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  1. English

    Question: Does 'What's up?" mean "How are you"? or "Hello, what are you doing"?
  2. english

    what does cliche mean
  3. english

    what is a verb
  4. English

    What is parallelism, please?
  5. english

    what is an apostrophye
  6. english

    what is an example of sonnet?
  7. English

    What Is Annoying
  8. english

    can you help me please with an anecdote.
  9. English

    What does shift mean?
  10. English

    what is the PA in question 13?
  11. english

    what is a complements
  12. English

    1. Oh, this is him. - Right. 2. Oh, this is he. -Right. (Which one is right or grammatical?)
  13. English

    What does it mean when someone is on the borderline?
  14. english

  15. English

    What is a just so story?
  16. English

    What does it mean to take a pride in something you have?
  17. English

    May I see my essay now?
  18. English

    What is poetry?
  19. English

    1. Let's get out of here. 2. Let's go out of here. ------------------------------- Do you use only #1? What about #2? Why is #1 used frequently?
  20. english

    Please help with my speech
  21. English II

    What is a Chronological Novel ?
  22. English

    Such a person as he/him is.... use "he"or"him"?
  23. English

    Is it okay to say, "I hardly even practiced"?
  24. English

    what do impulsive mean?
  25. english

    what is a manifesto?
  26. English

    1. For here or to go? - For here. 2. Here or to go? - Here 3. Is this for here or to go? - For here. 4. Is this here or to go? - Here. (Which ones are grammatical?)
  27. English

    What do you mean by the summit within?
  28. english

    what are some example of overcompensating

    Which is more correct: Everyone of us has or Everyone of us have ??
  30. English

    Is there a contraction for They are
  31. english

    what does being perfect mean?
  32. English

    "Was that (she, her) on the patio?" I think her?
  33. english

    what is suddenly?
  34. english

    what did briggs think
  35. English

    1. This is the way how he did it. (X) 2. This is the way he did it. (O) 3. This is how he did it.(o) 4. This is in which he did it. 5. This is that he did it. ------------------------------ Is that right? What about #4 and #5? Are both ungrammatical as
  36. English

    To write well is to.
  37. English

    1. This is the way he did it. 2. This is how he did it. 3. This is the way in which he did it. 4. This is the way by which he did it. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'by' instead of 'in'?
  38. english

    What is a mean of glidden?
  39. english

    what is a suffix
  40. english

    what is a pronoun
  41. English

    I or me? "Did you know that it was (I, me) who called?"
  42. english

  43. English

    What is media?
  44. English

    How are the family

    YES YES YES THANK YOU THANK you thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooomuch!
  46. English

    1. I have seen her once. 2. I have once seen her. 3. I once have seen her. Which one is correct?
  47. English

    What is an appositive?
  48. English

    What is a connotation?
  49. english

    what is a preposition?
  50. English

    What does aberration mean?
  51. English

    1. I will go there. 2. I shall go there. 3. I intend to go there. (What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  52. English

    1. You can't go there alone. 2. You are not able to go there alone. 3. You are not allowed to go there alone. (What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  53. english

    what is a nouns
  54. English II honors

    What do i need to know for english 2 honors?
  55. English

    What is the subject in Thank you
  56. English

    1. I can't believe that he said. 2. I can't believe that he said yes. 3. I can't believe what he said. 4. I can't believe what he said yes. ------------------------------------ #2 and #3 is right. The others are ungrammatical? Is that right?
  57. english

    you are either for me or against me. which fallacy is this?
  58. English

    Name two empires.?
  59. English

    Are there any compounds besides and,but,or,nor
  60. english

    I am yet to take my photo
  61. English

    What is "verb to be" and how and where we can use it?
  62. English

    What is poetry?
  63. English

    What does impartial mean?
  64. english

    _ I was going to st. Ives
  65. english

    what is the value of a word
  66. english

  67. English

    1. Where it is? 2. Where is it? 3. Do you know where it is? ------------------------------------ #2 and #3 are right. What about #1? Do you use the expression in #1?

    How Your Mother? A)am B)is C)are As Me (C)
  69. English

    What is an analogy?
  70. English

    some have more than a hundred some have none
  71. English

    In the sentence
  72. English

    Look my answers 1-2 At 5:36
  73. Safety

    Where does Occupational Safety originally come from? How/where in the world or human history did it start? Must have references! Thank you http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=137881&dopt=Abstract (Broken Link
  74. English

    09VArD-1(47-50) Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. 1.Although farmers complained that the company's new product was expensive,malodorous,and dangerous to handle(A),there was(B) few who would dispute(C) its effectiveness
  75. English

    Please help me understand what I should do. Below is the assignment that I am not understanding. What is a one page diary entry? What is APA format? Answer in complete sentences and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited
  76. English

    posted by rfvv today at 3:34am. 1. Will you mind the baby? 2. Will you care for the baby? (Are both the same?) 3. Mind that step. 4. Be careful of that step. 5. Pay attention to that step. (Are they the same?) • 6. Don't mind me. 7. Don't fell distracted
  77. Art

    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence (p. 510, Figure 734), is a work of "fine art" as opposed to an arbitrary composition of paint. Imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art. Establish a very strong
  78. English

    Posted by rfvv on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:53am. 1. Would you say hi to your mother? 2. Would you say hello to your mother? (Are both interchangable? Are both the same?) 3. He is also a good cook. 4. He can also cook well. 5. He also cooks well. 6. Also
  79. Early Child Ed.

    I have already posted these questions - but I still need more help to understand. Several stated (A) was the correct answer, but I am confused with this question. Please help me to understand,if you donot mind!! A normally developing child can learn two
  80. ethics in health care

    Managed care was introduced into the U.S. healthcare system in an effort to control costs while still providing quality healthcare to Americans (Moore, 2009). However, opponents of managed care have pointed to a potential ethical pitfall of skimping on
  81. Psyc Research Methods

    In the above study, the researchers reported the following mean femininity ratings (i.e. higher numbers indicate greater femininity): male- small meals (2.02) male- large meals (2.05) female- small meals (3.90) female- large meals (2.82) Assume that there
  82. English

    I left out a few sentences. Could you please check them? Thank you. 7) During William of Orange's reign a number of laws were introduced, which were to fix the course of modern Parliamentary England. The Bill of Rights established that no decisions could
  83. French - Sentences

    Could you check to see if these sentences make any sense. I tried to simlify what I wanted to say. Oui, j'aime l'art parce il fais moi sourire. Il fais moi avoir envie de magique, et il donne moi plaisir. In english: Yes, I love art because it makes me
  84. Englsih

    This is one of my english homework. Can someone have a look at it and give me some suqqestions. Thank you. The Summary of English Grammar defines the major word-classes in terms of meaning rather than structure. By references to any one of the major
  85. English

    1. John has a book, doesn't he? 2. John has a book, hasn't he? --------------------- Is #2 used in British English? =============================== 3. I think he is serious, isn't he? 4. I know he is kind, isn't he? 5. I believe she isn't diligent, is she?
  86. Geography,maths lit,life science,physical science,xhosa,life orientation and english

    Will i be able to do law with the following subject maths lit,geography,life science,physical science and english
  87. Arithmetic

    A box in a college bookstore contains books, and each book in the box is a history book, an English book or a science book. If one-third of these books are history books and one-sixth are English books, what fraction of the books are science books?
  88. English

    I am trying to come up with a thesis for my english paper. It is going to be on Social class in Katherine Mansfields The Garden Party and A Cup of Tea. I want to show how both the upper class main characters take particular interest in the lower class
  89. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 9:36pm. When we send letters, we write 'zip code' on the envelope. What is the meaning of 'zip'? Why is 'zip' used here? •English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 9:40pm The word "zip" is an acronym
  90. math

    I'm trying to follow a research paper The paper shows an equation to minimize. That makes perfect sense. Then, the paper says: "The optimal solution to the least squares problem [above] is found by differentiation as a solution of a linear system of
  91. college writing

    ok. so i found out that there is also an artistic scholarship program in the private college that i applied to. ONe of the helpers told me that if I send in a written portfolio, one of my best works, to the counselor, then they will decide if I can qualify
  92. science

    Compare the elements in an early Protostar and those in a young star formed from star dust of older stars Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "protostar elements young" to get these possible sources:
  93. STAT

    Numerous studies have found that males report higher self-esteem than females, especially for adolescents (Kling, Hyde, Showers, & Buswell, 1999). Typical results show a mean self-esteem score of M  39.0 with SS  60.2 for a sample of n  10 male
  94. AED

    Choose a grade level and a scientific concept appropriate for that level. • Plan a science experiment to explore this concept. In your paper, address the following points: o List the equipment and materials to be included in the science kit. o Explain
  95. English

    Homework Help Forum: English Posted by rfvv on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 9:48pm. 1. The leaves fallen on the ground were wet and dirty. 2. The leaves which had been fallen on the ground were wet and dirty. 3. The leaves which was fallen on the ground were
  96. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1)Nature is personified. 2)The humans (or people, human beings) don't have time to observe her beauty as cows an sheep do. 3) We don't have time to turn at Beauty's glance and see how her
  97. english /help

    label the subject and the verb of each of each clause. Then write whether the sentence is simple or complex. 1)Every afternoon the baseball team practices. subject: the baseball team verb: practices simple sentence 2)When practice is over, the players are
  98. Physics

    The ultracentrifuge is an important tool for separating and analyzing proteins in biological research. Because of the enormous centripetal accelerations that can be achieved, the apparatus must be carefully balanced so that each sample is matched by
  99. english

    What would be the prepositional phrase, subject, and verb phrase in this sentence? The gift was from John and his sister. Let me point out first that I am far from an English major and you should use additional resources but this is the way I see it.
  100. statistics

    4. The Pew Research Center reported that 57% of Americans favored the Wall Street bailout of 2008. A random sample of 300 people showed that 155 people favored the bailout. If appropriate, test whether the population proportion of Americans is different