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  1. Esol

    Long before his death, Pablo Picasso had became one of the most important artists in history... Long before-in-had became-the most which word or phrase is wrong?? had became is .thanks
  2. Esol

    She was so mad on her boyfriend, she terminated/hanged up/hung up/yelled --him when he called. hung up is correct bc is pp of hang yes guys, am i right??
  3. Esol

    Jf Kennedy was a senator before he -- president in 1960. Has elected/was electing/was elected/elected has elected is right answer bc of action in the past ya
  4. Esol

    which word is wrong or incorrect ? The salesman recommended that he keeps his receipt for at least a month. 1-recommended-2-keeps-3-receipt-4-at least my answer is keeps.
  5. Esol

    which of them is correct? gosh, i be ordering a v-8! -- gosh,i coulda had a v-8!--gosh, i should ordered a v -8 !--gosh, i could have had a v-8!-- my answer, gosh, i could have had a v-8!
  6. English

    please help me , its level 2 trinity / esol skills for life level 2 i have reading and writing exam ,do you guys know Any good websites I can use to improve it? its will be descriptive text,explanatory text,persuasive text for writing ,formal
  7. Esol

    in which sentences fast used as adverb? The cars on the overpass moved fast -the fast car drove over bridge-the battle couldn’t hit the fast pitch-the clock is 10 minutes fast- --------------- my answer=The cars on the overpass moved fast
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    hi . I did my test yesterday and now trying to see if my answer were rights about some questions I'm bad at grammer. thanks alot if you helping me jiskha com 1-It will take a lot more than that to make --- run that / i / myself/mine I chose i bc
  9. Esol

    The patient was asked to choose ate items from the menu that are his favorites. to choose-ate items-that are-his favorites- ate items is wrong here. thanks
  10. Esol

    in which sentences legal used as adjective ? He is a legal resident of united state-it is legal to wear green on march 7th--he didn’t know that jaywalking was not legal--it’s not legal to jaywalk-find a adjective. my answer = He is a legal resident of
  11. Esol

    which sentences is right? The team want to go to the next game early for tryouts.. The team crowded around its coach to hear the last play..the school board set its reserved blue seats in the rain...the opposing team's coaches used its last timeout third
  12. check this for me

    After we settled to the United States, my dad got a job in a factory in North Miami and my mom cleaned homes for a living. We lived in Little Havana in a one bedroom apartment; at that time that was the best my parents could afford. Life was not easy for
  13. English

    im an only child and parents are too busy to help so, i need to interview someone that went to school 20 years ago and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me. Theses are my 7 questions because i already have 3 answered: 1.How was school like back