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  1. english

    How many phonemes are in the word football? I think there is two but I'm not sure.
  2. english

    Please can someone composed a short poem for me.?
  3. english

    what would you do if the water ran out for 48h?
  4. english

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. what does it mean
  5. ENGLISH -

    1. (Who***, Whom)was the first president of the United States?
  6. English 11

    What is an example of a good conclusion sentence?
  7. English

    What is a sentence with the word sisters'?
  8. English

    What is a sentence with the word uncles.
  9. English

    What is a sentence with the word brothers
  10. english

    circle the simple subject
  11. English

    When you think of separation or isolation, what comes to mind?
  12. english

    does added and consume mean the same thing?
  13. English

    Can you provide some examples on the use of shall versus should?
  14. English

    Can you help me for a sentence that has to do with halloween using all of these letters: a a o l n f h e h l h w v a a e n e a p p s d e y a? Thanks for your help!!
  15. English

    In this sentence, f has to be omitted. Should f be italicized?
  16. english

    Which of the following pronouns shows possession? they - them - her - its
  17. english

    One of your aliens looks down and becomes very confused, so you tell him that there is a game going on
  18. English

    How should I pronounce "Nasrredin"? This is a person's name.

  20. english

    Write five sentence about birtheday
  21. English

    How was robert carver a minimalist?
  22. English

    What are some funding expectations that institutions have.
  23. english

    can someone please help me on making an anthem for a farm? thank you!
  24. English

    can anybody give me examples of beliefs i have a few but i need more
  25. English

    What is the past tense of run
  26. English

    What is romantic in the novel "The Great Gatsby" that happens between ch. 1-6?

    who is the most interesting famous person
  28. english

    she spoke to me as if i were a stranger here I is followed by were instead of was could you pl explain it
  29. English

    I need a transcendentalist quote of my choosing?
  30. English

    What is an "inside address" for a letter?
  31. English

    Composition(my Country Nigeria)
  32. english composition

    how many players are on the team?
  33. English

    I need help to unscramble this word MEFHSKAIT
  34. English

    What is the definition of "Global Warming"?
  35. english

    is there any example of a "Critical Thinking Quiz. Please let me know.
  36. english

    how do you do a gerund phrase as the subject?
  37. english

    i need help with my essay ? is about the great debater
  38. english

    need a written summary ASAP!!!! help
  39. English

    What does this question mean: What appeals you about the poem??
  40. english 3

    A clause that may be used as the object of a preposition is a(n) __
  41. english

    Tony like that car at the dealership
  42. english

    define persuasive techniques?
  43. english

    define persuasive techniques?
  44. english

    was he a good leader to everyone when he was young?
  45. english

    is "had seen" or "was biking", an example of a stative verb?
  46. english

    What grammatical name is given to this expression 'whose cake is the best'
  47. English

    What is a narrative essay? What else besides the recap of?
  48. english

    Can u help me pls. How to write busness latter.
  49. english

    why was it a most unusual december for the two children?
  50. English

    Why did most of the men keep heading toward the Stephano?
  51. English

    What is the origin of the idiom "I'm all ears"
  52. english (ELA)

    what is another word for "spill"
  53. english

    what does mark twain think about slvery?
  54. English

    How would I summarize this news article
  55. english

    what is the meaning of the Root bell
  56. English

    Q: What is the difference between 'advertisement and commercial?
  57. English

    What does it means "A quality of the intellect"????
  58. english

    2. Marion needs to believe in a ____ (1 point)
  59. english

    tool burth book help
  60. English

    I cannot find any synonyms of 'in the sense'. Can someone please help?
  61. english

    i need help in writing an ironic paragraph
  62. English

    Please help me unscramble this word seetar
  63. english

    A very messy or slovenly person.

    Can you help me figure out how to write a theme PLEASE?????
  65. english

    what are 6 reasons why bullying is a problem?
  66. english

    i think (there, their, they're) son is the quarterback of the team
  67. english

    What is a declarative definition in an sentence?
  68. english

    how do i create a eight song soundtrack
  69. english

    what is a theme give examples
  70. English

    1. She likes various animals. --------- What is the opposite of various?
  71. english

    what was the plot for the book twisted?
  72. english

    Wat's The Meaning Of 'Cohesive' ??
  73. English

    What does the proverb say about braviety.braviet is?
  74. english

    Is incense a social problem and why ?
  75. english

    Oladudah equiano wrote
  76. English

    What are two themes that may be present in a folktale?
  77. French

    Hello, does "partage" mean share in english.
  78. English

    Is this personification? “The silence prolonged itself”
  79. English

    No or not? "I'm wearing shoes, but no/not socks."
  80. english 3

    “Redskin” was originally a term for
  81. english

    Therefore do not deceive yourself. Of all deceivers fear most yourself. what does this mean.
  82. English

    What does "lay upon sinner his sin" mean?
  83. English

    How do you write a proper essay?
  84. english

    unscramle this word-crimeamsg
  85. English

    What is a thesis statement for First Confession
  86. English grammar

    He is a lender who has love for all
  87. English

    When should someone use awhile and a while? I know one is a noun. Would you please give me an example of each. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  88. English

    Would you use a or an: A(n) Olympic Champion's signature.
  89. english

    What would be the possesive form of a noun?
  90. english

    a word for the opposite of within reach.
  91. English

    Do you necessarily need references for a resume?
  92. english

    how would i illustrate the word blasphemy? Please Help!!!! Thanks!
  93. English

    I need help writing my essay for Wannacry
  94. spanish

    What does "to dal ay nochay" mean in English?
  95. english

    the performance was a huge disappointment
  96. english

    what does it mean to include citation with a quote
  97. english

    what does juliet ask romeo to do and what does she promise to do
  98. english

    Why is it important to connect across generations?
  99. English

    What do people mean when they say love is blind?
  100. English or L.A or C.A

    How can I use an antonym in a story any examples?