1. Statistics

    Thomas economic forecasting, Inc. and Harmon econometrics have the same mean error in forecasting the stock market over the last ten years. However, the standard deviation for Thomas is 30 points and 60 points for harmon.At the .05 signifcance level can we
  2. History

    1 ) name one economic reason why the British colony wanted confederation ? 2) name 2 military reasons why the British colony wanted confederation ?
  3. Science

  4. Texas Southern University

    In a respresentative study,a sample of n = 100 adolescents with a history of group participation is given a standardized self-esteem questionnaire. For the general po;ulation of adolescents, scores on this questionnaire form a normal distribution with a
  5. ethic

    "Drug use is information that is rightfully private and only in exceptional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such use." Defend or oppose this statement. How is your response to this assignment consistent with the moral philosophy you
  6. Bus207

    "Drug use is information that is rightfully private and only in exceptional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such use." Defend or oppose this statement. How is your response to this assignment consistent with the moral philosophy you
  7. organic chemistry

    Write a complete mechanism. Explain each step. Explain the stereo chemical changes. Compare the HNMR peaks of the substrate and the organic product Indicate missing peaks and newly formed peaks in the product. CH3CH2CH2CH3 + Cl2/light--- CH3CHCLCH2CH3 =HCL
  8. Chemistry

    Explain the significance of positive and negative values for each thermodynamic quantity in the free energy equation. (enthalpy change, entropy change, and free energy change) I think this is something you can find in your text/notes. If not, explain what
  9. World History

    Which of the following best explains how the alliance system contributed to the outbreak of World War I? A. Alliances had limited trade, causing economic problems and spurring unrest. B. Rival alliances had promoted tension rather than security. C.
  10. biology help?

    We anticipate the evidence gathered by you will indicate that three of the five species are in greater need of prioritising for conservation compared with the other two. You should start your account by very briefly explaining why these two species were
  11. Sociology

    Could someone please let me know if I answered the questions correctly. Thank you. 1) According to Émile Durkheim, religion is: (My choice is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things).=D a) a unified system of beliefs and
  12. World History

    Where can I find maps on the diffusion of diseases in the time period 1450-1750? I need diffusion maps on Syphilis and Hepatitis from Americas to Europe, Syphilis from Europe to Africa, and Malaria and Yellow Fever from Africa to Americas. Also, I need
  13. math

    What are Base Ten Blocks? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "base ten blocks" to get these possible sources: http://www.susancanthony.com/Resources/base10ideas.html http://www.learningbox.com/base10/ From what I
  14. Science

    Discuss your opinion of the consequences of artificial selection and the advantages and disadvantages of using genetic information in society. Use facts from your research to support your opinion. Cite the sources for your facts. Also, discuss your answer
  15. English MLA

    I having serious trouble with MLA Works Cited Page. How do you cite something that was from CBS Online? Its not really an article from a Newspaper online; should I just site it as a website??? Thank You Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.
  16. Finance

    Nancy Tai has recently opened a revolving charge account with MasterCard. Her credit limit is $1000, but she has not charged that much since opening the account. Nancy hasn't had the time to review her monthly statements as promptly as she should, but over
  17. English 11

    Can you guys please help me with these questions???? The story is "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" by Mark Twain. It has to be turned in today 1. Explain how the character Wheeler fits the setting of this story. 2. Explain why Andrew
  18. History

    Why was Vietnam key to the US taming communism in Asia? a) None of these answers b) Vietnam and the US had strong economic ties that both countries allocated throughout other countries in Asia. c) Vietnam was a major supplier of rice into the United
  19. Help!

    Geothermal power would be classified as a(n) _____________________ resource because its supply will not run out. An example of a renewable and inexhaustible resource that requires the construction of dams is _________________________ energy. To solve the
  20. Biology research paper

    I fixed up my research paper and I'd love it if someone could look through it and tell me what they think. Thank you! The majority of people would agree that fossils have been one of the most important parts of our society. They are used to fuel many of
  21. science

    What is it in sherry cooking wine that makes it less effective in killing bacteria when it has a pH of 3.5, compared to a tomato, with a pH of 3.7. The bacteria is Serratia marcescens. I have been searching for the chemical compositions of both to compare
  22. Life Science

    Post a 200- to 300- word response to the following questions: · What role, if any, do you think people should play in preserving those regions threatened by human encroachment? · How should the interests of competing groups be balanced? · Example:
  23. Science

    3. Which factor below helps species avoid extinction? A. Low reproductive rates B. high economic importance C. limited habitats in which to live D. able to adapt to changes in their habitat I think its D. 4. If there continues to be a loss in biodiversity
  24. Chemistry

    Ik this has been answered, but doesn't the copper oxide have something to do with it? And could you explain it in simpler terms? I'm just confused because you said forget the copper oxide, but your using it somehow, what puzzles me is the carbon dioxide,
  25. science

    Conservation International estimated that roughly _____% of the habitable area of the planet has been altered by human activities. a. 13 b. 33 c. 53 d. 73 e. 93 Which of the following choices would make the statement false? Economic growth a. provides
  26. Personal Finance

    Blake Williams has done some research and has discovered that economists believe interest rates will rise significantly over the next two years. Blake believes that this will lead to fewer homes being sold and fewer jobs in the banking and mortgage
  27. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful for your help. 1)Which article is better in the sentence (maybe both are OK?): "Experts believe the premier has already prepared a/the(?)program aimed at boosting the country's economy"? 2)Do you think "accuse" is possible in
  28. LA History

    1. What is the term used to describe the reliance of business and industries on one another in a econmy? A. Capitalization B. Independence C. Interpedence D. Opportunity cost 2. What economic term explains the effect of the sold out latest toy that parents
  29. geography

    Match the region to its description. 1. climate _defined by agreements between nations creating free trade zones 2. cultural _defined by average precipitation and temperature 3. economic _defined by factors including language, religion, or customs 4.
  30. Sociology

    Please help me on this question. I am very stuck! 1. Prepare a chart which compares the basic characteristics of the pure capitalist and pure socialist economic models. Please help me; compare characteristics of pure capitalist and pure socialist. Thanks
  31. Reactor Physics

    There is an infinite non-multiplying medium with diffusion length 3 cm and diffusion coefficient 1 cm. There are 3 point sources of neutrons on the x-y plane: „h Source S1 = 108 s-1 at (x, y) = (2 cm, 0) „h Source S2 = 2*108 s-1 at (x, y) = (0, 2 cm)
  32. Biology

    Researchers in Africa found that a very high proportion of Masai, who routinely drink large quantities of milk, develop an amoebic infection after being given an iron supplement. Explain the role of lactoferrin in a diet and explain why the Masai get this
  33. History

    A one-page letter to be sent to both the Cuban and the U.S. governments in which you explain why they should encourage American tourism in Cuba. Be sure to explain how both countries can benefit from this cultural exchange and how it will help the Cuban
  34. Science

    Topic: Candles I was given a task to write an introduction for a report and according to the marking rubric, it must "justify the purpose of the investigation with relevance to real world applications with sources cited. Provides sufficient relevant
  35. chemistry

    Which of the following safety precautions is necessary for the 'Preparation of a Complex Iron Salt' experiment? A. Oxalate compounds are easily absorbed through the skin and toxic to kidneys use gloves while handling. B. Ethanol is flammable avoid ignition
  36. math

    the base of a rectangular prism is congruent to the base of a pyramid. The height of the pyramid is 3 times the height of the prism. Which figure has a greater volume? Explain. I'm terrible with these kind of word problems. If you could explain that would
  37. Physics

    a) Is it true or wrong to say that components in series must have the same potential difference across them? Either yes or no explain it. Marks = 5 b) Is it true or wrong to say that magnetic force vectors on charged particles point in the same direction
  38. MATH

    the base of a rectangular prism is congruent to the base of a pyramid. The height of the pyramid is 3 times the height of the prism. Which figure has a greater volume? Explain. I'm terrible with these kind of word problems. If you could explain that would
  39. chemistry

    After the suction filtration, the filtrate in the suction flask contains (among other things) some dissolved product, which had failed to crystallize. Could you process this filtrate to obtain a sample of the product? Explain. Would the second crop of
  40. Math

    A)how do I find an inverse variaton equation that model: Length(in.) 4 6 8 9 10 Breaking weight(pennies)24 16 13 11 9 B)Explain how your equation shows that breaking weight decreases as length increases. Is this pattern reasonable for this situation?
  41. Science - chemistry

    Hi Im in year 7 and to get a level 6 we have to explain the big idea of energy. Our project is about the reation of iron and sulphur to make iron sulphide. We have been told to explain using the big idea of energy. pls help me asap!!!!
  42. physics help please!!!

    The tires of a car make 63 revolutions as the car reduces its speed uniformly from 94.0 km/h to 58.0 km/h. The tires have a diameter of 0.88 m. What was the angular acceleration of each tire? And If the car continues to decelerate at this rate, how much
  43. Chemistry

    If you have two containers with water, one with water at 25 degrees C and the second with water 75 degrees C, explain in which one would you be able to dissolve less CO2 (a gas)? Explain in which one you would be able to dissolve more NaCl (check the
  44. Math-Borrow

    Explain the term "borrow". Describe the situation in which it is used. Describe the confusion that may result from its use. Offer an alternative term and explain how this term would be less confusing to students.
  45. Math- Mixed Numbers

    1. White 17/4 as a mixed number. Hi, could someone please explain how to do this? Correct me if I’m wrong but do I try to multiply 4 x how many times I can before it goes to 17 and the number I get is the whole number and the newmerator is the numbers
  46. Chemistry

    Explain the function of the aluminum wire and the mercury II chloride when testing for tin? when testing for antimony, what reagent prevents tin from reacting with the H2S to form SnS2? What reagent is used to identify copper and explain its function.
  47. Fine Art

    I have to examine the art work "Winged Genie Fertilizing a Date Tree" and explain the elements of art found in the art work and explain what type of movement is shown in this work. I'm really struggling with this and behind on my work. Any help anyone
  48. chemistry/ specific heat

    Why does an empty metal pan on a stove heat much faster than the same pan filled with water? Explain why your car overheats if your fan belt breaks. Explain why your car overheats if your radiator has a hole in it.
  49. Physics please explain

    In the quantum mechanical picture of the hydrogen atom, the orbital angular momentum of the electron may be zero in any of the possible energy states. For which energy state must the orbital angular momentum be zero? n = 1 n = 2 n = 3 n = 4 Give your
  50. Science 7R

    A microscope that uses lenses and objectives to magnifying is the______ a. compound light microscpe b. scanning electron microscope c. transmission electron microscope {d} atomic force microscope am I correct???? If I'm wrong please explain why and tell me
  51. Chemistry

    1.) Explain the similarity between Mg(OH)2 and Zn(OH)2 in particular why would any insoluble hydroxide tend to dissolve in an acidic solution? Are they both bases? 2.) Explain the difference in particular how does Mg^+2 appear to form complex ions with
  52. Math

    Can someone explain what to do for the following question. What percentage of a normal distribution is greater than the mean? Give your answer correct to the nearest percent. What formula is used? Because I have to find also 1 standard deviation of the
  53. Math

    How many milligrams do you think are in a gram? Explain. I know 1 gram=1000 milligrams but I don't know how I should explain it
  54. math

    how to explain the answer of 2.35 x 10 to the 14th power... and also explain how i got the answer of 2.35 X 10 to the 13th power... Thank you very much
  55. History

    What was the Columbian Exchange? A. The exchange of new goods globally as a result of European exploration B. A trading post established by Christopher Columbus C. An economic system set up by Christopher Columbus in the Americas D. The trading of goods
  56. Math 222

    find the domain of each rational expression in set notation. x^2-36 divided by 3x 7w-2 divided by 16w^2-1 Then do both rational expressions have excluded values in their domains? If yes, explain why they are to be excluded from the domains. If no, explain
  57. Social Studies

    Which trend is true regarding China's economic impact on transportation use? a. More people are riding bicycles due to increased traffic congestion. b. More people are becoming prosperous and can now afford vehicles.*** c. transportation due to cheaper
  58. ancient history

    I had an exam last week and I couldn't answer this question: What was economic and social status of poets in Ancient Greece in different time periods (under aristocratic, tyrannic and democratic government). I was searching the internet and mostly studied
  59. Economics

    Suppose the market wage for farmers is $10 per hour in country A and $20 per hour in country B, there is the same number of people in both countries, there is the same amount of arable land, and initially there is no way for farmers to move between A and
  60. English

    I have a question regarding citations. How do I cite an encyclopedia using the CSE style? What information do I include in the bibliography? I can't find it anywhere. I searched Google under the key words "CSE citation style encyclopedia" to get these
  61. Media Role in Political Process

    Accessing information from a variety of user locations and obtaining information on a specific topic from multiple sources are advantages of using_________ as a news source. A. a national newspaper B. National Public Radio C. a Public Library D. the World
  62. Science...anyone?

    1. Which of these sources of energy is NOT renewable? a.) wind b.) solar power c.) hydroelectric power d.) natural gas 2. Air can be polluted by _____. a.) tiny particles of soot b.) carbon monoxide c.) sulfuric acid d.) all of the above 3. Which of the
  63. Physics

    a) Why do you think our eyes fail to see object clearly at varous distances? b) (i) Explain how image of an object is formed in the human eye (ii) What are ciliary muscles? Explain the function of these muscles c) Discuss the similarities and differences
  64. physical science

    force and motion Do you have a question? Not knowing what your specific question or your age is, I searched Google under the key words "force motion" to get these possible sources: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215468/force_and_motion.htm
  65. science

    what is a fungi that doesnt fit into the other standard groups of fungi? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "fungi grouping exception" to get these possible sources: http://www.bioimages.org.uk/html/T74.HTM
  66. History

    Brigham Young chose the Great Salt Lake valley because of its _________ (9 letter word) http://unicomm.byu.edu/about/brigham/ Scroll down and go to page 4. http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/people/s_z/young.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigham_Young Be
  67. Traditions

    I need another tradition that is not christmas. Please help me. It needs to be from an exciting place. Like australia, england, france, paris. please help!!!!!!!!! Here in exciting Texas, June Teenth is an official holiday.
  68. Economics

    Describe two factors that affect labor supply and two factors that affect labor demand. Using economic principles, describe how changes in the labor market have affected you or someone you know.
  69. investing

    A company is thinking of investing some surplus cash in 30 year $1000 face value Microsoft 6% annual coupon bonds. It plans to pay $925 each for 10,000 of them, now, and expects to SELL them for $1025 each at the end of 5 years. Make a determination about
  70. CRT 205

    ON Abortion 1 Identify the principal issue presented by the source. 2 Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 3 Identify any areas that are vague or ambiguous. If none exist, explain how you
  71. history

    Which of the following led to the reunification of germany in 1989? 1. the european union's euro currency brought economic success to france, a staunch ally of west germany 2. communism declined in the soviet union 3. the us divided its military support
  72. History

    1) Which of the following best describes Affirmative Action? a) It was a way to fight corruption within the US government. b) The actions taken to instill new anti immigration laws. c) Of solving economic and educational discrimination. d) Of solely
  73. Math-please help

    Hallie is trying to win the grand prize on a game show. Should she try her luck by spinning a wheel with 6 equal sections labeled 1 to 6 and hope she gets a 5, or should she roll two number cubes and hope she gets the same number on both cubes? Explain. I
  74. economics

    In the 1920s the French Government was determined to greatly increase its gold reserves by manipulating its exchange rate. Explain what exchange rate regime the French Government would have chosen for this purpose and explain how it would have achieved its
  75. math

    "The length of the Boston Marathon is 138,435 ft. Each stride, or step, by a particular runner is 3 ft. long. Does the number of strides the runner takes fit evenly into the length of the race? Explain" I don't understand what I'm supposed to do or what
  76. Science!! please help me could you write it to me

    Two students play in a drumb band. Explain how the students make sounds on the drums. Then explain how one student can make a soft sound while the other student makes a loud sound
  77. Atoms-Science

    Explain how a rotating electric fan might be used to model the atom. Explain how the rotating fan is unlike an atom.
  78. C++

    Homework is over pointers 1. (3 points) True or false? If (x == y) then (&x == &y). T F Explain your choice: I think its true but I don't really understand why If (x == y) then (*x == *y). T F Explain your choice: False but not sure why
  79. Ap algebra

    Question 1: if a function is undefined at a point can that point be its domain. Explain Question 2: explain what is meant by the minimum value of a function
  80. civics

    Hi, I'm really confused. I have to explain all of the major provisions of the bill of rights. But what does it mean by "provisions"? Does the question just mean to explain each of the 10 amendments in the bill of rights?
  81. BMB

    1.explain the role of the H-bond in the alpha helical structure. 2. explain the role of H-bond in the beta sheet structure.
  82. World History (Ms. Sue)

    Explain how the terms "unconscious" and "repression" are used in Freud's theory. I'm still not sure how to explain how these terms are used in Freud's theory.
  83. bioloy

    Choose ONE animal species. Your goal is to describe the way in which an evolutionary change might occur for a particular characteristic (trait) of a population of that species as a result of natural selection. The characteristic (trait) could be something
  84. Macroeconomics

    What will be the impact of Trump’s tax proposal? Describe the impact of the proposed tax cuts on the US economy for the next few years. Will there be any decreases in Government spending if the GOP tax proposals pass. Explain. Does Trump’s
  85. debate!

    Should Gorbachev be blamed for the current economic woes of Russia? I need lots of opinions becuase I am writing a debate thanks! Here are a number of sites with opinions on that question.
  86. water & climate

    We have a catchment with a total area of 9.0 km2, where the runtime principle applies. The area is subdivided in 5 regions (A1 to A5) in such a way that every individual area has a runtime of 30 minutes. The areas drain sequentially. A5 is at the top of
  87. water & climate

    We have a catchment with a total area of 9.0 km2, where the runtime principle applies. The area is subdivided in 5 regions (A1 to A5) in such a way that every individual area has a runtime of 30 minutes. The areas drain sequentially. A5 is at the top of
  88. Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each
  89. Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each
  90. grade 10 math- slope/midpoint/length formulas

    A map shows a main gas pipeline running straight from A(45,60) to B(65,40) a) Is the point C(63,54) on the branch pipeline? Explain your reasoning b) What is the shortest route for connecting point C to the main pipeline.Explain **OMGGGG PLZZZ HELPPP,
  91. science

    cranberry plants are grown in areas called bogs.In the fall,each bog is flooded with water.when the plants are underwater,the cranberries are knocked off the plants and rise to the surface of the water.The farmers scoop them up.What property of craberries
  92. Physics

    Explain why placing your finiger exactly in the middle of a guitar or violin string and pressing it against the neck should give a tone about an octave higher than the open (full length) string. Explain ( in terms of the tension in the string) why you may
  93. phys

    It is not a homework,but this is my question and I hope sb to explain it for me: There is not snow is the area I am living, but in the winter, sometimes I see the ice on my car. I notice that the water is ALWAYS iced at the positions: roof-rack. the lid of
  94. Physics

    The artificial sweetener NutraSweet is a chemical called aspartame (C14H18N2O5). (a) What is its molecular mass (in atomic mass units)? 294.13 u (b) What is the mass (in kg) of an aspartame molecule? kg I was able to find the mass units but I'm having
  95. history

    i really need help on this, i've been trying to answer it for so long, please help me How did Woodrow Wilson's reform platform during the 1912 campaign differ from that of Theodore Roosevelt? a. Wilson supported federal regulation of business b. Wilson
  96. U.S. History

    So I read the book Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. I have to pick three major events/ideas found in the book. This is what I think: 1. The flu epidemic which hit the town at the most busiest time of year. 2. The violence and suicides due to economic issues
  97. eco205

    I am to do research on an industry and answer the question is price elasticity of demand considered elastic or inelastic? Are there substitutes available? Is the good a luxury or a necessity? Explain. o What is the price elasticity of supply for your
  98. earth

    HELP? Two students are given cubic boxes, measuring 10 cm on a side. Robert puts a single glass marble with a diameter of 10 cm in the box. Susan puts 1,000 1-cm glass marbles in her box. 1.Whose box has more empty space? Explain. 2.Whose box will be

    can someone pls explain (n i mean explain) the effect of nitrate ion and magnesium ion deficiency on plant growth proteins....well they are used for repairing worn out cells and for producing new cells? chlorophyll....it'll be able to photosynthesise less
  100. Math

    You want to conduct a survey to find out what sport the students at your school prefer to play. a) You interview 20 boys playing football at lunch. Is this a random sample? explain b) The survey question you ask is, ''What is your favorite sport to play?''