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  1. English

    what is a minor transtion of a text?
  2. English 101

    What does uncanny and marvelous mean?
  3. english

    what is the purpose of the poem the pulley?
  4. English

    1.These reeds (come, comes) from cane plants. come
  5. english

    would you say pittance or meagre is the best word to use.
  6. 6th grade english

    What is another name for myth
  7. Science, English, math

    Why do we live
  8. English

    WHat is the climax of The Seems: the Glitch in Sleep?
  9. English

    What is the synoyme for 'feel free to'?
  10. English II

    How did the war began in Iraq?
  11. English

    What are the major themes of 1984
  12. English

    What is the definition for "Vague Optimism"?
  13. english

    unscramble the country sdettaietnsu
  14. english

  15. English

    * Diego (How do you pronounce the name above? Is it a male given name?)
  16. English

    Is "Metaphorically" a transition word?
  17. English 11

    In American Romanticism what does Self-Individuals mean??
  18. english

    Fred has gone(t) to l(p)ondon with ^ last week.)
  19. english

    a praragraph using a adverb and adjective
  20. English

    Explian The 8 Part Of Speech
  21. english 2

    what can be a thesis statement for an autobiography about your-self
  22. English

    Is "after the hurricane" a pharase or clause?
  23. english

    what is the context of the word vigil
  24. english

    how do you get the symbolism of a short story?
  25. English

    In this sentence, f has to be omitted. Should f be italicized?
  26. English

    ?: page as border is : country
  27. english

    Studying and analyzing others’ speeches help us to be better
  28. English

    Hi this is a rebus can you answer it? ECNALG
  29. English

    how many different ways can a play be staged?
  30. English

    Is "words are eaten" personification?
  31. english

    Does anyone know where to go for information on breast cancer?
  32. English

    Please for the definition of a concrete noun and an example.
  33. english

    what are some good sentences with prepositions!!
  34. english

    how does dialogue help you move forward
  35. english

    what is the meaning of incomprehensible and what is the context thank you
  36. english

    what is the meaning of fugitives and what is the context
  37. english

    what is the meaning of incentive and what is the context thank you
  38. english

    What does the fence in "Araby" symbolize?
  39. English

    To make is the infinitive is it an adjective
  40. English

    By the time we got there, the seals (have or had) barked twice
  41. English

    What was the main problem in the Crucible?
  42. english

    explain why communicationis described as a process
  43. english

    unscramble 14 letters into 3 words
  44. English

    Things that have the same sound as January
  45. English

    He is standing still. (Is 'still' an adjective or an adverb?)
  46. English

    What is the difference between antimetabole and chiasmus?
  47. english

    Would i capitalize son in a sentence?
  48. English

    Who were enemies of Queen Elizabeth I
  49. English

    What should the warrant be about in a argumentative essay?
  50. English

    What is an appositive? What is a direct address? Thank you so much.
  51. english (ELA)

    what is another word for "spill"
  52. English

    A:I found it on the counter. (Library) B:Thank you. I'll come there right now. -------------- Do we have to use "Come there"? How about "Go there"? ex) I'll go there right now.
  53. English

    Can you please send me some examples of metaphor?
  54. English

    What's the CORRECT pronunciation of "Scylla?"
  55. ESL English

    What does "strike your fortune" mean?
  56. English grammar

    What is the subject in a sentence?
  57. english

    what does pluralism mean in a familial sense?
  58. english

    i need help writting a thesis statement
  59. ap english

    does anyone know of any reference of gluttony in literature? thanks!
  60. english

    ''what do i have to say as an african american citizen''
  61. English

    Do you hyphenate 3D or leave it one word?
  62. english

    what makes a wax harmful?
  63. french

    i need some help what does toast mais mean in english
  64. english

    i need help so i may locate nouns in sentences. please help me.
  65. english

    what is the meaning of the subject of the sentence?
  66. English

    I need 3 metaphors and 3 similes about a rock.
  67. french

    i have some questions to ask about how to spell it in english
  68. English

    Society's role in music?
  69. english

    1) What is consider to be abnormal behavior in Canada?
  70. English

    What is the definition of "Global Warming"?
  71. english

    How to write a poem about The seaside?
  72. English

    Why are machines not as Efficient as man
  73. english

    Have you discovered where you left your books?
  74. Intermediate English

    What similarities do you see in these two processes?
  75. english

    Help on unscramble these letters : afsedrniru
  76. NEED HELP ASP English

    what is passive and active?
  77. English

    please help me with this sentence they are many geeks already around the world.
  78. english

    in the sentence. Hello, my name is Pablo. what is the subject? is my or name?
  79. english

    Whats the opposite of seditious
  80. English

    Put the water into the pan first.
  81. english

    If I was to analyze a statement how would I do this one. “Well, I didn’t do anything. Did I”?
  82. English

    What is the difference between 'plate' and 'dish'?
  83. English

    Hello. Let me know where I can get TV program names on the Internet, please. Thank you.
  84. English

    I reply to the Warren poem below.
  85. english 9

    What was the goal of the Americanization movement?
  86. english 9

    Who was Mary Elizabeth Lease?
  87. English

    What is the main theme of the poem
  88. english

    He grows wheat in his field
  89. English

    When you think of separation or isolation, what comes to mind?
  90. ENGLISH GRAMMAR~!~!~!~!~

    when do you use affect and when do you use effect?
  91. English

    What are synonyms for "operational efficiencies"?
  92. english

    how does multiculturalism do more harm then good?
  93. english

    It's always best not to start trouble that you can't finish.
  94. english

    Criticism is always uncomplimentary. true?
  95. English Communcation !

    A synonym for preparedness is what?
  96. English 11

    What is an example of a good conclusion sentence?
  97. English

    What is the CORRECT pronunciation of "Thrinacia?"
  98. english

    what is the book of teasure for somthing
  99. English

    importance of healthy eating?
  100. english 3

    who was the main character in epicac