1. Science

    Explain if quadruplets-four babies born at one birth are always identical or always fraternal, or if they can be either.
  2. math

    use integers values from 3 to -3 to graph the equation y=-[x] I don't know how to solve this please help and explain it
  3. medical

    explain the difference between qualititative and quanititave medical record analysis?
  4. Math - urgent

    Evaluate the definite integral 8 S (3x^2 + 3)/(x^2) dx 5 Not sure which substitution to use. Please show your work & explain. Thanks
  5. Human and social biology

    define the terms (a) Conservation and (b) Pollution and explain one activity of humans associated with each
  6. algebra

    find all the zeros of the equation. -3x^4+27x^2+1200=0 I'm really confused, can someone help explain?
  7. UNCP

    Please Explain why small effect size occurs in nursing studies?
  8. boooring chemistry!!:(

    Why do the halogens easily form ionic and covalent bonds? Can someone explain this to me?! :(
  9. algebra

    determine the equation of the line through the points (8,2) and (-4,-1) Please explain and show work
  10. Literature

    I looked up what a reading role is but it’s still doesn’t make sense to me... can anyone maybe explain it a little better for me, Thanks :)
  11. Math

    What value of x makes this equation true? 1/3(9x-2)+1=2(4x+1) a) x=-3 b)x=-1/3 c)x=1/3 d)x=3 Please explain. Having a hard time figuring out.
  12. college chemistry

    Which of the following would make the best buffer solution and explain. HF and NaF or NaC2H3O2 and CH3COOH
  13. Math

    how does sin^2x-cos^2x =1 could someone explain or write down steps on how the left side becomes 1?
  14. Math

    Explain in 2-3 complete sentences how using function tables can be useful in real life.
  15. math

    Explain how you would use anumber line to round 148 to the nearest ten
  16. Math

    Does an 8-car Ferris wheel have rotational symmetry? Explain I need help asap
  17. social

    explain or give an example why slaves should not be beaten. REMEMBER THINK LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815...
  18. Math

    Simplify -3(4a-5b) A(b-c) = ab - ac -3 x 4a - -3 x 5b -12 - -15 = 3 Is this this the distributive property? Is this correct? If not, please explain. I am not sure if I fully understand it or not :-)
  19. math

    Is log_3 (5) equal to log_5 (3)? Explain your answer. Do not evaluate the logarithms.
  20. pre algerbra

    Please solve the system with the elimination method. Explain each step as it is performed. 5y = x 2x - 3y = 7
  21. nath

    explain how you can add two fractions with denominators of 10 and end up with a sum whose denominator is 5.
  22. Business

    Explain why sears and walmart cant create a trendy counercoulture image
  23. Economics

    What does Canadian parliament do when it comes to registration? Can someone please explain to me briefly so I understand, thanks in advance.
  24. math

    Explain how you can be sure that all rates you have written on a double number line are correct.
  25. Math

    Explain which numbers are the divisor dividend and quotient in the following problem 48 divided 6 = 8 ?
  26. chemistry

    Would a solution that contains a mixture of NCl and HCl be an effective buffer? Explain
  27. chemistry

    would you expect lead chloride to dissolve in dilute HNO3? Explain
  28. functions grd 12

    what are the number of turning points for this equation? y=4x^2 and can you plz explain how u find them thanks :)
  29. History

    Explain the four-step process King outlines for their nonviolent campaign.
  30. science

    can somebody explain to me whats the difference between physical and chemical properties of a substance?
  31. Math

    If two trapezoids have the same area, do they always have the same perimeter? Explain your thinking with words and diagrams.
  32. Math

    Explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten.
  33. Chemistry

    Please explain what is the photoelectric effect and how light has particle-like properties? I do not understand.
  34. History

    explain how washington warms habitual hatred or fondness for other countries?
  35. Science

    Use the terms atom and element to explain what makes silver and gold different.
  36. algebra

    f of x = the square root of 2x minus 5 Find f (27) A. 2 B. 3 C. -5 D. 7 D not sure on this stuff, could you explain the steps?
  37. English - Fools Crow

    Hello! Can someone explain to me the following sentence: We're in Class 2. Why do we write C with a capital letter? It is not classroom what is it then?
  38. math

    Explain mentally which fraction would be the larger. Use two different types of thinking for each problem. A. 4/5 or 8/9 B. 3/5 or 3/8
  39. Physics

    the relationship between linear speed and net force is inverse right? can someone explain why to me please.
  40. algebra

    Explain how to find the sum using game chips, then give the answer 8+-10
  41. Math

    Explain which numbers are the divisor dividend and quotient in the following problem 48 divided 6 = 8 ?
  42. Algebra

    Rename each of the following using the distributive property of multiplication over addition: A: ax+ bx+ 2x B: 3(a+b)+ x(a+b) and explain how you got this answer please!
  43. Chemistry

    When you drop an antacid tablet into water is it endothermic or exothermic? Please explain. Thank you.
  44. juvenile

    •Explain how race, ethnicity, and community relate to juvenile delinquency.
  45. math

    how much fuel will all of your familys vehicles hold if they are completely full Explain
  46. Science

    What does that mean? Explain some ways you can decide if a chemical is an element or a compound. Use examples?
  47. Math

    What is the equation of the line that passes through all the points in the table? x -4 -2 0 2 y 0 -4 -8 -12 A. y= -2x-8 B. y= -2x-4 C. y= -4x-8 D. y= -4x-4 PLEASE EXPLAIN PLZZ
  48. math

    Writing to Explain If you know that 7 x 8 =56, how can you use the Commutative Property of Multiplication to find the product of 8 x 7?
  49. chemistry

    Please explain me which solution reacts faster to breakdown the materials the 25% or 10% HCL?
  50. Pre-Calc

    Can someone explain how to graph polar coordinates on a TI-84 Plus calculator-I can't find the directions anywhere Thank you
  51. chemistry

    How to calculate sigma and pi bonds in a molecule?Please explain using suitable examples.
  52. Science Report

    um, could whoever answers this please explain to me in terms that don't have chemical sympols What do you want explained?
  53. Culinary Arts

    Explain how a pan's surface affects the outcome of the baked product?
  54. science

    explain what will happen to butter taken out of the refrigerator and placed in a 38 degrees celsuis room?
  55. math

    To find 6x8 i can use the facts for 5x4 and 1x4. do you agree, if so explain
  56. Baking

    Explain how a pan's surface affects the outcome of the baked product?
  57. Math!

    Find 21/25 of $27,000 A:$32,140 B:$5,670 C:$22,680 D:$23,760 Could you explain how it is C??
  58. native history

    explain three ways that the U.S. plagiarized from the iroquois confederacy to make the U.S. government?
  59. Algebra 1

    What is the answer to 6t^+2-4t-3t+2? And please explain the steps of how to solve this. The directions say to factor each polynomial.
  60. Calculus

    How would I go about finding the limit of this sequence: (e^(2n)+6n)^(1/n) Please explain the steps, it'd be super helpful! Thanks!
  61. algebra

    a student writes 5y.3 to model the relationship the sum of 5y and 3.explain the error
  62. History

    Why should Uncle Toms Cabin be a part of the US History curriculum? Please explain!
  63. Chemistry

    Which quantity of particles is correctly represented by the formula H2SO4? Explain.
  64. Math

    Can you explain why the scatter plot shows a negative Z value when the Histogram starts at zero.
  65. History

    Explain the impacts that European contact and settlement had on the Native Americans
  66. History

    Explain a few of the National Urban League’s social services and what they entailed.
  67. Physics

    Identify the correct neutrino (Ve, Vµ, Vτ or their anti-particles) a) π+ —> p° + e+ + v b) π+ —> p° + µ+ + v c) τ+ —> e- + v + v Please explain why too...I'm really lost. I'd appreciate any help.
  68. mathURGENT!!!!!!

    the lines satisfying the equations x+2y=3 and 3y+ax=2 are perpendicular to each other. find the value of 'a'. please answer and explain how you got, please!!
  69. Calculus 1

    Could you please explain how to find the slope using the definition of derivative of the function y=2*sqrt(x)
  70. math

    3^2 is my sample but it says explain their funcutions for eachother. what exactly does it mean. can you give me a function for my problem.
  71. 4th grade Science

    explain how your circulatory and immune systems work together to keep you healthy. Pleaseeeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Math

    Can someone explain how to find the volume of a rectangular prism plz? thx!!!!!!
  73. Physics

    Question: When a balloon is rubbed with fur, it becomes negatively charged. Explain why?
  74. Science/engineering

    What part does gravity play in the function of the water clock? Explain.
  75. org. chem

    Can someone explain in simple terms the difference between hemiketal and hemiacetal? Just curious
  76. sciance

    please explain why biomass and energy decreases fron one trophic level to the next
  77. Rounding to the ten and hundred

    Write a number that is the same when rounded to the nearest hundred and ten explain
  78. physics please help

    the potential difference across a load is 9V. explain what this means in more fundamental terms.
  79. Science

    How is our water resources connected with the economical conditions of our country? Please explain to me.
  80. algebra question

    Please help me answer the following Explain how you would determine if two binomials would produce the difference of two squares.
  81. Math

    Evaluate the following expression. Can you explain how to get the answer to this question please. [15 + 6 x(15-13)]divide by 9 Thank you for your time
  82. math

    To square 75, one can multiply (70)(80) and add 25 to that product. Can someone explain how this would work, without calculating?
  83. Life sciences

    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossils found in the cradle of humankind
  84. science

    can we predict when a hurricane will occur? explain. I have tried so man website and still no answer.. please help
  85. Algebra one help please?

    Find the missing coeffectient in the equation of the line. -4x+by=10 that passes through (2,3) Could someone explain please.. Thanks.
  86. mathematics

    what is %125of60 showing work Can explain the question so i can help you!? the answer is n=125% x 60=75
  87. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominator: 5 /4-squareroot 5 (five over four minus square root five) Please explain
  88. algebra

    siplify and state any restrictions on the variables. x-2/x+3 plus 10x/x^2-9 Hope someone can explain this to me.
  89. World History

    31. Explain the impact of the Balfour Declaration on the Middle East. (4 points)
  90. Chemistry

    Explain why ethanol is not soluble in cyclohexane. Also, how do you figure out whether something is polar or nonpolar?
  91. Bio

    If two different people use the same dichotomous key to identify the same organism, should they have different results? Explain why or why not.
  92. Biology

    Explain what is meant by source to sink flow in phloem transport.
  93. Science

    Explain how adding or removing energy affects particles motion?
  94. world history

    explain why it was difficult for Great Britain to control the New England colonies
  95. English

    Which letter best explains the synonym of elaborate? A Protest B Explain C Summarize
  96. Life science

    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossil found in the credle of humankind
  97. chemistry

    How would you convert 77 degrees F to kelvins? Can you explain it please because I don't really understand how to get it to Fahrenheit.
  98. history

    Explain why Lincoln's assassination put the future of the nation in question.
  99. Algebra

    Using complete sentences, explain how to graph y = x - 2 using the slope-intercept method.
  100. marketing

    Explain the importance of an organized new-product development process and illustrate how it might be used for.