The formula for the area of a circle and the volume of a sphere an be though of as functions of the radii of the shapes. (Anything you could answer would be so helpful) Thank you!! a) Write a rule expressing the area of a circle as a function of its

    asked by Julie on February 10, 2013
  2. Math

    Teresa put tiles marked with the letters of her name into a bag. The back of each tile is blank. The tiles are shown below. T E R E S A Without looking into the bag, Teresa will pick a tile. a. What is the probability that Teresa will pick a tile with the

    asked by Frances on May 5, 2011
  3. life science

    a.)What are the steps of mitosis? b.)Explain what each of the steps mean. c.)What are the steps of cell division? d.)Explain what each of the steps mean. e.)Compare and contrast mitosis and cell division.

    asked by Bridgett on November 14, 2010
  4. Science

    Are all solutions mixtures? Are all mixtures solutions? Explain with examples. I put all solutions are mixtures but all mixtures aren't solutions. I don't know how to explain it with examples

    asked by Andrew on February 21, 2012
  5. Economics

    1.calculate the price elasticity of demand when the price was increased from R25 to R40 ? (10) 2.is a price increase the correct decision to raise revenue?substantiate your answer using the price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand

    asked by Setumbo on March 31, 2016
  6. REPOST: Teen Suicide

    Posted by Wenmar on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 9:40pm. I have to do a term paper on Teen Suicide. Here is our format: I. Title Page II. Table of Contents III. History of Problem IV. Who's affected V. Signs of Problem VI. Agency VII. Treatment VIII.

    asked by Wenmar on October 25, 2007
  7. Chemistry

    Explain why the solubility of PbF2 is pH dependent, but the solubility of PbCl2 is not. I know the solubility of PbF2 is pH dependent because the solubility would increase as the solution becomes more acidic because the F^- ion is the conjugate weak base

    asked by Robin on April 11, 2016
  8. math

    average of rainfall reno-0.19mm sahara-0.17mm mojave 0.1mm tempe-0.24 question in december the average total rainfall in all of the deserts together is 0.89 mm. explain how to use the figures from the tables to write a comparison of the total desert

    asked by garrick on November 11, 2009
  9. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    1. Mr. Lui wrote 15 - 5x/x^2 - 9x + 18. a. Explain what kind of expression it is. b. Simplify the expression. Show your work. c. Identify any excluded values. A: a. It is a rational expression. b. 5/x - 6 c. Excluded value: x = 6 2. Lynne can paint a wall

    asked by Victoria on June 10, 2014
  10. Algebra 1

    1. Mr. Lui wrote 15 - 5x/x^2 - 9x + 18. a. Explain what kind of expression it is. b. Simplify the expression. Show your work. c. Identify any excluded values. A: a. It is a rational expression. b. 5/x - 6 c. Excluded value: x = 6 2. Lynne can paint a wall

    asked by Victoria on June 10, 2014
  11. English

    Can you tell me which of the following statements are correct? Thank you very much. 1) For my main course I'd like grilled chicken breast (and not a grilled chickne breast) with boiled potatoes and peas. 2)For my starter I'll have a soup of the day and for

    asked by Franco on February 23, 2010
  12. Geography

    http://www.answers.com/sovereignty?cat=biz-fin There are many definitions here; keep scrolling down to read them. The first ones are the most concise, though. It has more than one meaning, but basically it has to do with control of territory, yes. Could

    asked by Writeacher on August 16, 2007
  13. us history, need help quick please!!

    i need to make a t-table. i need to know the complaints of the anti-federalists about the congress, executive branch, judiciary branch, and the right of the people, and then the federalist responce to each of these complaints. Please check these sites. The

    asked by INEEDHELP!!! on October 1, 2006
  14. English

    Purchasing a Snow Blower (title) Snow blowers (also called snow throwers) can make the sometimes difficult, often-unpleasant task of clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways much easier. Before making a purchase, however, it’s best to learn a few snow

    asked by BARNETTA on August 16, 2015
  15. ELA

    I am suck and VERY confused about this question... please help! If you're not gonna tell me the full answer, at least give me a hint OR explain a little. Thanks! Reread the introduction to the play. The Straw, a play by Eugene O'Neill, is set in a factory

    asked by ChildInNeed on April 27, 2017
  16. Cultural Diversity

    How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? Explain your answer. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1173740750.1173740941.1173742315 "What i think is that by having slavery it made the whites seem that they

    asked by Tameka on March 12, 2007
  17. BIS 155

    You own a small computer service company with only 2 employees. You provide different types of services to regular customers and companies. You have noticed an increase of demand for troubleshooting and support of mobile devices. However, you only support

    asked by BOSS on June 23, 2011
  18. Environmental Science

    2 pages Details: Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she

    asked by BLP on August 8, 2009
  19. Environmental Science

    2 pages Details: Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she

    asked by donna on November 7, 2008
  20. social studies (check answers)--Mrs.Sue

    THanks and thanks again... 1.D 2.C 3.A Brazil’s culture reflects what unique aspect of its colonial history? A. its Roman Catholic missionary roots B. its ties to the West African slave trade C. its rule and settlement by the Portuguese D. its peaceful

    asked by matt on April 22, 2014
  21. History [Check?]

    Which of the following was not one of the reforms that Ataturk advocated? a.adopt the Latin alphabet

    asked by Kayla on December 21, 2015
  22. World History

    It would be nice if someone could please help me find a good map of East Egypt near the Red Sea, this map needs to include the peninsula names, the river's names, the mountain's names, and the desert's name. that i can read.... thanks :] These don't have

    asked by Lynn on August 21, 2007
  23. Psychology

    hey..check out schoolpiggyback (on google)...they got psychology students that will answer your questions there...neways..goodluck : ) Psychologists have used four perspectives in their efforts to explain motivation. These include an emphasis on instincts,

    asked by steve on December 4, 2006
  24. science

    what other substance apart from zinc sulphate is left when solid zinc and dilute sulphuric acid go together? i've already answered that pls can you explain what other substance is made apart from zinc sulphate when solid zinc and dilute sulphuric acid are

    asked by mea on October 15, 2006
  25. math

    The expression 9a + 6s is the cost for a adults and s students to see a musical performance. a. Find the total cost for three adults and five students. b. The number of adults and students in a group both double. Does the cost double? Explain your answer

    asked by amy on September 7, 2010
  26. Math

    A court is 94ft long by 50ft wide. It has 3 circles each 12ft diameter. Two of the circles are at the free throw line and the third is at the center of the court. Within the 3rd circle is another circle with a radius of 2ft.The key is rectangular region on

    asked by Kimberly on May 17, 2015
  27. Managerial Economics--HELP!!

    Pappa's Restaurant is a new Italian Restaurant in town. As the only Italian restaurant in the area, it faces the following daily demand curve: Q = 500 – 25 P Where Q is the number of meals it serves per day and P is the average price of its meals. The

    asked by Heather on December 13, 2006
  28. History

    In sowing seeds of peace the purpose of the camp on maine can best be decribed as A. to educate Arab and Israeli teens B. to give orphans of families destroyed by conflict a place to meet C. for arab and israeli teens to get to know each other as people

    asked by sarah on January 6, 2012
  29. Social Studies

    1. Which BEST describes the differences that divide Maayan and Muhammad? A. age and interests B. physical barriers C. culture and politics** D. economic status 2. How does Maayan most directly experience the conflict in Israel? A. through treating victims

    asked by Audrey on February 19, 2016
  30. math,help

    okay i am getting confuse with the decimals and fractions in order to make a table for the following problem.can someone help me make the tables the problem reads as follows. solve the system. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 Now, i know i have to break them to the form

    asked by jasmine20 on April 15, 2007
  31. Math Help

    Can someone help me with my math??? 1. Max had 16 cookies his friend josh and liya wanted 4 cookies each how many cookies does max have now? Explain Since max had two friends and they both wanted 4 that is 8 cookies and since he had 16 8-16 he has 8

    asked by Earthea on August 27, 2018
  32. statisticsbob

    Perform a one-way ANOVA analysis, testing at the 0.05 level. Also, calculate the mean number of sick days for each group. Describe your results. But equally important, also explain what you would do if you owned your own company. Would you pay for your

    asked by Anonymous on June 7, 2014
  33. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Triangle PQR is transformed to triangle P'Q'R'. Triangle PQR has vertices P(3, −6), Q(0, 9), and R(−3, 0). Triangle P'Q'R' has vertices P'(1, −2), Q'(0, 3), and R'(−1, 0). Plot triangles PQR and P'Q'R' on your own coordinate grid. Part A: What is

    asked by Music Lover 14 on November 13, 2016
  34. art appreciation

    Choose 3 works of art from 3 artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era. Your 3 works of art should come from the time periods or art movements covered in the readings from Unit 4 and Unit 5. This assignment will have 6 Sections (A–F).

    asked by jor-rell on March 16, 2014
  35. physics

    a fan on a floating barge blows air at high speed toward the right. a)will the barge move? if so, what direction? explain. B) a sail is now put up on the barge so that the fan blows air towards the sail. will the barge move. if so, what direction? explain.

    asked by dude on January 6, 2008
  36. Math Help

    Forks:Spoons There are 7 forks and 5 spoons. What's the ratio? Explain what the ratio means. I know what the ratio is its 7:5 right? I just need help on the second one. How do I explain it?

    asked by Zero on December 8, 2014
  37. physics problems

    please check my answers. 17. explain how the sport of pole vaulting dramatically changed when flexible fiberglass poles replaced still wodden poles? -the fiberglass poles had more momentum and PE than still wooden poles? 20. does the international space

    asked by Jess on October 16, 2007
  38. US History

    Read the following paraphrase from George Washington's Farewell Address and answer the following question. People have the right to make and alter their governments. But the constitution is sacred law until changed by the whole people together. The very

    asked by Summer Moriarty on January 4, 2016
  39. Sciece

    Hi Can I have websites that have quizes and tests for Science cause my checkpoint exams are coming and I want specifically in Biology , Chemistry , Physics The topics th at I want are Cells , Atoms elements compounds and mixtures and Energy and Energy

    asked by Hi on April 8, 2007
  40. Geography

    I have this project to do but I didn't briing my book home. This is the problem. . . _______, _______, _________, and ________make up Caribbean South America. I would be greatly gratified if you would help me! i looked it up and saw coloumbia and venezuela

    asked by Loren on November 28, 2006
  41. HELLLLP!

    How does this read as the first part of a debate? Ladies and Gentlemen, the United States wants to have its cake and eat it too. Dictatorships stand for everything that the United States opposes. Tyranny, repression and at times they lack fundamental human

    asked by Mahalia on May 15, 2011
  42. Microeconomics [Urgent!]

    I have an exam tomorrow and I really need to know how you get the following answers. Please show me! I know it's a lot of questions, but I don't understand how you get the answer... ------------------ 40. At Nick's Bakery, the cost to make his homemade

    asked by Anonymous on December 8, 2008
  43. ETHICS


    asked by LIXA on March 22, 2007
  44. Chemsitry

    Hello. I'm not n=sure about these answers so i was wondering if someone could check them out? 27, A: Which is a stronger acid - sulfuric or carbonic acid? (Answer: Sulfuric acid.) 27, B: Imagine you have two glasses. One contains a solution of carbonic

    asked by CRCAWF on May 11, 2009
  45. social studies

    how can we end surrogation? I didn't know that anyone wanted to end surrogation. It's the substitution of one person for another and is very useful sometimes. Do you mean segregation? Are you refering to racial, sexual, age or others types of

    asked by majesta on March 29, 2007
  46. life science

    explain about polyploidy

    asked by zama on March 19, 2013
  47. Calculus

    when does vector (a+b) = (a-b)? explain

    asked by k2k on February 10, 2012
  48. Math

    How would you explain this problem? [(8*2)- 13]^3+(4-1)^2+4-2*3+|3|-|-6|=?

    asked by Sumaiya on October 3, 2010
  49. Chemisty

    explain how you get a decompositin..?

    asked by Arcaral on February 8, 2011
  50. Mathematics

    If A gives B $3, B will have twice as much as A. If B gives A $5, A will have twice as much as B. How much does each have? Explain clearly your working.

    asked by Diamon on January 15, 2012
  51. math

    is x^5+x^2+x a polynomial ? explain why or why not

    asked by sam on August 9, 2011
  52. Math

    Can you please explain how to do this equation, thanks x+9+12 = -3

    asked by Sara on February 2, 2010
  53. science


    asked by SREEVENI on February 16, 2012
  54. 3rd grade math

    Explain how to compare 0.34 and 0.27?

    asked by Rae on June 6, 2011
  55. Math

    How would I simplify this? Explain please!!! 7(2x+2)-9(-1+6x)

    asked by Dawn on October 3, 2010
  56. math

    i was shown example: x+6=-5 6=-5 6--5=x x=-11 please explain to me how they got this

    asked by j on January 5, 2011
  57. math

    why is 1/6 greater than 1/8 but less than 1/3? EXPLAIN

    asked by IRIN on April 3, 2013
  58. algebra

    solve for d: s= d/t HELP EXPLAIN HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE

    asked by j on September 25, 2010
  59. math

    explain how to solve 5/6 > 1/6

    asked by Anonymous on February 9, 2010
  60. science


    asked by SREEVENI on February 16, 2012
  61. Math

    name the property and explain 26×(2×8)=(26×2)×8

    asked by Gio on November 27, 2012
  62. calculus

    when does vector (a+b) = (a-b) mean? explain

    asked by kally on February 10, 2012
  63. Math

    [2a + 3b] [2a - 3b. May you please explain the steps if you can.

    asked by Sasha on October 30, 2012
  64. algebra

    what is the solution 1/2x^2-x+5=0 could someone please explain

    asked by Lee on November 3, 2012
  65. Math

    Explain why 1/8 is greater than 1/10, but less than 1/3.

    asked by Nina on February 9, 2011
  66. Math

    Which of the following numbers is between 1/8 and 1/4? PLEASE EXPLAIN (A)0.08 (B)0.11 (C)0.13 (D)0.25 (E)0.40

    asked by remi on August 13, 2011
  67. math

    how to explain 0.26 and 0.260 are same

    asked by sue on October 23, 2012
  68. Philosophy

    Explain what logic can and cannot do

    asked by Marci on July 28, 2011
  69. Math

    7/12 + 7/12 please explain how to do this problem.

    asked by Kim on January 31, 2013
  70. math

    is (0,4)a solution to y=6-2x?.Explain

    asked by jeff on May 9, 2012
  71. MATH


    asked by casey on March 21, 2011
  72. math

    Explain how to evaluate x-8 when x=10?

    asked by Kevin on March 25, 2010
  73. math

    Writing to Explain Why is the value of a - 1 always less than the value of a?

    asked by Ryan on September 11, 2012
  74. Math Factoring

    Explain how x^4+7x^2+20 and x^2+7x+20 are alike and different.

    asked by Cinna on January 14, 2010
  75. math

    11 g = ________ mg explain why

    asked by Anonymous on March 15, 2010
  76. Math

    Solve for y and x. x(y+2)=z Please Explain for me

    asked by Isaac on September 10, 2012
  77. science

    Please explain photosynthesis.

    asked by blish on September 7, 2009
  78. math

    +3-(-3)-(-7)= please explain how you got the answer

    asked by HELP!!! on September 8, 2011
  79. math

    Explain: how will you divide 0.12 by 8

    asked by esha on January 8, 2013
  80. math

    Is the product of 6 x 2 x 4 less than 50? Explain.

    asked by mick on January 24, 2011
  81. math

    Ok ! Hi Ms. Sue can you explain to help me with this ! Please....

    asked by Anonymous on January 21, 2013
  82. Science

    If you do or do not believe in electrons can you explain why you do or do not?

    asked by angela on September 21, 2010
  83. math

    What's ab squared also explain how it is

    asked by Fghl on October 22, 2010
  84. for ms.sue please answer

    Explain how you know that 7 divided by 9 is less than 1.

    asked by consquela on March 5, 2012
  85. Maths

    Explain prisms

    asked by Anonym on February 7, 2013
  86. pre algebra 7th grade

    Please explain this problem (r.r) (r.r)

    asked by Angela on September 7, 2010
  87. Pre-Cal

    What is the domain of f/g? f(x) = x / x+1 g(x) = x^3 Please explain! Thank you

    asked by Hannah on March 22, 2010
  88. Math

    Reasoning Does (4 + 5) + 2 = 9 + 2? Explain.

    asked by Khaye on September 20, 2011
  89. Math

    y=12^x What does this mean and how do you explain it on a graph?

    asked by He's not all bad like his reputation </3 on January 31, 2012

    y=12^x What does this mean and how do you explain it on a graph?

    asked by He's not all bad like his reputation </3 on January 31, 2012
  91. math

    Explain how 9/12 is greater than 1/2

    asked by billy on January 31, 2012
  92. Math

    please explain perpendicular to me

    asked by Renee on October 26, 2009
  93. chemistry

    Oxidation CN- C=2+ N=3- Can you explain how C is 2+

    asked by Monique on November 22, 2011
  94. 12th grade - Math

    1.) Explain why |8-15i| = 17

    asked by Eliza on September 1, 2010
  95. Math

    Please explain how to solve: 1/3 = p-2/p+8

    asked by Jane on January 6, 2012
  96. Calculus

    explain why f(x)=(1)/(x^2-9) is discontinoues at x=-3

    asked by daniel on September 4, 2012
  97. Intermediate Algebra

    Please explain how to solve this: (ã5 + 4)(ã5 - 1)

    asked by Joni on April 2, 2012
  98. Math - Plz help Ms.Sue

    What is 6.89 divided by 79.7? Please explain I tried but I can't get it right.

    asked by Anonymous on December 5, 2012
  99. math

    explain how to solve r/-3 = 12?

    asked by yoda on August 20, 2012
  100. Pre-Algebra

    c-5/4=3 Please explain. I don't get it!

    asked by Celest on July 11, 2013