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  1. English

    Are "Once upon a greek stage" and "Oedipus the King" the same story"?
  2. english

    what are the causes and consequences of the stock market crash in 1929?
  3. English

    Unscramble these words: lytnme awhei diarn
  4. English

    Write about a planned surprise that went horribly wrong
  5. English-Ms. Sue

    I was unable to stop. I kept going and going, something was out there which was bringing me closer to itself.
  6. English

    In this sentences I just want to know whether this sentence is correct. Natalia is a better cook that I or me. I have I
  7. english

    what is the correct verb of the sentence "Be sure there(is,are)no erasures on the thesis.
  8. english

    could you please explain me how to use the following verb forms effectively along with constructions : 1. to be 2. to be able 3. have been able
  9. 7th grade english

    Is it possible to find a antonym for a noun
  10. English II

    I really need some help on a good thesis statement on offshore drilling, and I am against it!
  11. english

    Upon passing the site of her burned home, Bradstreet
  12. english

    why did james welch write fools crow
  13. english

    can you please suggest any books for different types of writing styles?
  14. English

    What scene does romeo and juliets parents forbid them to see each other ?
  15. English

    essay "peace and stability in a globalized world" I need some help. Thanks
  16. 4th grade English

    what is a sentence using the word sacred?
  17. english

    what is the correct way to write, (A characteristic I dislike is someone who is weak).
  18. English

    How do you right an article about a school recieving computers as a reward?
  19. english

    Critical thinking: alien tour guide
  20. English

    Can you help me complete the sentence? I'm worried about Brian's +ing Thank you.
  21. English

    Has anyone here read "amy snow" by tracy rees
  22. English

    ms. sue u please erase my post here also? one i wrote my essay in.
  23. english

    what is a single word for that person who loves education ?
  24. English

    How long did the journey to Virginia actually take Smith and the colonists?
  25. english

    make little words frome the word Pomegranate
  26. english 9

    Which values of the ancient Greeks are most emphasized in this excerpt?
  27. English 4

    Why do people still study Giovanni Boccaccio today?
  28. english

    ) 1 had a black and .... white dog which has been missing since yesterday. A) a 6) an C) the D) none of these
  29. English

    why didn't phillip remember his home in virginia
  30. English

    cesorship in writing for students.. give three points... i only have one..
  31. English

    I am in the 4th grade and do not understand transition words. Please help.
  32. English

    1. He was taking down what she said. 2. He was noting down what she said. 3. He was writing down what she said. ------------------------ Are they all grammatical? Can we use some other expressions?
  33. English

    Would doing a classification paper on skin types be to complicated?
  34. english

    write a story about someone whose plans went horribly wrong
  35. English

    What does it means "How does this setting impact the story?". I really don't get it. Please help. Thank You !!! :)
  36. english

    what are phrases that mean someone has gone crazy: My first example: See flew way over the cucoos nest
  37. Foreign Languages

    Can someone proofread this spanish paragraph please. here it is in english: 1)
  38. social

    what are two actions outlawed by the english bill of rights?
  39. english

    the passage makes it clear that aunt georgiana??
  40. English

    how i describe 19th century? really olden days?
  41. english

    what is the difference between an irregular verb and a past pariciple?
  42. english

    What are 3 main motifs in Act III of Hamlet?
  43. english

    what word can get from these letter (Dolurf) with a christmas meaning behind it
  44. social studies

    Why did the English and Spanish want colonies in America?
  45. english

    what christmas word can i spell using the letters toeeltsim
  46. English

    Do these words mean the exact same thing? Sexism, Chauvinism
  47. Grade 2 english

    What is the hidden word in the letters below:- aeeilnnstv Thanks
  48. english

    what does it mean when ur teacher says include a revised and proofread copy
  49. Grade 2 english

    What word is made up by using the alphabets -usrfcfy
  50. English

    Can I have your email Ms. Sue so i can send you my paper for proofreading
  51. English

    If you could come in on Sunday,that would be grest. How many independent and subordinate clauses
  52. chem

    how to say 2M K2C2O4 in english is it 2 molarity of potassium oxalate?
  53. US history

    how did the Virginia colony survive with the help of the English colonists?
  54. English 002

    Why complete senteces can help us in our writing at our jobs?
  55. English

    Spot the error in the sentence one of the chairs are broken
  56. english

    which are stressed syllables in not lured by any cheat of birth
  57. english

    how does achebe use the image to promote his point of view
  58. english

    please,help me find mistake in the following sentence she is very hardworking so not very imaginative
  59. english

    can you please check if this sentence is grammatically correct? "This is rather interesting."
  60. english

    My husband said if I would just stop overreacting and be a better mother, everything would be all right. is this being bias?
  61. English

    It was a dark and stormy night. incomplete or complete
  62. English

    Is context clues the most valuable vocabulary strategy? Thanks.
  63. English

    Please help me in writing a short essay on importance of books.
  64. english

    is mary maloney in lamb to the salughter immoral
  65. English

    What is the irony in "Happy Event" by Nadine Gordimer?
  66. English

    African slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs
  67. English

    Would I say the Chicago White Sox rules or rule? Why?
  68. English

    why are you most likely to find stereotypes in legends and fairy tales?
  69. english 4

    in the Canterbury tales what does the gold florins represent
  70. English

    How to write a debate for the motion boys should not help in the kitchen
  71. English

    I am creating a document for my NHS, and I'm trying to use the ยง sign properly. Can you please tell me how to do so?
  72. english

    How can you resolve conflict whilst working in the community
  73. english

    What are some examples of real and fantastic plot elements?
  74. english

    why does tasha the narrator in the tail think that her summer is ruined
  75. english

    What factors should be used to determine a playwright's target audience?
  76. business english

    which of the following is not recommended when considering or acceptin a job offer
  77. English

    Sentence with: Locomotive revolting caricaturist contraband
  78. english

    after the play_________, several critics made scathing comments about it
  79. english

    indirect definitions are subject to individual interpretation.
  80. english

    why do teenager got an unwanted pregnancy an early marriage?
  81. English

    Select the correct pronoun: "Go find ___ and say what you have to say." A)him B)he
  82. 3rd grade english

    I need to find syllables with an a at the end please help
  83. English

    What does it means when someone says "Came on this site with a little faith in humanity left"???
  84. english writing

    what is a true non-subjective factual claim?
  85. English

    How can "teacher behaviours in math" be connected to constructivism??
  86. English

    What is the explanation of idiom;get a piece of slice of the action.
  87. English

    Anyone know of any short poems during the period 1910s? It can be of any subject
  88. english

    afle-feicrlk what is this football phrase unscrambled?
  89. english

    what is this football phrase unscrambled iocfnf cernro?
  90. english

    Is down a PREPOSITION IN THIS SENTENCE? The dog looked down and saw its shadow.
  91. English II

    Define and give examples of myth and legend.
  92. English vocabulary

    Is the synonym for: to have a leading role=to star
  93. spanish

    What does Porque siempre me duele la cabeza mean in English?
  94. english

    How does Aenea's detachment differ from Rama's in the Ramayana?
  95. English

    Annotating a book. How many literary devices should you list down?
  96. English

    Can you please tell me where I can interview homeowners, will they agree if its for school purpose? Thank you!
  97. english

    In Great expectations, how is pip different from the convict in chapter l?
  98. english

    explain the lesson[oliver walks to london]
  99. English

    A(n) is a phrase containing a preposition, its object, and any modifiers of that object______.
  100. english

    killings animal for economic gain is acceptable