1. physics very hard

    webassign(.)net/yf/22-30.gif The image above shows some of electric field lines due to 3 poin charges along the vertical axis. All 3 charges have the same magnitude. A. What are the signs of the 3 charges? Explain reasoning. B. At what points is the
  2. Algebra

    One number exceeds another by 4. If three times the larger number is divided by the smaller number, the quotient is 4 and the remainder is 5. Find the numbers. (I am trying to figure out how to explain how to do this to my son. He is struggling and will be
  3. Math

    Me and my grade 8 class are doing project on "data management". in one part it says: Statistical Measure of your choice: Research one other representation of statistics and apply the calculations to your data. Once again, explain what this means within the
  4. social studies

    what are the 3 causes of the holocaust? purification-Hitler wanted to purify the world to be like Germans. He wanted pepple to have blond hair and blue eyes. He wanted to create the "perfect race." getting rid of political enemies-The first people that
  5. Communism 1950s

    for how many years was it a rational fear of Communism before it turned into an irrational fear? Thank you, Lance, for my chuckle of the day! :-) For whom? Americans, Chinese? Japanese, Australian Aboriginals? In Texas, especially from Dallas westward,
  6. history

    What reason was given by the federalists to support the constitution? Is it that the united states needed a strong government to establish economic stability, to maintain control over all its states, to define state boundaries, or in order to pass laws to
  7. managerial economic

    suppose at a local grocery store the price of butter increase from 1 to 1.50 pet pound. as a result the quantities demanded of margarine increase from 500 to 600 pounds. a. compute the arc cross elasticity of demand? b. interpret the result?
  8. Econ

    When considering economic growth, many policy makers focus on real GDP per capita since it takes into account the potentially distorting effects of ______________ and ________________. Any large, sustainable increase in real GDP must be the result of
  9. Social studies

    If you were an elderly person from Yugoslavia, what changes have you witnessed in your country since the fall of communism and Soviet rule? A) several nationalist groups seceding from the country. B) conflict between ethnic groups leading to fighting. C)
  10. us hist

    Andrew Johnson’s fundamental goal was to A) guarantee black political rights. B) preserve the economic power of the southern planters. C) fund public education for blacks. D) assist poor whites with free homesteads and public education. Is D Correct?
  11. History

    What led to the fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, specifically in terms of political instability, economic and social problems, weakening frontiers, and the split of the empire. This is a study guide question. I just need some help figuring out a
  12. World History

    Which doctrine devised by Adam Smith argued that government should not interfere with economic matters? laissez-faire pro bono affidavit quid pro quo On google, it says that Pr Bono was something clinics switched to, so it seems pretty obvious that that's
  13. Accounting

    I have almost completed my assignment, but am stuck on this question. I researched my text and other outside sources and can't seem to find the answer. Can anyone provide any guidance on this for me? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various
  14. Organic-Chem Lab Question Need Help!!!

    a) Would 2-propanol be a suitable solvent to extract caffeine from an aqueous tea solution? Explain? b) You want to use 45 ml total of your extraction solution. Is it better to use three extractions of 15 ml each or one extraction of 45 ml? Explain your
  15. science

    (a) Explain why DNA replication is necessary for mitosis. How are drugs that inhibit DNA replication useful in the treatment of cancer? (b) Describe and explain some of the risks and unfortunate, yet common, side effects associated with this kind of
  16. Calculus

    Kayla claims that she can find an approximate value for sin 1o without using a machine to do any computations. Explain or show how she can do this (Hint: if you choose to explain the process, please be very specific. If you choose to show how it is done,
  17. Math

    A student asks whats wrong with the argument that the probability of rolling a double 6 in two rolls of a die is 1/3 because 1/6+1/6= 1/3? How do I explain the misconception? I am thinking since there are six sides and they want to roll double 6's in two
  18. Computer Information Systems

    Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why: hand held computer, color photograph, resume, memorandum, statistical report, company annual report. Thanks for any and all help.
  19. Physics

    A balloon appears to be yellow when seen in white light. Explain the colour it will appear in a) green light and b) magenta light. I really don't undestand the subtractive theory of light, and it applies to this question. Can you please explain to me how
  20. History

    Explain how the views of President Roosevelt and President Reagan are different. Also, Explain which leader’s views, if followed, would bring about more prosperity and a better life style for the American people. Can someone help me with this? Either
  21. science

    food is needed for respiration, find out the components of the intravenous food given to patients in hospital. explain why these components are used. i don't understand this at all.. could someone explain how you do or give me some tips on what websites i
  22. History

    How were prisoner of war camps different from internment camps? 1 Prisoner of war camps held fewer people than internment camps. 2 Prisoner of war camps held captured soldiers. 3 There was more freedom in prisoner of war camps. 4 Prisoner of war camps were
  23. Economics.

    I need help with these question! What are three main goals sought by policymakers in the economy? Also, I have to write an essay on ways the government can effect the economy. Which is the way that provides the most impact on the economy and why. ^I need
  24. Managerial Economics

    Compute the economic profit of the firm if Sales-10000,material cost-3000,labour cost-2000,Administration cost-1000,own capital invested is 20000 and opportunity cost of capital 10%.
  25. History

    I having been searching the web and books to find some information on the following topic: What are some economic developments or progress in West Africa? I found a few information in books and the websites but I still need some more. Do you know anything
  26. international law

    Is the US claim to a 12 nm territorial sea and a 200 nm exclusive economic zone valid under international law?why or why not?Should the United States become a party to UNCLOS III by accession?What are the arguments both for and against becoming a party?
  27. Texas Government

    In general, ________ redistricting is considered constitutional by the courts, but ________ redistricting is considered unconstitutional by the courts. a. race-based; partisan b. partisan; race-based c. race-based; non-partisan d. non-partisan; partisan
  28. Pos/110 american government

    Can someone help please??? 1. Assignment: American Government Concepts • Resources: Chapter 1 of the text lists several key concepts in American government. Among these are government, politics, policymaking system, public policy, democracy, majority
  29. SCI 275

    I need help on my assignment that is due by 12midnight. It is now 8:12pm here. It is on Risk Assignment: Risk Assessment You are a member of the Genericville City Council. A proposal has been brought forth to use the insecticide spray, Malathion.
  30. math

    1.)Explain why ironing boards always remain parallel to the floor and can be adjusted for people of various heights. You may want to consider the following: a.)The legs of the board are built so that AD = BD and DE = DF, and ADF and BDE are straight lines
  31. Honors Chemistry

    I have to fill in the blanks of these questions with the elements H (hydrogen), Co (cobalt), Ga (gallium), and O (oxygen), but different sources are telling me different things: 7. Its most common oxidation state is -2 8. A metal with more than one
  32. Physics

    A square has sides of length L. In the lower-right and lower-left corners there are two sources of light waves, one in each corner, that emit identical in-phase light waves of wavelength 8.28 m in all directions. What is the minimum value of L such that
  33. Critical Reading

    Making inferences is an abstract critical thinking skill that involves the active and blended use of several sources of information, including a.)the application of the basiic method of problem solving b)using background knowledge,personal experience, and
  34. Geography

    Need Help! 14. How has Italy's economy changed since 1950? a. Italy has withdrawn from the European Union b. Farming and tourism have become Italy's most important economic activities c. More people are working in manufacturing and service industries d.
  35. history

    1. Which economic activity did not depend on the involvement of African americans ? a. cattle industry b. cultivation of rice c. forest industry d. textile industry*** 2.How did the Huguenots contribute to the economy of calolina? a. they were skilled
  36. Geography

    question: Describe the various types of forest vegetation make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants. answer: There are various types of forest vegetations located around the world. Tropical rain forests grow in areas near the equator,
  37. History

    hi, i really need help with this question you don't need to tell me the answer but please just help me out!!! Which of the following best describes the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? A.) Mexico paid the U.S. two million dollars and gave up
  38. science help

    Which of the following is considered a drawback to using wind energy as a source of power? Wind energy is highly polluting. Wind energy is nonrenewable. Winds do not always blow consistently. Winds produce lesser quality energy than other sources. is it c
  39. History Ms. Sue

    How is this a negative thing related to war and economics. most wars create zones of intense destruction of capital such as farms, factories, and cities. These effects severely depress economic output. ( I understand that bombs and other wartime activities
  40. History8

    As southerners moved inland to the area that became known as the Deep South, how did their culture and economy become different from other southern states? a.They no longer existed as an agrarian society. b.Their economy became almost entirely dependent on
  41. Social Stuidies

    What was happening in Europe during the 1600s which caused Europeans to explore new trade routes? A) A period of religious revival was beginning. B) The enlightenment created a spirit of adventure.*** C) Political pressure pushed many to leave Europe for
  42. Finance

    A company is thinking of investing some surplus cash in 30 years $1000 face microsoft 6% coupon bonds. It plans to pay $925 each for 10,000 of them, now and expects to sell them for $1025 each at the end of 5 years. Make a determination about the economic
  43. Social Studies

    How did the Crimean War change life in Russia? a. Russia's defeat in the war sparked calls for political and social reform. ********* b. Russia's investment of wealth and the loss of lives in the war led to a crippling depression. c. Russia's proven
  44. accounting 205

    •Describe for the students the primary objectives of accounting. •Explain the basic terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting. •Explain how accounting can affect your personal life emphasizing professional ethics
  45. Accounting

    Given the data, would you have invested in Quality Department Store in 2006? Explain why or why not. Summarize your analysis of the financial data to support your reasoning. What recommendations would you make to improve the financial health of this
  46. English

    How do I turn this into a really good thesis statement? In the myth " When Grizzlies Walked Upright" explain how the bears lived in relation to each other before and after the introduction of the female into their clan, and explain how both the bears and
  47. English

    Please help “In any case you mustn’t confuse a single failure with a final defeat.” Use this quote for the following -Explain why the quote moves you or should inspire others. -Explain why the quote is important. -Tell the ways in which the quote is
  48. Socials-Ms. Sue

    Explain the relationship between mercantilism and colonialism. Can there ever be a profit without one party being short-changed? Explain. Mercantilism was the belief that colonies existed to enrich the mother country. Ms. Sue I am having trouble on this
  49. psychology

    1. A recent study confirms that people who run regularly, live longer. How can one explain that? 2. More retired people die each year than those who have not retired. Does this mean that delaying retirement will increase one's life expectancy? Explain.
  50. Chemistry

    Explain using electron-pushing arguments why glycolysis must go through G6P to F6P step (C1 aldehyde to C1 ketone). Focus on the subsequent aldolase-catalysed reaction and explain why glucose 1,6 bisphosphate would not be able to go through the aldolase
  51. Chem

    Lewis structure of [(CH3)3O]+. Be sure to show all atoms, bonds, lone pairs, and formal charges. Convert CH3CH(Cl)CH(OH)CH3 into a skeletal structure. If you could explain it, it would help. Or somehow do some of it here and explain. Im having a lot of
  52. Chemistry

    Explain using electron-pushing arguments why glycolysis must go through G6P to F6P step (C1 aldehyde to C1 ketone). Focus on the subsequent aldolase-catalysed reaction and explain why glucose 1,6 bisphosphate would not be able to go through the aldolase
  53. economics case analysis

    i have a economic case to analyze, but i'm just an english major and don't know how to do it. can you help me? thanks a million. the case is very long: bob is going to university but his mother asks him to buy his clothes himself. he has limited money and
  54. History

    In the 1970s, America faced a number of new challenges to its economic, military, and political supremacy, all of which undermined the self-confidence of the post-WWII period. What were some of these challenges? How did America respond to them? In what
  55. entrepreneur

    Explain the reasons that a small business might fail and explain the factors/characteristics that contribute toward small business success.
  56. basic geometry

    the three verticies of a triangle can be found at the points A(2,3) , B(-3,6), C(-4,-3) how long is each side of the triangle ab,bc,and ac explain how you got the answer. is this triangle a right triangle ? why and explain.
  57. Math

    Which of the images above represents a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem? Explain your choice, and then explain how the figure proves the Pythagorean Theorem.
  58. Conic section identification

    Explain which conic section this equation and explain how to solve it: 12x^2-18y^2-18x-12y+12=0
  59. History

    Explain what the good blockeade-runners carried as cargo. explain it as if you were a blockade runner and ohh! any blockade runner.
  60. english

    could anyone explain some writing strengths? I'm asked a question for my homework to explain some of my writing strengths and weaknesses but i'm having some trouble thinking about it....
  61. Geometry

    1. Why do you think that the slope of a vertical line is called "undefined?" 2. Can you find the equation of a line if you are given the slope and the x-intercept? If so, explain how. If not, explain why you can't.
  62. Physics

    Most housewives use spin dryers to dry their clothes. Explain how water is removed from the clothes in a spin dryer. PLEASE EXPLAIN! :)
  63. History/American Government

    Identify and explain one difference between the Arizona state constitution and the US Constitution. Explain what you believe to be the reason for this difference.
  64. Science Help!!!

    Some constellations such as Ursa Minor, are visible in the sky year round other constellations appear for only part of the year.Explain why this happens. Can someone explain please??
  65. english

    Hello, I have to explain my study group negative concord, but I don't really understand what it is.. I read about it, I google it but what exactly is negative concord? Can one of you maybe explain it to me?
  66. Physics

    Power transmission lines often use a form of electric current called alternating current, but in many regions, such as the Province of Quebec, high-voltage direct-current lines are used instead. Direct current is the kind of electric current you are
  67. Physics

    Three infinite uniformly charged thin sheets are shown in the figure below. The sheet on the left at x=-d is charged with charge per unit area of -3σ , The sheet in the middle at x=0 is charged with charge per unit area of +σ , and the sheet on
  68. Marketing

    I have to conduct a questionnaire for a pet food delivery service. I need help in coming up with more questions. So far, I got: Do you own a dog or cat? Do you have more than one pet? How often do you buy your pet food? What brand of pet food do you buy?
  69. ELA

    Ryan doesn't know much about the Berlin Wall except that it was torn down before he was born. Which one of these sources would give him the most reliable information? A. a book about President Kennedy's opinion on the Wall B. an article about important
  70. Body paragraph suggestions

    ello, its me again I could anyone read my body paragraph and give me constructive critcism? My homework assignment was to create one body paragraph of the following these: By checking plots, characters, and special effects, it can be seen if the "Lone
  71. management of business

    what is a joint venture? what are the sources of finance for joint ventures? describe the appropriateness of the legal structure and some problems associated with changing from one legal structure to the other ...what are some advantages and disadvantages
  72. government

    Can someone please help Western Europe received the least amount of U.S> foreign aid. Which statement best explains why this region might have received less aid than the other regions? U.S. relations with Western Europe are very amicable. (answer)
  73. Epidemiology

    Consider each of the following scenarios and explain whether the variable in question is a confounder: 1. A study of the relationship between exercise and heart attacks that is conducted among women who do not smoke. Explain whether gender is a confounder.
  74. English

    Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you. 1) the first who trusts/to trust are both possible? 2) "Let's check the answer to those exercises" She proposed checking the answers... She told/ordered us to check.... She suggested checking the
  75. Physics

    What is stimulated emission? a. the process of distinguishing between sources of electromagnetic waves. b. the process of reducing mechanical waves' energy. c. the process of amplifying sound waves. d. producing move light waves which are coherent with an
  76. Science

    I have a project in which I design a house that runs completely on renewable energy sources. When I put in solar energy, the batteries are said to use the sun's light and store the energy for later use. My question is if those batteries have some kind of
  77. English

    i have a economic case to analyze, but i'm just an english major and don't know how to do it. can you help me? thanks a million. the case is very long: bob is going to university but his mother asks him to buy his clothes himself. he has limited money and
  78. economic

    In a free market, which of the following is an accurate statement regarding price? A) Prices tend to increase. B) The price of a good or service helps to quantify its value to consumers. C) None of these statements are accurate. D) Sellers offer misleading
  79. Social Studies

    How did Dr. King and SCLC leaders hope to address economic concerns? A: Dr. King and SCLC hoped to work with local leaders to improve the eocnomic status of African Americans in Chicago's poor neighborhoods.
  80. Macroeconomics(PLEASE HELP)

    4. Techniques of Production Resource Resource Prices Land $4 Labor $2 Capital $5 Entrepreneurial Ability $3 Possible ProductionTechniques I II III IV 4 6 8 9 6 7 9 9 5 4 3 2 1 1 1 2 a. Which technique is the most efficient? b.  If the most efficient
  81. History

    Why was Vietnam key to the US curbing communism in Asia? a. None of these answers. b. Vietnam and the US had strong economic ties. c. Vietnam was a major supplier of rice to the United States. d. Vietnam had a direct tie to Japan which the US had thus far
  82. history

    Discuss one example of cultural, economic, or environmental diffusion between your chosen society and another society, either from this list or of your choosing. • Mesopotamia • Indus River Valley • Yellow River Valley • Egypt • Ancient South
  83. history

    the economic security of the inca empire was based on intensive maize farming enviromental diversity extensive trade with the aztec empire ruthless massacres of enemy peoples my answer is enviromental diversity is that correct
  84. Social Studies

    1. Describe social, political and economic aspects of spanish rule in the Americas. 2. How did the first Global Age affect culture? 3. Why did the slave trade prosper? what effects did it have on Africa? 4. How did the colonization of the Americas affect
  85. Math

    identify and explain at least one real-world application of mathematical concepts covered in the text, your job or daily life, for one of the following areas: business, health and wellness, science, sports, and environmental sustainability. Do you think it
  86. Science

    6TH GRADE SCIENCE HELP ME FINISH MY LAST QUESTION OF SCHOLL!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 21PT Please Help Explain the differences between internal and external fertilization and the advantages and disadvantages of each reproductive strategy. explain in detail
  87. Statistics

    What price do farmers get for their watermelon crops? In the third week of July, a random sample of 51 farming regions gave a sample mean of = $7.08 per 100 pounds of watermelon. Assume that is known to be $1.80 per 100 pounds. Find a 99% confidence
  88. PHYSICS` HELP!! Please

    Really lost on how to explain these whether true or false!! HELP! Much appreciated Write True or False. If False, Explain why! 1. In a position vs. Time graph, a line whose slope is negative represents an object that is slowing down. Answer: I circled True
  89. nutrition

    After World War II, farming, fishing, and other food production activities became large scale enterprises which caused Question 5 answers a decrease in economic development. American diets to become less diverse. the over producing and over consuming of
  90. statistics

    A study involving the economic burden of congestive heart failure found that the lengths of hospital stays for patients had a mean of 7.8 days with a standard deviation of 9.1 days. For random samples of size 40, find the sample mean length of stay that is
  91. Political science

    If the Federal Reserve is printing money, why is the CPI not reporting a threat from inflation? A) because China is selling expensive goods to American consumers B) because the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates high, C) because we have a huge trade
  92. science

    As the United States is one of the largest contributors to atmospheric carbon emissions, what specific policies might the United States enact to reduce its impact on global climate change? Using at least two scholarly or reputable resources and your
  93. Social Studies

    Producers and consumers own the factors of production Custom and habit answer the question of who, what and how to produce Outside trade and commerce is discouraged Roles within the community are defined by custom and gender What type of economic system is
  94. History

    What was an important step for Assyrian rulers in controlling their empire? Select all that apply. A. combining the conquered territories into one province B. creating two capitals: one economic, one social C. dividing the empire into 70 provinces D.
  95. Social studies

    If you were an elderly person from Yugoslavia, what changes have you witnessed in your country since the fall of communism and Soviet rule? A) several nationalist groups seceding from the country. B) conflict between ethnic groups leading to fighting. (MY
  96. chemistry

    Hey guys please help me answer these chemistry questions.? 1. can a strong acid be diluted. explain in detail 2. can a weak acid be diluted. explain in detail 3. how does your observation of sunlight change when you place two different concentrations of
  97. science

    Why is the ocean described as the world’s largest carbon sink? Sink/Sources in the carbon cycle? Carbon movement through the marine carbon cycle. Help
  98. Algebra

    Here is the problem: A two-digit number is eight times the sum of its digits.When the number is added to the number obtained by reversing the digits,the sum is 99. Find the original number. Please explain hot to solve it and it would help a lot to if you
  99. Algebra

    Here is the problem: A two-digit number is eight times the sum of its digits.When the number is added to the number obtained by reversing the digits,the sum is 99. Find the original number. Please explain hot to solve it and it would help a lot to if you
  100. electronics and circuits

    The circuit below contains two dependent sources: a voltage controlled voltage source and a voltage controlled current source. Figure 3-1 The circuit elements have the following values: Vin=15V, R1=0.5Ω, R2=1.5Ω, R3=5Ω, A=2V/V and B=1.5A/V.