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  1. Excel

    The use of excel Excel is a very necessary tool for all businesses in today's job market. Excel makes it easy to organize, calculate, analyze and chart data. It can be used for both simple and concrete projects. Excels spreadsheets are best used for
  2. math using excel

    how do i use excel to plot a graph then find x from the slope of a line? y=mx+b. I want to find X: X=y-b/m. How do i do this using excel?
  3. Excel, Access, Word

    When you link a worksheet and a chart in a business report as well as on a slide, which Microsoft Office applications are integrated? A. Word, Excel, PowerPoint B. Excel, Access, Word C. Word, Access, PowerPoint D. Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
  4. MS Office Suite

    I am familiar with Excel 2007. I just got the news that I will be expected to use Excel 2010 instead. What are some of the differences between Excel 2007 and 2010? Were there many changes between those two editions? If someone has used both versions, do
  5. managerial economics

    my cubic equation is O=C+aL+bL^2+cL3 how can i get the excel to help me to do this equation.I need to do a regression analysis to estimate the firm's short-run production function. see tarha question dated july 2,2007 for all of the information thank you
  6. Microsoft Excel

    The order of precedence is very important when building formulas in Excel. Which of the following formulas will produce 778 as the result? A. =(25*(27/9)+5+309)*2 B.=25*((27/9+5)+309*2) C.=25*(27/9+5)+309*2 D. =25*27/9+5+309*2 Even understanding the basics
  7. Data Analysis

    I have a mathematical problem that I don't know how to solve in Excel, where might I go for help? Within excel where can i go?
  8. excel Buget

    I am trying to get a formula for excel I have merchandis Amount shirt 13 29.95 pants 22 shoes18 dress16
  9. Data Analysis Excel

    Why would you exchange information between Excel and some other applications?
  10. Excel

    What are the symbols I would use in Excel for each of the following Comparison Operators? "At Least" --> "More Than" --> "X Or Higher" --> "X Or Less" --> "Not More Than" --> "At Most" -->
  11. engineering physihcs

    I need to create an Excel chart showing world oil reserves vs. time, which are both in columns and cannot find how to graph this in excel. thank you.
  12. Computer Applications

    An Excel workbook can contain more than one workshet. Give two examples of a spreadsheet application where it would be necessary to have more than one worksheet and explain your answer. Please help. I am lost when it comes to excel!!
  13. BCIS

    You need to use the help section in your Excel program (press the F1 key and then use the search feature). If you need additional information about Excel, you can use your textbook or go to http://support.microsoft.com/search/, select the particluar
  14. computers

    Dear Sir, thanks very much for your the very detail instruction which I am still working on it. I need some help in using Microsoft Excel to format rational number in the form a/b( not in reduced form :eg. 3/6 but Excel will return value either in reduced
  15. Excel

    Like obtaining the sum of squares in an area in Excel =sumsq(a1:g1) I would like an algorithm/module that will give me the sum of cubes. Can anyone help me? thankyouuuuuuuuuuu!
  16. economic

  17. ecxel unit

    Ms.Sue can you help me by explaining and telling the answeres. i have an excel test tomorrow. i know how to use excel but the test is written.
  18. excel

    1. What types of reports might a sales manager want in order to see how well his/her team is doing? 2. GIven the reporting needs, what kinds of data summary would be useful? What Excel functionality might help him/her complete these types of summaries?
  19. chemistry

    i am doing a graph for my chemistry class, and i need help with excel. How do i plot 3.50X10^-3 into excel? it comes out as a negative number! help!
  20. EXCEL

    I need New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2007, First Course , Premium Video Edition's In Excel Part Tutorial 2 Exercomp Sales Report Review X410 Case 1 Frosti case 2 GrillRite
  21. Excel

    I have my employee schedule in a excel sheet. It is a weekly schedule that doesn't change week by week, but changes day by day within a week. Every Monday, Tuesday, etc. is the same schedule. In the file are days for Monday, Tuesday, etc.. I don't know if
  22. Data Analysis

    You are a District sales manager and you are overloaded with data that you need to compile into useable data and you are looking to use Excel to help you do this. Using the concept from this week, how will you determine where to start and what tools can
  23. business 155-excel

    Can you describe some situations in which you would have liked to exchange information between Excel and some other applications? What are these applications, and why was such an exchange desirable? How might such exchanges make your work faster, more
  24. Statistics - Excel

    Can anyone help me with finding Standard Deviation in Excel? I have about 20 entries of different house prices, and I need to find the standard deviation. I know you had to enter something like 'SDEV=" but I can't remember.
  25. basic excel

    Write one Microsoft excel formula that works for conditions below on cell C1 for any number: a) IF A1+B1<=4, return $20 b) IF A1+B1>4 but <=9, return $35 c) IF A1+b1>9 but <=14, return $50 d) And IF A1+B1>15, return $75
  26. Data Anlaysis with excel

    What applications can share data with Excel?
  27. words

    12. You’ve created a pie chart in Excel and placed it in a PowerPoint presentation. When you edit the pie chart in Excel, the pie chart in PowerPoint doesn’t retain the changes you’ve made. This means that the object has been A. hyperlinked. C.
  28. Business Excel

    I need help with BIS 155 Data Analysis with spreadsheets final exam. Total of 5 essay questions. Must write a total of 250 words per questions. This class is a excel class.
  29. english

    . Identify the sentence that is correctly punctuated. a. Word Processing and Excel: those are the technology job requirements. b. Word Processing, PowerPoint, and Excel, those are the technology job requirements. c. Word Processing and Excel; those are the
  30. Excel formula help

    Formula to multiply the number in cell 4k times standard deviation of the numbers in cell z2 through z10 I don't understand cell z2 through z10 I have never had excel (4kxz2xz10) Please write this correctly
  31. Cis/105

    Besides budgeting - What are some uses for MS Excel we did not cover in class? Can you think of any other way you could use this application? Explain. How are my assignments i learn. computer comarison,Data versus information,Technology of future, Internet
  32. Excel

    When I use the sum button it gives me the wrong answer but when I times it comes out right. How do I put the total in the total column? Please help if you know how use excel! Cost/Units Number of Units Total Cost $0.99 40 $2.99 25
  33. excel graphing

    In cell D21, type the formula to calculate the % change from January to February. That formula is: =(J18-E18)/ABS(E18). Format the result in the Percentage style and decrease the decimal places if necessary to round the result to the nearest whole percent
  34. Computer - Excel Mail Merge

    I have a problem when doing the mail merge with Office 2003. First of all, I wrote a letter in Word 2003 and then try to merge some data from Excel 2003. The data in Excel column was listed as below: A1=101 A2=123 A3=134 A4=148A A5=181B Problem: The data
  35. Excel

    You are trying to decide between flat or beveled columns for a chart you are creating within Excel 2007. What tool do you access to select each of these alternatives to see how they look? A. Styles gallery b. Chart gallery The book has the answer listed as
  36. Bus. Math

    How much money should be deposited each year for 30 years at 3% to accumulate $1000,000? I find that an EXCEL spreadsheet is very helpful for these kinds of problems. If one deposits an amount P, growing for 30 years, the amount will grow to P*(1.03)^30.
  37. microsoft excel 2003

    How would I graph equations in Microsoft Excel 2003 and the residuals? I want to graph linear, quadratic and exponential equations but I don't know how.
  38. Ms. Sue please

    Ms. Sue I had asked this of you already and you said a histogram would be best but I get confused on this and when I enter it into excel it comes out wrong. The data we have is for age 1-14 death rate per 1000 is 4.6, 15-24 rate is 6.2, 25-44 rate is 16.6,
  39. Excel

    I have to create a payroll document for class using Excel and I am quite confused. Here is the parts that I am confused on. -I have to calculate the number of years the employees have been working for us, I believe the function I need to use is TODAY() but
  40. Earth Science

    I need help with the following Lab due tonight, 7/30/12, as I feel completely lost and would appreciate the help. The lab goes as follows: Design an experiment that illustrates the determination of the density of a cylindrical object found in the Lab Kit.
  41. Basic Word and Excel

    What would be a situation in which you could use an Excel chart to present your data? a.)determining what percentage of customer 101 buys product A, and what percentage of the same customer buys product B b)Compiling survey questions and answers from both
  42. AED 201

    Use a Microsoft® Excel or Word table function to propose and create a schedule of school-related tasks for a typical teaching day from the time you arrive at school until the time you leave school at the end of the day. Remember to take into account the
  43. Excel VBA

    Am confused for this class am taking we had to design serval procedures that do different things: 6 procedures were sine, cosine, cube, square, common log, and natural log. In order to get this values we had to design loops. I have done that but, our
  44. accounting

    Excel document (2-3 pages) Details: Incorporate an ESO plan into a company's valuation. The c9mpany is Starbucks For your company (the company you used for the first two Units), incorporate the effect of the Employee Stock Option (ESO) plan into the common
  45. Math - Excel

    Hi, I need to write an Excel formula and I am trying to double check my work. We are asked to find the difference and relative difference for this account. So the values are: $10,000 $10,700 $11,400 $12,100 $12,800 $13,500 etc. The difference for each is
  46. college

    Research the Bacardi website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel
  47. math 221

    1. Using Excel, find the z-score that corresponds to the following Confidence Levels: a. 80% b. 85% c. 92% d. 97% 2. Using Excel, find the t-score that corresponds to the following Confidence Levels and Sample Sizes: a. 95% with n = 25 b. 96% with n = 15
  48. global strategic management

    Research Chevron Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel file (one
  49. excel

    You have been tasked with analyzing an extremely large amount of data and to ultimately produce a report to share with the Board of Directors. The data is currently in a text file and has over two thousand records of data. Explain how you would use Excel
  50. Global Strategic Management

    Research the Abercrombie and Fitch website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted
  51. accounting

    Write a 3-4 page paper that summarizes your findings from the four (4) scenarios as well as how using Microsoft Excel helped you with this process, using the following outline: 2. Summarize the various accounting systems that each firm provides. Be sure to
  52. graph on excel

    ok so I did a radiation and distance lab: this is my results: Distance(cm) Counts(30 sec) 0 1729 1 634 2 391 3 239 4 150 5 124 6 114 7 82 8 58 9 62 10 60 11 36 12 45 so it asks me to make new columns on excel titled the following:(note: the 2 and 3 are
  53. statistic

    1. Compute descriptive statistics for liberal art colleges and research universities in the Excel file colleges and universities. Compare the two types of colleges . what can you conclude.? 2.The Excel file MBA Student survey provides data on a sample of
  54. MATHS

    HI linear equation help please... I have plotted known numbers into an excel spreadsheet and it shows the formula as: I am struggling to find the answer to x..?? could you go through it step by step please.....am trying to find ppm of a concentration of
  55. Computer Math

    Can anyone help me? Here's what I'm looking for: Col. A = Base period number Col. B = Given number this current period. NEEDED: Spreadsheet formula for: If B >= A, what is %? (Example: A=20, B=30, the # I want should read 50.0, not 1.5) Further, If B
  56. Math/Excel

    I'm not sure what two excel functions to use that will give the correct answer and how to copy the information to each cell and the values stay the same. 2. A home loan is to be repaid by a series of equal monthly payments over many years. Prepare a
  57. Excel & Math

    I'm not sure what two excel functions to use that will give the correct answer and how to copy the information to each cell and the values stay the same. 2. A home loan is to be repaid by a series of equal monthly payments over many years. Prepare a
  58. Computer Science/Excel

    Here's the problem: John believes that the average American will be in debt forever. He decides to create a table that demonstrates this. He thinks that given 60 months (5 years) to get out of debt and the annual percentage rates 1-5 and 7-15 the
  59. statistics/excel

    I am in an applied stat class and I need help making a predictive line in excel or by hand, I am not sure how to get it to come out so that I can answer "what is the expected age of a person who is caught driving 86 mph?" data is b0=102.33 and i am not
  60. Excel-Exponential Fits

    Hey Im trying to plot this set of data: 0 0 10 0.6 20 1.01 30 1.428 40 2 50 2.3 60 2.57 70 2.8 80 3.05 90 3.35 100 3.54 110 3.73 120 3.9 130 4.08 140 4.25 150 4.39 160 4.53 170 4.65 180 4.754 190 4.846 200 4.943 210 5.011 220 5.111 230 5.175 240 5.23 250
  61. Math (excel formulas)

    I am finding absolute and relative differences in excel. I have a compared value of 1.00 (D6) and a reference value of 38.50 (D6). I found the absolute difference to be -37.50 (D6-D9). For the relative difference I took the compared value of 1.00 (D6) and
  62. econ 2110

    Suppose that we want to test whether the mean selling price of houses with is the same as the mean selling price of houses without a garage. We collect two samples and obtain the following information: Houses with garage Sample size: 71 Mean selling price
  63. Physics

    I solved the following question: "A ball is launched from the top of a 320 m high building at 50 m/s at an angle of 37 degrees to the horizontal. For the first 10 seconds of flight, make a table of the vertical position from the ground versus time similar
  64. Excel spreadsheet

    I have filled in an Excel spreadsheet. On the far left column are itemized numbers from 1-619. When I print the document, the far left column of itemized numbers does not print. How do I tell the computer to print the far left column of items?
  65. CIS 105

    Here is the assignment: Use information and data obtained from at least four reliable internet sources to produce a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation about multimedia tools that aid classroom instruction. Include details about how each might
  66. BIS 155

    You own a small computer service company with only 2 employees. You provide different types of services to regular customers and companies. You have noticed an increase of demand for troubleshooting and support of mobile devices. However, you only support
  67. Business

    Research the Goldman Sachs website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one
  68. Excel

    Which of the following is an example of a complex formula?
  69. computers

    what is an excel worksheet?
  70. chemistry

    Magnesium reacts with HCl(aq) to form MgCl2 and H2(g) ____ Mg(s) + ____ HCl(aq) -----> ____ MgCl2(aq) + ____ H2(g) The following data was collected for the above reaction: Mg (g) 5% (m/v) HCl (ml) H2 gas produced (ml) 0.50 10 167 0.50 20 333 0.50 30 500
  71. Computer Applications

    What are some of Excel weaknesses?
  72. Computer

    How do i write a ratio into excel
  73. Business

    How do I calculate data using Excel
  74. Computers

    How to do Excel Spreadsheet- Formulas? I have to do an excel spreadsheet for my computer class. Problem is my professor didn't at all explain how to do it. What formulas am I supposed to use! Please Help. The info he gave us are : Cash Sales: 56%, Rec.
  75. statistics

    For this discussion you will need to come up with twenty different data points and enter them into the first column in Excel. The data points can be any numbers you want as long as there are twenty of them. You will then use the descriptive statistics
  76. Intro to computers

    What does the COUNT function do in Excel?
  77. excel question

    is it possible to a vlookup on a entire workbook? if so how?
  78. Computers Excel 2007

    Performing what if analysis
  79. BAF 260

    What do I do to created a spreadsheet in excel?
  80. science

    What other applications can be used with MS Excel to exchange information and data?
  81. Statistics

    Below Find a sequence of probabilites generated using excel. What is this
  82. Excel

    Which option must be selected for all sheets within a workbook to be printed?
  83. economics

    I need help to put in Excel Sherwin -Williams exercise
  84. Intro to computers

    How do you change between worksheets inside an Excel Workbook?
  85. Algebra

    Can anyone help with using excel to graph inequalities? I understand the math...just not how to do it on the computer. Thanks!
  86. Data Analysis

    I have a mathematical problem that I don't know how to solve in Excel, where might I go for help?
  87. Excel

    Want to create a worksheet that will help track your grades and. What formulas and/or functions might you use?
  88. Ed ucation Technology

    How caan the sort feature in Microsoft Excel help you?
  89. computer programming

    how do I figure out the math problem for Excel 2010?
  90. statistics

    using excel to simulate probablilty, what uncertainties about the results would exist?
  91. Business/ Strategic Management

    If you don't mind if you could give me TWO PRICES one for 1.) full assignment Deliverable Length:Tables count for 2 pgs and 4 pages in MS Word format Due Date: 6/18/2010 latest 6/19/2010 Research the British Petroleum website. Using your research findings
  92. Microsoft Excel

    Is there a way to automatically fill the “DATE” when creating a new worksheet tab....Please help.. Thank you
  93. Computers excel

    How would you write a formula to divide the quantity of cell c1 plus c 8 by the number in a 98
  94. Math

    Use Excel’s PMT function to calculate the monthly mortgage payment
  95. Computers

    Give an example of where you might use Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint other than computer class?
  96. Computer Applications

    How is Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint used in Criminal Justice?
  97. math

    how do i solve for x ... with excel preferbly. 0=4x^3x2.14x10^-4x^2+2.0x10^-9x-3x10^-11 thanks!
  98. Cis/105

    Besides budgeting - What are some uses for MS Excel we did not cover in class? Can you think of any other way you could use this application? Explain.
  99. Business Statistics

    If M = 45 and SD = 5, what percentage of scores falls between 39 and 51.2? I need to work the problem in excel.
  100. Frequency table

    how do I figure this one I am working with excel 2016 Gender 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 Age 29 32 39 25 27 33 36 28 34 32 31 38 27 29 26 39 40 37 37 29 29 30 36 30 30 35 27 31 38 38


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