1. Physics

    I want to become an astonomer or study astrophysics but I didnt do maths a level can I still do it? Is there any way you can help me or provide aN alternative

    asked by qwerty on October 5, 2017
  2. history

    how might the study of history of the United States help you become a better citizen ( i need 3 people's opinions/views )

    asked by y912f on July 1, 2009
  3. MATH


    asked by ALEXIS on January 31, 2012
  4. Alg. I

    I've just begun to study Exponential functions: When you make a table starting with: -2 -4^x What are my coordinates? -1 0 1 2

    asked by Jane on January 18, 2012
  5. English

    "I think it would be best to study the problem carefully. dose this sentence make s statement or gives a command.

    asked by AK on July 9, 2008
  6. math

    I've just begun to study Exponential functions: When you make a table starting with: -2 -4^x What are my coordinates? -1 0 1 2

    asked by Jane on January 18, 2012
  7. Biology

    I got this question wrong on a quiz and i was wondering what the answer was, to help me study for a test. What do organisms do with O2 ??

    asked by Delaney on October 4, 2009
  8. Sociology

    I would like to get a better understanding of Emile Durkheim's suicide study and its importance for a test next week.

    asked by Alex L. on October 28, 2011
  9. S.S

    what does the indus river valley have in common with the Mayan civilization ? I need help on my study guide

    asked by Chase W on April 24, 2013
  10. Social Studies

    what does the word muslim mean? please help fast i need to know for my study guide for my huge test tomorrow

    asked by Amrita im a sevie on December 2, 2008
  11. writing sentences and paragaphs

    prewrite about your field of study and create specefic job for which might want to apply at particular business

    asked by saral on September 3, 2009
  12. 6th grade, social studies

    I am having some problems figuring out this question.... How does using the five themes help geographers understand the places they study?

    asked by Brandon on September 28, 2010
  13. khumbula high school

    state the study field you have identified as your first preference and briefly give a description of the course

    asked by zihle on March 11, 2014
  14. Trig

    We started a new lesson on Monday on identities. Our test is tommorrow. I have no idea of what I'm doing! Can somebody help me study?

    asked by Jennifer on January 6, 2010
  15. L.O

    state the study field you have identified as ur first preference and briefly give a description

    asked by cphiwe on March 12, 2014
  16. biology

    Why is cell culture one of the most valuable technical achievements in the entire study of biology?

    asked by alex on March 11, 2010
  17. science

    ecologists usually study a specfic populaions of organisms rather than studying the entire species why?

    asked by elle on September 16, 2008
  18. Chemistry

    What type of chemist would study the energies and heats involved in chemical reactions?

    asked by Moe on January 18, 2013
  19. child daycare

    To obtain a credential from _______, it's acceptable to have received your training through independent study

    asked by Anonymous on August 12, 2012

    The Seattle longitudinal study of cognitive development discovered that, among older people,

    asked by ERIN on April 14, 2016
  21. Career

    With level 3 in English first additional language do I qualify to study Journalism at universities.

    asked by Le Tough on January 5, 2017
  22. Probabilities and Statistics

    How does the number of study hours change during a semester? How do you determine what graph to use? I am so confused

    asked by Carla on March 26, 2017
  23. math question

    How do i solve a problem like this? I took a study guide and i messed up on some problems so can i get some help on a few that i missed so i can know how to complete them??

    asked by matt on June 6, 2014
  24. us history

    If you had to give a reason why students should learn/study social studies in school what would you say?

    asked by Jackie on October 19, 2008
  25. Research Methods

    An infomercial asserts, “A study proves that Fat-Be-Gone, and it will work for you also.” What is wrong with this statement?

    asked by sam on September 22, 2016
  26. Psychology

    What study strategies can you think of that would make effective use of the levels-of-processing approach to memory?

    asked by brooke on September 22, 2016
  27. Science

    What subjects, other than astronomy, would astronomers have to study in order to discover black holes?

    asked by Anonymous on February 7, 2013
  28. Life Orientation

    What,according to the BCEA applies with regard to the contravention..refers to Thembi's case study

    asked by Mariah S on February 9, 2013
  29. psychology

    Do you think it is necessary for a person in your field of study to learn psychology and neuroscience? Explain your answer.

    asked by joe on August 16, 2008
  30. statistical applicatons

    Why is it important to learn what sample size was used in a study in which no statistica difference was found?

    asked by Jerry on July 10, 2010
  31. statistics

    I am so lost, please help! Compare the measurements in the study with the standard normal distribution, what does this tell you about the data?

    asked by Malaki on July 4, 2010
  32. political science

    what are the major contributions to the application of critical theory to the study of international relations?

    asked by malcom on December 15, 2009
  33. science

    How should I prepare for a field study and what should I do if there's an accident? I just need help answering the last part because I cant seem to find a answer anywhere.

    asked by avery on August 30, 2017
  34. Sociology

    Which of the following was a topic of study in early sociology? a. Astrology b. Economics c. Physics d. History

    asked by Vishnu on August 17, 2014
  35. Life science,tourism,pure maths and agricultural science

    Which collage can i study?when i doing life science,tourism,pure maths and agriculte

    asked by Esihle on December 8, 2015
  36. Life orientation

    Identify three study fields in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice.

    asked by Msebenzi on March 6, 2014
  37. literature

    can someone please help me to give me summary and study material for the poem Silver by Walter de la mare?

    asked by Susan on April 25, 2008
  38. History

    colonialism in the congo: Conquest, conflict and commerce study guide part 2

    asked by V on October 31, 2007
  39. HELP

    What/how do you study???? I have been struggling, and even flashcards aren't helping. My final exams are next week!!!!!

    asked by Ireland on December 8, 2015
  40. 4th grade

    What a constants? This is my daughters word study question for english and I have no idea and can't remember.

    asked by Debra on September 30, 2008
  41. college

    what type of study can be produced for : Management of pain in post-surgical patients

    asked by maryjane on October 23, 2010
  42. Physics

    A modern computer central processing unit chip (CPU) runs with a clock speed of 2.7 GHz. It can execute one operation in each of these clock cycles. (a) how many seconds long is one clock cycle? (b) Electrical signals travel at the speed of light How far

    asked by Phil on April 6, 2017
  43. English

    I included my doubts in brackets. I really hoe you can check them, too. 1)Mary uses the internet mainly to carry out school research in History, Geography and Science. 2)Whenever she needs to get (new) information/facts, she looks it up on the net. 3) It's

    asked by Mike1 on April 11, 2011
  44. Environmental Science

    Hi. I'm one of the FFA officers at my school and we're working on an educational display for a competition at our state fair coming up. We're doing our display on aromatherapy. Part of our display is going to include statistics on how aromatherapy benefits

    asked by Ashley on July 21, 2009
  45. math (unit rate)

    Find the unit rate. $121.50 for working 18 hours wages = hourly rate x time 121.50 = hourly rate x 18 hours. Solve for hourly rate. how do i solve for hourly wages = hourly rate x time 121.50 = hourly rate x 18 hours. You want to get hourly rate by itself.

    asked by Rebecca on August 23, 2006
  46. math,algebra,help

    I need help this is for homework this problem but i feel like i can't solve because i am missing some information or am i wrong. If so what am i suppost to do...help me THe height "h" in feet of an object after "t" seconds is given by the function : h =

    asked by jasort120 on April 13, 2007
  47. Math/Operations

    Wells Fargo has adopted lean philosophy for its document management team that provides paper imaging, electronic document routing, fata lifting, and document storage services to the the Home and Consumer Finance division. One function area of the document

    asked by Susan on August 28, 2011
  48. Chemistry

    I have one more question DrBob, I have draw a structure of this polymer CH2=CH-CH-OH ' CH3 and identify the monomer units. Would the mononer unit be this: CH2-CH-CH-O ' CH3 AND WOULD THIS POLYMERIZATION BE A CONDENSATION TYPE? Paula--I am not an organic

    asked by Paula on February 20, 2007
  49. algebra1

    Lisa wants to purchase calculators. At one store, she can buy a set of 5 calculators for $80.00, or she can buy 24 calculators for $264.00 at another store. a) Which store provides Lisa with a better buy? b) Is it possible that there could be a

    asked by rosalie danenberg on October 28, 2010
  50. English

    Does anybody know any websites that will give me information on the benefits and salaries that a store manager and a hand model( jewelry and perfume) earns http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Retail_Store_Manager/Salary I could find no information on

    asked by Ron on May 20, 2007
  51. physics

    if m is in kg, ag in m/s2, and h in metre, what is the unit of potential energy?

    asked by ivie on August 23, 2011
  52. Precalculus

    what is the arccos(2)? I have tried to use the unit circle but I do not understand this :/.

    asked by George on November 12, 2012
  53. Math

    Find the unit rate 396 km in 6 hr

    asked by Jenny on October 26, 2016
  54. Sum Of Unit Vectors?

    write MN as the sum of unit vectors for M(-3/4, 5, 2/3) and N(6, -9, 3/5). Someone help me please?

    asked by Tabby on April 22, 2012
  55. ratios....unit rates

    what is the unit rate of 120 b lbs/ $15

    asked by 6th on January 9, 2009
  56. math

    explain how to write20 over 40 as a unit rate

    asked by devin on September 10, 2009
  57. science

    the unit of zero order rate constant is what?

    asked by devi on September 3, 2010
  58. Language arts

    has anyone got to unit 3 lesson 6 quiz yet because I need help!! I have to turn it in by 5:30

    asked by muffin on October 13, 2016
  59. math

    if a 16 oz of pasta cost $1.39, what is the unit price?

    asked by Anonymous on January 8, 2018
  60. early years

    I need help with answering questions in unit 206 please

    asked by louise on June 14, 2009
  61. chemistry

    why isnt there a standard SI unit for volume?

    asked by jennifer on September 5, 2009
  62. Math

    How can I succeed in my positive and negative unit?

    asked by Mercedes on December 16, 2015
  63. mATH


    asked by Ch on January 27, 2012
  64. Vectors

    Determine a unit vector that is orthogonal to both u=[3,-4, 1] and v=[2,3,-4].

    asked by Ariza on May 23, 2010
  65. math

    what standard unit is comarable to a kilometer?

    asked by Dstiny on April 21, 2008
  66. Math 6 grade unit 6 lesson 11 unit test

    Pls need help with The unit 6 math test

    asked by Anonymous on December 14, 2017
  67. Vectors

    Determine two unit vectors that are perpendicular to both a=[-5,6,2] and d=[3,3,-8].

    asked by Anonymous on June 18, 2010
  68. math stuff

    how do u find the unit rate of a question

    asked by sk8rboi on December 3, 2012
  69. Trig

    Solve 2cos sq x = 1 using the unit circle.

    asked by don on November 3, 2011
  70. Math

    which of the following represents a unit rate? 1.$4/12 2.5/2 3.(80/1) 4.72/2 Ms. Sue is this right

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody on January 27, 2017
  71. Math

    Define the unit in word form 19*15 = 19(?)

    asked by Guri on November 11, 2016
  72. math

    5 bananas for 1.95 give the unit rate

    asked by john` on September 8, 2008
  73. math

    Convert the scale to a unit rate. 3/8 in = 3/4 yd

    asked by Anonymous on February 6, 2017
  74. math

    what standard unit is comparable to a centimeter? thank u again:)

    asked by dstny on April 21, 2008
  75. physics

    what is the symbol for speed and what unit of measurement is used?

    asked by Candice on March 17, 2009
  76. chemistry

    which unit is used to express the pressure of gas?

    asked by Anonymous on October 26, 2014
  77. Math

    3/4 of a puzzle in 7/8 hours What's the unit rate?

    asked by Bree on October 15, 2014
  78. Math

    What is the unit rate of drink 4/5 L in 1/4 hour

    asked by Ellen on May 3, 2016
  79. Pre Algebra

    What is the unit rate if the question is $3.29 for 12 cans?

    asked by Kora on May 13, 2008
  80. History

    Why do soldiers have to operate as a unit, not as individuals?

    asked by Kara on April 15, 2009
  81. physics

    what are imp. l/q of unit 6 (work and energy)

    asked by hamza on September 24, 2013
  82. math

    Does any body know how to find unit rates

    asked by Jaynika on May 22, 2008
  83. Chemistry

    What unit is barometric pressure measured in?

    asked by Ana on February 28, 2011
  84. Math

    What is the unit rate of 32 miles per hour?

    asked by Haley on March 4, 2011
  85. Social Studies

    There's a Unit 2 Lesson 12 test that I need help on. Thanks! Please respond soon.

    asked by Chicken Little on September 11, 2018
  86. math

    what is the unit rate for 14 hours in 2 weeks?

    asked by jay on April 21, 2008
  87. math

    change the unit 800 cm = blank m

    asked by stephanie on January 10, 2012
  88. 7th grade sci.

    Is the SI unit of temperature celsius or kelvin? thanks

    asked by Alexa on February 20, 2009
  89. Physics

    If s=at^2+bt+c, where s is distance and t is time, what will be the correct unit of a,b,c

    asked by Vibes on March 7, 2016
  90. science

    identify the standard unit of mass

    asked by dhruv on April 14, 2011
  91. Math

    How would I figure out the unit rate given only the below equation: y=0.6x?

    asked by Patrick on September 20, 2018
  92. math

    Unit rate for:3 dozens of apples for $4.50

    asked by MASTERMODZ on March 6, 2016
  93. math

    what is the fastest unit rate of 1 mile ?

    asked by Anonymous on November 4, 2014
  94. Math

    Find a unit vector in the direction of(1/2, 1/2, 1/2).

    asked by Kyle on September 23, 2014
  95. college math

    perform the following unit conversion 3 3/4 yd = _____ in

    asked by Lourane on May 30, 2012
  96. chemistry

    What is molarity? what is the unit to measure moralrity?

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2013
  97. math

    find the unit rate. 5hr s of 6

    asked by Toshi on October 22, 2010

    Dose any one go to C.A. i need help on my test. unit 4, lesson 12.

    asked by Makeyla on April 30, 2015
  99. math

    find the unit rate. 400 cm to 1m

    asked by Toshi on October 22, 2010
  100. Math

    find the unit rate for 9.25 for 18 pounds

    asked by Derek on February 9, 2009