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  1. Human Growth

    Mary Lou must complete a research project to get her associate degree. She has just one year left to finish her degree and must spend as little time and money as possible on her research. She plans to compare stress levels of 8th graders to stress levels
  2. english

    can you help me to find a title for my research paper, in the matter of writing in discipline which the topic is all about computer. whatever topic that you can recommend, Hope you do so. thank you and Godbless.
  3. English

    Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Writing a research paper sounds difficult
  4. AP English Literature

    I'm doing a research essay about "anchor babies", or in other words, babies born from illegal immigrants. How would you write a good thesis?
  5. english

    Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Writing a research paper sounds difficult.
  6. English

    The reputation of the author is an important criterion to determine when evaluating a book to include for scholarly research. True False I say True.
  7. english essay

    * I need help writing research essay. The topic is to write about an issue or problem that you want to change. Well, I am mostly interested in Science, particularly Chemistry and Nature.
  8. english

    some help needed...i have to write research paper..paper topic is to choose one of these poets and analyze one or more of hus poems:Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell, Crashaw But i can only use page- well i am not allowed to write the adress but it is
  9. Statistics

    Based on sq foot and home prices :Create an inferential statistics (hypothesis) test using the research question and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment. Include: The research question Mock
  10. Confidetiality of Health information

    please check my answer thanks :) True or Flase You are allowed give access to someone if they need a patients records for a research project. I said True I have seen in my local hospital nursing students taking a look at a pt chart for research
  11. Language Arts

    What is the most important reason for using multiple sources in a research presentation? A. So you include primary and secondary sources. B. So you have experience conducting original research. C. So you know that the information is accurate. D. So you use
  12. literacy

    It's important to include references in your research paper because references A. reduce the risk of false conclusions. B. prove that you didn't conduct your research on the Internet. C. give credit to authors. D. are required on most writing assignments.
  13. literacy

    It's important to include references in your research paper because references A. give credit to authors. B. are required on most writing assignments. C. reduce the risk of false conclusions. D. prove that you didn't conduct your research on the Internet.
  14. research writing as a process

    6.What's the next step to choosing a topic once you've identified a general subject? narrowing the topic formulating a thesis thinking about the nature of writing finding a general topic Question 7 What question should you consider when narrowing the
  15. research paper

    Is fast food a good topic for research paper?
  16. Research paper

    If I did research paper on the Great Depression, would that topic be too board?
  17. History/ English

    I have to write a thesis statement and a prompt for my research paper and my topic is the Tet Offensive, how do i write a good one? I don't even know where to begin!
  18. english

    I need to write a mini research paper on a modernist poet of my choice... I'm having trouble deciding on what poet to use and how i can develop a strong thesis.. any help would be much appreciated.
  19. English

    I having a hard time developing a complete thesis for an research paper. I need ideas for a thesis on the topic Why do you enjoy reading/watching television?
  20. English

    In any academic writing, it is appropriate to use the word you, as in: When you read the research, you know that the death penalty does not deter crime. True False I say false. Please check my work.
  21. english

    research skills are fundamental to a. academic writing b. all types of writing c. education, literature, business, and other industries, d. libraries it could be a,b, or c, but i chose b. pleases help
  22. English Literature

    I need to write an essay about The Iliad and compare and contrast it to the current war on terror. Do you know any references I can research to help write my paper. Thanks, Michelle
  23. Business Research

    I am having a hard time figuring this out, can anyone help me out? Please. Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 4 Build on the work you conducted in Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Parts 1-3. Develop or select the instruments your team will
  24. Social Studies

    Alright, I'm writing a research paper and am so confused. My topic is on whether or not participating in music affects a students standardized test scores. I am keeping track of scores over a period of time by keeping records of students. I know this is
  25. Resources and references

    When conducting research on the Internet. What is starting point for determining how to start the research? A: How many times I will need to revise a report? B: Do you want to use a search engine or search directory? C: Do I want an opinion about this
  26. nursing

    Select one of the following topics and suggest a research question, purpose, and hypothesis. What population and sampling methods are most appropriate for a research study? What type of study would you develop? Explain your answer. 1. Management of pain in
  27. Standards

    How do you align standard such as TESOL English Learner standards? Once aligned, how can they be used as a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLs? Please give me some research idea.
  28. English

    I'm tryna think of my thesis sentence but its taking me longer than I expected. My Research paper topic is on Teen Pregnancies and I want a Thesis that would make a good argument.........................................PLEASE HELP!!!!
  29. English 3

    I need help writing a good strong thesis statement for my research paper. Im doing my paper over the different conspiracy theories people have on the "sandy hook" school shooting...please help me
  30. English?

    I'm trying to do research on whether 9th graders should/should not be in Middle school with 7-8th graders. Does anyone know of any studies that would support either side? Or any leads I could perhaps follow to write the paper easier?
  31. English

    I am writing research paper on outdoor activities and how digital gaming cannot replace outdoor activity. Could someone please give me five academic site sources to get information from thanks you!
  32. English

    I wrote a paper on Beloved, now I am required to do a MLA Documented Research Paper on this topic. I am stuck on how to begin with a Thesis Statement (subject and predicate)
  33. English

    Revise the following sentence to include gender neutral pronouns. Change any words necessary. A writer must include research to ensure the reader understands his point. I need help with this one.
  34. human service

    An organization can suffer through a serious quality failure which has affected customers and has hit the media. Research two examples: a positive and a negative response from an organization to the situation Where would I find a organization to research
  35. English - revised

    Question: What type of introduction and what type of conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper? How does the introduction draw readers into your argument, and how does the conclusion neatly tie up your paper? Explain your answers. Answer: My
  36. Statistics

    Research design is an area where researchers collect various data to address important questions. For example, if researchers wish to find characteristics of people most likely to develop lung cancer, they will have to collect appropriate data first.
  37. English

    When there are thousands of written materials floating in cyberspace' what is the most important criterion to consider when choosing sources of information for your research paper? A. Relevant B. Current C. Famous author D. Impressive web site
  38. English

    When there are thousands of written materials floating in cyberspace, what is the most important criterion to consider when choosing sources of information for your research paper? A. Relevant B. Current C. Famous author D. Impressive Web site is it A
  39. English

    I need to choose a woman who i could write a research paper on. It would be good if it is a topic i liked. For me that would be humanitarians, environmentalists, and animal rights leaders or anything to do with volunteering. And they have to be from the
  40. English

    1. Which of the following is a specific goal? A. I will pass as many of my courses as possible. B. I will finish my college degree. C. I will devote Wednesday this week to work on my English research paper. D. To become a doctor is my goal. is it C 2.
  41. Language Arts

    I have to write a research paper for L.A. and it must be comepletely in 3rd Person. I have all the research information and how i am organizing the paper but i can't seem to figure out how to start it off. How can i write a good introduction?
  42. Business

    Information gained by applying someone else's survey information to your business is called A. secondary research. B. competitor's edge.  C. demographic research.  D.potential customer sourcing
  43. Business

    I have to write a two page paper about a journal article. The article is "Beware the Next Big Thing" published in the Harvard Business Journal, 2014. In the essay I have to include: a. methodology b. objectives c. summary of research results d. managerial
  44. english

    im writing a research essay about the legalization of drugs are there any good websites you have for this topic? Also i have to say which side i take without saying the other side is wrong, and don't know how to make this paper sound too general.
  45. English

    Which of the following is NOT an exception when acknowledging sources through citation? a. Common knowledge b. Paraphrasing c. Facts available from a d wide variety of sources d. Your own findings from research I think it's b, but I'm not sure. Any ideas
  46. English

    I left out this last sentence I would really like you to check. Thank you 1) I use the net to do (carry out) school research, look up information I need for school, keep up to date on what happens in the world and finally, to chat with my friends through
  47. American Government: Research Paper

    I chose for my Research paper to write about Mark Kirk. How do I write a thesis statement in a Bibliography? HELPPPPP :D
  48. Research study (THX MS SUE)

    "...for every piece of candy American children eat, their British cohorts eat two.." Where could I get a copy of the above research? THX
  49. writing

    so i have to write a research paper(3-4 pages) on this topic 'does lack of sleep affect heart rate' how do i do that...this is the first time i write a research paper so i need help..thanks
  50. Sociology

    CheckPoint: Sociological Research Methods • Resources: Ch. 1, the Applying Theory table on p. 14, and the Summing Up table on p. 19 in Society: The Basics; and the Online Library • Due Date: Day 5 [post to the Individual forum] • Search the Online
  51. Research Writing

    How do you do this? I am lost. My topic I chose is Homeless. Summary of the Research Process I. Begin the project. A. Think about the assignment. B. Analyze your audience and the purpose for which you are writing. C. Select an appropriate topic. D.
  52. Social Science Capstone

    Ethical Research in the Social Sciences Find the most interesting, bizarre, or blatant example of a violation of good ethical conduct in research in the social sciences. Explain the experiment. What theories, ideas, behaviors, or phenomena were being
  53. health

    can anyone help me , maybe explain it or give me some site to look it up on thanks Explain the different types of research methodologies used in the health sciences. How would you apply one of these research methods in your workplace?
  54. Anatomy

    which of the following was required before widespread organ donation could be successful? A) adenovirus-36 research B) embryonic stem cell research C) techniques to decellularize organs D) development of immunosupprecent drugs*** I think it is D because
  55. HIS 135

    I am doing research on my final project in HIS 135, and I need to find an important social, economic, or political event that impacted the American people the most for the following years: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s. I don't mind doing the research
  56. Medical Billing and Coding

    Can anyone please help me with the research paper in compairing three different electronic medical records. If any one can bref me on this that would be great. I have done all the research my problem is I can't find the things that need to be addressed.
  57. biology honors

    i am doing a research paper on cancer. what are some specific issues related to the topic and develop a specific research question from your selected contemporary issue. ( i put "the good and bad of cancer"
  58. college English

    Also, had they of done research on wills and added fact based information, than this would have made a crucial impact. Is the writing after "Also" a restritive or nonrestrictive phrase? I think that what is after "also" is restrictive but what is after the
  59. English

    I recently wrote a research proposal on teamwork and the only feedback given was to "focus on a specific aspect of teamwork". What does that mean and do you have any suggestions? I was thinking that she could be talking about why it's important or
  60. Careers

    Can someone check this please? 5. When completing matching, if many of your characteristics are very different from those of people in the job then: A.) this would be a good career match for you B.) this career is unlikely to be a good fit for you********
  61. Grammar

    Which one is correct? "There are studies and research that supports categorizing obesity as a mental disorder..." or "There are studies and research that support categorizing..."
  62. english

    i am doing an argumentative research paper on prostution. and my main point is that whether prostution be illegal or legal. i am confused with the terms "legalization" and decrimalization of prostution. i need help. thank you
  63. Research Report

    Can somebody help with good resources for a research report on airplanes?
  64. research paper

    wat things do i need to include in a research paper?
  65. psychology

    Hi I need help with my homework, I wrote down my answers, just need you to check if their right. Thanks 1. which of the following is not a goal of psychology? A. Measurement **** B.Prediction. C. Control D. Intellectualism 2. psychologists need to decide
  66. Science - Research

    I am doing a review of the benefits and limitations to using genetic methods to research humans. I think the limitations will come from the fact that you need a blood sample. I'm not sure how to find about how much blood the scientist takes from the person
  67. English

    I need help with my research paper outline.(ARE THERE ANY MISTAKES?) According to (author/source)Michael Martinez and Jaqueline Hurtado(Date 2014/11/15) the main idea about this subject is the parents does not believe in what the government said and that
  68. English

    Accidental or unintentional plagiarism occurs when direct quotations aren’t identified or incorrectly paraphrased sources are included in research-based writing. True False I say True
  69. English 101

    Which sentence is parallel and which is not parallel. 1. Einstein liked doing mathemathical research more than to supervise a large laboratory. 2.While wrapping the gifts, I noticed that murray, my pet terrier, kept trying to untie the bow.
  70. statistics for health research

    Descriptive statistics are widely used in qualitative research. When establishing if a population is normally distributed explain when the statistics of sample size, mean, mode, median, skewness and kurtosis will guide the researcher to make conclusions of
  71. information Leteracy

    To determine the best place to begin your online research, you should first A. identify keywords and search terms. B. settle on a single, concise search term or phrase. C. choose several verbs and modifiers to help define your search. D. formulate your
  72. Calculus; Limits

    The percentage of research articles in a prominent journal written by researchers in the United States can be modeled by A(t) = 26 + (36/1 + 0.8(0.8)^−t'), where t is time in years (t = 0 represents 1983). Numerically estimate lim as
  73. English, Music

    I don't know if you guys have heard of this before, but its called the Senior Project. It's a 4-part project that involves writing a research paper (6 page min.), a physical project, a portfolio to show off what you have done and a speech to a panel of
  74. science-Help!

    What does it mean in the scientific method that the second step is research? I need to write up the 5 steps of scientific method explaining my experiment-how do i do research?
  75. English Composition

    you are the director of the research department at a teaching hospital. You are regularly published in the medical journal, and you are also responsible for the content and accuracy of your staff's research articles. You also serve as an unofficial
  76. english

    i need help coming up with a question that could be the basis for a research essay. I don't know what topic you have in mind, but here are a few ideas to get you started. If there's nothing here, maybe one of these will trigger another idea in your mind.
  77. literacy

    To determine the best place to begin your online research, you should first A. formulate your research question B. choose severval verbs and modifiers to help define your search. C. identify keywords and search terms D. settle on a single, concise search
  78. English (Media)

    I am doing an assignment observing trends, techniques, issues and bias used in the media. I should reflect on these elements via a blog or an essay. While I'm decent at english, I just don't know where to start. The topic seems so broad and I'm at a loss
  79. Marketing

    Select a company that produces a product that you use and with which you are familiar. For the company to make decisions about developing new products and attracting new customers, it must rely on marketing research. These decisions feed into the
  80. english literature

    i am writing a research paper about JOHN KEATS and his 3 works ( social political religious or any)_ but i didn't find some of the things about him. my question is: WHAT ARE THE SOCIAL POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS CONTRIBUTION OF JOHN KEATS TO THE ENGLISH
  81. english

    The final section of a research paper paragraph should include _______, to help readers figure out how the evidence supplied in the body of the paragraph supports the topic. A. an analysis B. a transition C. a citation D. a quotation C?
  82. English

    A typical research-based paper contains an introduction with a thesis, a body in which the paragraphs begin with topic sentences, a conclusion, and a references page. True False I say True. Please check my work.
  83. Social Studies/English

    Hi! I'm writing a research paper for my AP English class. My topic is abolishing the British Monarchy. I am trying to prove that the monarchy should be maintained. Does anyone know any good sources of information to help me or any ideas to help me prove my
  84. English

    Which one is an eample of primary research? 1. asking a refernce librarian for specific sources of information 2. Calling a dietician for info about a low-card diet 3. Searching the internet for nutrious recipes 4. Reading an interview in a professional
  85. pychology(research method)

    I'm doing a research on financial stress/gender and financial stress. Where can I find information/journals on this topic, the background and relevant concepts, and the theories/models of stress?
  86. psychology(research method)

    I'm doing a research on financial stress/gender and financial stress. Where can I find information/journals on this topic, the background and relevant concepts, and the theories/models of stress?
  87. acc 305 accounting

    The fourth step in the financial accounting research process may require you to​ ________. A. cross reference information in the Codification B. work down the levels of the hierarchy to identify a similar transaction C. draft a memo D. change or refine
  88. English

    Which pf the following, would not always require a citation in a research paper? a- quotation of a phrase b- quotation of a sentence c- thesis statement d- sentence paraphrased from a book
  89. sci/275

    research due day 2 (tuesday) wk 6 sci/275 Exercise: Final Paper Research Due Day 2 (Tuesday) Please post in your Individual Forum · Resource: Appendix A · Review the environmental issues that are covered in this course. · Choose an environmental issue
  90. statistics

    According to a survey 35% of adults are against using animals for research. Assume that this result holds true for the current population of all adullts. Let X be the number of adults who are against using animals for research in a random sample of 2
  91. biology

    The agricultural research facility during a research accidentally changed the DNA sequence of a wheat plant from GCCATGTT to GCGTACTT and this mutation resulted in a stronger plant variety. What kind of mutation did the plant undergo?
  92. biology

    The agricultural research facility during a research accidentally changed the DNA sequence of a wheat plant from GCCATGTT to GCGTACTT and this mutation resulted in a stronger plant variety. What kind of mutation did the plant undergo?
  93. English

    How do I find a research question in an article titled Ethical issues in public health: A qualitative study of public health practice
  94. English

    I forgot to add this part with reference to our school. It is essential. Thank you. 1) Pupils taken from one tenth class will be involved in the project since the scientific project topics are included in the curriculum of this class. The participating
  95. English

    I am working on a debate on embryonic stem cell research. I've been assigned the side that is against it. I need some good, solid arguments that aren't just focusing on the ethics of it, but are about the practicality, the money, the success rate, etc. Do
  96. English (Cover Letter)

    I suppose that I need to place a comma after "statistics", since the first phrase seems like it is a dependent clause. Am I right? "Through my Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Statistics from XYZ University I developed a desire to work in a research
  97. English

    Someone wishing to find employment at News Corp as a website developer would probably expect to engage in __________ before getting hired. A.a research-based interview B.a quick promotion C.writing an essay D.a job interview I believe its C
  98. English

    I need 3 internet references for a research paper about how modern Japan effects modern U.S.A. I've looked for two days with no luck, and I'm running out of time, and I'm not allowed to use Wikipedia. If you could give me a few sites or a good place to
  99. marketing

    A manufacturer of a new product for whitening teeth would like to investigate the effects of package design and label information on consumer’s perceptions of the product and their intentions to buy it. Would you advise the manufacturer to use
  100. English

    I have a question. I wrote a research paper and used MLA. I referenced from a book three different times in my paper. When I do my work cited page in the end, how do I go about the page numbers?