1. Algebra readiness

    explain the meaning betweeen |-3| and -3
  2. Math

    PLease Explain how you can tell if a line is proportional
  3. Math

    please help me Explain how you can tell if a line is proportional
  4. math

    How do you explain to a 3rd grader that 1/2 + 1/8 > 1 whole
  5. math

    What is 3/4 divided by 1/9. Please show and explain
  6. 6th grade

    Explain words that modifies
  7. math

    Could you use doubling to multiply 7x 3? explain
  8. history

    explain 9th amendment
  9. calculus

    does the sequence a=(2n)! / n! converge? Explain
  10. Algebra Help

    Could someone place explain how to solve the following - 4t^2/5=t/5+3/10 5t/6-t/2=1 Thanks
  11. history

    • Explain the politics of consensus
  12. math

    Which of the following is equal to (9^-2)+(9^-1)/(81^0)(9^-2) a. 0 b. 1/10 c. 1/9 d. 3/2 e. 10 please answer and explain
  13. Langston Hughes

    Explain the use of repetition of the pronoun "I".
  14. math

    How could knowing that 35/7=5 help you find 42/7? Explain
  15. biology

  16. 6th grade

    please explain input and output
  17. Pre-Calc/Trig

    is the integer n odd or even, explain
  18. Math

    Which is greater 5.71 or 5.2453? Explain
  19. Math ho.

    Explain why 6.7320508075689 is a irrational.

    Combine and Simplify 2 + t/t-3 - 18/t^2-9 - Please explain
  21. French

    Sometimes "de" is used with the plural (instead of "des") - please explain when this is so.
  22. 5th grade

    explain how you know that in fractions 7 divided by 9 is less than 1
  23. P.S

    Explain how parachute works?
  24. College Algebra

    Can some please help me and explain this problem to me! Or if you know of any website that will help! Thanks. -2x+4>12
  25. math

    do 5 + x and x + 5 represent the same expression? explain.
  26. Algebra

    I am unsure how to factor x^3-8. Could you please explain?
  27. math

    explain how we use pi in the real world.
  28. physics

    explain to me the process doping. what is it? how is it done?
  29. Math

    Please explain and show your work 2 3 -+- 3 4
  30. math

    Can someone help explain the sequence of this pattern? Thanks. 1/3 , 5/6 , 4/3
  31. physics

    can someone please explain f1d1 = f2d2
  32. 10th grade

    radiocarbon dating? can someone please explain?
  33. algebra

    Explain three rules for exponents
  34. Math

    what is the GCF and the LCM fo 10-75-55 could you please explain to me how to do this. Thank you
  35. Math 221

    9w-w^3 I need someone to explain how do I factor this problem
  36. math

    i know the answer its b but how i explain 212 to x and 7 to 10 a.24 b.30 c.40
  37. Math

    Explain how you can used a grid to subtract 1.65-0.98
  38. Math

    (-1/2)+3/5/[9/10-(3/5)] I got 1/15 is this correct? I don't think so please help and explain how you did this :)
  39. math

    How do you divide 23/345 ????? Can someone explain it please!!
  40. algebra

    i need help can someone explain how to do this X+3+2x=X+35X what is the answer or can someone help me?
  41. math

    explain comparing fractions 21/25?
  42. math

    Explain vertices and edges
  43. math

    Can 0 be the identity for multiplication? Explain why or why not.
  44. math

    can anyone please explain to me how come x=pi can't not represent a function?
  45. Finite Math

    True or false. P (n, r) = r! C (n, r). explain why please, thanks
  46. math

    If A=2/3B,B=2/3C,and C=2/3D,what part of D is B? a. 8/27 b. 4/9 c. 2/3 d. 75 e. 4/3 please answer and explain
  47. math

    x^2-49 Can you help explain why this example is a diffence of two squares
  48. social studies

    were there any weaknesses in the Constitution? Explain.
  49. Social Studes

    what is the backcountry and explain the disputes?
  50. english

    How to explain the PEE structure?
  51. Mathematics

    Given that a√b^2-c = 5k, find the value of: 1. k when a = 3, b = 6 and c = 20 2. c when a = 4, b = 7, and k = 11 Explain your working please
  52. 8th grade math

    what is symbolic reasoning? Please help and explain. Thank you!
  53. algebre

    Can someone explain what the graph would look like for : y=-4x^2-2 and it's inverse
  54. biology

    Explain the scientific method
  55. Algebra

    1. Is 2 a solution of the following equation? 2 = 10 – 4y Please explain this to me!
  56. english

    explain why communicationis described as a process
  57. reading

    IF SOMEONE IMPLORED YOU TO do something, would you be more or less likely to do it,then if he or she decreed you to do that?Explain.
  58. Mahs

    To subtract 91 from 99 do you need to regroup?explain
  59. math

    explain why the equation x^(5)-3x+1=0 must have a solution with 0 < x
  60. Math

    x=-6±√(6^2-4(1)(4)/(2(1)) x=(-6±2√5)/2 Can some one help explain how it came to 2sqr 5 I am lost
  61. math

    Explain vertices and edges
  62. Math

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3
  63. College math

    Can you explain to me how to write 1/3 as a percent?
  64. math

    Is a trapezoid also a parallelogram? Explain why or why not.
  65. Math

    Is x^2 +4x + 4 + y^2 - 2y + 1 = 25 the equation of a circle? Explain why or why not.
  66. entrepreneur

    explain how to do a appenices for a hospital
  67. math

    Name three numbers between 0.33 AND 0.34 PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT THE ANSWER!!!:)
  68. math

    please explain to me how to dived this 57/550
  69. math

    Look the equation below. If x=4, what is the value of y? y=(x-1)+13 Explain your thinking.
  70. Math, again

    Please explain how to do this problem: 5 + 3 x 2 + (4+2)= I did 5+3=8 x2+ 16 +6=22 did I do this correctly? Thank you...
  71. math

    Please explain how to do this problem: 5(9-3)+5x4-6=
  72. math

    Explain how to estimate, and then find 6 5/8 / 1 1/5.
  73. math

    evaluate -4.9+2.9(-8.78-3.22). explain each step.
  74. math

    can you explain function tables to me
  75. math

    which is less 3 feet or 48 inches? Explain how you know?
  76. math

    4x-y=3 4x+y=1 show work and explain
  77. Geometry

    Is a rectangle always a rhombus? Please explain why.
  78. math

    3/4 + 1/10 I know the answer is 17/20, but I'm not sure how do get to this, please explain how to solve.
  79. chem

    How many isomers of C2H3Br3 are possible? explain.
  80. pre-calc.

    (ln(100))/ln(10) = I know the answer is 2 so can you explain why. Thank you :)
  81. Physics

    Explain the all three laws of motion
  82. ALG2

    x2 + bx + c and ax2 + bx + c could you factor this and explain it.
  83. math

    Explain why the function f(x)={x^2-9}/{x-3} is discontinuous at x=3.
  84. Math

    Miles says 47+36 is the same as 50+33. Is this reasonable? Explain.
  85. statistics

    H0: ¦Ð ¡Ü .60 versus H1: ¦Ð > .60, ¦Á = .05, x = 56, n = 80 can someone just explain why alpha is there? Is it used?
  86. Science

    Explain the meaning of osmosis
  87. xx

    explain problem: 3.1 - 2.076=
  88. math

    is 49 a perfect square? can you please explain.
  89. Phsyics

    Can you explain to me how an LCD works?
  90. 5th grade

    explain how you know that 5.5 is to the right of 5 1/4 on the number line
  91. business

    explain currency exchange
  92. chemistry

    how to find a pH for 0.10 M HCL? please explain
  93. math

    explain how would you write 5/6 as a percent?
  94. science

    what is Bioenergetics? explain in detail.
  95. Lauren

    Which has the larger radius N^3- or P^3-? Please Explain
  96. 6th grade

    0.4/2.4=f/6 Dont know how to solve please explain so i can know thank u
  97. algebra

    hahyalkeldoe can someone please explain this to me i am lost
  98. science

    Explain why using standard measurements is useful
  99. math Please help!!

    Explain the difference in meaning between [-3] and -3
  100. Math

    How many yards in 48in? Can you explain how to do it?