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  1. english

    What would be the possesive form of a noun?
  2. English

    1. I can do it. 2. I can't do it. ----------------- What is the difference in pronunciation between 'can' and 'can't' in each sentence?
  3. english

    What is the tone in "a thankless experience
  4. English Expressions

    What is the meaning of 'I am who I am."? (From the Bible)
  5. english

    He grows wheat in his field
  6. English

    I need help on sentence check 2 chapter13
  7. English - the Scarlet Letter

    What are the ironies in the novel?
  8. English

    How much control should students have over their education?
  9. english

    is there any example of a "Critical Thinking Quiz. Please let me know.
  10. English 92

    analogy for the word hypothermic
  11. English

    What is the verb conjugation chart
  12. english

    A very messy or slovenly person.
  13. english

    Anxiety is to test as procrastination is to
  14. English

    What is the difference between symbol and symbolism?
  15. English

    Another way of saying 'less on the original energy?'. I need to re-phrase it.
  16. english

    my child does not remember the study
  17. English

    Can you help me for a sentence that has to do with halloween using all of these letters: a a o l n f h e h l h w v a a e n e a p p s d e y a? Thanks for your help!!
  18. English

    Anyone know any commercials using the technique Testimonials?
  19. english

    tcasrsenks some kind of food
  20. english

    what does it mean when someone tells you, "you have mow in your eye"?
  21. english

    why is music the unversial langugage
  22. English

    How do you find an prepositional phrase?
  23. English

    1. There is no one but knows it. 2. There is no one that does not know it. ------------ Are both the same? Is 'but' a relative pronoun in Sentence 1?
  24. English

    I need to how to unscramble: nutxee No Idea what it is PLEASE HELP!
  25. English

    What is the noun clause in this sentence:I like what I see
  26. English

    How can I re-phrase this sentence 'even less!' Could I say littler?
  27. english

    if ypu informed i would have given my book
  28. English

    how are technological tools important
  29. english

    how would i illustrate the word blasphemy? Please Help!!!! Thanks!

    who is the most interesting famous person
  31. english need help

    what does thesis mean? like what i want to know is whether it is only a sentence or a paragraph?
  32. english

    Essay of What America means to you
  33. English

    ¿is Antibes a historycal city?
  34. English

    What is your stance on BASE jumping
  35. English

    what is the word for to 'gradually persuaded'?
  36. English

    What was the main problem in the Crucible?
  37. English

    1. What did you buy? 2. What was bought by you? --------------------- Is #2 the passive of #1?
  38. English grammar

    What is the subject in a sentence?
  39. English

    To make is the infinitive is it an adjective
  40. speech

    ENGLISH is the language of the opportunity
  41. english

    why do mail trucks have one seat
  42. english

    what does "I made a pig's ear out of it" mean?
  43. ENGLISH -

    1. (Who***, Whom)was the first president of the United States?

    I am both a quick worker and careful.
  45. english

    i don't know what an understood pronoun is
  46. English

    How do I pick out nouns of a sentence?
  47. English

    why is brutus death noble?
  48. English

    the story of disabled athletes who became well known
  49. English

    How do you footnote correctly for an essay.
  50. French

    What does "un surv¨ºtement" mean in english?
  51. English Expressions

    What is the meaning of "I am how I am."? Is it the same as "I existed of itself."?
  52. English

    What are some words that start with 'w" and mean the same as "change"?
  53. English

    How do you remeber the parts of speech!!
  54. English

    Has anyone read "The Necklace"? I want some help on a few questions.
  55. english

    write a composition three to five paragraphs
  56. English

    1. You have to sit down with each other. 2. You have to endure each other. 3. You have to be patient with each other. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  57. english 2

    Either you can eat or talk, but you can't do both at the same time.
  58. english

    writing sentences and paragraphs
  59. English

    I am 3/7 of a chicken,2/3 of a cat and 2/4 of a goat. What am I?
  60. english

    What did Mr. St JOhn inform Jane about?
  61. English

    Which of the following transitions shows a comparison? 1)although 2)however 3)just as 4)whereas I think #3 Thanks
  62. english

    Is positive or negative an opinion?
  63. english

    What is a declarative definition in an sentence?
  64. english

    unscramble aoapritdodpoll into 3 words
  65. English

    Which of the following is NOT a West Germanic language?
  66. english

    i need 4 symbols that represnt me and i have no idea how to know what they are
  67. English

    I am quite capable of doing it, thank you. which word is the adverb.
  68. English

    I need a theme statement about discrimination
  69. English

    What does this question mean: What appeals you about the poem??
  70. English

    Should there be periods for a bulleted list?
  71. English

    What is the difference between "should have " and "could have"? Please give several example sentences.
  72. English

    Can anyone think about any commericals that use the technique Repetition?
  73. English

    what are the advantages and disadvantes of using survey?
  74. english lit

    what are the 10 persuaded techniques
  75. english

    was he a good leader to everyone when he was young?
  76. english

    Oladudah equiano wrote
  77. english

    WhAt Is SoMeThInG YoU ReGrEt DoInG? ItS FoR A NarRaTiVe EsSaY ((-:
  78. English

    How to work on the rhythm of a poem?
  79. English

    Boys should not help in domestic chores
  80. English

    When you think of separation or isolation, what comes to mind?
  81. English

    Is Kelly a male name or a female name?
  82. English

    Other words to describe "minors"
  83. english

    how do you diagram can you come to my birthday party
  84. english 4

    Some aspects of the story allude to -
  85. English

    I need a idea for a propaganda poster? It can be anything
  86. english

    "context affects content" what does this mean
  87. English

    Have you discovered where you left your books?
  88. spanish

    What does esta' soleado mean in english?
  89. English

    When you volunteer, is that an act of chivalry?
  90. English

    Rewrite: I went to town. Start with: Went.....
  91. english

    What is penelope hesitation towards odysseus?
  92. English

    What are basic literary elements?
  93. English

    I need book reviews of "Carrie"
  94. english

    what is a synonym for the word allusion?
  95. English

    what can an article adjective be called?
  96. english

    what is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation ?
  97. English

    What do you think is meant by "linguistic playfulness" ?
  98. english

    what do you learn when you study economics
  99. english

    A French girl found them
  100. english

    can you unscramble this word reyncut