1. Physics

    The question is: Can you photograph yourself in a mirror and focus the camera on both your image and the mirror frame? Explain. I tried it for myself and it's possible, but I just can't explain why.

    asked by Emily on February 24, 2008
  2. english

    For this sentence, What are the sources that prevent solving the issue? do i need the "in" between prevent and solving

    asked by blaking on January 22, 2011
  3. history (am I correct or on the right track?)

    Describe the social, economic, and political composition of the decade of corporate greed and how it affected the political climate of the 1980s. Ronald Reagan he signed an intermediate nuclear forces nonproliferation treaty. Ronald Reagan used tax cuts

    asked by scooby91320002 on August 23, 2009
  4. social studies (history day project)

    Before I introduce my assignment and what I need to do, I tried my best copying off from the instructions given and it's long, obviously. (and I may have some errors but please excuse those) I have another page of directions, but it will be short. Oh and

    asked by anon on August 31, 2015
  5. geology / science

    would you be able to suggest a good website for me to answer this question granite is intrusive , felsic rock, which may be produced by partial melting or fractional crystallization, Explain how these processes produce felsic magmas from more mafic parent

    asked by bex on April 18, 2007
  6. science

    Describe the difference between PM2.5 and PM10. Include an explanation as why PM2.5 is more dangerous. (3-4 sentences). ii. Explain why O3, also called ground level ozone, is a problem. (2-3 sentences). 3 i. Air quality index values are typically divided

    asked by Esthela Angelique on October 1, 2018
  7. social studies check answers

    Im not sure these are right.I Tryed my best :D. 1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A or B 5.B 1.“Along the southern coast of Brazil the central plateau descends in high, steep escarpments. It towers over the waves and moves back in ridges, leveling off from the peaks of the

    asked by matt on April 3, 2014
  8. Essay

    Hi, I have to write a web article evaluation paper. The professor wants us to pick a casual article that has to do with child development and family studies. Then, he wants us to use scholarly sources to evaluate the article. I don't know what a casual

    asked by Bizzy on April 7, 2008
  9. Physics

    Is one of the formulas used in "thin film" interference problems 2t = (m + 0.5)(lambda/n_film) OR 2t = (m - 0.5)(lambda/n_film), where t is the thickness of the film? I might have copied my notes down incorrectly in class, because according to internet

    asked by Kid on December 8, 2017
  10. english - Ms. Sue - Please revise

    o In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: · Read? · Write? · Process information? o Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: · Articles · Advertising · Media ·

    asked by rose on April 3, 2008
  11. health

    I am having trouble starting off this essay. Can someone help me?? Write a 700- to 1,050-paper responding to the following: You have recently been employed by a small local hospital as an administrative assistant in the emergency room. The hospital does

    asked by melissa on September 13, 2009
  12. math

    the calories in a breakfast sandwich come from three sources: 144 calories are from carbohydrates 108 calories are from fat and 56 calories are from protein use properties of addition to find the total number of calories in the sandwich

    asked by help on September 30, 2008
  13. us history

    "Although the economic growth of the United States between 1860 and 1900 has been attributed to a governmental policy of laissez-faire, it was in fact encouraged and sustained by direct government intervention." Assess the validity of this statement. What

    asked by Dee on January 13, 2011
  14. Geography

    Due to the violent & complex origins of the Andies, many rich & precious metals and minerals were found in the Andies. The inital economic wealth of many Adean coutries came from mining gold, silver, tin, copper, and iron. How can this cause conflict with

    asked by Hannah on September 10, 2010
  15. History Ms. Sue

    What else can I add for freedom of want. I need to add a few more sentences any ideas. So far I have talked about everyone would be able to live a good life with food, shelter, and expression (i expanded on that some). every individual would be at ease

    asked by Kara on April 16, 2009

    Which of the following was NOT a reason that slavery became more broadly used in Virginia after Bacon's Rebellion? a. the economic incentives made by the British government b. the increasing survival rate of all people in the region c. the declining price

    asked by T-Baby on February 9, 2011
  17. Biology

    Which of the following is NOT a current goal of biotechnology? A) more effectively treating disease B) improving agriculturally important food plants C) efficiently producing biologically important molecules D) creating humans with higher intelligent

    asked by stelle on November 12, 2010
  18. HIS 135

    I am doing research on my final project in HIS 135, and I need to find an important social, economic, or political event that impacted the American people the most for the following years: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s. I don't mind doing the research

    asked by Punkie on June 24, 2009
  19. Civics

    Which of the following was NOT a reason why a stronger central government was needed? To solve the economic problems of the United States =To limit individual liberties To deal with military matters both internal and external To make the States work

    asked by Sierra on February 14, 2012
  20. math

    Part A: Solve the inequality for x and explain if the solution is reasonable or not. Part B: Explain how each piece of the inequality corresponds with the situation. If the inequality is incorrect, explain why that/those part(s) of the inequality is/are

    asked by alonzo on August 27, 2015

    Given that the structures of cocaine (on the right side of the equation) and its free base ( on the left side) with an H+ : a. Would you expect K for the cocaine to be greater or less than 1.0? Explain. b. Would K for the free base be higher or lower than

    asked by Amber on April 13, 2014
  22. Chemistry

    Given that the structures of cocaine (on the right side of the equation) and its free base ( on the left side) with an H+ : a. Would you expect K for the cocaine to be greater or less than 1.0? Explain. b. Would K for the free base be higher or lower than

    asked by Amber on April 13, 2014
  23. Physics

    The mass of a sports car is 1100 kg. The shape of the car is such that the aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.240 and the frontal area is 2.40 m2. Neglecting all other sources of friction, calculate the initial acceleration of the car ,if it has been

    asked by Simi on July 10, 2010
  24. Social Studies | Check my work

    Multiple Choice: 1.) What document signed in 1689, later inspired the creation of the American Bill of Rights? a.) the Magna Carta b.) the English Bill of Rights c.) the Pennsylvania Constitution d.) the Navigation Acts. 2.) How did England view its North

    asked by Abz on October 28, 2015
  25. help math

    a partial moves along the x-axis so that its velocity at time t, for 0< = t = < 6, is given by a differentiable function v whose graph is shown above. The velocity is 0 at t=0, t=5, and the graph has horizontal tangents at t=4. the areas of the regions

    asked by dave on May 20, 2008
  26. Calc

    a partial moves along the x-axis so that its velocity at time t, for 0< = t = < 6, is given by a differentiable function v whose graph is shown above. The velocity is 0 at t=0, t=5, and the graph has horizontal tangents at t=4. the areas of the regions

    asked by sammy on May 19, 2008
  27. Legal Studies

    Hi beautiful people! I'm trying to find good articles on the ethics of victimless crime in law. I'm struggling a bit and I was wondering if any of you knew of some good ones? I went to my state library and found some books and the journals I access don't

    asked by Em on August 22, 2011
  28. Social studies

    The map of Mississippian Indian settlement is most likely displaying which cultural characteristic prior to European contact? A) the official end of nomadic herding B) the establishment of long houses along primary rivers C) the creation of earthen mounds,

    asked by James on December 6, 2018
  29. biology

    Orange juice is often touted by nutritionists as being an excellent antioxidant. Within an essay response, discuss the following concepts: an antioxidant’s function, free radicals and their effect on the human body, sources of vitamin C, optimal delivery

    asked by Dave on April 17, 2012
  30. bio

    Orange juice is often touted by nutritionists as being an excellent antioxidant. Within an essay response, discuss the following concepts: an antioxidant’s function, free radicals and their effect on the human body, sources of vitamin C, optimal delivery

    asked by Dave on May 4, 2012
  31. Algebra 2

    A sound wave is modeled with the equation . y=1/4cos 2pi/3treta a. Find the period. Explain your method. b. Find the amplitude. Explain your method. c. What is the equation of the midline? What does it represent? A- The period can not be found because

    asked by Ciaria on March 31, 2015
  32. English

    Thank you so much for your assistance with my thesis statement and topic for my persuasive essay. Now, can you tell me if I have answered theses two questions correctly pertaining to my thesis statement " solving our economic problems of fear and

    asked by April on January 20, 2010
  33. accounting

    I need help to understand what is being needed.Determine the ethical course of action for the following three scenarios from the perspective of each of the three philosophical approaches: consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics. Then, complete the

    asked by A.W. on April 15, 2009
  34. chemistry

    2Na + 2H2O---> 2NaOH + H2 Need to find the molecules of H2 Atomic wt o Na = 23 48.7 g of Na 48.71/23 = 2.12 mols Na 2.12/2 × 24. (WHERE DOES THE 24 COME FROM) = 25.44 dm^3 H. (PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS PART) = 1.06moles 1.06mols× 6.02×10^23 avagados number=

    asked by lulu on January 7, 2017
  35. Chemistry

    Using the activity series, explain the reason that most metals cannot exist in nature as elements but are found as compounds instead. Use specific examples to explain your answer. (Hint: Consider the reactivity of metals with water)

    asked by Emily on July 15, 2010
  36. com 135

    You have been asked by a prospective employer to explain in writing why you selected your degree program and how the degree will help advance your career. What two prewriting techniques would you use to organize your thoughts about the topic? Explain your

    asked by Dawn on February 17, 2008
  37. social studies

    discuss nature and scope of social studies as an integrated subject of school curriculum? Because social studies covers all of socioties subjects, how people learn is a part of social studies. The social dynamics of the school setting are a representitave

    asked by reshika on December 8, 2006
  38. Chemistry

    Explain why iron corrodes more quickly in seawater than in freshwater. I'm getting conflicting answers from searching on Google; is it because the corrosion of iron is a redox reaction, which involves a transfer of electrons, and therefore this transfer of

    asked by a Canadian on May 7, 2013
  39. Math

    Movies A survey of 350 customers was taken at Regal Cinemas in Austin, Texas, regarding the type of movies customers liked. The following information was determined. 196 liked dramas. 153 liked comedies.  88 liked science fiction.  59 liked dramas and

    asked by nicole on October 9, 2012
  40. computer

    17. Which of the following sources likely has the most reliable information? A. A graduate student's blog that was updated ten months ago B. A company-sponsored website with detailed citations C. A computer science textbook written by an expert in the

    asked by Tina on April 28, 2015
  41. US History

    The passage is an excerpt from President Bill Clinton’s State of the Union address in January 1998. . . . As we enter the twenty-first century, the global economy requires us to seek opportunity not just at home, but in all markets of the world. We must

    asked by anonymous on December 16, 2010
  42. Texas Government

    Please tell me which one of these is Federal , Confederal or Unitary . I have already submitted my question but I just want to be sure. ____1..In this system, power is divided between a central government and sub-government. ____2. England ____3. The

    asked by Sarah on September 6, 2011
  43. algebra

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain your answer. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain your answer. Write a mathematical phrase or

    asked by Anonymous on August 4, 2010
  44. english

    Can someone please clearly explain what an in-text MLA citation is? n MLA style, referring to the works of others in your text is done by using what's known as parenthetical citation. Immediately following a quotation from a source or a paraphrase of a

    asked by anonymous on January 5, 2007
  45. History

    Hello can someone please help me with this question. 10. All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: (Points: 5) having economic and political components. supporting the idea of civil rights. wanting to limit governmental

    asked by eddie on January 25, 2011
  46. Science

    Can someone please help me please thank you. Climate change is an environmental issue in the news almost daily, and air pollution impacts us on a global level. What are the implications of global warming? Do you think the efforts to improve air quality are

    asked by John on September 20, 2011
  47. Social Studies

    1. Describe social, political and economic aspects of spanish rule in the Americas. 2. How did the first Global Age affect culture? 3. Why did the slave trade prosper? what effects did it have on Africa? 4. How did the colonization of the Americas affect

    asked by Pamela on May 26, 2011
  48. Science

    Hey guys! If you could help me with a few of these question (they are fill in the blanks), that would be much appreciated. 1. Fertilizers and pesticides pplied to farm fields in Pennsylvania have made their way down into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

    asked by Kristi on April 8, 2014
  49. Chem

    A Texas Aggie buys 12 cans of dehydrated water. The cans weigh an average of 63.46g each before the dehydrated water is removed. If the density of pure distilled water is 0.9979 g/mL and each can has a volume of 3.154L, what is the total mass of the cans

    asked by Mercedes on February 28, 2007
  50. finance

    Usha Manufacturing Co. has a bond of $1000 par value outstanding. It pays interest annually and carries an annual coupon rate of 8%. Bonds are issued 2 years ago & due in 10 years. If the market rate of return on bonds is 7%. Required: a. What is the

    asked by PMD on January 13, 2017
  51. history

    Which three regions were part of the Indian Ocean trade route? A. East Africa, Middle East, and China........ B. China, East Africa, and West Africa C. Mediterranean, West Africa, and East Africa D. East Africa, Mediterranean, and India i tthink it is c

    asked by bird<: on January 28, 2019
  52. Coordination Chemistry

    A particular metal ion octahedral complex has the same number of unpaired electrons (non-zero) whether the complex uses weak or strong field ligands. List several fourth period transition metal ions that could have this behavior. Also, if someone could

    asked by Alisha on December 1, 2012
  53. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a reason in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? A. To develop closer political ties with Europe B. To open China to provide the United States with needed materials C. To support peacekeeping efforts in Europe D. To acquire

    asked by EmberShy on January 11, 2017
  54. physics

    The figure below shows the circular wave fronts emitted by two sources. Make a table with rows labeled P, Q, and R and columns labeled r1, r2, Δr, and C/D. Fill in the table for points P, Q and R, giving distances as multiples of λ and indicating, with a

    asked by kev on December 9, 2012
  55. marketing

    The marketing manager at Massimino & McCarthy, a chain of retail stores that sells men's clothing, is reviewing marketing research data to try to determine if changes in marketing strategy are needed. Which of the following sources of data would be a

    asked by rick on May 30, 2013
  56. physics please help!!

    A distant galaxy is simultaneously rotating and receding from the earth. As the drawing shows, the galactic center is receding from the earth at a relative speed of uG = 1.90 106 m/s. Relative to the center, the tangential speed is vT = 3.00 105 m/s for

    asked by linds on March 27, 2012
  57. math

    Give the numbers of elements in the regions marked I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII in the figure. |U| = 280, |A| = 20, |B| = 20, |C| = 24 |A¿B| = 3, |A¿C| = 3, |B¿C| = 5, |A¿B¿C| = 2 | I | = 1 . | II | = 2 . | III | = 3 . | IV | = 4 . | V |

    asked by Anonymous on August 13, 2012
  58. History

    I need help describing the social, economic, and political composition of the decade of corporate greed and how it affected the political climate of the 1980s. What does the question refer to when it mentions political climate?

    asked by Noah on July 27, 2008
  59. World History

    Among the factors that brought about European colonialism, which of the following supported concepts of racial superiority? A. The introduction of the steam engine and the telegraph B. Social Darwinism C. Economic and trade opportunities D. the machine gun

    asked by Minerva Nall on October 27, 2014
  60. english

    1) Due to the _____ of the fire, the residents of surrounding homes were evacuated. (A) magnitude (B) consensus (C) laaitude (D) deportment (E) simulation 2) Sophia lives a(an) _________nieghborhood; many people have a similar_________- (A)

    asked by Daniel on April 27, 2010
  61. history

    What was the main motivating factor for European maritime expansion in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries? A.to spread christian valves. B.To increase economic opportunity. C.To seek out new lands for increasing populations. D.To conquer othe

    asked by anonymous on November 1, 2011
  62. accounting

    You have been asked to speak at a career fair for high school students in your home town. Specifically, you are making a presentation about your role as an accountant. Describe for the students the primary objectives of accounting. Explain the basic

    asked by Jen on January 7, 2011
  63. English

    Thank you very much! As to the linguistic objectives, I included a few more things but I don't know if the logical sequence is correct (I think some points could be omitted). As you are also an English teacher, I really hope you can help me organize the

    asked by Henry2 on February 5, 2012
  64. Chemistry

    What did you observe after the addition of dilute HCl to the saturated lead chloride solution? Explain observations using relevant chemical reaction. I observed that a white precipitate was formed. Not sure how to explain why it formed

    asked by PleaseHelp on March 29, 2014
  65. Chemistry - Solubility Product

    What did you observe after the addition of dilute HCl to the saturated lead chloride solution? Explain observations using relevant chemical reaction. I observed that a white precipitate was formed. Not sure how to explain why it formed

    asked by PleaseHelp on March 29, 2014
  66. cjs

    explain the major purposes of the criminal trial process. Do you think this process is effective in its goal to ensure justice, to serve the public, and to keep the rights of the defendants and victims intact? Explain your answers.

    asked by Anonymous on April 27, 2009
  67. Humanities

    Postman creates a taxonomy: tool-using cultures, technocracy and technopoly. Do you think these are reasonable ways to divide cultures? If so, which one of the three best describes our society? Explain why. *Is there any good website i culd use to explain

    asked by Susan on November 3, 2008
  68. Socials-Ms. Sue

    Explain the relationship between mercantilism and colonialism. Can there ever be a profit without one party being short-changed? Explain. Mercantilism was the belief that colonies existed to enrich the mother country. Ms. Sue I am having trouble on this

    asked by Sara on January 17, 2010
  69. science

    what land locations around the world have the highest incidences of hurricanes? Check out this site with a map of the regions with the most hurricanes.

    asked by Anonymous on March 11, 2007
  70. Astronomy/History

    I am doing a project on Isaac Newton. Ive looked at his impact on the development of the telescope, in particular, the reflecting telescope. Ive researed this a bit and have found conflicting dates. Some sources say he built the first relflecting telescope

    asked by Kurst on March 8, 2008
  71. Physics

    A Texas cockroach of mass 0.17 kg runs counterclockwise around the rim of a lazy Susan (a circular disk mounted on a vertical axle) that has radius 15 cm, rotational inertia 5.5 10-3 kg·m2, and frictionless bearings. The cockroach's speed (relative to the

    asked by Ray on October 26, 2009
  72. sociology

    Marx weber agreed with Marx on the role economic and political conflicts play to change socities. And yet, weber disagreed with Marx about leadership, outcome, and measures of power.

    asked by keisha on February 23, 2011
  73. ONE world history question?

    1. All of the following events following WWI contribute to the beginning of WWII EXCEPT: Harsh peace terms angered Germany. Economic prosperity and increase in the European standard of living. The Great Depression allowed dictators to take control of

    asked by Anonymous on March 30, 2016
  74. Give the definitions

    Black blizzards * Black Tuesday * Boom * Bust * commodity * conglomerate * draft * Dust Bowl * Economic Recession * Fiscal Conservatism * Great Depression * Labor Unions * Neutrality * New Deal * Petrochemical * Prohibition * Sharecropper * Suffrage *

    asked by OliviaB. on January 29, 2019
  75. Social Studies

    Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. A tropical climate is key to which economic activity in the lowlands of Central America and the Caribbean? A. commerce and manufacturing B. production of cash

    asked by hannah on December 17, 2018
  76. History

    AD 476 Fall of the Roman Empire in the West ends 800 years of Roman hegemony. The creation of moderen Europe begins. Is this event political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, artistic, or geographic and how is it important today? Thanks, Heather

    asked by Heather on December 17, 2007
  77. social studies

    Help! 1. Describe the social strusture of feudal society. 2. what were the similarities and differences between feudalism in Euope and Japan? 3. How did the Roman Catholic Church influence social, political, and economic life during the Middle Ages? 4. How

    asked by Pamela on April 3, 2011
  78. marketing

    When a local bank in Kansas City makes loans to its small business customers, it charges them an interest rate for borrowing money. Interest rates are part of the ____________ environment. a. cultural and social b. economic c. legal d. political e.

    asked by Andrew on January 26, 2013
  79. AP Biology

    In 1918 a particularly virulent strain of influenza (an RNA virus) wiped out millions of health humans in the prime of their lives. Epidemiologists fear that such a super bug could revisit us in the future. And thus there was quest to find samples of the

    asked by Sammy on March 28, 2012
  80. government class summer assignment

    have to write an essay on this topic: The constitution was an attemt to addrss the problems that existed under the Articles of Confederation. A) list and explain three problems of decentralized power under the articles of confederation. for each problem

    asked by Anonymous on July 29, 2006
  81. science

    Explain the 3 differences in the chart below: Flowers Cones Spores 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. 3. 3. 3. I am not sure what the differences between them are, if someone could explain that would be helpful

    asked by Beebop on January 29, 2019
  82. social studies

    do you think the U.S had legitimate reason to go to war with Mexico , explain your answer. If you explain YOUR answer, we'll be glad to help you with it.

    asked by jose on October 16, 2006
  83. Math

    Compare the graphs of the logarithmic functions f(x)= log(7)x and g(x) = log(4)x. For what values of x is f=g, f>g, and fg, but what is f

    asked by Max on December 3, 2017
  84. Algebra - Rational Exponents

    Can someone explain the rules for raising a power to a power? Please explain and give some examples. I would appreciate it if you can answer this as soon as possible.

    asked by Brady on February 12, 2014
  85. precalculus

    can you please explain how you sketch a plane curve given by parametric equations? and explain what the orientation of a curve is?

    asked by john on December 7, 2016
  86. U.S. HISTORY i really need someones help!

    i need to know what mary chesnut thought of patriarchy and other opinions of hers. i've looked everywhere and cant find anything, i already know her opinion of slavery tho http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=mary+chestnut&btnG=Google+Search Looks as if

    asked by INEEDHELP!!! on November 5, 2006
  87. chemistry

    I am completing a lab where I had to determine the mass percent of Mg(OH)2 in an antacid tablet , and I am trying to determine sources of error for my lab. I was wondering if when I back-titrated with NaOH after I overshot on purpose would the added OH-

    asked by Peter on October 18, 2010
  88. Custer's Last Stand

    I have only been around for two research days for this big project on Custer's Last Stand, and I have some information and a LOT of books, but I need quick, straightforward info that I can work around. Any solid information you know pertaining to details

    asked by Catherine on December 19, 2012
  89. math, algebra

    can someone correct this for me... Problem : Business and finance. Linda Williams has just begun a nursery business and seeks your advice. She has limited funds to spend and wants to stock two kinds of fruit-bearing plants. She lives in the northeastern

    asked by jasmine20 on December 29, 2006
  90. English

    Story : The Ethanol Debate Natalie Stewart What feature of the selection BEST illustrates that it is a persuasive essay? A) < -- A? the chart showing the rise in corn prices B) the information on how farmers feed their herds C) the description of how

    asked by Sara on May 11, 2015
  91. Creative and Critical Thinking

    Together We Stand Letter Outline Suppose you live in a new suburban community that combines all the amenities and benefits of a tight-knit small community with the benefits of living close to the big city. Some years pass, and several children and adults

    asked by Monica on September 22, 2012
  92. Physics

    I know this is long but can someone just explain it to me? Please? Don't have to give the answer, I'm just confused :( 1. An experiment was devised to investigate the effects on the temperature of a cup of hot tea when lemon juice is added at different

    asked by Martha on June 3, 2014
  93. microeconomics

    I am having a problem with one of my homework questions and would like some help if possible...here is the question.. According to an article in the New York Times (Nov. 5, 1993),"many Midwest wheat farmers oppose the NAFTA free trade agreement asmuch as

    asked by Deana on August 21, 2006
  94. Language Arts

    1. The word aloof is an English word borrowed from Dutch. Its meaning is "at a distance." In which of the following sentences is the word used correctly? Anne's sociable nature mad her aloof in new situations When he first arrived at the Secret Annex,

    asked by Hailee on April 17, 2015
  95. Intro to Geography

    A prime minister is the leader of what type of region? A.)Climate B.)Cultural C.)Economic D.)Political Cultural or political? I think it's cultural idk though HELP please :)

    asked by Brianna on March 7, 2014
  96. Social Studies

    May you please check if my answer is correct? Why did the system of feudalism arise during the Middle Ages? (1 point) to develop an economic system to determine jobs within a city to defend the countries from attacks to organize the household of noblemen A

    asked by Dorathy on September 29, 2015
  97. Current Events

    Hey! Kayz, so regarding the stance 'that the US should remove political, social and economic support from dictatorships'. So far I'm thinking of adapting the sanctions on South Africa during apartheid for this. I'm also thinking of looking at current

    asked by Tina on May 8, 2011
  98. economics case analysis

    i have a economic case to analyze, but i'm just an english major and don't know how to do it. can you help me? thanks a million. the case is very long: bob is going to university but his mother asks him to buy his clothes himself. he has limited money and

    asked by Danielle on October 4, 2009
  99. Economics

    Suppose that some firms in a competitive industry are earning zero economic profits, while others are experiencing losses. All else equal, in the long run, we would expect the number of firms in the industry to A. increase. B. decrease. C. remain the same.

    asked by Bob on November 29, 2011
  100. Social Studies / World Civilizations

    In the initial years after the wars of independence, Latin Americans: A. Had driven out their colonial rulers B. Challenged the colonial economic and social structures C. Capitilized on popular, grassroots movement to effect social changes D. Both B and C

    asked by Keith on September 11, 2007