1. Life orientation

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources
  2. Life orantation

    Discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims
  3. Political Science/Media

    which of the following news sources typically provides the LEAST depth while covering topics? a) television b) magazines c) radio d) the Internet e) newpapers
  4. home economics

    In 10-15 line critically 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.an relevant sources to support your claim

    Which sources can be use wanting to search several of the library’s online databases at once? B Noodlebib Research Pro CQ Researcher SIRS Knowledge Source
  6. health


    Discuss 5 ways in which the Teenage Pregnancy problem impacts on the community.Provide relevant sources to support your claims.
  8. Literacy

    10. Use one of the sources available in the Almanacs and Yearbooks section to identify the approximate time of sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska, on December 25, 2015. A. 10:15 A.M. B. 9:45 A.M. C. 11:30 A.M. D. 8:10 A.M. ANSWER IS A
  9. Child care

    True or false? Universal precautins are treating blood or bodily fluids of all people as potential sources of infections.
  10. L.O

    in 15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.
  11. Life orientation

    Critically discuss 5 ways in which the environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.
  12. Eng

    The most important difference between an outline and finished writing is the A. grammatical structure. B. details. C. order of events. D. sources of ideas Answer is A
  13. Life orientation

    Ways in which pollution(water,air,land)impact the community,provide relevent sources to support your claims
  14. life orintation

    Discuss 5 ways in which the water pollution problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims
  15. world history

    in what regions did latin christendom expand during the period of the early mongol expansion?? britan and spain the middle east and spain prussia and north africa finland and estonia I answered middle east and spain am i correct
  16. Economics

    A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two markets thata separated geographically. Demands for two market are P1=15-Q1 and P2=25-2Q2. The monopolist's TC is C=5+3(Q1+Q2).What are*price *output *profit *MR Ifa)the monopolis can price
  17. Statistics

    . The following data give the 2010 gross domestic product (in billions of dollars) for al 50 states. The data entered in alphabetical order by state (Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis). 173 49 254 103 1901 258 237 62 748 403 67 55 652 276 143 127 163 219
  18. US History

    Which of these resolutions was included in the Compromise of 1850 to satisfy the South? A.admission of Texas to the Union as a slave state B.Admission of California as a free state to balance Missouri C.agreement that the slave trade was to be banned in
  19. business lowercapstone

    Assignment Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 4-5 body pages, 1 PERT chart, 1 Gantt chart Points Possible: 185 Due Date: 4/22/2012 11:59:59 PM CT Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter,
  20. Communications

    What artists and bands have had the greatest effect on popular culture? Explain why? Do you think the changing genre of popular music influences culture of time? If so, explain how? If not, explain why not? (Last 30 years)
  21. S.S (DAMON)

    1.A 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6. How are natural disasters,like hurricanes and earthquakes,a threat to biodiversity? A. they destroy natural habitats,such as coral reefs,as well B. many of the regions residents lose their homes or businessses C. They are very
  22. English (EXTREMELY URGENT)

    Please help he answer this one question. Which detail best describes why the author discusses the history of rap music. To show the extreme poverty of certain regions To explore the tension amongst certain cultural groups To expose events that are rarely
  23. georgraphy

    What is considered to be the largest mountain-free area in Russia? By what other name is the Russian Plain known? How many time zones does Russia currently have? Russia is located only 50 miles from which US state? Describe the relative location of Russia
  24. management

    Today, many organizations and managers face new challenges on a daily basis. One critical aspect of the skills that managers lack is planning. You have been asked by your manager to conduct a preliminary search of recommending the two most common types of
  25. math help please...

    1.You want to use the interval method to solve a rational inequality. Explain how to find the intervals. 2.Explain how the interval method works. 3.Explain in your own words what a reciprocal function is.
  26. Gammar Check!

    Please can someone kindly check the sentence structure and any wrong grammar. For example, Source B and C, these sources suggest that Stalin was too mad and mentally unstable to rule the country. Source C also suggests that he would not have anyone better
  27. crithical thinking

    Critical Analysis Forms Fill out one form for each source. Source 1 Title and Citation: 1 Identify the principal issue presented by the source. 2 Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 3
  28. Chemistry - Solubility

    1.a) What did you observe upon the addition of NH3 (aq) to the magnesium chloride solution? Explain using relevant chemical reactions. I observed a colorless liquid. (Not sure how to explain) b) What happens when NH4Cl was added? Explain observation with
  29. pol science

    Locate indiana state’s constitution and examine the major elements and articles of the constitution. Review its contents and functions. Search for information about the judicial, educational, and social service systems offered in indiana state and the
  30. Physics-Astronomy

    Hello, I have no idea how to do the following question. Any help would be appreciated: An energy of at least 13.6 electron-volts is required to ionise a hydrogen atom. What is the longest wavelength of electromagnetic wave capable of ionising hydrogen? And
  31. world history

    correct? 17. Toyota's remarkable growth as a multinational company is uniquely associated with which of the following? A. Kaizen and jidoka *B. Kaizen and chaebols C. Jidoka D. Chaebols _______________________________________ 18. From 800–1200, the Khmer
  32. Texas History

    What did Teran and his men find when they reached the mission San Fransicso De Los Tejas? A. Although the mission was in perfect condition it had been totally abandoned. B. It was completely destroyed and all the priests and soldiers had been killed. C. It
  33. Mangerial Economics

    I am having problems figuring out how to set this problem up. Gamma Corporation, one of the firms that retains you as a financial analyst, is considering buying out Beta Corporation, a small manufacturing firm that is now barely operating at a profit. You
  34. busn 319

    Explain the planning phase and its three steps. Explain the implementation phase and its four components. Explain the evaluation phase.
  35. Math please explain!!

    A student got 80 percent problems correctly which is 32 problems correct. how many problems are they in total? I got 40 in a page but it did not explain can you PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!
  36. Business

    To what extent should management allow the union to select the components of an economic package in a contract negotiation?
  37. social studies

    What needs to take place to bridge the economic gap between whites and blacks in South Africa?
  38. economic

    A detailed description with graphs of how milk would have been determine in the abstance of government involvement in the market
  39. Business

    What are the costs and benefits for management of allowing the union to decide how the economic package should be divided?
  40. social studies

    how does a society answer the three economic questions about the production and consumption of goods and services?
  41. eth 125 Wk 5

    what the the economic, social and political standing of african americans in todays society
  42. economic,business studies,geography and mathematical literacy

    what kind of a career should i persue with this subjects
  43. English 4

    Name five of the political or economic events in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries that influenced social unrest.
  44. Social Studies

    what religious, economic, and political events led to the development of western Europe?
  45. Zoology

    Give ecological anď economic importance of protozoa (Noctiluca,Eimeria,and Opalina)
  46. Maths lit, life science,business study,economic

    Wich career i have to choose
  47. Economics

    What is the role of economic theory in the way economies are run today? Give some concrete examples.
  48. Life science,,maths lit,economic,business study

    Which career field i have to follow?
  49. Economic

    1. Another way of measuring GDP is to measure categories of national a. output b. income c. resources d. exports i THINK 1.a or b
  50. Economic

    1. Another way of measuring GDP is to measure categories of national a. output b. income c. resources d. exports i THINK 1.a or b
  51. History 201

    Describe the Scots-Irish: their economic condition, religion, and general attitude.
  52. tourism,Business studies,economic,maths literacy

    If I'm doing this subjects will I be able to become an Air hostess?plz help me
  53. geography

    what are the results/effects of poor service delivery socially,environmental and economic problems?
  54. Manegerial Economic

    can anybody answer my two recent question of manegerail economics? Which i have sent recently math questions?
  55. 6th grade,social studies

    How do patterns of economic activities result in global interdependence?
  56. U.S History

    what were the cultural, social, economic, and political factors of the union (the north) and the confederacy (the south).
  57. Geography can someone please help me NOT ms.sue

    What are the political, economic,and social reasons why the stamp act was not fair to the colonist?
  58. Geography

    Why would countries involved in primary and secondary economic growth still have rapidly increasing population?
  59. Social Studies

    1. One of several economic systems in which the government controls business, not the people. Not sure if it's socialism or education.
  60. history

    in the eighteenth century liberals stressed? a)dictatorship b)equal of opportunity c)economic equality
  61. Geography

    how did the columbian exchange affect the long term economic development of Latin America?
  62. Economic

    Why is demand history irrelevant for the management of raw materials and work-in-process inventories?
  63. social studies

    Which could be a reason for the Southern economic worth being so much higher than that of the New England and the Middle Colonies?
  64. economics

    Tourism as a factor facing obstacles to contribute towards economic development in South Africa
  65. Science

    Please help Thank you. 1. What will the impact be like for Humanity’s natural resource base and thus economic security if everyone enjoyed the same lifestyle?
  66. American Government

    Whenever Congress has a perceived need for ongoing control of an economic activity, what does it tend to create?
  67. business and tecnology class

    Which economic system is the best olution to hanling a crisis of epic proportion.
  68. Travel and Tourism

    I'm not sure of the types of economic activities that would benefit from Florida's climate. I've already thought of fishing.
  69. Geography

    What are some of the ways that individual citizens of Latin America are working to improve their economic situtaion?
  70. Economic Theory

    What are the similarities and differences in the roles economists play as policy advisors and as scientists?

    I passed matric in hig Cetificate so i want to be something but i don't know what ?

  73. Social Studies

    Built in 1407 in Genoa, Casa di San Georgio, was one of first in this economic field.
  74. College and Social studies Courses

    Is Economic 201 or 202 equivalent to AP Microeconomic or AP Macroeconomic?
  75. HIS 115 - American History to 1865

    What social, political, and economic changes pulled the North and the South further apart?
  76. Life orientation

    Evaluate the physical , social and economic consequences of fraud and corruption to the country
  77. science

    What are some social, economic, aesthetics, and ethical issues involved in a current environmental controversy?
  78. world geo

    Members of which economic alliance can live, work, even vote in any member nation?
  79. Socials Studies (Help please)

    in what ways did politicians expect confederation to solve economic problems in the colonies?
  80. American History

    In the 1970s, the United States' economic supremacy was challenged by Europe and which other country?
  81. world history

    which explains the major social and economic similarities that occurred in the South and the West.
  82. us hist

    All of the following components represent major objectives of Reconstruction except A) political B) social C) economic D) cultural is D right.
  83. american gov't

    Whenever Congress has a perceived need for ongoing control of an economic activity,it has tended to create a
  84. agriculture

    what is the scientific name of earthworm, classification, habitat, economic importance,observable features, adaptation.
  85. History

    What do you think is the most significant thing to learn about the differences between social, political and economic systems in the world?
  86. history

    Discuss one example of cultural, economic, or environmental diffusion between the yellow river valley and Mesopotamia
  87. medical terminolgy

    Desrcibe each approach to organize information about the body.Discuss how each approach can be used. 1. Body planes and directions 2. Body cavaties 3. Quadrant and regions 4. Anatomy and physiology 5. Microscopic-to-macroscopic 6. Body systems 7. Medical
  88. Math

    Consider the equation log(b,a^2)=c a) What are all possible values of a? Explain. b) What are all possible values of c? Explain. c) If −1 ≤ a ≤ 1 and b > 1 what can you conclude about all possible value of c? Explain. Hi, I don't even
  89. Oil Spill

    what caused the oil spill in texas?
  90. English

    1. Which of the following would not be a helpful audiovisual aid for a presentation on drought? a poster on the effects of drought in regions around the world a short video of a farmer talking about the difficulties caused by drought an icebreaker cartoon
  91. history

    my book shows me 3 graphs. One is Imperialism in Africa, c. 1900 that shows by 1900, European imperialist nations controlled vast amounts of territory in Africa. Second is Imperialism in Asia, c. 1900, that shows the U.S. and japan joined European nations
  92. Anatomy

    Explain autoregulation of blood pressure and blood flow Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "autoregulation blood" to get these possible sources: http://www.cvphysiology.com/Blood%20Flow/BF004.htm
  93. U.S. History

    Explain why President Wilson proposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve System. A: President Wilson proposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve System to restore public confidence in the banking system. The United States had not had a central
  94. social studies

    why Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas? Mexico had gotten independence from Spain,but most of the land claimed north of the Rio Grande was sparsely populated, and the US population was moving west. The idea Mexico had was to populate it quickly
  95. geography

    I am pretty sure my answers are correct, but can you double check? 1.What capital city is near 40 degrees N latitude and 83 degrees W longitude? Columbus, Ohio 2. Which area has the higher elevation, eastern or western Brazil? western Brazil 3. What
  96. politics

    Which of the following statements is NOT accurate? A. The seniority system favors members from one-party regions. B. The seniority system is often attacked as being undemocratic. C. Seniority is an unwritten rule, which is generally followed when
  97. Science - please please help

    1. Explain why conduction, convection, and advection cannot occur in space. ^is it cause there is no gravity in space? 2. Does warm water rise or fall in cold water? Explain why this happens. 3. Explain why rocks and soil are poor heat sinks. Thanks in
  98. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 20.00 mL of 0.1728 M Ascorbic acid (Ka = 7.9 x 10-5) with 0.4329 M NaOH. Match the following regions in the titration curve with the appropriate pH range. 1.Initial pH 2.Before equivalence point 3.At equivalence point 4.After
  99. Geometry

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? a. A line has infinite length. b. Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. c. Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. d. The
  100. Algebra

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? A) A line has infinite length. B) Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. C) Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. D)The