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  1. english

    fill in the blanks with appropriate (suitable)determiners 1.he did seem to have read----scriptures.
  2. english

    The chess copetition ended ob time pronoun or noun
  3. english

    What are the differences between the schoolmaster and guest in terms of characterization? why is this important?
  4. english

    The narrator found ______ in front of the Post Office.
  5. English

    for "Children of the River" I have to come up with a thesis statement for chapter 1 I don't know what it is.....please help
  6. english

    Is the part of speech that answers the question "which one" called an adjective. thanks for the help:)
  7. English expression

    * He is an architech designer. Is this a correct job name? Do you have a similar name?
  8. english

    what are the nouns in this sentence? There was a sharp, explosive crackle that startled him.
  9. English grammar

    We will/would also promote ABC Business during our event. Do I use will or would in the above sentence?
  10. English

    My shoes are the same as yours. ================ What is the part of speech of 'same' in the sentence? Is 'same' an adjective or an pronoun?
  11. english

    what is a good parody essay about the red badge of courage.
  12. English

    Can you help me with writing the body? :) I have no clue how to write a GOOD essay. Thanks!
  13. English

    What are some poetic devices used in Miley Cyrus' The Climb" and explain.
  14. english

    the names of five books written by West Indian authors
  15. english

    How do you identify and analyze and author's writing/literary style?
  16. english

    is this sentence correct? There are quite a few reasons for me taking a break during this period.
  17. english

    why does traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only, not women
  18. English

    I really do not get this stuff about predicate nominatives so how do you do this? Teach me to the point that I understand it!
  19. english

    the chess competition ended right on time.is it pronoun or noun
  20. English

    Which is President Kennedy’s intent when using questions in the last paragraph of this excerpt?
  21. english

    what type of sentence is I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.
  22. english

    the author of my brothers keeper mainly develop jamies character through who
  23. English

    "But the cat himself knows and will never confess" is an example of: a. personification b. repetition c. parallelism d. meter I think it's A but I'm not sure
  24. english

    could you explain how to use perfect infinitive correctly in eng language
  25. english

    what do they mean in apoem when they ask you Can you hear the calm when the torrent of water has passed?
  26. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  27. english

    can anyone please take this small "vocab game?" I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter
  28. English

    What other word can i use in place of By? By its excellent magic, the orange gives you vitamin c
  29. English

    funny survey sample please! with scoring and interpretation pls!
  30. English

    Is there any irony in the short story The Whirligig Of Life? If so, what are some examples?
  31. 5th Grade Social Studies

    What are the names of the first 3 English settlements?
  32. english 4

    Sandy's throw to first base was short. what is the subject and verb etc..

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.
  34. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  35. English

    Why is the society in Gattaca so devoid of happiness, vitality and fun?
  36. ENGlish

    Can you help me rephrase this sentence so that there is no plagiarism. Some residents must relocate for a position.
  37. 6th grade english

    is indiana jones a mystery story?
  38. english (Frederick Douglass)

    Whatis the most important description of Mr. Gore?
  39. english

    1. my parents work hard to support us. 2. we help them do the household chores.
  40. english

    Change underlined phrase to show ownership or possession
  41. English

    Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter
  42. English

    I left out the following sentences on the third conditional. 4) She was angry with me. I didn't tell her the truth.
  43. english

    Which is mostly missing from “The Lady in the Looking Glass” because it is a stream-of-consciousness narrative
  44. english

    whole history from early man to indus valley civilization.
  45. english

    How do we know if the writer followed introduction body conclusion organizational pattern?
  46. english

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.
  47. english (poetry)

    i have to write an acrostic poem on the word black...help me please and thank you.
  48. english 101

    Identify the topic and three subtopics for healthy eating
  49. English

    Fill in the blanks The customer paid by .... f9r his new ..... suit
  50. English

    how does romanticism contrasts with the rationality of the scientific revolution that preceded it?
  51. English

    Hello. Thank you for your answers. One more question please. Do you think it's possible to say "to prepare" or "to make" an election program? Thank you.

  53. english

    I have to describe a waterpark in 3rd person? need HELP :) homework needs to be in 2morow.
  54. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Who is right about Willy Harris? My Answer- Ruth But is Mama also right?
  55. English

    Essay writing. Topic: advertising has both advantages and disadvantage?
  56. English

    How do you use roundabout ( a circuitous or indirect road, method, etc) in a sentence?
  57. busines english

    which of the following is not a question you need to answer to choose a persuasive strategy?
  58. English

    Do you think music or television has more positive on teens today? I need a second opinion
  59. english

    more riddles ..help... said to be solid as a rock, a joy to hold and can help you see for miles
  60. english

    a symbol or symbolic moment in "It Happened to Nancy" book
  61. english 101

    i need help on healthy eating what 3 credible sources from the internet
  62. English grammar

    Sun was very hot.it was still summer. Correct conjunction for it.
  63. english

    How can I phrase this sentence better? "If you are interested in volunteering to help plan the party, you can..."
  64. English

    how to write an Acrostic poem where subject matter is YERTLE
  65. english

    last riddle that i couldn't solve ... LLL 5-1 also found in scotland, name the AC one
  66. english

    another riddle an elephant in a day , but most worrying is 349, seek out the name
  67. English

    What is the setting in the book the bad begging by lemony snicket
  68. English

    It will give me a sense of accomplishments. is this a grammatical correct sentence?
  69. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for only men,not women?
  70. English for Academic purposes

    What are the main reasons for a wave of discontent
  71. English

    A composite character has characteristics of many people is this true or false?
  72. english

    theday i didnot win a price in drawing competition
  73. english

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.
  74. English

    Grapes of Wrath chapter 16 What does the "raggerly old man" say about California?
  75. English

    Neither of the glasses _________ full of juice. A.were B.weren't C.was D.wasn't I think it is C...?
  76. english

    How do I fix this sentence? My patient replied back to me, “I am good now and Thank You very much.”
  77. english

    what could i right for the title you can't help everyone in trouble people really have to sort out their own problems thankyou as soon as possible
  78. english

    'why don't you get intoxicated', he said will you please change the above sentence into reported speech
  79. English

    Traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women
  80. english

    how do I write a works cited page for an internet resource?
  81. english

    explain the process by which Hrothgar wins power and fame.
  82. english

    Essay help, Thanks for ur help! What are the differences of unjustice and justice and how are they comparable and uncomparable? Thanks!
  83. english

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage of man only not for women
  84. english

    In the book 1984, who wrote the song that the proles sing?
  85. english

    can someone help me with Frederic douglass and how he learned hoe to read and write
  86. english 101

    how do you plan to support this thesis on healthy eating
  87. french

    What does il ya combien de jours dans le mois de octobre mean in english
  88. english

    what are the literary devices in the song " if today was your last day" by nickelback?
  89. english language

    Write debate for the motion " boys should not help in the kitchen"
  90. English

    An incident is a single A. event B.person C.memory D.discussion A?
  91. English

    You will see what kinds of things you can do in each city. ------------------------- Does 'see' mean 'understand' or 'take a look at with eyes' in this sentence?
  92. English

    Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed. What do you think this means?
  93. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women?
  94. business&technical english

    When you know your audience would be receptive to your message, you use ------ approach.
  95. English III

    How would you discuss the style of an article or author? What words would you use?
  96. english

    Lots of my friends think that Prince's music is old, but I think it's not only excellent but also an innovation.
  97. english

    i need help with 2 finals due this sun? Hsm 210 and com220
  98. English literature

    Give me information on the evolution of sentimental comedy
  99. English

    What is a good way to start off a persuasive essay that involves injustice.
  100. English

    Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please check the following sentences I wrote on the Canterbury tales, please?