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  1. English

    An example of back-formation is
  2. English

    Would you let me know the full form of "Way to go!"
  3. English

    What is the plural of scientist?
  4. English

    The lion _______
  5. english

    What is bluntbomb corp
  6. English

    What does civic stewardship mean??
  7. English

    When can you begin a sentence with "but"?
  8. english

    what is the prefix for dismayed.
  9. english

    how many musicians in a quartet?(5, 6,or 7)
  10. english

    unscramble it petostr
  11. English

    Which of these is a coordinating conjunction? A. but ** B. however C. although
  12. English

    I can't send you my homework. What shall I do?
  13. english

    what is a god teacher
  14. english

    what does ashy mean in this peom?
  15. english

    my mind refused to let me do that or does that
  16. english

    what is SCS,SCV?
  17. English

    what are some goals of most empires
  18. english

    ants came to our picnic.
  19. english

    what are the indefinite pronouns
  20. English

    When do I use the terms to/too? Please give me an example.
  21. English

    What is indirect characterization?
  22. English

    i need help What does It mean to be an american citizen ?
  23. English

    Hi can you check please if I did correct!
  24. English

    What is a fragmented plot?
  25. English/Literacy

    how do you know whether to use , or ; in sentence that need them?
  26. English

    How should I start an example essay?
  27. english

    do we refer to disney as they or it
  28. english

    they put their trust on her or in her
  29. English

    What is a "rite of passage?"
  30. English

    Is it a mistake if I include "in", then? Thank you.
  31. english

    bobpursley, but can you give me an example
  32. English

    Unscramble bssmyale
  33. English

    What is a good citizen ?
  34. English

    What are all the settings in "Frankenstein"?
  35. English

    What does it mean when they say, would you rather burn or fade away?
  36. english

    sentence labeling
  37. english

    intermittently:continuously:: ??
  38. english

    need an acrostic poem w e d n e s d a y
  39. english

    what are the transition words?
  40. english

    which sources are reliable and which are not?
  41. English

    The word "can" is used to refer to?
  42. english

    Their are three kids in the room.
  43. english 3

    is fear an emotion
  44. english

    help on thesis writing
  45. english

    can i get some 12-16 lined poems?
  46. english

    i am a vitamin you need if you have cold.What Am I ?
  47. english

    few lines on my home is the best
  48. English

    What does it mean to be a professional? and what does it mean to be in a profession?
  49. english

    I have an assignment about paraphrase. please help me..
  50. english

    i need about song reponse
  51. English

    Where does Macbeth live?
  52. english

    wat r prepostions
  53. English

    Best book anyone has read and why?
  54. english

    did you completed your dinner
  55. english

    can anyone tell me what is a proper sentence
  56. English

    What are the different parts of speech?
  57. English

    Use a telescope to see into the sky
  58. English

    What does in relation to something mean? Can you give me an example?
  59. English

    Is it "works well with others" or "work well with other"?
  60. english

    wath is deference?
  61. english

    I need a process essay
  62. english

    at papa's home
  63. English

    what does provisional and inconclusive mean?
  64. English

    It is to do with like camera angles etc.?
  65. ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is the abbreviation for "continued?"
  66. english

    incorrect cluses
  67. english

    What is the adjective from love?
  68. English

    Where can you the worksheets you need for each lesson?
  69. english

    What are some verbal techniques?
  70. English

    what's the question for a sentence of now i have twice as many?
  71. english

    how different would life be without clocks?
  72. English

    1. The following are a must-remember. 2. The following are a must-see. (Are both grammatical?)
  73. english

    I need five animals out of this.geornniebsclkmroteclaoy
  74. english

    another word for nothing more than? For example, if you say that advice is nothing more than
  75. english

    what does metaphor personification, mean?

    Can someone tell me what is Elite tourism?
  77. English

    I need help writing a villanelle.
  78. English

    Autobiography of shoes
  79. English

    Could you help me with some antonyms for attainment? Thank you.
  80. english

    what does they mean in the poem lineage
  81. English

    is supper a noun?
  82. English

    Who Had A Quarrel With The Squirrel ?
  83. english

    what is cultural blindness
  84. english

    how to unscramble Dolurf

  86. English

    Ms Sue I think it it into water
  87. English

    What Does The Snail Usually Stick Itself To ?
  88. English

    How might a character change in the course of a novel?
  89. english

    What is the meaning of tonto
  90. English

    Is this an example of an assonance? "Let me in," Said the pin.
  91. english

    how do i write a thesis
  92. english

    when identifying sentences, what does cx mean
  93. english

    essay on wills
  94. english 3

    what attitude does everyine have
  95. English

    What is a statistic report?
  96. English

    i need a summary of the book
  97. English

    Is this an Assonance? "I still have more harvesting to be done"
  98. English

    Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. What does this mean to you?
  99. english

    what isd a compundpreficate
  100. english

    five litrary terms