1. Math

    Instead of using the mean, how could you use the median to explain that ages are older?

    asked by Reeses on March 10, 2017
  2. digital circuits & systems

    Draw the architecture of a microprocessor and explain it.

    asked by nakul on July 29, 2015
  3. science

    i need help on this question i need to explain the four characteristics of a mineral

    asked by Amber on September 15, 2009
  4. religion

    Explain Jesus' approach to morality.

    asked by kathy on January 6, 2012
  5. grade 9 math

    Can someone please help me solve this equation. And please explain how to break this down. 4b-6+b-9= 0

    asked by brooke on April 12, 2011


    asked by CHRISTIANA on April 8, 2015
  7. math

    Explain how you could show five less than a number using an expression?

    asked by Jo on January 11, 2011
  8. math

    what is 6 minus 2 and one half? please explain answer

    asked by Anonymous on November 27, 2012
  9. english

    Could someone explain the difference between affect and effect to me? Thank you.

    asked by Christian on September 15, 2007
  10. Algebra 1

    Factor and explain each step 2x^2-13x-45

    asked by homework help!! on April 15, 2008

    what is 6 minus 2 and one half? please explain answer

    asked by Anonymous on November 27, 2012
  12. math

    Explain how to change 3.8 meters to millimeters.

    asked by stephanie on January 10, 2012
  13. social studies

    Explain why the unification of italy is an example of nationalism.

    asked by squadhunter on December 17, 2014
  14. math

    can anybody explain me what the Leibniz Integral Rule is?

    asked by masaya on November 10, 2008
  15. 3rd grade, Social Studies.

    Explain how you are a consumer, what goods and services do you use?

    asked by Elaine on October 20, 2008
  16. Calculus

    Given ƒ(x) = e^x, verify that lim h→0 (e^(x+h)−e^x)/h = e^x and explain how this illustrates that ƒ′(x) = ln e • e^x = e^x.

    asked by Anonymous on November 14, 2018
  17. math

    Dennise says that (2x+7)^2=(7-2x)^2.Did you agree with dennised?explain.

    asked by claire on June 24, 2017
  18. bioloy

    Which fraction of the genome contains the most information? Explain.

    asked by arthur on March 25, 2013
  19. Pre-Calculus

    Can someone please explain how eccentricity can be used to classify conics.

    asked by Iris on December 6, 2016
  20. Presentation

    I'm not sure what Cenozoic and Mesozoic means. Can someone please explain?

    asked by Wishwash on December 12, 2017
  21. Math

    Explain how u know that 17 thousandths is more than two places to the right of the decimal.

    asked by Kisha on September 16, 2009
  22. English

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” Please explain what this quote means, thanks!

    asked by Emma on December 2, 2012
  23. math

    how many times less is 400 than 4 million; explain

    asked by frank on November 27, 2012
  24. algebra

    i need help using subtraction while combining like terms, can you explain how its done?

    asked by bob on January 28, 2008
  25. college level algebra

    I need to explain why subtracting a negative is like adding

    asked by john on February 27, 2009
  26. math

    explain how you could show five less than a number using an expresson

    asked by jesten on January 6, 2011
  27. physics

    Can someone explain the term magnitude when it comes to momentum

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2013
  28. Algebra and Geometey

    Hi can someone explain what is meant by the inverse of a transformation

    asked by Katherine on October 13, 2017
  29. math

    is (-1, 5) a soultion for each system? x + y = 4 x=-1 can someone please explain how to solve this? thanks.

    asked by Amber on September 16, 2007
  30. math

    Of the set -5,,5,-3,8 which two numbers have the same absolute value? explain

    asked by tracy on October 10, 2015
  31. organic

    Explain why glucose undergoes mutarotation

    asked by Jake on November 8, 2008
  32. algebra

    find the indicated outputs for f(x)=3x^2-5x I get f(0)=0 f(-1) = 1 f(2) =8) am I doing this right if not could you explain where I am wrong.

    asked by scatterbrain on September 11, 2009
  33. Math

    Explain the pattern rule. a) -2,4,-8,16,-32 b) -15,30,90,-360

    asked by Anny on February 12, 2014
  34. Biology

    Can someone please explain how enzymes work? I need to know the parts of one too.

    asked by Ashley on October 7, 2010
  35. Math

    Explain how you would find 2 x 2 1/3 using the distributive property.

    asked by Jasmine on December 17, 2014
  36. math

    explain how to write20 over 40 as a unit rate

    asked by devin on September 10, 2009
  37. 5th math

    What are the next three numbers in this pattern? 2,5,3,5,4,5,_,_,_ 6,5,7? Right or wrong please explain.

    asked by Anonymous on November 28, 2012
  38. 6th grade math

    7=2-5m; m my answer key says -1 but I don't know why it would be that. Can you explain?

    asked by Xavier on April 20, 2010
  39. Science

    You may have heard "Nothing is Free" explain why this is true

    asked by Lance on December 1, 2012
  40. Math

    Did I do this problem right? Add. (x^9-2)+(x^9+2). Here is what I did: (x+x)^9+(-2+2) 2x^9+0 Is this correct? If not could you please explain it to me? Thanks.

    asked by B.B. on April 21, 2010
  41. Health

    Explain the relationship between hepatitis and virus?

    asked by Omar on December 8, 2016
  42. geometry

    Is it possible to construct a triangle with sides 4,5,9? If not, explain why.

    asked by alisa on November 14, 2011
  43. World History

    Explain how and why imperialism was different in India and China.

    asked by Tyffany on June 2, 2008
  44. 7th grade math(the metric system)

    56L=_kL plz explain

    asked by n'kyla on September 10, 2008
  45. integrated science

    explain pressure relations for air

    asked by brit on June 9, 2011
  46. math

    explain how to write20 over 40 as a unit rate

    asked by devin on September 10, 2009
  47. history

    can u explain the 1885 rebellion to me i don't get it,

    asked by sarah on June 7, 2011
  48. Evaluating algebraic expressions

    Does the expression d-12 have a greater value when d=42 or when d=46 ? Explain, without computing

    asked by Jayda Jordan on January 26, 2017
  49. Math

    what is the best measure of central tendency? Explain

    asked by Taylor on January 12, 2011
  50. English

    Hello How to explain to students the difference between may, might and could when it comes to possibility?

    asked by Mark on February 28, 2012
  51. Math

    Okay, we just got the question -11y-13>42. I just got y>-5. Is this right? If not can someone plz explain!

    asked by Rowan on May 28, 2018
  52. biology

    transport and respiration explain in depth

    asked by mebe on September 12, 2010
  53. Social Studies

    Explain the impact of multiculturalism on Canada.

    asked by Mariah on October 13, 2017
  54. Science

    explain why narrow leaves still do their job well?

    asked by Noor on March 27, 2018
  55. precalculus

    can you explain how you find the eccentricity of r=4/-2-costheta?

    asked by Anonymous on December 11, 2016
  56. social studies

    explain the two basic way you can look for information on the internet.

    asked by malik on December 12, 2007
  57. the book animal farm

    I have to put characters into groups and explain why ?

    asked by mich on May 11, 2012
  58. Math

    Explain how you know if a number can be divided by 10 evenly

    asked by Elizabeth on September 9, 2016
  59. Civic Education

    In not less than ten lines, explain Government

    asked by Ndudi on January 13, 2016
  60. Math

    Of the set [ -5,5,-3,8], which two numbers have the same absolute value? Explain.

    asked by Callie on September 11, 2016
  61. Algebra

    Explain how to factor the difference of two squares.

    asked by Mary on April 5, 2013
  62. Inequality

    Hi, can someone explain how to solve this inequality... 2x^3 - 7x^2 < 8x - 28 Thanks, Armando

    asked by Armando on June 1, 2011
  63. Life Orientation

    Explain 5 factors that can contribute to cancer

    asked by Nicola on April 29, 2012
  64. Physic II

    Explain how objects can get charged by Friction.

    asked by Jessica on January 26, 2014
  65. com140

    explain the three main techniques of persuasion?

    asked by rocio on February 25, 2009
  66. 3rd grade

    is the number with the most digits always the greatest? explain

    asked by mike on September 22, 2009
  67. science

    explain how the phloem is adopted to its function.

    asked by austin on November 25, 2018
  68. Algebra 1

    Evaluate and explain: a/3b for a=18 and b=3. Is 2 the correct answer?

    asked by Shavaleir on September 21, 2009
  69. Physic II

    Explain how objects can get charged by Friction.

    asked by Jessica on January 26, 2014
  70. Chemistry

    explain different forms of polymerisation in glucose

    asked by sarah on September 5, 2010
  71. Math

    Of the set [ -5,5,-3,8], which two numbers have the same absolute value? Explain.

    asked by Pokemon on September 11, 2016
  72. sociology

    Explain the three steps for measuring a variable.

    asked by Aaron on March 11, 2012
  73. Algebra 1

    Can you show the steps and explain how to solve 8-(x-2)

    asked by Dillon on April 4, 2011
  74. sociology

    Explain the three steps for measuring a variable.

    asked by Aaron on March 11, 2012
  75. College /Career

    What is self concept? Any examples? Can you please explain clearly to me? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Anonymous on June 4, 2009

    Explain working of a desert cooler?

    asked by MASIH on June 2, 2011
  77. math

    Explain Why is1734 greater than175?

    asked by katie on September 17, 2009
  78. Troy

    Could you explain to me how an author uses symbolism in literature?

    asked by Lisa on April 15, 2008
  79. maths

    could you explain me that how to take LCM in division method ?

    asked by Muslimah on March 7, 2009
  80. spanish

    can you please explain when you would use una vs la. I am getting confused as to which to use and in what context. Thanks

    asked by sam on October 24, 2007
  81. science

    Explain the law of universal gravitation

    asked by glenn on January 10, 2012
  82. math

    How would you convert something like: 13 7/8 % or 14 2/3 % into a decimal? Could you please explain the steps? Thank you.

    asked by Jess on February 26, 2009
  83. Health 8R - help!

    Explain how siomese twins form please help

    asked by Laruen on December 4, 2012
  84. Math

    Is it possible for a trapezoid to havw 3 right angkes explain

    asked by Lilly on September 8, 2016
  85. Biology 20

    explain how vaccines help in combating diseases.

    asked by Laurie on June 4, 2008
  86. math

    can prime number other than 2 and5 3 apart? explain

    asked by Praneeith on February 16, 2010
  87. precalculus

    can you explain what the equation y = a(x - h)2 + k, a ≠ 0 means and what it represents?

    asked by Benjamin on December 5, 2016
  88. algebra

    Can you explain how you would find out if one or both factors are really equal to 0?

    asked by betty on October 10, 2010
  89. Math

    Do you need to regroup to find 73-35? Explain your answer.

    asked by John on October 16, 2014
  90. Science

    can someone explain how time zones are determined? please help and thank you

    asked by Anomynous on September 19, 2009
  91. math

    Please explain question. How many tons are in 1/2 of a ton.

    asked by Milan on March 15, 2015
  92. math

    If (x+4) is a factor of -x2-11x-w = 0, then the value of w is: a.-60 b. -28 c. 28 or d.60 Please explain your answer. Thank you.

    asked by anonymous on September 22, 2007
  93. math

    explain why 1,734 is greater than 175

    asked by Hannah on September 7, 2010
  94. U.S. History

    Explain the Civil rights Movement in the US

    asked by [Jamby] on March 11, 2012
  95. Math

    Could you use doubling to multiply 7x3? Explain?

    asked by Bob h on January 31, 2014
  96. Math

    Kelly subtracted 2.3 from 20 and got 17.7. Explain why this is reasonable.

    asked by Jordan on October 19, 2008
  97. Science

    Explain how atoms and elements differ from one another.

    asked by Anonymous on February 22, 2013
  98. Civics

    What are some common laws I really don't get this can someone explain it to me?

    asked by Sara on January 27, 2016
  99. Chemistry

    How many atoms of 0xygen are there in 8.43 g of KMnO4? Could someone please explain this?

    asked by Morgan on September 7, 2010
  100. Algebra

    Is it possible to write a trinomial with degree 0? Explain. Thank you

    asked by Mom on January 19, 2016