1. Chemistry

    Consider a system of three molecules A, B, and C. Suppose that three units of energy can be distributed over the three atoms. Each atom can have no energy, one unit of energy, two units of energy, or all three units of energy. Assume that each of the ten

    A mutual consent registry is relevant to obtaining medical information about A. substance abuse. B. psychological conditions that endanger the public. C. genetic information for research purposes. D. a party to an adoption. I THINK: D
  3. Cost accounting

    You are manager of a small restaurant in your hometown. a. what information would you obtain for making the decision of wheter to add quiche and spicy chicken wings to your menu? b. why would each of the information items in part (a) be significant?
  4. Accounting/Tax

    I am needing help completing the 2016 tax forms : Schedules A, B, D, & E. The only information provided to me in this assignment is: Taxpayer Information Name: John Washington & Debra Washington Filing Status: Married The following information is
  5. Statistics

    Anger and Snap Judgments Read the article entitled “Anger Can Cause Snap Judgments” and answer the following questions. ANGER CAN CAUSE SNAP JUDGMENTS Anger can make a normally unbiased person act with prejudice, according to a forthcoming study in the
  6. math

    Directions: Your shopping list for this week consists of six items that are available at two different grocery stores and are featured in their weekly ads. You want to do some comparison shopping and find the best price for each item. You will analyze the
  7. Physics

    A 56.6kg hiker starts at an elevation of 1270m and climbs to the top of a 2660 peak. (I know the answers to B and C, I just have a question on A) A) What is the change in the hikers potential energy? I took PE=mg(h2-h1) and got
  8. business

    The table given below provides the shipping costs and supply available at each source. Find the minimum-cost shipping solution for the transportation problem. Provide a table of shipping quantities and the minimum value for the objective function for the
  9. Math

    My professor gave our class a study guide for our midterm. On that study guide, there were 10 prompts he wanted us to know. Out of the 10, there were 3 prompts that I wasn't confident in. For the midterm, he picked 5 prompts out of the 10. Out of those 5
  10. Financial Management

    The group product manager for ointments at American Therapeutic Corporation was reviewing price and promotion alternatives for two products: Rash-Away and Red-Away. Both products were designed to reduce skin irritation, but Red-Away was primarily a
  11. health information

    At what point during the course of treatment of a new patient should notice of use and disclosure of health information, required under HIPPA, be given and why?
  12. Psychology

    In which type of forgetting does information that you learned recently cause you to forget information that you learned at an earlier time?
  13. Geography

    I need some information on movement from the five themes of geography. Very detailed information that I can use to write a 350 word paper on it
  14. Information Systems

    Hi ..Can somebody suggest me some good ideas or topics for senior projects related to Information Systems. Thank You !
  15. human services

    where can I find information on reinforcement affect theory? I need information on the population that it is used and the theory of helping.
  16. Healthcare

    Give three examples of asymmetric information in which the health consumer has information that is unavailable to the health provider.
  17. information management

    Why is the waterfall model valuable in the management of information technology projects? Explain your answer.
  18. people

    I need to find information on William C-o-c-kerill (Ignore -), an entrepreneur of the industrial revolution. But, I can't seem to find any information.
  19. Biostatistic

    A study is conducted in patient with HIV. Lower CD4 count is associated with advance disease. The researcher is interested in finding out the relation between supplement vitamins and CD4 count. A multiple regression analysis is performed relating CD4 count
  20. Presentation

    After completing the Unit 4 Live Presentation, discuss each of the following topics in a 3 – 4 paragraph essay: Discuss at least two specific aspects of delivering the Unit 4 Live Presentation that were easier than you thought they would be. Explain the
  21. Math

    There are three departments A,B and C. B produces 2 units from one unit of A, C produces 2 units from one unit of B. Both A and B sold half of there production to next department and half to the outsiders, then what is the total production of A?
  22. Accounting

    If fixed costs are $350,000, the unit selling price is $29, and the unit variable costs are $20, what is the break-even sales (units) if the variable costs are decreased by $4? Answer 26,924 units 12,069 units 21,875 units 38,889 units
  23. Math

    Herman Company has three products in its ending inventory. Specific per unit data for each of the products are as follows: Required: What unit values should Herman use for each of its products when applying the LCM rule to ending inventory?
  24. Chemistry

    The density of solid Cr is 7.15 g/cm3. How many atoms are present per cubic centimeter of Cr? As a solid, Cr adopts a body-centered cubic unit cell. How many unit cells are present per cubic centimeter of Cr?
  25. decision making

    i have a case study in decision making the book name is making hard decisions with decisions tools can anyone help me solve the questions on the case study
  26. math

    Can you check my answers? A box of crackers has 24 grams of fat. The box contains 8 servings. What is the unit rate? 1)16 grams of fat per serving 2)8 grams of fat per serving 3)4 grams of fat per serving 4)3 grams of fat per serving I chose 4 A 16-fl oz
  27. Physics

    Which of the following best describes kinematics? a) Kinematics is a part of mechanics that involves the description of motion. b) Kinematics is the branch of physics that deals with the motion of objects and the action of forces on the objects.
  28. Math

    So far, you have used synthetic division and factoring to find x-intercepts. What additional information do you need to create an accurate sketch of the function ? How do you propose we find this information using the equation ?
  29. Social Studies

    Please tell some information on Indiana's economy? Just get some information about the state' natural resources and the state's most important way to make money like farming. Please answer my question. Thanks!
  30. Health

    What indicators would warn you that the team is planning this transition to an electronic health information management system is not functioning well? Where can I find this information or what sub- title would be appropriate for this question.
  31. hum/176

    How Might You Determine If InformatiOn Found Online Is Trustworthy Describe Credibility Issues With InformatiOn Found On The Internet Essays and Term Papers
  32. history

    Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me find information on historical masquerade balls and how they were traditionally held. I can't seem to find any information anywhere. Just modern party supplies kinda junk. Thanks!
  33. To Justine: 6th grade math

    I removed your post because you gave the name of your school. For your own protection, please do not post any personal information. You asked: "what does E equles?" What is the whole problem? We'd like to help you, but need more information.
  34. Accounting

    If an investor can use accounting information for two different companies to evaluate the types and amounts of expenses, the information is said to have the quality of Answer a. Neutrality b. Comparability c. Materiality d. Consistency
  35. BUS 210

    Where can i find the information for "Job Fair Brochure" I have absolutely no idea how to start This was due last week just found I needed the brochure I have the information
  36. english

    what is the literacy term called when the mood of a novel matches the weather? Isn't it sunny? You might try this literary terms website: http://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/lit_terms_M.html Scroll down until you reach MOOD. =)
  37. early childhood literacy

    Small group discussions with preschoolers enables them to: A)find out if they are superior. B)learn to argue. C)outsmart the others and gain teacher attention. D)compare their ideas with peer ideas. I need help with this one. I think its b.
  38. math

    Steve earned scores of 96 and 87 on his first two exams. What will his average grade be if he gets a 72 on his third exam?
  39. English Composition

    penn foster exam number 05054100 need all the answers.
  40. English

    In my speaking exam I want to talk about why children should have mobile phones? But is there many facts about this or should i be against it?
  41. visual arts

    what are the different types of shapes and forms? ASAP EXAM TOMORROW
  42. u.s. court system part 1

    answers to penn foster exam-40600900
  43. english

    coaching classes for IIT-JEE and medical enterance exam
  44. spanish

    do anyone have the answer for penn foster exam 38981200 part 4 comprehension
  45. math exam tommrow review

    twelve less than the product of 3 and a number . translate
  46. healthcare reimbursement methologies from Penn Fos

    Does anyone have the answers to exam #40974000?
  47. Communication

    When a teacher writes an exam, they think about what aspects of student learning they want to test.
  48. adult education

    Can you help me with penn foster exam for general math 1?I would like to know if my answers are right
  49. ENN103F

    Require memorandums for 2013 and 2014 exam question papers
  50. types of business writing

    what is the answer to penn foster exam 02800601
  51. calculuss review for exam

    use the second derivate test to locate the maxima and minima of y = x^2 + 2x - 3
  52. introduction to floral design amd flowers

    Im trying to find out if my answers to the exam is right
  53. Microsoft Word Powerpoint 2013

    i need answers to the pen foster exam
  54. Physics

    what are the factors that does not affect the time period of pendulum ?? Please help me in monday there is my exam please help me:-(
  55. understanding observation and behavior

    answer to exam 405476RR penn foster
  56. math

    Final exam score above 92 corresponds to an A. Approximately what percent of the class got an A?
  57. computer assisted legal research part 2

    There seems to be 2 answers to #11 of exam #00803701. Not sure which one to use
  58. Math Exam Review: Limits

    Differentiate: y = sin(2x - 1) + cos(x^3) - tan(3x)
  59. calculus exam review

    write two different vector equations for the plane that contains the points A(6,1,4), B(-3,7,9), C(5,0,3)
  60. Exam week 4

    The relativist would agree with which statement about stem cell research?
  61. math

    If you were givin a 120-question final exam, how much would you answer in the first hour? Is it 60?
  62. short story,Part 2

    I have finish all 20 question just need some to recheck. exam#00778800.Thank you
  63. STAT

    Do you view a chocolate bar as delicious or as fattening? Your attitude may depend on your gender. In a study of American college students, Rozin, Bauer, and Catanese (2003) examined the importance of food as a source of pleasure versus concerns about food
  64. AP World History

    What's the best way to read the chapter? For my class. We must read the chapter, takes notes, as well as identify people and terms/concepts. We also have to answer study questions. I soon discovered an online student center where it showed an outline of
  65. Check my answers SS

    Which of the following were attempts to disfranchise African Americans? (Choose all that apply.) (2 points) implementing literacy tests in order to vote founding of the American Protective Agency adding the grandfather clause to Hardwick's bill A,B ?
  66. Geometry B

    unit 3 lesson 7: similarity unit test (Connexus) Can someone help me? It's the one with this question: The Seattle space needle is 604 feet tall. a model of the building is 48 inches tall. what is the ratio of the height of the model to the height of the
  67. Math

    Hi! Can someone help me with these? I just learned about them yesterday but I'm really confused. All my teacher wants me to do is solve each equation and that's all the directions she gave. Thanks so much! 1.) 3cot^2 x-1=0 Location on Unit Circle: Period:
  68. accounting

    using the break-even equations to solve for price and variable cost per unit andromeda company's break-even point is 2,400 units. variable cost per unit is $42; total costs are 67,200 per year. what price does andromeda charge?
  69. Science

    Hello I have an exam coming and my question is : Why do we sometimes have a tiny electical current ( spark ) when we take our sweater off because of the shirt and jacket rubbing each other , the negative charges will have static electricity But for an
  70. Math (6)

    Country Workshop manufactures both finished and unfinished furniture for the home. The estimated quantities demanded each week of its rolltop desks in the finished and unfinished versions are x and y units when the corresponding unit prices, in dollars,
  71. Stats- Two-tailed test

    A researcher is conducting a matched-pairs study. She gathers data on each pair in the study resulting in the table below. Assume that the data are normally distributed in the population. Pair Group1 Group2 1 10 12 2 8 9 3 11 11 4 8 10 5 9 12 a) At 10%
  72. Manegerial accounting

    calculate the net operating income , evergreen corp has provided the following data: sales per period 1000 units ,selling price $ 40 per unit , variable manufacturing cost 12 per unit, selling expenses $5,100 pls 5% of selling price , administrative
  73. algebra college level

    it says y=-16x+181 represents number of students in class where x represents number of hours study required weekly. what is rate of change of number of students in class to number of hours study
  74. Technology

    1. A mnemonic is a tool that you can use when you are studying to help you do which of the following? A. remember lists or large amounts of information more easily** B. write information on paper more easily C. print out information more easily D. copy and
  75. physics

    Any vector can be written as a unit vector multiplied by the magnitude of the vector (a positive scalar). Write each of the following vectors as the magnitude of the vector times the appropriate unit vector: < 0.00330, 0, -0.00330 >
  76. Math

    Hello everyone. I have one hard math problem and I do not know how to solve it. would you help me to solve this problem? Thank you An 11[times]11[times]11 wooden cube is formed by gluing together 11[cubed] unit cubes. what is the gratest number of unit
  77. English

    1. They are the professors in our university. 2. They are all the profesors in our university. [#1 mean #2, does't it?] 3. They are professors in our university. 4. They are some of the professors in our university. [#3 mean #4, does't it?] 5. They study
  78. public speacking

    When conducting research for supporting materials, it is imperative to remember: A. there is one right source for certain information. B. always to take notes and record. C. always do a personal interview. D. use only the most current source of
  79. computers

    Write a 300- to 400-word paper that describes the distinctions of data and information and briefly explains the process a computer uses to convert data into information.
  80. public speacking

    When conducting research for supporting materials, it is imperative to remember: A. there is one right source for certain information. B. always to take notes and record. C. always do a personal interview. D. use only the most current source of information
  81. economic

    1) Explain the meaning of the notation [a, b, r, w] used in Bayes Theorem 2) Explain how the (r, w) probabilities determine the quality of information: for perfect, worthless, and imperfect better than pure chance information
  82. health

    If an instructional review board is involved in a request for information, the information is likely sought by a A. Health care facility. B.Researcher. C. Court. D. Substance abuse center.
  83. physics

    An elevator is moving up with an acceleration of 3.36 m/s^2. What would be the apparent weight of a 64.2 kg man in the elevator? A)215.71 N B)413.45 N C)844.87 D)Need more information ok I got 847.44 but as you can see that's not an answer choice so my
  84. Public speaking

    When conducting research for supporting materials, it is imperative to remember: A. there is one right source for certain information. B. always to take notes and record. C. always do a personal interview. D. use only the most current source of information
  85. physics

    An elevator is moving up with an acceleration of 3.36 m/s^2. What would be the apparent weight of a 64.2 kg man in the elevator? A)215.71 N B)413.45 N C)844.87 D)Need more information ok I got 847.44 but as you can see that's not an answer choice so my
  86. Algebra

    How do you find the area of a shaded area in a triangle and assume the area of the largest triangle is one unit? If the largest (outer) triangle has area =1, and it has a base length b and height h, then (1/2) b h = 1 bh = 2 Then use whatever information
  87. math

    King Arthur II has problems with pronouncing the digit 3. People are afraid of presenting something which includes 3 in it. The solution found is that if any number includes 3 as a digit, the number is divided by 2. This process continues as far as the new
  88. college algebra

    A manufacturer produces a product at a cost of $26.80 per unit. The manufacturer has a fixed cost of $500.00 per day. Each unit retails for $37.00. Let x represent the number of units produced in a 5-day period. Write the profit P as a function of x.
  89. Transfer Pricing

    The per unit cost details are as followers: Machining Finishing Transferred in cost N/A $27 Variable cost $24 9.00 Allocated fixed costs 3.00 13.50 Full cost per unit 27.00 49.50 An external supplier has offered to supply a product to the Finishing
  90. English

    Which of the following is an example of primary research? A Searching the internet for nutritious recipes B Calling a dietician for information about a low-carb diet C Reading an interview in a professional journal D Asking a reference librarian for
  91. mgh

    Read the description of The Stationery Stop provided in Appendix D. Think about the data and information that this company needs to store for business purposes. What type of database management system, if any, should be used to organize and manage that
  92. teachers aide early chidhood education and after s

    a good activity for a childs cognitive development is ? (a)listening and repeat games (b)self help practice (c)circle time (d)sequencing and ordering (my answer) according to this study unit an acceptable adult to child ratio for schools teaching five year
  93. Math

    First period: 85, 83, 74, 70, 88,95,89,72,90,83,77,91,98,89,82,84 Second period: 95,89,82,81,72,69,100,97,75,91,82,79,96,81,80,95,89,97,83,71 Mark is a student in the first period class. His score on the exam was 95%. Zoe is a student in the second period
  94. Early childhood literacy

    "I eated it all up!"said Jimmy. Mrs. Newman, his teacher, should say. A. "Jimmy,say that again, but instead of saying "I eated it all up!"I ate it all up!' B. "What did you eat up?"
  95. Maths literacy Geography History Life Science

    I want to do nursing but i dont have physical science and mathematics What can i do to do nursing??
  96. maths literacy

    a carpenter has a length of timber 18,5 long.he wants to cut the timber onto 5 equal pieces.what will the length of each piece be in cm
  97. maths lit,accounting,economics,business studies

    I did maths literacy with all the commercial subjects including accounting what course can i take?
  98. science

    tenets or principles of constructive teaching explain and give examples as to how these tenets support science literacy
  99. Statistics

    Why would one not be surprised that when students were asked how many minutes they studied on a typical weeknight, most responses are in multiples of ten minutes???? This question seems to be more about psychology than statistics. Most people don't recall

    I need to find the unit normal vector given: r(t)= ti + (6/t) j where t= 3 I know I need to find the unit tangent vector first, which is r'(t) divided by the magnitude of r'(t). r(t) can be rewritten as ti+ 6t^-1 r'(t) = i- 6t^-2 = i- [6/ (t^2)] j For the