1. S.S (DAMON)

    1.A 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6. How are natural disasters,like hurricanes and earthquakes,a threat to biodiversity? A. they destroy natural habitats,such as coral reefs,as well B. many of the regions residents lose their homes or businessses C. They are very

    asked by dalia on March 13, 2014
  2. Math

    For a history project, Marcus built a replica of the Texas State Capitol building. His model has a scale factor of 1/100. If the height of the Capitol's dome is 310 feet, how high is the dome on Marcus' replica?

    asked by Chace on December 16, 2012
  3. US History

    Which of these resolutions was included in the Compromise of 1850 to satisfy the South? A.admission of Texas to the Union as a slave state B.Admission of California as a free state to balance Missouri C.agreement that the slave trade was to be banned in

    asked by Am on July 7, 2010
  4. social studies

    why Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas? Mexico had gotten independence from Spain,but most of the land claimed north of the Rio Grande was sparsely populated, and the US population was moving west. The idea Mexico had was to populate it quickly

    asked by victoria on March 4, 2007
  5. Math Help!

    Find 21/25 of $27,000 A:$32,140 B:$5,670 C:$22,680 D:$23,760 Could you explain how it is C?? A new law requires that 12% of an individual's income be invested in the stock market. Your accounts show that you need to put $420 in the stock market this year.

    asked by @CrEaM@ on January 4, 2018
  6. statistics

    The Economic Policy Institute periodically issues reports on wages of entry level workers. The Institute reported that entry level wages for male college graduates were $21.68 per hour and for female college graduates were $18.80 per hour in 2011 (Economic

    asked by gabby on October 1, 2015
  7. English

    1. Which of the following would not be a helpful audiovisual aid for a presentation on drought? a poster on the effects of drought in regions around the world a short video of a farmer talking about the difficulties caused by drought an icebreaker cartoon

    asked by Cassie on April 11, 2013
  8. Pre-Calc (Circles). Please help :(

    Five concentric circles with radii 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are drawn as shown dividing the circle of radius 5 into five regions: a circle of radius 1 and 4 annuuli (rings). What is the probability that a point chosen randomly from within the circle of radius 5

    asked by J on September 28, 2014
  9. Science - please please help

    1. Explain why conduction, convection, and advection cannot occur in space. ^is it cause there is no gravity in space? 2. Does warm water rise or fall in cold water? Explain why this happens. 3. Explain why rocks and soil are poor heat sinks. Thanks in

    asked by Kim on January 16, 2008
  10. American culture

    What artists and bands have had the greatest effect on popular culture? Explain why? Do you think the changing genre of popular music influences culture of time? If so, explain how? If not, explain why not?

    asked by Anonymous on January 6, 2011
  11. math help please...

    1.You want to use the interval method to solve a rational inequality. Explain how to find the intervals. 2.Explain how the interval method works. 3.Explain in your own words what a reciprocal function is.

    asked by steven on January 6, 2014
  12. Business law

    If articles of incorporation are supposed to be prepared by a lawyer and the partners of a business are told they will be formed by may 3rd and the partners begin conducting businss on the 4th are they held personally liable if anything were to happen?

    asked by Ryan on March 12, 2007
  13. can someone edit my essay? thanks!

    Gorbachev did not think about all the consequences that would happened if he changed Russia into perestroika. He underestimated the effect that perestroika would have on Russia. Yes, his political initiatives were great for freedom and democracy but all

    asked by henrey on April 25, 2007
  14. Social Studies

    1.What economic system focused on exports and acquiring precious metals? A.capitalism B.mercantilism***** C.market economy D.traditional economy 2.Why did Dutch and English landowners force peasants off the land? A.to motivate people to emigrate overseas

    asked by Any one . plz check these!! Thanks on October 15, 2018
  15. Political science

    what does realism explain best and what does it miss? what does liberalism explain best and what does it miss? what does radicalism best explain and what does it miss? what does Constructivism best explain and what does it miss?

    asked by Kammy on June 4, 2016
  16. Texas History

    I just need help with one question. I answer questions quite often on here so maybe somebody will answer mine. All of the following were part of the social reform movement in Texas prior to the Great Depression except... A)Labor Unions fought to improve

    asked by STUPIDNERD on February 27, 2018
  17. social studies

    What will probably happen to the national identity or individual states as the European Union becomes stronger and a more important economic force?

    asked by Francis on April 17, 2008
  18. economics

    critically and analytically justify why is agric economic is relevant to your course national diploma in animal healh and production

    asked by Anonymous on February 20, 2013
  19. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

    Setting standards for educational achievement and success is an example of which kind of policy? Economic Foreign Security Domestic***

    asked by Anonymous on May 17, 2015
  20. 7th grade

    What is a good definition of mercantilism? I don't understand when all the definitions talk about economic systems of national wealth. Thank you!

    asked by Isabelle on October 16, 2010
  21. Economics

    Problem #1: If the economy is self-regulating, wouldn’t these scenarios represent correct and sequentially accurate economic explanation? 1)

    asked by Sally on April 23, 2007
  22. mgt330

    List at least one reason why you think workers may be more motivated by job security rather than salary and benefits in difficult economic times.

    asked by kevin on August 28, 2010
  23. Finance

    an economic contraction (recession) is now well under way, and the Fed plans to use all facilities at its command to halt the decline. Describe the measures that it may take.

    asked by Jayde M. on February 10, 2013
  24. mohlatlego machaba secondary school ,life orientation

    which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical, emotional, social, and economic aspects to the family, the country

    asked by doctor on September 7, 2015
  25. eth/125

    information idenfiying linguistic political social economic religious familial status of mexican americans

    asked by kathy on January 18, 2010
  26. history

    Identify and define the two other items (in addition to supply-side economics) that were a part of Reagan’s economic agenda.

    asked by pam on December 15, 2010
  27. economics

    What is the economic rationale for the Federal government to dictate that 7.5 billion gallons of renewable fuel be produced by 2012?

    asked by April on April 13, 2011
  28. economics

    Which of the following is not an economic right or responsibility? Question 8 options: a.deciding where to live b. choosing an occupation c. paying taxes d. being happy

    asked by adrina on January 20, 2012
  29. Public Administration

    What are some examples of (social, political, cultural, environmental, or economic conditions) that may have influenced the content and development of the U.S. Constitution.

    asked by JISK on March 7, 2016
  30. Management

    what economic, social , and political forces have made employee traininng even mor eimportant today than in the past?

    asked by Help on October 28, 2010
  31. Social studies

    which economic practice helps to keep prices low and keep good quality? Combination** Consolidation Competition Overproduction

    asked by Attic on January 23, 2018
  32. socials Canadian history

    During the early 1860s, what economic and social problems might have existed in Barkerville? People who had money could go off and afford more, and those that didn't get anything. have i got it right?

    asked by Emma on June 8, 2011
  33. history

    what are the major differences and similarities between the early northern and southern colonies at either the political,cocial, or the economic level.

    asked by Anonymous on October 2, 2009
  34. World Geography

    Founded in 1967, ASEAN did little to foster economic cooperation until proposed a free-trade area in 1991

    asked by Faith on March 23, 2014
  35. social studies

    Which of the following factors is impeding economic growth in India? A. poor infrastructure B. its command economy C. microlending D. outsourcing

    asked by Jane on December 23, 2018
  36. History

    Like for economic I know that revolves around the industry and employment. Could someone give some examples of what exactly is social change in the US? Does it involve the people. I'm confused

    asked by Amy on December 11, 2010
  37. us history


    asked by Anonymous on July 11, 2011
  38. mgt

    hepl with least one reason why you think workers may be more motivated by job security rather than salary and benefits in difficult economic times?

    asked by meshelle on November 16, 2009
  39. Social Studies

    Which economic activity was the first to be affected by the Industrial Revolution? A. textile manufacturing B. coal mining C. agriculture D. transportation I Think It's D....

    asked by Help me plz? on November 17, 2018
  40. us history

    Describe the long-term political and economic effects of the Reconstruction and southern reaction on African Americans

    asked by Bob on September 26, 2013
  41. Global History

    How was trade important to the economic development of Western Europe, the United States, and Japan during the postwar decades?

    asked by Jayleen on April 24, 2010
  42. biology

    what is the mode of nutrition,habitat, economic importance, classifications scientific name, observable features and adaptation of an earthworm.

    asked by Wesley on May 18, 2016
  43. Economics

    Problem #1: If the economy is self-regulating, wouldn’t these scenarios represent correct and sequentially accurate economic explanation? a)

    asked by Sally on April 23, 2007

    What is the economic term for productive resources that provide a means for society to produce and distribute its goods and services?

    asked by Brad Imahara on June 5, 2012
  45. American Gov

    Capitalism is an economic system based on public ownership of property and a command economy True or False???

    asked by Jason on September 13, 2011
  46. geography

    Members of which economic alliance can live, work, even vote in any member nation? A)NAFTA B)OAU C)EU D)ASEAN i think its A or C am i right

    asked by nicky on March 10, 2010
  47. history

    All of the following were reasons behind the creation of the Georgia colony except. A.Charity B.Defense C.Religion D.Economic Take Your Time Just A Question No Need To Rush!!

    asked by Mr.Young on October 12, 2016
  48. Economic

    suppose now the inputs of mangoes are taxed. draw the graph to show the economic effects if demand is elastic

    asked by lavinia on May 3, 2011
  49. english

    Hi again :) how does this sentence look? Through his accounts, he describes how the economic status of Jewish immigrants suffered greatly due to their race.

    asked by joe on December 12, 2011
  50. World History

    short essay decribing the economic, political,social, and cultural problems, faced by the new nations of Africa.

    asked by Cody on September 13, 2007
  51. Social Studies

    Could stronger economic ties between Israel and its Arab neighbors help reduce conflict? Why or why not? My assignment is due today please help now

    asked by Help NOW on January 31, 2019
  52. social studies

    Why the United Nations involvement in social and economic problems consistent with its mandate to preserve peace and security?

    asked by Crystal on November 17, 2008
  53. Western Civilization

    How did the Greek encounters with the Near and Middle East shape political, economic, and cultural developments of the Hellenistic world?

    asked by Jeremiah on December 16, 2011
  54. research paper

    identifing the linguistic ,political,social,economic,religious,and familial conventions and /or statuses of four hispanic groups

    asked by university of phoenix on September 20, 2009
  55. Environmental Science 11th grade

    Discuss economic reasons that have caused many utilities to opt for coal-burning, rather than nuclear-powered, plants

    asked by Anonymous on February 4, 2013
  56. Social Studies

    The primary economic activity of the outback is a. agriculture b. mining mineral resources*** c. industry d. raising livestock

    asked by Kaai97 on December 10, 2015
  57. Social Studies

    How did changes of social economic and political changes significant to the growth of city life during the 19th century in the United States?

    asked by Sarah on April 12, 2010
  58. network neutrality

    1. Explain what Net Neutrality is 2. Explain who wants and who doesn’t want Net Neutrality 3. Explain the Obama administrations stance on the issue 4. Why didn’t the FCC’s ruling cover wireless providers can you please help me find a link/websites

    asked by blaze on February 11, 2012
  59. Ap History

    Hi i had these questions wrong :/ The North and South held different views toward slavery in 1850. What were they? a) The North believed in a free labor system and the South believed in a slave labor system. b)The South believed that black people were

    asked by Quilla. on December 5, 2014
  60. life orientation


    asked by ndue on April 30, 2012
  61. US history

    What did England and the English settlers really want from colonization? National Glory? Wealth? Adventure? A solution to social tensions? New sources of goods and trade? Did they get what they wanted?

    asked by Abbey on February 1, 2009
  62. Life orientation

    In 10 -15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human factor or problem impacts on the community .Provide a relevant sources to support your claims help please with answers

    asked by Zanele on May 9, 2013
  63. Life orintation

    In HIV/AIDS criticaly discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support the claims.

    asked by Anonymous on April 17, 2012
  64. Psychology

    I was assigned a topic nature vs nurture: are children born gay or evolved into,,,,i would appreciate if anyone knows of any book sources that can help me and any secondary source because i don't know where to start thank you in advance

    asked by Jess on January 23, 2012
  65. Life orientation

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in wich the human or environmental problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by Lutendo on April 16, 2013
  66. English

    What should you consider when looking for helpful sources? What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?To make supporting points it is important that one finds relevant, accurate, and reliable resources

    asked by Anonymous on January 4, 2011
  67. Research

    Can someone help me find more information on George Beers who wrote on Russian Collectivisation? No webmaster contact available for the website I was on. I need to assess the sources reliability and I need the authors credidentials...

    asked by Em on May 26, 2011
  68. ACC340

    Using at least two sources in addition to the text, Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing how information systems are changing the various aspects of the accounting profession.

    asked by Kat on November 12, 2012
  69. english - help

    My subject is "the rising cost of food and gasoline in the United states" direct to some sources in order to be able to find some informations for the two questions below. When will it end? How soon will the relief come?

    asked by rose -psydag on June 8, 2008
  70. life orientation

    please i need an answer for , In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on community. provide relevent sources to support your claims.

    asked by Lehlogonolo M.R on May 8, 2013
  71. life orientation

    in10-15 lines critically discu 5 ways in which the water polluion problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by ntombizethu ndlovu on May 23, 2013
  72. History

    Hi I'm evaluationg sources and I need help finding out more informatoin on Z.A.B Zeman. IN the book, he said something about being a marxist/socialist/communist but i'm not sure what and its kinda urgent that I find out... I've been working real hard.

    asked by Maria on May 14, 2011
  73. english

    I need help thinking of an essay topic to do with responsibility? We have a list of sources to work with, as examples: Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Hamlet, V For Vendetta, The Tell Tale Heart and several others.

    asked by Allissa on March 29, 2010
  74. Life oritation

    In 10 _15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmetal problems impacts mn the community . Provide relevent sources to support your claims

    asked by Anonymous on May 19, 2013
  75. Life orientation

    In ten to five lines critically discuss five ways in which the human enviroment problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims

    asked by Nhlakanipho on May 5, 2013
  76. Literacy

    Journals differ from magazines in that they're A. available by subscription. B. sources of academic research not intended for the general public. C. published only periodically. D. printed with volume numbers.

    asked by Heather on January 16, 2012
  77. English

    4. Why should you summarize? a) Primary sources are hard to understand without summary. b) Because summarizing is more effective than paraphrasing. c) none of these is correct d) So your paper doesn’t turn into a string of quotations.

    asked by Andy on January 19, 2012
  78. Algebra

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? A) A line has infinite length. B) Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. C) Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. D)The

    asked by Heather on October 17, 2011
  79. Geography

    What states would you pass through if you wanted to travel by car from Texas to California using the shortest route? http://www.yourchildlearns.com/geography.htm Use the link called United States On-Line Interactive Map. There are other maps here that will

    asked by Ian on October 4, 2006
  80. geography

    I am pretty sure my answers are correct, but can you double check? 1.What capital city is near 40 degrees N latitude and 83 degrees W longitude? Columbus, Ohio 2. Which area has the higher elevation, eastern or western Brazil? western Brazil 3. What

    asked by Reed on December 12, 2011
  81. Chemistry

    1) it is found that .30 M solutions of the three shots Na3X, Na2Y and NaZ have pH's of 8.5, 7.0 and 10.5 not necessarily in order. (X,Y, and Z AE anions. Na is sodium ion) A) explain how anions can act as bases in aqueous solution. Write a chemical

    asked by Reggie on April 6, 2014
  82. politics

    Which of the following statements is NOT accurate? A. The seniority system favors members from one-party regions. B. The seniority system is often attacked as being undemocratic. C. Seniority is an unwritten rule, which is generally followed when

    asked by bev on May 27, 2017
  83. Geography

    21. How is Western Europe able to provide food for its dense population? a. The region imports most of its food supply b. Large, densely populated agricultural regions harvest crops year-round c. Sophisticated farming methods are used to produce high crop

    asked by mysterychicken on October 5, 2009
  84. History

    "Multiple choice question" What are the Conditions leading to the Renaissance A. Italian cities shrank as more people moved to the countryside. B. Manorialism weakened.******* C. Trade with other regions such as Africa and India increased. D. Upper-class

    asked by U DONT KNOW ME on January 15, 2019
  85. chemistry

    How can i explain the electron configuration for silcon. I Know it's [Ne].3s2.3p2 but how do i explain it. Si has 14 electrons. The fill by low energy level to higher is 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p2 I don't know what else there is to explain. If this isn't the

    asked by Bryan on November 11, 2006
  86. U.S History - Pls check my answer!!!

    Document C Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress, Dec 7, 1829 The condition and destiny of the Indian tribes within the limits of some of our states have become objects of much interest and importance. By persuasion and force they have been made to retire

    asked by Cassidy on March 25, 2014
  87. American Government

    Define and explain both political culture and public opinion. Give examples of each to clearly differentiate the two concepts. Then, explain what effect each has on or role each plays in American politics? How are they different and how are they similar?

    asked by Anonymous on July 18, 2013
  88. Sociology

    In Chapter 2 of the textbook, the author describes meanings for the concept of socio-economic class and analyzes how perceptions of justice may be influenced by class distinctions in American society (see Section 2.4). He also references the related views

    asked by Anonymous on July 18, 2013
  89. HELP!

    What caused states to demand a constitutional Convention and explain why? What three issues caused the most conflict during the Constitutional Convention and why? How did the COnstitutional delegates solve these problems? Plese tell me good site and teach

    asked by cc on October 19, 2006
  90. languages

    Complete the following matrix. For each body system, identify which body approach(es) might best be used to organize information. Choose only from the following approaches: microscopic-to-macroscopic, body directions and planes, body cavities, and

    asked by sue on May 27, 2008
  91. Management

    The administrator of the Life-Time Insurance Com¬pany HMO, Ms. Taylor, was anxious to solve poten-tial problems before their new clinic opened in Austin, Texas. In Buffalo, New York, where the original clinic is located, the pharmacy had been extremely

    asked by Shrestha on April 29, 2013
  92. TX History

    Which tactical mistake by Santa Anna gave the Texans a major geographic advantage just before Sam Houston had his men begin their attack ? a) He decided to take no prisoners of war b) He split his large army into five columns c) He tried to capture the

    asked by Nancy D. on November 30, 2017
  93. Geography

    24. The South African government changed its policy of apartheid in 1990 and 1991 because of a. the policy's failure to eliminate racial discrimination b. promises of economic aid from major industrial nations c. international sanctions and an increase in

    asked by mysterychicken on October 28, 2009
  94. Microeconomics

    Can anyone solve the following problem. its a case study format our instructor gave to us. i was able to part one and construct a supply curve. just confused on the remaining parts...... Jerry Dewbre, owner of Dewbre Petroleum, had been very busy over the

    asked by Joe on July 4, 2006
  95. Accounting ethics

    I got some help to get started but the material still seems like a foreign language. Someone layed out a nice outline for me to follow, but without understanding the material I still can't get anywhere. It is how to CONDUCT a stakeholder analysis I am

    asked by Jess on February 4, 2011
  96. Math

    The El Paso Middle School girls' basketball team is going from El Paso to San Antonio for the Texas state championship game. The trip will be 560 miles. Their bus travels at an average of 60 miles per hour. Estimate the distance the bus travels in 2 hours.

    asked by Jason on October 28, 2012
  97. Environmental Science

    #34. In two or three well-developed paragraphs, name and describe the five primary air pollutants and provide several sources of each. my answer: There are five primary air pollutants and some sources of each of them. The first pollutant is Carbon monoxide

    asked by y912f on February 23, 2010
  98. Environmental Science

    #34. In two or three well-developed paragraphs, name and describe the five primary air pollutants and provide several sources of each. my answer: There are five primary air pollutants and some sources of each of them. The first pollutant is Carbon monoxide

    asked by y912f on February 23, 2010
  99. Annuities

    Vic French mad deposits of 5000 at the end of each quarter to book bank, which pays 8% intrest compounded quarterly. After 3 years, Victor made no more deposits. What will be the balance in the account 2 years after the last deposit? I do not understand

    asked by Scott Ingraham on April 13, 2008
  100. Texas Government

    In which month are most local elections held in Texas? a. May b. November c. March d. July e. September I am confused between March and November.. half of the articles say march and half say november

    asked by HM on December 4, 2011