1. Cultural Diversity

    How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? Explain your answer. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1173740750.1173740941.1173742315 "What i think is that by having slavery it made the whites seem that they
  2. Sociology of Sports

    Would SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS... THANKS 1. The owners of major sport teams and the sponsors of major sport events do not think alike on all issues but they generally (B) A. love sports more than their own businesses. B. agree on the need to protect
  3. BIS 155

    You own a small computer service company with only 2 employees. You provide different types of services to regular customers and companies. You have noticed an increase of demand for troubleshooting and support of mobile devices. However, you only support
  4. Environmental Science

    2 pages Details: Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she
  5. Environmental Science

    2 pages Details: Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she
  6. SS

    What is the basis for the the economic theory of mercantilism that drove the exploration and settlement of North America by Europeans? Mercantilism is rooted in the idea that a nation’s power stems from the authority of an absolute monarch. Mercantilism
  7. Sociology

    Can someone help me with my three questions and let me know if I answered them correctly Thanks 1 According to world systems analysis, the U.S., Japan, and Germany are all core nations. I chose (true)=A A) True B) False 2) Which population group represents
  8. World History

    It would be nice if someone could please help me find a good map of East Egypt near the Red Sea, this map needs to include the peninsula names, the river's names, the mountain's names, and the desert's name. that i can read.... thanks :] These don't have
  9. Psychology

    hey..check out schoolpiggyback (on google)...they got psychology students that will answer your questions there...neways..goodluck : ) Psychologists have used four perspectives in their efforts to explain motivation. These include an emphasis on instincts,
  10. science

    what other substance apart from zinc sulphate is left when solid zinc and dilute sulphuric acid go together? i've already answered that pls can you explain what other substance is made apart from zinc sulphate when solid zinc and dilute sulphuric acid are
  11. math

    The expression 9a + 6s is the cost for a adults and s students to see a musical performance. a. Find the total cost for three adults and five students. b. The number of adults and students in a group both double. Does the cost double? Explain your answer
  12. Math

    A court is 94ft long by 50ft wide. It has 3 circles each 12ft diameter. Two of the circles are at the free throw line and the third is at the center of the court. Within the 3rd circle is another circle with a radius of 2ft.The key is rectangular region on
  13. please check(Social studies)

    1.A 2.C 3.C 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.A,B AND C PLEASE PICK 1 I CAME UP WITH ALL 3 1. The popul Vuh indicates that the mayans valued A. agriculture B. architecture C. government D. arts 2. Mayan temples were built to honor A. the stars B. the mayan calendar C. mayan
  14. math

    find the sum of 2 1/2 and 2/5 which of the following makes the statement true? 1/5^0 the area of a certain state is 840,000 square miles. what is this area in scientific notation? which is irrational? A. 0.11711711711... B. o.8596873205... C.
  15. Math Help

    Can someone help me with my math??? 1. Max had 16 cookies his friend josh and liya wanted 4 cookies each how many cookies does max have now? Explain Since max had two friends and they both wanted 4 that is 8 cookies and since he had 16 8-16 he has 8
  16. statisticsbob

    Perform a one-way ANOVA analysis, testing at the 0.05 level. Also, calculate the mean number of sick days for each group. Describe your results. But equally important, also explain what you would do if you owned your own company. Would you pay for your
  17. micro

    On one society A the price of an apple is $3 and the price of an orange is $7, while on socity B the apple and orange are the same price, $4. society A people consume 10 apples and 8 oranges while societyB people consume 8 apples and 12 oranges. Which
  18. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Triangle PQR is transformed to triangle P'Q'R'. Triangle PQR has vertices P(3, −6), Q(0, 9), and R(−3, 0). Triangle P'Q'R' has vertices P'(1, −2), Q'(0, 3), and R'(−1, 0). Plot triangles PQR and P'Q'R' on your own coordinate grid. Part A: What is
  19. art appreciation

    Choose 3 works of art from 3 artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era. Your 3 works of art should come from the time periods or art movements covered in the readings from Unit 4 and Unit 5. This assignment will have 6 Sections (A–F).
  20. physics

    a fan on a floating barge blows air at high speed toward the right. a)will the barge move? if so, what direction? explain. B) a sail is now put up on the barge so that the fan blows air towards the sail. will the barge move. if so, what direction? explain.
  21. Math Help

    Forks:Spoons There are 7 forks and 5 spoons. What's the ratio? Explain what the ratio means. I know what the ratio is its 7:5 right? I just need help on the second one. How do I explain it?
  22. physics problems

    please check my answers. 17. explain how the sport of pole vaulting dramatically changed when flexible fiberglass poles replaced still wodden poles? -the fiberglass poles had more momentum and PE than still wooden poles? 20. does the international space
  23. Sciece

    Hi Can I have websites that have quizes and tests for Science cause my checkpoint exams are coming and I want specifically in Biology , Chemistry , Physics The topics th at I want are Cells , Atoms elements compounds and mixtures and Energy and Energy
  24. Geography

    I have this project to do but I didn't briing my book home. This is the problem. . . _______, _______, _________, and ________make up Caribbean South America. I would be greatly gratified if you would help me! i looked it up and saw coloumbia and venezuela
  25. civics

    Which of the following is true about the US Federal government's ability to borrow money? A. Elected elected officials in the federal government can prove to voters that they are responsible by paying back government debts on time. B. The constitution
  26. socialstudies(5Qs)

    hi guys could you check my social studies answer thanks.oh and if there wrong could you give me the right answer and some information. ---------------------------------------- 1.The climate throughout most of the united states is__________. A.tropical
  27. Social Studies (Ms. Sue) Please Proofread

    1. Population density is the number of people that live in a region divided by the number of (1 point) roads. square miles or kilometers in the region.•• waterways. people who used to live there. 2. How do demographers figure out population growth? (1
  28. history

    What impact did the Reagan Doctrine have on the Soviet Union? The Reagan Doctrine extended economic aid to first-world nations in an attempt to supplant Communist leanings. The United States extended the Roosevelt Corollary to include the Soviet Union from
  29. georgraphy

    In the following passage written by a conquistador in 1540, what can you infer about how sick citizens were treated? “No one who was lazy or tried to live by the work of others was tolerated; everyone had to work. Thus on certain days each lord went to
  30. social studies

    how can we end surrogation? I didn't know that anyone wanted to end surrogation. It's the substitution of one person for another and is very useful sometimes. Do you mean segregation? Are you refering to racial, sexual, age or others types of
  31. Chemsitry

    Hello. I'm not n=sure about these answers so i was wondering if someone could check them out? 27, A: Which is a stronger acid - sulfuric or carbonic acid? (Answer: Sulfuric acid.) 27, B: Imagine you have two glasses. One contains a solution of carbonic
  32. Ecomomics

    Hi, I need help with these four questions can anyone help me, it is for my economics class. 1)How does the economic (or rational decision-maker) approach to criminology work with or against other criminology theories? 2)Suppose we know that Frank has
  33. Economics

    Hi, I need help with these four questions can anyone help me, it is for my economics class. 1)How does the economic (or rational decision-maker) approach to criminology work with or against other criminology theories? 2)Suppose we know that Frank has
  34. prejudice

    Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice. Here are some sites which may give you some ideas. http://www.ajph.org/cgi/content/full/93/2/262 http://jca.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/10/3/343
  35. math

    Explain why 2.15 and -2.15 are opposites.
  36. 4th grade math

    GCM OF 12 and 20. Please explain
  37. Math

    Factor and explain 84-2c-2c^2
  38. Math

    Which of the following numbers is between 1/8 and 1/4? PLEASE EXPLAIN (A)0.08 (B)0.11 (C)0.13 (D)0.25 (E)0.40
  39. math

    (x^2 + x) / x-3x (4) = ? Please answer and explain
  40. MATH

    can someone explain. 3(cos(X)-1)=-1 thanks
  41. math

    Is the product of 6 x 2 x 4 less than 50? Explain.
  42. math

    What's ab squared also explain how it is
  43. grammar

    What is pronoun explain it with an example.
  44. math

    What is the value of 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 + 4^5 ? a. 12 x 2^5 b. 24^5 c. 3 x 2^5 d. 4^60 e. 3 x 4^6 please answer and explain
  45. math

    Ok ! Hi Ms. Sue can you explain to help me with this ! Please....
  46. math 117

    Is this right (3 x 10^4)(2 x 10^2) = 6.0 x 10^6, can someone please explain : ) I have no clue...
  47. Math

    Please help explain how to get answer! -8.6*14.6-5.3/[(-19.4)-8.6]/(-2.9)*6.3-(-9.5)
  48. Prealgebra

    Please explain this problem: one fifth of 40
  49. physical

    explain health
  50. Math

    How would I simplify this? Explain please!!! 7(2x+2)-9(-1+6x)
  51. introduction to economices

    Explain the idea of SE and IE
  52. pre calculus

    Can you explain how to find (u • v)(u + v) when u and v
  53. Math lol

    Explain how 9 x 4 can help you find 9 x 8
  54. Equation

    22/27 = 1.1/m M = ? can u explain how to do this Equation?
  55. Math

    How would you explain this problem? [(8*2)- 13]^3+(4-1)^2+4-2*3+|3|-|-6|=?
  56. math

    y+y^2+(y+y)^2= ? a. y^2 + 5y b. 2y^2 + y c. 3y^2 + y d. 5y^2 + y e. 4y^4 + y^2 + y please answer and explain
  57. for ms.sue please answer

    Explain how you know that 7 divided by 9 is less than 1.
  58. Algebra 1

    Can anyone explain how to graph x < 3?
  59. math

    explain how you know tt 3/6 i greater than 1/3 but less than 2/3
  60. Math

    please explain perpendicular to me
  61. Language

    Can you please explain what a conjunction is?
  62. math

    explain how to solve r/-3 = 12?
  63. Math

    name the property and explain 26×(2×8)=(26×2)×8
  64. physics

    1/2 [vo + (v0 + at)]t ? please explain every step
  65. pre cal

    solve for x: x^(2/3)=(1/27) (2^(x)+4)/(2^x)=2 explain please
  66. algebra

    explain how to work 1)(+4)+3
  67. Algebra 1

    Can anyone explain how to graph y > x - 2?
  68. Algebra 1

    Simplify and explain: -5-(-3x)+3x+4x-(-12)=
  69. math

    how to explain 0.26 and 0.260 are same
  70. MATH

  71. math

    Explain: how will you divide 0.12 by 8
  72. science

    Please explain photosynthesis.
  73. 3rd math

    reasoning does 4+5 2 9+2 explain please help! Thanks :-)
  74. 3rd math

    Reasoning does (4+5)+2 = 9+2? Explain Thanks
  75. Intermediate Algebra

    Please explain how to solve this: (ã5 + 4)(ã5 - 1)
  76. math

    explain how a number can name something
  77. science

  78. Math

    Explain how you know that 21/30 is greater than 2/3
  79. math

    i was shown example: x+6=-5 6=-5 6--5=x x=-11 please explain to me how they got this
  80. science

  81. Math

    Can someone explain lnx^(1/5)?
  82. math

    79.9% of 10,034.. and can someone please explain how to do these.
  83. math

    Is 1/4 of 12 greater than 1/4 of 8? Explain.
  84. math

    can someone explain y we have 2 have math???
  85. Pre-Algebra

    c-5/4=3 Please explain. I don't get it!
  86. math

    2x+3y=3 3y=5-2x 4x-y=3 4x=y=1 solve and explain please
  87. math

    explain the difference of [-3] and -3
  88. MATH

    Reasoning Does (4+5)+2=9+2? explain
  89. Math help please!

    24+5(x=13) Can someone explain me the steps to doing this? Thanks!
  90. Math

    Can someone explain to me why -4 not a whole number. THANKS
  91. math

    explain divisabilaty
  92. to soccerstar

    can you explain to me why its 2 times as much
  93. math

    ((2)/(x-2))^(2)-3((2)/(x-2))+2=0 please explain the steps!
  94. Math

    Reasoning Does (4 + 5) + 2 = 9 + 2? Explain.
  95. PHI 103

    Explain what logic can and cannot do?
  96. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Help me please, just explain. How would I find f(1)? f(1)= x; -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 f(x); 3.4, 0, -1.2, 0.4, 1.3, 1.7
  97. math

    does an=(-1)^n converge? Explain
  98. Calculus

    when does vector (a+b) = (a-b)? explain
  99. calculus

    when does vector (a+b) = (a-b) mean? explain
  100. Another question (math)

    What percent less than 3 is 2? Can you explain too?