1. History

    Economic principle # 1 is " principle choose". Employers choose to offer benefit packages to their employees. Apply the key economic principle "the consequences of choices lie in the future" to this decision. What are the important costs and benefits that
  2. Research Writing

    How do you do this? I am lost. My topic I chose is Homeless. Summary of the Research Process I. Begin the project. A. Think about the assignment. B. Analyze your audience and the purpose for which you are writing. C. Select an appropriate topic. D.
  3. sociology

    Search the Online Library for an article or case study about suicide in the United States. Try key words such as “research on suicide” to narrow your search. The article should contain sufficient data on suicide for you to determine the research
  4. final revision

    question: By the time people reach young adulthood, they have an idea of what causes them stress. The text discusses several sources of stress. What sources of stress did the text identify of which you were previously unaware? Has your reading helped you
  5. statistics/psych

    Find TWO media examples of two types of correlations (explained below). You will have to do some research to find these. Next: (1) Find one media example (don�t make up your own) of a correlation that could be argued to be spurious (third variable).
  6. Science

    Names of three alternative energy sources and one disadvantage of the three alternative energy sources.
  7. EPI

    Is creating a responsible budget, savings and investing, and establishing credit worthiness show any key economic principles? Key economic principles: 1. People choose 2. All choices involve cost 3. People respons to incentives 4. The consequences of
  8. math

    how does the no. of regions increase when another chord is added to the circle?
  9. intergrated science1

    What are electrons circle atoms in regions called?
  10. SS

    Is agriculture widespread in coniferous forest regions?
  11. 11th grade

    What are the formal and functional regions of seattle washington???
  12. calculus

    f(x)=x^3/(x^2-1) find the regions of concavity and inflection points
  13. Geography

    the fall line divides which two physiographic regions
  14. calculus

    Find the area S of the regions y= square root (x) =x/3 x=25
  15. earth science

    what are the landscape regions that the hudson river flows through
  16. calculus

    Find the area S of the regions y= square root (x) =x/3 x=25
  17. geography

    What regions have low or high annual precipitation?
  18. government

    what seasonal patterns did the colonists in all three regions encounter
  19. Physiology

    how do regions of the brain control motor neurons?
  20. Astronomy 1010

    What are six regions of the electromagnetic spectrum? please detail and answer
  21. English

    To what extent does writing connect with people and society? Provide one source thats supports and one source that refutes. The two sources must examine the topic from different perspectives. The sources I already have is: writing and reading
  22. Math

    A court is 94ft long by 50ft wide.It contains 3 circles, each with a diameter of 12 ft. Two of the circles are located at the free throw line with "half of each circle shaded" and the third circle is at the center. Within the third shaded circle is another
  23. Texas history

    1. Who were the buffalo soldiers? A. African-American US Calvary units that fought against the Comanche B. Comanche rangers who also hunted buffalo C. Private security hired by Texas cattleman to protect them from the Comanche D. Soldiers of signed by the
  24. the fed

    Which best describes one of the ways in which the Federal Reserve has an impact on the national economy? 1. The Federal Reserve helps the economy by keeping inflation low in times of economic growth. 2. The Federal Reserve keeps interest rates low,
  25. history

    Homework Help: social studies Posted by anonymous on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 4:10pm. At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine or the Texan ranch comrade of Californians comrade of free north sweeteners of every hue caste am I of every
  26. Texas History

    How did the oil industry damage Texas' environment in it early years?
  27. Global Studies (Please help)

    which of the following was neither part of the confederacy nor the union? a. Minnesota b. Texas c. Michigan D. Colorado
  28. short term financing

    Determine the maximum loan for which Texas Oil Supplies could qualify
  29. Science HELP

    What types of changes does a hurricane cause along the Texas coast? (Weathering, erosion, or deposition)
  30. Math

    what page in the 8th grade texas math book is the let,if,then problems.
  31. S.S

    Which of the following was neither part of the Confederacy nor the Union? Minnesota Texas Michigan Colorado
  32. goverrnment

    How has this political culture affected the relationship Texas has with the federal government?
  33. analizing short term loans

    what is the maximum loan for which Texas Oil Supplies could qualify? If the rate is 8.5
  34. texas history

    how did the government under sam houston encourage people to settle in texas?
  35. i dont know

    What is the capital of the state that shares its long southern border with Texas?
  36. politics

    The publication that contains rules, regulations, and notices of Texas state agencies is the?
  37. ss

    Does anybody know how many states celebrate there independance. Probably only Texas, as it was the only state that was an independent nation.
  38. U.S History

    who was the Texas billionaire who started a 3rd political party in 1992
  39. Geography

    The direction from San Antonio, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana is northeast right?
  40. social studies - geography

    How did texas geography affect the native american in the gulf coast?
  41. modern world studies

    Two cities in texas you could visit to see original Spanish missions and architecture are what and what
  42. business law

    Adam Chandler, star pitcher for the Olney Jayhawks, was warming up in the bull pitches to a catcher, during game 3 of the World Series where they were facing their hated rivals the Texas Loudmouths. Throughout this warm-up, the Texas fans were being very
  43. government

    What problems did the Court have in the ear between the Civil war and the New Deal in trying to limit economic regulation? In attempting to limit regulation, was the Court reading its own political views into the Constitution or striving for a neutral
  44. 7th grade science weather Ms.Sue help please

    1. Which of the following facts might be related to polar climates? (1 point) Solar energy hits these regions at a low angle. Year-round temperatures are always hot. These regions lie between latitudes 23° north and 23° south. Temperatures in these zones
  45. managerial economics

    The New York City Parks Department doubled the annual fee for the hot-dog pushcart that had the exclusive license for the spot just south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to $288,000. Why would anyone pay almost $300,00 for a pushcart license? Who is
  46. Economics

    Is the answer D on this question: 1. The basic principles of economics imply that policymakers should a. rely on markets to guide economic activity, except when markets produce inefficient or inequitable outcomes. b. enact policies that discourage people
  47. history

    1. The region of the United States in which Georgia is located is the (1 point) northeastern region. southeastern region. northwestern region. southwestern region. 2. Brasstown Bald, Amicalola Falls, and Helen, Georgia are all located in which region? (1
  48. italy- 6th grade

    Questions 1) what environmental changes have occurred in Italy?? 2) how has the success of metal goods industries in Italy helped the country's economy? 3) what is happening to Venice? 4) describe the economic activities that make northern Italy a
  49. science urgent please i really need your help

    Which of the following is an example of recycling? a. collecting and remelting aluminum beer cans b. cleaning and refilling soft-drink bottles c. selling used clothing at a garage sale d. saving leftovers in a peanut butter jar e. using household water to
  50. Unit 5 - Discussion Board

    Your friend Lucy slept through a class in which her professor explained the concepts of depreciation and amortization. Use the Cybrary's Accounting links and/or dictionary sources and the Internet to learn about these concepts, and then write a 4-5
  51. SS please help!!

    Why are most modern economies referred to as mixed economies? * 1 point Poverty is always highest in countries with market economies. Government planners do not know how to handle economic problems. Products made by traditional economies have no markets in
  52. Economics

    1. You read the following information about the economy: Real GDP up three percent from a year ago. Unemployment rate of 6.1 percent. Consumer Price Index up six percent from a year ago. Index of Leading Indicators up for the last six months. Prime
  53. Geography

    question: Economic activities can be grouped by how and if they use natural resources. In a well-written essay, discuess the various levels of economic activities and how they are linked to the use of natural resources. Use examples to improve your answer.
  54. Research Paper

    WHat do I do if I have a a source but I don't have the authors name and I have to put it in the paper...?understand.? Many internet sources don't list the author. You can use the URL and title of the site. oh ok thank you...so for example: blah blah
  55. Geography

    What are the differences betwen formal, functional, and perceptional regions?
  56. math

    Find the coordinates of the centroid of the regions bounded by the graphs of: i)y=x2+1,x=0,x=1 and y=0 ii)y+x2=6 and y+2x-3=0
  57. social studies

    I need to know the five most productive agricultural/industrial/energy producing regions of the US.
  58. social studies

    what is the dividing line between east & west in the usa and how are those two regions different?
  59. science

    Identify the main regions of the alimentary canal and the associated organs.
  60. Social Studies plz help me

    How did sectionalism emerge in the 1820s? Compare the priorities of the regions.
  61. langue arts

    Description of the climate in at least three different locations/regions in your state? (1 point)
  62. math

    find the maximum and minimum values of f(x,y)=y-3x for feasible regions
  63. World cultures

    Describe two ways that Europe could divide into smaller regions
  64. china

    how regions of china affect choices made for people
  65. AED

    what needs to happen to create a balance in school funding across regions?
  66. one more history question please?

    How did sectionalism emerge in the 1820s? Compare the priorities of the regions
  67. Precalc

    What name is given to figures (wave) to indicate that points are attracted to only certain regions in the plane and no to others?
  68. world history

    Why did different regions in Africa develop in different ways between 1000 and 1700?
  69. social studies

    What are two ways the southeast and southwest cultural regions are similar and different?
  70. Calculus

    Sketch the regions bounded by the following curves and find their area: y=2x^2 y=-x^3+3x
  71. Texas History

    Check my answers? Which of the following shows the influence of the U.S. Constitution on the Texas Constitution? A. the executive branch has the most power B. existence of a bill of rights ** C. provisions promoting legislative over judicial power D.
  72. social studies 20-1 (URGENT)

    examine each source below and write in paragraph form, a response in which you: -interpret each source to identify and explain the perspective(s) related to Nationalism. -identify and discuss one or more ideological concepts that are refleted in the
  73. Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade

    Which of the following is an accurate statement about the economy of the Atlantic Provinces? a. Tourism is the region’s major economic activity. b. A recent economic slump has resulted in a large decline in the population of the region. c. Forestry and
  74. Social Studies 30

    Which characteristic(s) of collectivism do you think are most important to Canadian society? Competition, cooperation, private property, rule of law, common good, self-interest, economic equality, collective norms, freedom, collective interest, individual
  75. biology

    Can someone explain how the DNA vaccine differ from a traditional vaccine? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "DNA vaccine" to get these possible sources: http://people.ku.edu/~jbrown/dnavac.htm
  76. HUM/176

    in my assignment it asks me to compare and contrast information in the news stories as well as how they are presented. It also asks to answer the following questions, what links are included and how does the commentary associated with the stories and
  77. Social Studies

    Describe the Texans’ actions—how Texas came to exist. (America - Mexico war)

    Who is affected by the Florida Cession? What is the orgin (country)of the Annexation of Texas? Pleas Help!
  79. History!!! help asap

    5. How can you demonstrate the differences in the perspectives about Texas and its independence with historically accurate facts?

    Who is affected by the Florida Cession? What is the orgin (country)of the Annexation of Texas? Pleas Help!
  81. texas historty

    what action did spain take to prevent the Mexican war of independence from spreading to texas
  82. US History

    What delayed the annexation of Texas (other than the threat of war with Mexico)? I already checked out wikipedia. Thanks.
  83. S.S ( HELP !! QUICK !! )

    what did Texas think of the Mexican-American war? I just need a website link or something like that! I'm so stuck on this question !!
  84. Economics

    In two or three paraghaphs,discuss how industrial growth in Texas has affected its natural resources
  85. world history

    following world war 2 what factors led to Japan's economic success? a)the adoption of eastern economic philosophy that emphasized supply and demand economy. b)the concentration on the production of high-quality agricultural products. c)efficient, modern
  86. History

    Following world war 11 what factors led to japans economic sucess? A. the adoption of eastern economic philosophy that emphasized supply and demand economy B. the concentration on the production of high-quality agricultural products C. efficient modern
  87. HCA 220

    I need a sample of PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 12 slides that summarizes the processes of digestion, respiration, and circulation. Each process must be outlined using 2 to 4 slides. Include detailed speaker’s notes that describe each process and
  88. health

    • Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 12 slides that summarizes the processes of digestion, respiration, and circulation. Each process must be outlined using 2 to 4 slides. Include detailed speaker’s notes that describe each process and explain
  89. Economics

    Discuss the relationship between the level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economic well-being. What factors of well-being are missing from the GDP? Is there a point where the GDP could increase to such a high level that economic well-being could be
  90. calculus

    The illumination of an object by a light source is directly proportional to the strength of the source and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. If two light sources, one three times as strong as the other, are placed 11 ft
  91. Language Arts-check answer-

    The article is at the bottom for this question: Skim the article “Cruise Control” to find the name of the bumper sticker service found in Arlington, Texas. a) 1-866-2TELLMOM b) 800-4-MYTEEN ******** c) Big Mother d) Dad’s Eyes Anne Rekerdres likes to
  92. Physics Questions!

    An interference pattern is set up by two point sources of the same frequency, vibrating in phase with one another. A point on the second nodal line is 50.0 cm from one source and 59 cm from the other. The speed of the waves is 35 cm/s. Calculate the
  93. English

    i am trying to write a paper on Frankenstein. the question is "Is Frankenstein a work of science fiction?"....i have to write a persuasive essay...i believe that it is a work of science fiction...but as ussuall i need sources and proves from the book to
  94. Biology

    Explain how the digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems work together to allow cellular respiration to occur. Here are some good sources on cellular respiration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_respiration
  95. math

    In how many regions (parts) do three lines in general position divide a plane?
  96. Social studies

    Which of the following be explains why a species of lizards is able to live in the desert but not in a tundra regions?
  97. science

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of having growing regions to sustain fuel supply?
  98. calculus

    find the area of one of the regions bounded by the curves y=sin x and y=cos x
  99. Asia

    What kinds of natural vegetation are found in each of Russia's climate regions?
  100. Science

    Which of the following climate regions often have four seasons? A. polar B. temperate C. dry D. cool