1. math

    how do you find a unit price? is there a formula you need to follow? ex.)how would i find a unit price on an ice cream that if 14 Fl. ounces, has 3 1/2 servings per container and each serving is 1/2 cup. the price of the ice cream is $4.79.
  2. Math

    Select a variable (mean or proportion) of interest to you and collect or find the data. BEFORE you collect the data, decide what a likely mean or proportion might be. Then address the following (and a little more) in your project. a. Write a brief
  3. math

    Number of apartments rented The manager of an 80 unit apartment complex knows from experience that at a rent of £¤300 per unit, all the units will be full.On thw average, an additional unit will remain wacant for each £¤20 increase in rent over
  4. Technology

    23. ? List two examples of tools used in each of these major areas of processing: material, energy, and information processing. Ok, this wasn't so hard: 23. There are a few tools that are used in each of the three major types of processing: material,
  5. Chemistry

    The density of iridium is 22400 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 5.66 x 10-23 cm3. Determine the number of atoms in the unit cell. Note: the number of atoms in a unit cell is a whole number. The molar mass of iridium is 192.22. I know that this can either be a
  6. math

    The pricing policy of a company follows the demand equation p=D(x). D(x) being the price per unit when x units are demanded. After studying the market trends the company determines the price function that is given by D(x)= 2000-4x. If the product is to be
  7. math-need help

    A right rectangular tank with a 12 unit by 8 unit base is filled with water to a depth of 5 units. The water rises 1.5 units when a solid cube is completely submerged in the tank. In simplest radical form, the edge of the cube is k*cube root of w units.
  8. economics math

    Consider a rational consumer with a utility function given by U(x,m)=Aln(2x)+m. The consumer needs to decide how much of good x to buy given the following pricing rule: the first 10 units sell at a price of $2 p/unit, additional units sell at a price of $3
  9. percentage

    In an exam every question correctly answered fetches 2 marks. Every question wrongly answered loses 1 marks. unanswered question have no marks associated with them. ram and shyam wrote this exam. ram attempted a certain number of questions and 30 % of them
  10. Chemistry

    The density of cesium is 1870 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 2.23 x 10-22 mL. Determine the number of atoms in the unit cell. Note: the number of atoms in a unit cell is a whole number.
  11. Math

    the length of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is one unit more than twice the length of shortest side and the other side is one unit less than twice the length of the shortest side. find the lengths of other two sides.
  12. chemistry

    The density of platinum is 21500 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 6.04 x 10-26 L. Determine the number of atoms in the unit cell. Note: the number of atoms in a unit cell is a whole number.
  13. English

    1. Is John Hajun¡¯s gold friend or silver friend? He is Hajun¡¯s gold friend. 2. What do you want to do in Yosemite? I want to go fishing. 3. How many close friends do you have? I have five close friends. 4. Have you ever been to the States? No, I
  14. Statistics

    A car manufacturer is interested in conducting a study to estimate the mean stopping distance for a new type of brakes when used in a car that is traveling at 60 miles per hour. These new brakes will be installed on cars of the same model and the stopping
  15. Statistics

    A car manufacturer is interested in conducting a study to estimate the mean stopping distance for a new type of brakes when used in a car that is traveling at 60 miles per hour. These new brakes will be installed on cars of the same model and the stopping
  16. Finance and literacy

    Bailee had a gross income of $2358.33 during each pay period in 2009. If she got paid monthly, how much of her pay was deducted for FICA in 2009
  17. career and career choices

    What careers ara available if you are doidoing maths literacy , Consumer studies,business studies,Economics,English, XhosA
  18. Preschool question

    For many children,the development of imagination affects the development of which? empathy,intellect,literacy, or parallel play skills Is the right answer empathy?
  19. Calculus/Optimisation

    A real estate manages 80 apartment units. When the rent of each unit is $180 per month, all units are occupied. However, for each $6 increase in rent, one of the units becomes vacant. Each occupied unit requires an average of $18 per month for service and
  20. Calc

    I'm creating a "calculu for dummies" project book. I've already done most of it, I'm just stuck on these ones. Thank you! -What is the definition of a derivative? -What does the derivative of a function tell you (in english) ? Then I need an example of the
  21. early childhood literacy

    words are a. convenient communication shortcuts b. not arbitrary symbols c. unique to each individual in English d. thoughts written down. Ichose A as i am aware that they are aribitrary symbols but it has the not in front. cansomeone please check for me
  22. early childhood literacy

    Mr Howard is busy preparing his puppet area the best way for him to store puppets is: A. in an airtigh container B. in a shoe box C. in the puppet teather d. on pegs inside teacher only cabinet. my answer is A.
  23. Literacy

    According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's list of endangered species, the grus Americana belongs to which species group? A. Birds B. Nonflowering plants C. Ferns and fern allies D. Invertebrate animals my answer is A
  24. fundamentsl concepts ans skills

    An approach to literacy connects, for example, mathematics and science to the real world. Such a process of combining subjects is referred to as A. logical grouping. B. cardinality. C. grouping. D. curriculum integration. I believe is a.
  25. college

    The CIO of ABC Health Care wants you to develop an organizational chart for the HIM Department. The chart should portray the groups under each unit and any other staff that work within the various departments. Use the ABC Health Care HIM organizational
  26. Social studies

    1: What are the functions on money select all that apply store of value* producer of resources unit of account* medium of exchange* record of finances unit of output 2: What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering Things that people
  27. history?

    trying to find valid information on the Black inventor Albert C. Richardson inventor of the butter churn and other things as well. Can you help lead me in the right direction I am only finding Wiki related information

    o Research some executive dashboard products, identify information that Lisa and Ruben would likely find useful presented in a dashboard, and how they would use the information. Make recommendations as to which product you would recommend for Club IT.
  29. Speech

    I am doing a speech over spaying and neurting. And my main points consist of health benefits, better behaved pets, and overpopulation. I need some more information, but some information from magazines or articles online can you recommend me some please?
  30. chemistry - human calorimeter

    From experience, you know that you produce significantly more heat when you are exercising than when you are resting. Scientists can study the heat that is produced by human metabolism reactions using a ‘human calorimeter.’ Based on what you know about
  31. language arts

    How can English language arts teachers create a literacy-rich environment in their classrooms?
  32. computer literacy

    The Internet is BEST described as a vast _______ connection of computer networks that also link to smaller networks.
  33. Public speaking

    Public speaking has been formally studied since: A. the 5th century. B. the 20th century. C. recently. D. communication courses were offered at universities. is it B 2. Early study of public speaking was known as: A. public communication. B. rhetoric. C.
  34. English

    1. They study the sea animals in Antarctica. 2. They study all the sea animals in Antarctica. 3. They study sea animals in Antarctica. 4. They study some sea animals in Antarctica. [Does #1 mean #2? Does #3 mean #4? What is the difference between 'the sea
  35. Economics

    Hopefully someone can help me with this. "Suppose the production of airframes is characterized by a CES production function: Q=(K^0.5 + L^0.5)^2 (MPL = (K^1/2 + L^1/2) /L^1/2), MPK = (K^1/2 + L^1/2) /K^1/2) Suppose that the price of labor is $10 per unit
  36. cubic unit cell

    Answer the following for a primitive cubic unit cell. X
  37. geometry

    have anyone did the Lesson 8: Triangles Unit Test Geometry A Unit 5: Triangles
  38. Study Skills Practice

    What does it mean to survey a text? A. Read the text and take detailed notes B. Look for the main ideas C. Find the answers in your questions (picked this one) D. Answer questions out loud. Why should you consider your teacher a partner? A. Because you are
  39. math

    choose most reasonabl unit of measure .write mm,cm,dm,m,km thickness of a window When you consider that a meter = about 39.6 inches, what would be the most reasonable unit to measure the thickness of window? mm = 1/1000 m cm = 1/100 m dm = 1/10 m km = 1000
  40. Math

    If someone could help me with these that would be great! :) Directions: Solve the equations. 1.) tan4x=1 Location on Unit Circle: Period: General Solution: 2.) sec xcsc x=2 csc x Location on Unit Circle: Period: General Solution:
  41. Statistics: Data Analysis

    Data Analysis A study examined how long aircraft air conditioning units operated after being repaired. Here are the operating times (in hours) for one unit: 32 51 58 63 65 69 90 97 98 100 103 106 117 118 118 120 124 128 129 132 150 152 185 196 225 231 289
  42. Literacy

    In a _______, consumers ultimately decide what should be produced. A. macroeconomic system C. free market system B. socialist economy D. command economy my answer is B
  43. Lumuka secondary school

    What job can I do while I am doing Agricultural Sciences, Maths Literacy, Geography, Life Sciences, Life Orientation, Tsonga ang English.
  44. early childhood literacy

    Are dot-to-dot pictures,tracing, cutting and gluing all activities that develope writing skills. i am not show about Gluing as one can someone please check it for me
  45. Literacy

    think about the various conflicts in dragonwings. identify and describe one event from the novel that represents a cause and effect relationship that creates conflict. explain the effect the conflict has on other characters in the story.
  46. Literacy

    Which one of the following services is provided through the Ask-a-Librarian feature in the Penn Foster Library? A. An analysis of an issue presented in your course B. A historical date or the source of a quote C. An informed opinion on how to improve your
  47. Law and ethics

    You are in charge of General Hospital’s compliance program. As part of the Hospital’s orientation program, you provide an overview of the compliance program to new employees. Things to consider: The concept of compliance has been a feature of health
  48. statistics

    1. A class of 10 students all received a 90 on the final exam. What is the standard deviation?_________
  49. Chemistry

    On a practice exam, we have a question that says "How many enantiomers does kendomycin have?" It says the answer is 1, but I don't understand why?
  50. math exam tommrow review

    find the solution of each equation if the replacement sets are x:{1,3,5,7,9} and y:{2,4,6,8,10}. 3x-9=12 y^2-5y-11=13
  51. math

    If in an exam consisting of 6 papers a student scored 91,92,85,94,95 and 85 respectively, find his average score.
  52. English

    can you check my grammar and content? i need to submit this paper for an exam and want to get a good grade.
  53. chemistry Please help!

    I have a big exam tomorrow. Can anyone tell me any easy way to figure out the 4 quantum numbers, n, l, ml, and ms. i still get confused especially with the n and ml!
  54. english final exam essay question

    in your opinion, is the ladies' paradise a feminist novel?
  55. Teacher Aide Children, Families n Societies

    Does anyone have this exam? I have finished all exams but this one n just can't seem to get my mind in it.
  56. English

    I need to analyse the poem "At the Lunch Counter" by Alden Nowlan. Can anyone help me. It is for a year 8 exam.
  57. pathophysiology

    why is the patient with DIC often complicated by bleeding? please answer ASAP i have exam on tuesday!
  58. Math

    In how many ways can a 15-question true-false exam be answered? (Note: No questions are taken away)
  59. math exam tommrow review

    please check work. y=2x-85 plug in 130 for x and i got 175
  60. Stats - Help!!!

    A student wanted to know the favorite lunch at a large high school with a closed campus. What is the first step in conducting a statistical study to answer the question? A. Select a random sample of students. B. State the goal of the study precisely. C.
  61. Algebra

    1. Given g(x) = x^2 -x, find g (2/3). Answer- -2/9 2. The scatterplot of this data would suggest a Study Time (Min) 14 20 23 25 28 32 Test Score 60 67 68 70 72 73 Answer- positive correlation 3. The scatterplot of this data would suggest a # of cookies
  62. English

    1. No one is to solve the problem. 2. No one can solve the problem. ---------------- Does #1 mean #2? 3. I was never to see him again. 4. I was doomed never to see him again. -------------------------- Does #3 mean #4? 5. If you are to succeed, you must
  63. Science

    An advertisement claims that three out of five dentists prefer a particular type of toothpaste. After researching the study, you find that the toothpaste company paid for it. Why should you be skeptical of the advertisement's claims? a. because the
  64. BEH WK 1 ckpt

    A psychologist is planning to conduct a study that would examine pathological liars and the quality of their romantic relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method should be used to gather
  65. economics

    3 . The production of housing has the following form: H = number of housing units = 4(L + 10)1/2 + 80 (M + 3)3/4, where L is land and M is materials. One unit of L costs 100 and 1 unit of M costs 12. Find the cheapest ways to produce 1000 housing units,
  66. English

    @ words : 1- curtail 2- devastate 3- digress 4- incentive 5- incorporate 6- indispensable 7- intermittent 8- rigor 9- squander 10-succumb Linda never had to work hard to make good grades in high school. But in college, where the ___(8)___ of course work
  67. math

    i need help with this math XL question. In a​ week, 18 hens laid 90 eggs. What is the unit rate for eggs per​ hen? The unit rate is ??? ​egg(s) per hen.
  68. Chemistry

    What is the total number of atoms in one unit (molecule or formula unit) of CO2? Then what is the total number of atoms in a mole of CO2 how do I figure this out please
  69. Math

    Write XY as the sum of unit vectors for X(8,2,-9)and Y(-12,-1,10). First, express XY as an ordered triple. Then write the sum of the unit vectors i,j,and k. XY = (-12,-1,10) - (8,2,-9) = (-12-8,2-1,10-(-9) = (-20,-3,19k) = -20i+j+19k
  70. physics

    1. Two point charges are separated by 6 cm. The attractive force between them is 14 N. Find the force between them when they are separated by 12 cm. 2. The SI unit of mass is the kilogram. What is the SI unit of charge? 3. The proportionality constant k in
  71. Math [Consumer Surplus]

    The demand function for a certain brand of blank digital camcorder tapes is given by p=−0.02x^2−0.1x+24 where p is the wholesale unit price in dollars and x is the quantity demanded each week, measured in units of a thousand. Determine the
  72. health and fitness

    CASE STUDY: CHRIS DOUBLE Chris is a high school student and is eager to gain some muscle mass. He eats a diet that consists primarily of processed foods (fast food, cafeteria, etc.). Chris is anxious to get stronger so that he can go out for the wrestling
  73. English

    Which of the following is an example of primary research? A.Searching the Internet for nutritious recipes B. Asking a reference librarian for specific information C. Calling a dietician for information about a low-carb diet D. Reading an interview in a
  74. Environmental Science

    Does anyone know where I can find information on camparing the use of Malathion to the risk of contracting the West Nile Virus? I have to explain my vote and consider any relevant political, social and economical aspects. Just having trouble finding
  75. Statistics

    A manufacturer makes two models of an item: model I, which accounts for 80% of unit sales, and model II, which accounts for 20% of unit sales. Because of defects, the manufacturer has to replace (or exchange) 10% of its model I and 18% of its model II. If
  76. intro highschool

    Why is it important to read the title of a reading passage first and think about the information to come? A. It helps speed up your reading when you know what is to come. B. Knowing what information to expect increases your comprehension. C. It activates
  77. allied health part 2-17

    if an institutional review board is involved in a request for information, the information is likely sought by a a. health care facility b. researcher c. court d. substance abuse center
  78. Science

    I want to research or information about perception of time. For my Science Fair project, I'm starting a timer and then asking people to stop me when they think a minute is done. I want to know some information about this topic, esp. what are the most
  79. Debating

    i reallyy need helpp and sites with information on this question and im on the negtive side so im finding it pretty hard to find information on the question. Modern media is more manipulative than informative? plesee can anyone help.
  80. URGENT!!!!!!!!

    I need to find old regents exams of French and Living Environment for tomorrow!!! There are a load of Living Environment ones but they require some kind of download which my computer can't do. Please help.....I've looked but I just can't come up with
  81. Technology

    1. To insert clip art into a document, what step should I take after I find the clip art I want to insert? A. Use the scroll bars to find more choices of clip art B. Click on the clip art image C. Click on the clip art button D. Click the Insert tab at the
  82. Medical Information Management

    John Doe, a new patient, is assigned a medical number that has already been assigned to another patient. With a unit numbering system, how is this corrected? A. Both patients keep the same number. B. Move both patients documentation forward to the new
  83. Statistics

    A manufacturer makes two models of an item: model I, which accounts for 80% of unit sales, and model II which accounts for 20% of unit sales. Because of defects, the manufacturer has to replace (or exchange) 10% of its model I and 18% of model II. If a
  84. STAT

    To determine the relative effectiveness of different study strategies for the SAT, suppose three groups of students are randomly selected: One group took the SAT without any prior studying; the second group took the SAT after studying on their own from a
  85. com220

    the reading for the week listed five questions that can be used to advantage in seeking to evaluate the reliability of online sources: 1.What is the purpose and affiliation of the organization or author related to the article?2.what are the author;s
  86. early childhood literacy

    if mrs.green read, little pig, little pig," and the children said, "let me come in, then they were using: a. me morization b. completion reading c. story retelling d. fill in the blank reading
  87. early chilhood literacy

    if mrs green read "little pig ,little pig." and the children said ,"let me come in" then they were using; 1.memorization 2. completion reading 3 . story retelling 4.fill in the blank reading
  88. Literacy

    I don't exactly live in america, but im in year 5, which i think is grade 5 in america. But i have a really desperate question i need to ask.... When a word ends in "Phobia" what kind of word is it? is it a noun, adjective verb? can you please tell me?

  90. early childhood literacy

    when a teacher hears a preschool student using incorrect language she should 1. model the correct language 2. correct his mistakes 3. ask him to repeat correctly 4. ask him to think about each word as he says it.
  91. Science

    1.Which of the following is a good study habit? A.maintaining a positive attitude ** B.waiting until the last minute to start on an assignment C.listening to the television while studying D.studying when you are tired 2. Your friend John complains about
  92. biochemistry

    Where can I find information on decarboxylases, kinases, etc and their function? I look everywhere, but the only information I can find is on wikipedia...
  93. Drug information Sources

    Which sources will provide the best dosing information for a five-year-old child?

    The unit cells for most alkali metal halides are face-entered for both the cations and anions. In the case of NaCl the sodium ion is just a little too large for the chloride ions to touch each other along the face diagonal. The unit cell edge length is
  95. mathematical literacy

    The scale on a map is given as 1:2 000 000.the distance between two towns on the map is 4,3cm?
  96. Literacy

    I'm making a bibliography. There's a kind for encyclopedia and a kind for interent. My research is from an encyclopedia on the internet, so which one should I use?
  97. math

    Select a variable (mean or proportion) to determine if there is a difference in the two groups. Samples must be independent. Select a sample of data values (20 to 50) for each group. Then address the following (and a little more) in your project. a. Write
  98. pLZ help

    Select a variable (mean or proportion) to determine if there is a difference in the two groups. Samples must be independent. Select a sample of data values (20 to 50) for each group. Then address the following (and a little more) in your project. a. Write
  99. Math

    Select a variable (mean or proportion) to determine if there is a difference in the two groups. Samples must be independent. Select a sample of data values (20 to 50) for each group. Then address the following (and a little more) in your project. a. Write
  100. Physics

    You shoot an arrow straight ahead; it leaves your bow moving parallel to the ground. You find it embedded in the ground 50m away from where you shot it. It makes an 82 degree angle with the level ground , reflecting the direction it was traveling at the