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  1. english

    how does walter counter hub's defensiveness in secondhand lions
  2. English 1

    What rhyme scheme does Robert Frost use in his poem "The Road Not Taken".
  3. English

    When writing the sentance As a professional, it is very imfortant to me Is it proper to use a comma?
  4. English----Novel

    I am looking for a novel that's set in the 1980--1999 in Zimbabwe. Any recommendation is appreciated.
  5. english

    Is the hunchback of notre dame based on a true story? Thanks
  6. History/English

    Could some one tell me what effects an atomic bomb could have on human rights?
  7. english

    Happiness is a state of mind that can be brought on by seeing a good friend.
  8. english

    what are the methods recomanded by experts for helping victims of bullying?
  9. English

    Are the following sentences correct? He said it was them who took it., It couldn't have been them., Elena and she tied for first place.
  10. English

    The traditional African marriage is an advantage for man only ,not women
  11. english

    you just discovered that your new hat is magical.write about your new special abilities
  12. english

    Tradional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  13. english

    is this sentence correct? There are quite a few reasons for me taking a break during this period.
  14. English

    How does the interaction between waverly develop over the course of the passage "rules of the game."
  15. English

    When you use the word physical therapy in a sentence does it have to be capaitalized and When you say Mr. Edwards does the s need an '?
  16. english

    fill in the blanks with appropriate (suitable)determiners 1.he did seem to have read----scriptures.
  17. English

    What type of writing dominated the American Age of Reason?
  18. english

    is this thesis good? 1) Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular and are in use almost anywhere one goes. Thank you.
  19. english help please

    Can someone please explain to me what I need to look for with possessive nouns I have a tough time with all that stuff
  20. English

    what is the indirect object in this sentence "Chandler gave her the magazine"
  21. english

    Character can be portrayed by direct exposition. true or false?
  22. 9th grade english

    Can you help write an extended metaphor comparing me to an m & m?
  23. english

    How are you? I just want to thank you for your help last night. God bless and have a great Easter. Rose
  24. english

    what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims
  25. English

    What is the universal truth in the "Black Boy" by Richard Wright?
  26. English for Academic purposes

    What are the main reasons for a wave of discontent
  27. english

    What is the adverb(s) in the sentence "Lacrosse is a game that is still frequently played by many"?
  28. English

    What makes genre analysis an important intellectual exercise?
  29. english

    write two paragraph explaining the changes that you would make to revise the paper.
  30. english

    In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence
  31. English

    what is wrong with the following sentence. "A glove and ball is the required gear.”
  32. English

    What type of fallacy is "Never loan a tool to a friend. I did once and never got it back."
  33. English

    Could you plz help i need to write a poem about a dream having 10 syllables on each line, Please help
  34. english

    can someone give me the summary of sherwood anderson's " a death in the woods"?
  35. English

    What is wrong with the sentence below? Not only the landlady, but also her children acts unfriendly to us.
  36. English

    Please help me finish the phase... "When she said, "Go on with us or die," Tubman showed that she was as indomitable as..."
  37. English

    She hasn't said (anything, nothing) about her accident. I think anything Hardly (anything,nothing) pleases him. I think anything There aren't (any,no) pears in the supermarket. I think any
  38. english grammar

    Ramesh generally drinks an orange juice
  39. English

    Prepositional phrase (In the distance,) we saw the top(of the snowcapped peak.)
  40. English

    Need help writing a horror story. Already got a start but needing help with conclusion
  41. english

    What are the characteristics of arthur and sundiata? What qualities they have in common? i know both are heroic.
  42. English

    An Essay of 350 words,Topic is about A mememorable moment
  43. English

    I want a sophisticated transition word for the first paragraph of a literary essay, what should i use?
  44. english

    is there anything wrong with this sentence: it manipulates her feelings from immaturity to seriousness
  45. english

    I need to add modifiers to this sentence A dog barked and ran.
  46. english

    pl let me know the parts of speech for OVER in the given text : She spread a cloth OVER the table
  47. english

    what are nouns? what are pronouns? what are articles? what are verbs? what are adverbs? what are composition?
  48. english

    In the story of pygmalion and galatea what mortals are involved? Can you explain what they mean . ?
  49. english

    Roman was an orphan who had barely survived in a war camp.
  50. English

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart. Parallel Sentence?....
  51. english

    Similarities between The Storm by Mcknight & Once upon a time by Nadine Gordimer?
  52. english

    which word is correct I don't want (any,no) cereal for breakfast this morning.
  53. english

    in 300 words write an essay on the nigeria my country
  54. English

    Balancing a sentence through using words or phrases that have the same grammatical structure is known as
  55. english

    Explain the process by which Hrothga wins power and fame.
  56. English

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge. Parallel Sentencce?....
  57. english

    if dracula is sucking the blood of his vistcms, would it be called homicide or what??

  59. English

    If you were a young Lucius, what would you think about the events you’ve observed? How would you feel about Brutus?
  60. english-chariots of fire movie

    why is religion important in this film?
  61. English Launguage Arts 6th feet

    What is a collective noun? Thanks
  62. english

    what is the best paraphase of these lines. #1 A saturated meadow, #2 Than the trees around were tall:
  63. English

    What is the author in "am i a conformist" by ebtisam abusamak trying to communicate to his audience
  64. English Grammar

    Can you give me some websites about the essays of eve-teasing??? Thank You
  65. english

    what is mary e. wilkins freeman literary style of writing
  66. English I

    Can someone please help me with this analogy? Joints:inflamed::_______atrophy. It is a crossword and there are 7 spaces. Thanks!
  67. English

    Can you help me evaluate Hamlet's views on religion, mortality and justice.
  68. Social Studies

    what are two actions outlawed by the English Bill of rights.
  69. English

    Write two possible interpretations of this sentence: Fish makes best sandwiches !
  70. English

    I'm having trouble finding an antonym for centipede and millipede. I've look in the Thesaurus and nothing in there. Could someone please help?
  71. 4th grade english

    WE have homework with irrregular verbs. Mom is not sure what that is...can you help?
  72. english

    traditional african marriage is an advantage to men and women
  73. English

    What device is this? "... The Armatix smart gun would not trigger the law"?
  74. english

    boldface and/or italics throughout the piece? could you explain to me why there put into the story
  75. English

    What is the adverbial in the following sentence: Dionne collected shells from the beach
  76. english

    can anyone please take this small "vocab game?" I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter
  77. english

    For this sentence, Regardless of which patients whom I will get for my first clinical day, should I use will because I am talking about the future?
  78. English

    Another one is... Cajoling and encouraging the runaways, Tubman was like... Can you finish the phase?
  79. English

    What does the quote "nature is not human hearted' by Lao Tzu mean?
  80. english

    Hawaii is one of the most beatiful places on earht. what are the verbs in the sentence
  81. English

    which revised list is in alphabetical order? what dose this question mean or looking for?

  83. english

    how would you describe some who is crazy to jump from outer space to earth
  84. english

    What is the meaning and importance of self discipline and self-control? ( Not just in school, but life)
  85. english (Frederick Douglass)

    Whatis the most important description of Mr. Gore?

  87. English

    Write a sentence using the word: programme to show the meaning.
  88. English

    The feeling that things weren't as good as they seemed is described best by which image in Borders
  89. English

    essay outline about the hero;s journey in fahrenheit 451?
  90. english

    the sentence "Lucy called Linda on her day off" is confusing because?
  91. English

    how has China's policies on population growth changed over the years?
  92. english

    can you help me with this quote. "circumstances are beyond the control of man; but his conduct is in his own power". What does this really mean??
  93. English

    Convolutes:Simple as bumpy:smooth or easy:difficult
  94. english

    In this sentence, what is the antecedent of the pronoun it? A. her B. Carla C.house D.work?
  95. english

    the author of my brothers keeper mainly develop jamies character through who
  96. English

    What does this sentence mean? It was a rainy season which caused the river to be swollen.
  97. English

    Traditional africa marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  98. English

    For in text-citation with no author is this the right way to do this. I look it up Purdue Owl (“Pizza”).
  99. english

    Is this past perfect I had never studied financing until I signed up for college.
  100. English

    why traditional African marriage is an advantage for the men only,not women?