1. EDU

    What is the significance of the study of educational world roots to American education?
  2. 4th grade science

    What are two reasons why scientists study earthquakes?
  3. Achieving Academic Excellence

    when proiritzing your study period, the best strategy is to?
  4. Social Study'S

    How did the demand for cotton help shape the economy for the south?
  5. World History

    Ancient Egypt& Kush study link. thanks
  6. Geography

    A case study on coastal management..... 300 words or more please ;[
  7. ged

    PLEASE I need help with the function I don't know nothing about it if somebody can help me how to understand and know about it any web or books to study about it thank you so much.
  8. Science

    Why do scientists use models to study the movement of Earth and its moon?
  9. please help

    why is it inappropriate to rely entirely on study abstracts when making clinical decisions?
  10. biology

    what is one advantage of using e. coli to study bacterial growth rates?
  11. environmental biology

    Why would be important to study extreme habitat and extremophiles?
  12. social study

    what made the hbc and nwc so imortant to this reion
  13. social study

    Complete a venn digram to compare and contrast
  14. Science

    What is the relevance of Lysis, virion and virology in the study of viruses
  15. life orientation

    three study fields/caree paths and two reasons for each
  16. college

    describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of Adult Development?
  17. to bobpursley

    if i was going on the same web you gave me and i wanted to study there,but if its a different book, what do i type in?
  18. business

    describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development
  19. math

    Study the in/out table In(x) Out 3 10 5 16 7 22 8 25 x ? which expression give the output if x is in he input? A. 2x-1 B. 3x-1 C. 2x+1 D. 3x+1
  20. Social Studies

    what are the three kinds of evidence thet archeoligists study?
  21. math

    Study the in/out taable. In(p) Out 1 3 2 7 3 11 4 15 5 ? Which expressions give the output if (p) is the input? A. p+3 B. 2p+1 C. 2p+3 D. 4p-1
  22. MicroEconomic

    Strictly speaking, perfect competition has never existed and probably never will. Then why study it?
  23. social studies

    how can the study of history help show our countrys diversity?
  24. Social Studies

    What are the primary reasons why we should study the history of the Asians?
  25. science

    Can a cellphone place near a pacemaker patient heart change the pacemaker patient heart rate and how? Can I use my cell phone if I have a pacemaker? The types of cell phones used in the United States are less than 3 watts and do not seem to affect
  26. Algebra 1

    Evaluate the following expression using the values given: Find 3x^2 − y^3 − y^3 − z if x = 3, y = −2, and z = −5. Numerical Answers Expected! thanks so much if you could help me. This is for an exam and I need to pass this.
  27. business statistics

    1.21 Three professors at Northern Kentucky University compared two different approaches to teaching courses in the school of business (M. W. Ford, D. W. Kent, and S. Devoto, “Learning from the Pros: Influence of Web-Based Expert Commentary on Vicarious
  28. Studying for Pre Cal exam

    Find the fourth roots of − 1/2 + (square root)3/2 i Write the roots in trigonometric form. A - w 1=cos(35°)+isin(35°) w2 =cos(125°)+isin(125°) w3 =cos(215°)+isin(215°) w4 =cos(305°)+isin(305°) B - w1 =cos(40°)+isin(40°) w2
  29. math

    what do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2 row arrays The 4th time I'm seeing this question. Would you please tell me what class this question is for? I'm not aware of any special name for 2 row arrays and I'd like to know the answer too.
  30. science

    Hi i have a science exam soon and we got given a revision sheet and i don't get this question.... Please help! Q1. What is the name of the mineral (ore) in which the following metals are found: a)silver b)aluminium c)copper d)iron e)manganese f)nikle
  31. Anatomy and Physiology

    During an emergency roon exam for an injured arm,the doctor palpates the arm's entire length,starting at the shoulder and ending at the fingers of the hand. What is this process called I was wondering if anyone knows a good website where I can find out
  32. Statistics

    A study was conducted to investigate relationships between different types of standard test scores. On the Graduate Record Examination verbal test, 18 women had a mean of 538.82 and a standard deviation of 114.16, and 12 men had a mean of 525.23 and a
  33. medical insurance

    a separate release of medical information form a.indicates that the patient has alredy paid for the services b.is innecessary if the release of information statement is included on the insurance billing form c.indicates that payments are to be made to the
  34. math

    The result of an exam score for a given class is normally distributed. If the mean score is 85 points and the standard deviation is equal to 20 points, find the cutoff passing grade such that 83.4% of those taking the test will pass.
  35. Math

    Using the data from the set included, what is the minimum number of 4's that must be added to make 6 an outlier? Data Values:-3,-1,1,3,4,5,6,7,9 Frequency: 34,6,12,4,7+x,1,20,3,12 Cumulative Frequency: 34,40,52,56,63+x, 64+x,84+x,87+x,99+x This is not for
  36. Math

    . A school has conducted an exam for the 8th grade and published the results in the table. Find the measure of the central angle that would represent the percent of students who took German in the 8th grade.
  37. Math

    The final exam will count as two tests. Brooke has test scores of 80, 83, 71,61 and 95. What score does Brooke need on the final in order to have an 80? I thought 80+83+71+61+95 = 390 / 5 = 78 then I don't know what to do next. Although I did do 78 +2x =
  38. ETH

    Information I can use to do a powerpoint presentation on Cultural Diversity These sites have a wealth of information about cultural diversity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_diversity http://www.diversityhotwire.com/
  39. **WORLD GEOGRAPHY 30**

    Which of the following statements is not true? a) rural settlement is north america is primarily dispersed. b) agglomerated rural settlement is most commong in the world. c) the agglomerated pattern exists in lands colonized by europeans. d) an
  40. Statistics

    In the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) \Price Check" study of electronic checkout scanners, the FTC inspected 1,669 scanners at retail stores and supermarkets by scanning a sample of items at each store and determining if the scanned price was accurate. The
  41. math

    The demand for the video game is modeled by the logistic curve, where q(t) is the total number of units sold t months after its introduction. q(t)= 10000/(1+0.5 e**(-0.4t)) (a) Use technology to estimate q'(4) to the nearest integer. mark units per month
  42. business

    HR is the role I chose! What is the role of this department? What types of information does the department need? How does the department use that information?
  43. business

    HR is the role I chose! What is the role of this department? What types of information does the department need? How does the department use that information?

    1. ___________ is a method of treatment for mild to moderate cases of emotional and mental disorders that uses a process of patient discovery. (1 point) 2. The work of __________ is the foundation of psychotherapy. (1 point) 3. Psychotherapy is a(n)
  45. education

    need help understanding these two questions. thank you What steps toward media literacy can you think of that we should teach children to help them critically evaluate Disney and other popular culture products for themselves? How should teachers address
  46. Science

    Discuss your opinion of the consequences of artificial selection and the advantages and disadvantages of using genetic information in society. Use facts from your research to support your opinion. Cite the sources for your facts. Also, discuss your answer
  47. math (unit rate)

    Find the unit rate. $121.50 for working 18 hours wages = hourly rate x time 121.50 = hourly rate x 18 hours. Solve for hourly rate. how do i solve for hourly wages = hourly rate x time 121.50 = hourly rate x 18 hours. You want to get hourly rate by itself.
  48. find out information about the ocean

    information about the ocean
  49. information technology

    scope of information technology
  50. Business Communication

    Matthew interviews the director of computing services to get information for the company newsletter. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? (a) Planning (b) Editing (c) Getting feedback (d) Gathering I know its not (b) editing, for
  51. accounting

    discuss the four financial statements and explain the different components of the statements as well as what the statements tell about a business What four financial statements? What different components? Please note that we don't do students' homework for
  52. Math

    The scores of 10 students on their midterm exam (x) and on their final (y) yielded the following data. Σx = 638 Σx2 = 43,572 Σy = 690 Σy2 = 49,014 Σxy = 44,636
  53. Stats

    Suppose that your score on an exam has a positive z-score in comparison to your classmates. A. Is it possible that your score is below the mean score?
  54. Social Civics

    Does anyone know how to prepare for the final exam for Social Civics for American Schools?
  55. MLA English

    1. The MLA format for citing a book has four parts, beginning with the author’s name. What appears in the fourth position? A. Place of publication B. Date C. Publisher D. Medium 2. Which of the following is a true statement about an MLA Works Cited page?
  56. Chemistry

    If 20.0 grams of Al is placed into a solution containing 115 grams of H2SO4, how many grams of hydrogen gas could be produced? 1. Write the balanced equation. 2Al + 3H2SO4 ==> Al2(SO4)3 + 3H2 2. Convert 20.0 g Al to mols. Remember mols = g/atomic mass
  57. Accounting

    Larry sells each unit for $500. Variable costs per unit equal $300. Totalfixed costs equal $800,000. Larry is currently sellig 5,000 units per period and would like to earn net income of $400,00. comput: Break-evn point indollras, sales units necessary to
  58. Economics

    1) Lowering the price by 10%. What is the break-even level of output? The company produces specialized glass units and is concerned that, as the market leader, they should be able to make higher profits than they currently are. The firm’s costs are as
  59. MATH

    1. A factory manufactures two products, each requiring the use of three machines. The first machine can be used at most 60 hours; the second machine at most 30 hours; and the third machine at most 80 hours. The first product requires 2 hours on machine 1,
  60. math

    A researcher performs an experiment to test a hypothesis that involves the nutrients niacin and retinol. She feeds one group of laboratory rats a daily diet of precisely 36.12 units of niacin and 30,080 units of retinol. She uses two types of commercial
  61. music

    The Wikipedia article "Samba" is about the Brasilian musical genre. i tried it only goes ona bout the steps and im after the music but thnks for the suggestion x x i need a website with plenty of information on the dance "the samba" but it needs to be
  62. English

    I'm writing a comparison paper on artworks and I'm just thinking either to write about two women painting (European/modern women) OR two churches Gothic/Romanesque). Which one do you think will have more visual/background information? I was thinking to
  63. Finite with Calculus Applications

    The Ball Company manufactures three types of lamps, labeled A,B,and C. Each lamp is processed in two departments, I and II. Total available work-hours per day for departments I and II are 400 and 600, respectively. No additional labor is available. Time
  64. Marketing Management

    As a market researcher for a cable television company seeking to determine the number of multi-dwelling buildings in a selected neighborhood, your best chance of acquiring this information quickly would be a. census information available on the Internet.
  65. AP U.S. History

    which of the following best describes the situation of freedmen in the decade following the Civil War? A)Each was given 40 acres of land and a mule by the Union government B)All were immediately granted political equality by the Emancipation Proclamation
  66. Marginal Analysis

    Applacian Coal Mine Co believes it can increase labor productivity and therefore, net revenue by reducing air pollution in its mines. It is estimated that the marginal cost for reducing pollution by installing additional capital equipment is MC =
  67. History

    What was the Protestant Reformation? a literacy movement to reform censorship practices by monarchies and allow the freedom of speech a political movement to reform feudalistic European governments to represents republics a social movement to reform unfair
  68. HELPPP

    I printed out a summer activite to test my skill on science and i found some that i stumbled upon and couldn't figuire out so help? If im wrong then please correct me. 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.B 2.Giraffes have long necks that allow them to eat leaves in trees.

    Your current cell phone company charges $30 per month for unlimited minutes. Another company charges $20 per month for the first 500 minutes plus 5¢ a minute for any additional minutes. Should you keep your current service or switch to the other company?
  70. statistics

    David wants to rent an unfurnished apartment for next semester. He took a random sample of 9 apartments adversised in the local Halifax paper, and recorded the rental rates. The rents (in $ per month) were: 500 650 600 505 450 550 515 495 640 a) Find a 90%
  71. English

    I need to make this into two paragraphs and make it a little longer. I am drawing a blank. Can someone please help me. My study habits consist of reading aloud, note taking and last minute cramming. The reading aloud and note taking have always worked well
  72. Physics

    If an airplane is moving at a constant velocity of 400 m/s for 20 s, what is its acceleration during this period? 0 m/s squared 20 m/s squared 40.82 m/s squared need more information wouldnt it be need more information because isnt acceleration ending
  73. heatlh care

    You're The New Director Of A Hospital Health Information Management Department. The Chief Financial Officer Has Hired You For Your Expertise In Health Care Reimbursement And Needs To Know How Your Department can help with reimbursement.list the most
  74. stats

    A final exam in Math 160 has a mean of 73 with standard deviation 7.73. Assume that a random sample of 24 students is selected and the test score of the sample is computed. Assuming the scores are normally distributed, what percentage of sample means are
  75. algebra1

    Lisa wants to purchase calculators. At one store, she can buy a set of 5 calculators for $80.00, or she can buy 24 calculators for $264.00 at another store. a) Which store provides Lisa with a better buy? b) Is it possible that there could be a
  76. math

    Ten participants are randomly selected from a population of patients with history of heart disease to be tracked in a health study. The study begins with an initial assessment of health status. The participants are instructed to return for a follow up
  77. Science 7R (Homework Check, answer quick)

    Can you check if the answr is correct and of there any any grammar mistakes. 1. Explain why the invention of the microscope was important in the study of cells? Answer - The reason why the invention of the microscope was important in the study of cells is
  78. high school

    where can i find information on stories that were spread on the silk roads? my topic for an english paper is storytellers/writers and how the stories spread with the use of the silk roads.. i can't find any information at all.
  79. Physics

    Two disks are rotating about the same axis. Disk A has a moment of inertia of 3.1 kg · m2 and an angular velocity of +8.0 rad/s. Disk B is rotating with an angular velocity of -10.2 rad/s. The two disks are then linked together without the aid of any
  80. English

    A discussion board in an online course can be another form of: A. communication. B. assessment. C. objective test. D. free expression. is it A Explain, discuss, analyze, state, and evaluate are examples of __________ words in an essay-type exam. A. key. B.
  81. Media Role in Political Process

    Accessing information from a variety of user locations and obtaining information on a specific topic from multiple sources are advantages of using_________ as a news source. A. a national newspaper B. National Public Radio C. a Public Library D. the World
  82. Comprehension/reading

    Dialogue: The new journalist is no longer deciding what the public should know. She is helping audiences make order out of it. This does not mean simply adding interpretation or analysis to news reporting. The first task of the new journalist/sense maker,
  83. Economics

    ARBOC ARBEZ WHEAT COFFEE WHEAT COFFEE 120 0 120 0 0 30 0 20 8. The terms of trade are 2 units of wheat per unit of coffee, Arboc should produce which good? Arbez should produce which good? 9. The terms of trade are 5 units of wheat per unit of coffee,
  84. Physics

    In the rough approximation that the density of the Earth is uniform throughout its interior, the gravitational field strength (force per unit mass) inside the Earth at a distance r from the center is gr/R, where R is the radius of the Earth. (In actual
  85. Biology (AP)

    part of the Essay question off of 2003 exam: Describe how the properties of water contribute to the plasma membrane structure I would love any help I can get. thnx! if the membrane lets the water through then it is called osmosis
  86. college

    Suppose that, for a certain exam, a teacher grades on a curve. It is known that the grades follow a normal distribution with a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 7. There are 45 students in the class. How many students should receive an A? Please,
  87. math exam tommrow review

    an amusment park recorded attendence of 825000 one year. the next year attendance was 975000. what was the percent increase in attendence. please show work/walk through process.
  88. math

    u know how deka and deci are on the metric scale?well wat if the question is convert 100 dm into (answer)Dm? I assume you are using Dm for decameters. The correct abbr. is da. Here is what I do. kilo hecto deca unit, meter, liter, second, etc deci centi
  89. Chemistry :P

    Hey. Just Started A New Unit In Chem And The Sad Thing Is That I Had A Sub And She Did Not Know Nothing About This Stuff. So If Anyone Could Write Some Notes For Me Here That Are Understandable That Will Be Able To Help Me With The Work I Have To Finish.
  90. math

    A Jewlery box has length of 3 and a half, a width if 1 and a half, and a height of 2 units. What is the volume if the box I cubic units? Each of the cubes in this activity has a side length of 1/2. How many cubes with side length 1/2 does it take to form a
  91. Math 115 # 19

    The following information shows a relationship between the speed of a certain car over a 100-mi test trip and the gas mileage obtained: Speed 40 45 50 55 60 gas millage 35 33 28 25 22 Use this information to make a line graph and then predict the gas
  92. economics, math

    Could you please help me with this problem: Consider an oligopolistic market with two firms. Each of them produces using a cost function given by c(q)=q2. The aggregate demand in the market is given by 1000−p. Suppose that, in order to increase
  93. Reposted Question /Reading & Writing and exposure

    I have asked this question and was told to use my own judgement because either answer could be correct. I can only select one answer. I am reposting the question in hopes that someone else can give me some input. Hannah's mother said, "Hannah is such a
  94. Algebra

    17.5 lbs x 20 min/lb = ??min Notice how the unit we don't want (lbs) cancel leving the unit we want (time in min). A turkey is to be cooked 20 minutes for every pound of weight. How long should the turkey be cooked if it weighs 17.5 pounds? For every
  95. law

    can somebody who has done LLB advice me on studyn for da first year exam in may..i fear cz i was not really in touch n i doubt whethr i can score well for all 4 subjects(criminal/contract/constitution/english legal system) pls advice me how to pass all
  96. math

    3x-6 2x-30 = 2x+12 ______ - _______ _______ x-3 3x-9 x-3 sx= (24) I have the anwser but I just cant figure out how to do it. I hava a huge exam in October yet this is not evan a quarter of what I have to learn. Im teaching myself I really suck at this if
  97. Chemistry

    Hey guys! Trying to understand this problem before my Chem exam but I just can't get it down no matter how hard I try. Detailed solutions would be greatly appreciated because I'm so lost on this one. Thanks! What mass of ammonium chloride must be added to
  98. Statistics

    There are 300 students enrolled in Business Statics . Historically,exam scores are normally distributedwith a standard deviation of 30.9. Your instructor randomly selected a sample of 30 examinations and finds a mean of 74.2. Determine a 90% confidence
  99. Psychology

    The entire class was in an uproar. The teaching assistant had proctored the exam while the professor was attending a conference, and the test seemed unrelated to the chapters that they had studied. The students' complaints are based on the test's lack of:
  100. Psychology Please Help!!

    The entire class was in an uproar. The teaching assistant had proctored the exam while the professor was attending a conference, and the test seemed unrelated to the chapters that they had studied. The students’ complaints are based on the test’s lack