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  1. English

    What is a democracy according to Thoreau?
  2. english

    Behaviours of dracula
  3. English

    1. I have no one to help me. 2. I have no one who will help me. 3. I have no one who should help me. 4. I have no one who can help me. 5. I have no one wh has to help me. Does #1 mean #2, #3, #4, or #5? What is the full form of #1?
  4. English

    What is a metaphor for religion
  5. English

    What would u like to see if u visit a firehouse.
  6. English

    unscramble this: aoarmimedcr
  7. ESL

    what is English Second Language?
  8. english

    abstract nouns
  9. English help

    what are the purpose of litotes?
  10. english

    i need about song reponse
  11. english

  12. english

    I need help writing a DBQ
  13. english

    What is the meaning of tonto
  14. English

    What is a textual change?
  15. english

    need an acrostic poem w e d n e s d a y
  16. English

    Was it a baseball game
  17. English

    what is the name of bulb producer
  18. english

  19. english

    how i celebrate my birthday?
  20. english

    i am a vitamin you need if you have cold.What Am I ?
  21. english

    I need a list of idioms or just a few
  22. English

    What 3 element are in this poem ?
  23. english

    Summary of best seller??
  24. English language

    What is essay
  25. english

    what is the meaning of cohesive ?
  26. adv english

  27. English

    What are some alliteration for tigers?
  28. English

    What Sofia And Her Brother Doing Now? A)is B)are C)do For Me (B)
  29. english

    exceptional uses of articles
  30. ENGLISH!!

    is i a verb or noun?
  31. Shurley English

    What is an analogy?
  32. english

    is fighty a word?
  33. English

    What are some examples of being civilized?
  34. English

    1. Each has to do his best. 2. Each has to do her best. 3. Each has to do one's best. 4. Each has to do its best. Which expressions are grammatical? Do I have to use only 'his'?
  35. english

    is it underfunded or under funded?
  36. English

    Would you let me know the full form of "Way to go!"
  37. English

    What is the meaning of convens
  38. english

    what is popular is it a adj?
  39. english

    is had or was a stative verb?
  40. English

    How do you pronounce this name "Silverstein"?
  41. english

    What do adverbs modify?
  42. english

    what uncle dudley?
  43. English

    What is an introductary word? thank you
  44. english

    what is the verb for this, "he should be more careful"

  46. english

    What is the meaning of sqrt?
  47. English

    When do you use the past participle: had had, had have, had has?
  48. english

    What is the grammatical name for this 'what sr cake is the best'
  49. English

    What is the plural of scientist?
  50. english

    at papa's home
  51. English

    conclusion of the story
  52. English

    Should boys help in kitchen and why?

    What ethical means
  54. English

    What are the 4 bilingual programs?
  55. English

    I just want to know if I can send you my homework.
  56. english

    meaning of. marishea
  57. english

    what is song about determintation
  58. English

    An overused expression is a
  59. English

    ___ are going for a walk. a) He and I b) Me and him c) Him and me d) I and he Again, I think it is A
  60. english

    analogy for downpour
  61. English

    What is dramatic purpose?
  62. english

    how make a tepee
  63. english 3

    what attitude does everyine have
  64. english

    how's this for a topic sentence
  65. english

  66. English

    What does "Independence Day" really mean?
  67. english

    what is SCS,SCV?
  68. English

    what r the 4 food groups??
  69. English

    Best book anyone has read and why?
  70. English

    What is a synonym for melancholy?
  71. english

    what is an appositive phrase?
  72. english

    what does the word personification mean Thanks
  73. English

    How to decode words
  74. English

    Is this an example of an assonance? "Let me in," Said the pin.
  75. english

    another word for nothing more than? For example, if you say that advice is nothing more than
  76. English

    Could you help me with some antonyms for attainment? Thank you.
  77. English

    Marion needs to believe in a ____ ?
  78. English

    is supper a noun?
  79. English

    Harmatan weather
  80. English

    What is the difference between Miss and Ms.?
  81. english

    What's a thesis statement
  82. English

    What is suffix/prefix
  83. English

    Essay on winter
  84. english

    what does the word alliteration mean. THANKS
  85. english

    What does nature is not benign mean?
  86. English

    Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. What does this mean to you?
  87. english

    what is the best way to help kids look up homophones?
  88. english

    what is quotation marks?
  89. english

    project about money
  90. english

    who contributes the most to society and why?
  91. English

    Does anyone know an advertisement that uses Name Calling
  92. English

    Thank You, Ms. Sue I understand it better now
  93. English

    What does civic stewardship mean??

  95. English

    I go. Is this a dependent clause
  96. english

    what's another word for "can't come to a decision"
  97. english

    what is (considering wear expression ) mean?
  98. English

    What does scroll products mean?
  99. English

    unscramble Elbep
  100. English

    What is formal schooling