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  1. English

    has anyone ever done the Thinkers worksheet before..if so where can i get all the answers
  2. english

    How do I know if a syllable is stressed or unstressed?
  3. english

    is it it is true that she is more clever or cleverer
  4. English

    What is the difference between paradox and irony?
  5. ENGLISH -

    1. (Who***, Whom)was the first president of the United States?
  6. english

    who is the author of the story the ghost got in
  7. English

    What is a fine point in a story?
  8. English

    Do you necessarily need references for a resume?
  9. English II

    What is a first person point of view?
  10. English

    Unscrambled this word :-htotvulfhgrsen
  11. English

    The crowd cheered loudly
  12. English

    In "The Lottery" what is the allegorical dimension?
  13. english

    How were the Britons and Gauls related?
  14. English

    Hello. I'd like to know about the use of the verb like. 1. I like you to go there. 2. I like you going there 3. I like you go there. ---------------------------- Which one is grammatical? ================================ 4. I'd like you to got there. 5.
  15. english

    how does sir gawain describe himself
  16. English

    What is a thesis statement for First Confession
  17. English

    Help, Please!!!!How to write a topic sentence
  18. english

    It is always ___ who pays the bill. he her me us would it be he?
  19. English

    Is 'inability' the same as 'disability'? According to the dictionary, they seem to be a little different in use. What about that?
  20. English 4

    I need a summary of the story Medea.
  21. english

    what is the definition of a "stressed syllable"
  22. English

    What does it mean to be a "critical reader?" Why is this important?
  23. english grade 6

    what is a double consonant?
  24. english

    she spoke to me as if i were a stranger here I is followed by were instead of was could you pl explain it
  25. english

    I am both a quick worker and careful.
  26. english

    What is the past tense of flying
  27. English

    If I post a few essays on here will someone please check them for me?
  28. English

    how to start writing a poem?
  29. English

    Is inricuous a word and if so what is the definition.
  30. spanish

    What does "to dal ay nochay" mean in English?
  31. english

    does the word "from" get capitalized in a title?
  32. Maths.physics.chemestry.english

    6x+1/2a -x-2/2a
  33. english

    i need help to finding a ballad pome
  34. English

    Is High Grass capitalized?
  35. English

    What does it mean to be a retrograde role model?
  36. english

    translation for acts like a hotdog
  37. english

    We sat across from each other during Peggy's recital.
  38. English

    How would I summarize this news article
  39. English

    What is the origin of the idiom "I'm all ears"
  40. English

    What is the difference between 'battery' and 'cell'?
  41. practical english

    what are the four things you look when proofreading
  42. english

    How humans impact the coast?
  43. english

    why did the neighbours kill the dog ?
  44. english

    what does emphatic form and progressive from mean?
  45. english

    for the word manner, when do i use it as plural
  46. English

    In the story "Why, You Reckon," how old would you say the characters are?
  47. English

    What is the purpose of dialogue, and what does it let the reader know?
  48. English

    Who has read To Kill a Mockingbird
  49. english

    what is the need for learning foreign language?
  50. English

    Thank you. I just want to know if "She was anxiuous for me" is grammatically correct.
  51. english

    What is the schwa sound in paper?
  52. english

    please help unscramble this word erattleh
  53. English

    I need help writting a thesis statement
  54. english

    what are some good speech topics?
  55. english

    how to do a spelling words pyramid
  56. english

    give example of small ideas
  57. english

    what realization does Siddhartha come to in chapter 2?
  58. 3 English H

    How can I illustrate the word "aberration"?
  59. English

    When you volunteer, is that an act of chivalry?
  60. english

    I saw __________ one-eyed rogue. [a/some] please help me
  61. english

    Are repudiate and denounce similar?
  62. english

    Please can someone composed a short poem for me.?
  63. English

    What are some differences between Beowulf and Wanderer?
  64. english

    what are the kinds of essay? and give example of each.
  65. English

    Does anyone have an old compare and contrast essay i can use?
  66. english

    what are the metaphors used in old ironsides poem
  67. english

    what does juliet ask romeo to do and what does she promise to do
  68. english

    Which of the following statements is NOT true of realism?
  69. spanish

    what does this say in english: Que usa la abuela?
  70. English

    What does occasion mean in literary analysis
  71. English

    What are five identifiable characteristics of Imagism?
  72. english

    what is a theme give examples
  73. english

    These are great news indeed;I can't believe I made it
  74. English

    I need a theme statement about discrimination
  75. english

    sorry i meant beach not berach
  76. English

    Thank you for your help. Is 'Sandy' a male name or a female name?
  77. English

    What are the reasons why boys should not help at the kitchen?
  78. english

    what word is damou when you unscramble it?
  79. English

    wouldn't:couldnt::green: ?
  80. english 1

    what does Argumutm ad hominem mean. please give an example.
  81. english

    i need to write a story on earthquakes
  82. english

    what caused the decline of modernism?
  83. English

    Lunch /we / a picnic / eat
  84. english

    This is an inventor and his/her invention.cyrusmccormickreaper
  85. English languege

    What is antonym of sharp
  86. English

    How was robert carver a minimalist?

  88. English

    What symbolizes Savagery and Violence?
  89. english

    10 examples of back formation
  90. english

    What are the 4 nucleotides found in DNA?
  91. English

    How much control should students have over their education?
  92. English

    What transition is suitable to be placed before the word or?
  93. French

    Hello, does "partage" mean share in english.
  94. english

    Which sentence contains a present participle
  95. English

    Is Kelly a male name or a female name?
  96. english

    wat the grammatical name of "whose cake is the best"
  97. english

    what are dependent and independent clauses?
  98. english

    unscramle this word-crimeamsg
  99. English

    What is the tone of Tess of the D'urbevilles?
  100. English

    How many homophones can you make with Halloween?