I'm not to sure how to do this?
  38. science

    explain how mutations in dna affect the traits of an individual
  39. science

    which would have a lower melting point, C3H6 or CH30H? explain.
  40. math

    Sandy writes (4*30)+(4*2) and says the quotient for 128/4 is 8 is she correct.explain
  41. math

    what is the value of c approximatedto 3 decimal places ,, the value of c is 112 and can you explain as how to get the answer
  42. Math- integers

    Explain the meaning on 0 : a decrease of 250 attendees
  43. biology

    HI, i'm in need of sites/articles that explain what invertebrate, chordate, and primates are.
  44. chemistry

    can O3, AsH3 and H2Se act as a lewis acid? please explain.
  45. Science

    Would you expect orange juice to be more dense than water? Explain.
  46. science

    when the depth of water increses the pressure also increases. explain with example?
  47. math

    How do you simplify equations; ex. 8x+3(-4x+5)2x Caxn someone explain not just post the answer.thanx(:
  48. chemistry

    can O3, AsH3 and H2Se act as a lewis acid? please explain.
  49. Math

    Jake says that adding 0 does not change a sum. Is he correct? explain.
  50. Math

    Can some one explain these to me i need the factors. i am totally lost. thanks x^2+x-6 x^2+7x+10 x^2+5x+6 x^2+2xy+15y^2
  51. Math

    9. Explain how to solve 8 square+9(12 divided by 3 times 2) -7. (5 Points)
  52. calculus

    can someone explain to me the steps to solve this problem? find the derivative: (3x^2+7)(x^2-2x+3)
  53. Science

    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes? I will like someone to explain this to me, please.
  54. Communicating Skills

    Explain what a "word" picture is? Please help me.I haven't any time

    Can someone please explain friction. i don't even understand the concepts parts!
  56. algebra 2

    how do i do 5p^2+80p+320...i need to factor it and i don't get it at all..explain plz :)
  57. math

    How many ways can we select a group of 4 people from a class of 27? Please explain
  58. Science-Please Help!

    name two devices that we use on earth, which use the same principles as space capsules. Explain for each one.
  59. chemistry

    Explain the first ionization energy of lithium is greater than that of sodium
  60. math

    What part of y yards is f feet? a. f/y b. 3f/y c. f/3y d. y/f e. 3fy please answer and explain
  61. Evaluating algebraic expressions

    Does the expression d-12 have a greater value when d=42 or when d=46 ? Explain, without computing
  62. Calculus

    which pair of lines are perpendicular? a) 2x + 3y - 7=0, -3x - 2y + 2=0 b) 2x - 3y + 2=0, 5x - 7y + 2=0 c) -4x + y - 3=0, x + 4y=0 d) -5x + y + 1=0, 5x + y + 1=0 Please explain. I know we have to use the dot product :3
  63. biology

    if a fruit fly has 28.8% Adenine, approximately how much guanine will it have? can someone explain this
  64. US history

    how do you explain some americans fears over the international trade agreement?
  65. Science

    Explain what happens when a skydiver reaches terminal velocity? thank you...your help is very much appreciated!!
  66. chemistry

    explain why benzoic acid do not affect litmus paper
  67. Math

    Identify the two numbers less than 20 with the most factors.explain how you solve the problem

    Explain the terms, Molar mass and Avogadro's number?
  69. Math

    What is the relationship of the two lines with the equations -3y=x-6 and y=3x+1? I am very confused. Please explain how you got your answer!
  70. bio

    explain what will happen to a sugar cube when it is placed in a glass of water.
  71. science

    1.explain why most refrigerators are painted with a white shiny colour.
  72. data analysis w/spreadsh w/lab

    Please explain what the outcome of "" means
  73. Algebra

    Explain how to use a graph to determine the number of solutions of a system?
  74. English - Research

    What are three readable resources that explain the history of radio?
  75. Chemistry

    Hello, Is there a reaction when NaNO3 is added to some H2O? Or does it just dissolves? Please explain why, thanks!
  76. Algebra

    Let p(x)=2x^3-113 and let q be the inverse of p. Find q(137). Please explain in steps. Thank you.
  77. physics

    explain the following,using the idea of molecules where possible : A.lakes are more likely to freeze than the sea
  78. biology

    explain how the hiv virus destroys the immune system.
  79. Comp 155

    Explain the key differences between the types of essays.
  80. Math Pre Algerbra

    The Number of yards in f feet i think it is 1f if not explain by the way 1f = 1 * f

    Explain Gray’s model of approach/avoidance motivation. PLEASE HELP!
  82. Math

    Identify the sequence as arithmetic. geometric, or neither.. explain your answer 1.6, 0.8, 0.4, 0.2....
  83. Math

    Can noninteger numbers be part of the domain and range? Explain.
  84. English Grammar

    What is Indirect Interrogative Sentences? What's the simplest way to explain it?
  85. math

    Explain how you can multiply 3 times 24 by using arrays. Then give the product.
  86. Geometry

    Are all horizontal lines parallel Use slope to explain how you know I put yes
  87. english

    Can someone explain to me the different appeals used in writing (ethos, pathos, and logos)?
  88. Chemistry

    Explain which atom of the following pair have the smaller ionization energy: As, I
  89. math

    Evaluate for each expression m = 2/5 and n = 1/2 1) 2m + n 2) 2m - n Please explain so I can understand the rest of the questions.
  90. com 156

    What aspect of writing an introduction do you anticipate will be a challenge for you? Explain why.
  91. Calculus

    if f(x)= |(x^2-9)(x^2+1)| how many numbers in the interval [-1,1] satisfy the mean value theorem? None 1 2 3 Will someone please explain in detail?
  92. healthcare

    explain the subject matter jurisdiction of federal courts.
  93. chemistry

    The atomic masses of elements are generally not whole numbers. Explain why.
  94. Biology

    Explain why oxygen consumption varies with body weight.?
  95. science

    can u please explain osmosis,diffusion,fluid mosaic model
  96. calculus-limits

    For f(x) = e^x sinx , what can be said about lim x -> negative infinty? Explain.
  97. Chemistry

    Can visible light cause excitation of an electron in water? explain
  98. math

    in the number 13,407.036 the are two 3's explain how the values of 3's are related?
  99. math

    in number 13,407.036 there are two 3's explain how the values of the 3's are related?
  100. math

    it is always possible to draw a circle which passes through all four vertices of a rectangle. Explain why.