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  1. English

    What's Karen doing over there. She is supposed to be studying, but it looks like she is playing Andrew's game.
  2. english

    what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims
  3. English composition

    Write a debate titled "boys should not help in the kitchen"
  4. english

    The man_____you should marry is the one ______ gave me the portfolio. A. who:who B. Whome:whom C. whom:who D. who:whom
  5. English

    With the election so near, the mayor became RETICENT about..... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  6. English

    Fill in the blanks The customer paid by .... f9r his new ..... suit
  7. English

    Are Lincoln and Kennedy inaugural addresses relevant today?
  8. english

    traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  9. busines english

    which of the following is not a question you need to answer to choose a persuasive strategy?

  11. english

    the outsiders page 63 imagery compare the picture with the situation
  12. English - question

    Ms. Sue, What kind of strategies can I use to revise my paper?
  13. english

    Ms sue. Please write the article for the earlier mentioned topic
  14. spanish

    what does cosas o articulos que lleva uno a la playa mean in english
  15. english

    the chess competition ended right on time.is it pronoun or noun
  16. English/ Literature

    What does "wild card" mean? Choose any literary device?
  17. english

    I need to find a good quote from Act 4 in the novel The Crucible that is very important.
  18. English grammar

    Who can give me a good explanation with examples for the following conjunction. a) while b) unless
  19. english

    Imagine being an explorer who leaves his country to seach the world.
  20. English III

    How would you discuss the style of an article or author? What words would you use?
  21. English

    I'm having trouble finding an antonym for centipede and millipede. I've look in the Thesaurus and nothing in there. Could someone please help?
  22. english

    I need help writing a speech about saving energy to 6th graders
  23. english

    what is a synonym for gave,furnished that have double letters and fit this? ----l---
  24. english

    trying to write a speech on is a picture worth a thousand words and why
  25. English-Literature

    I have to identify the types of perspective/voice. Can someone please tell me what that means? Thanks
  26. English-Literature

    I need help with a list of all characters in Archibald MacLeish's book J.B.. Can anyone help me???Thanks
  27. english 1`0

    I need daily diary entries for antonio from the merchant of venice
  28. English

    What type of writing dominated the American Age of Reason?
  29. English

    Why is Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics so disorganized and unlike his style?
  30. English 4

    people who attract a lot of friends are neither negative nor needy.
  31. English

    Why traditional african marrige is an advantage for men only not women?
  32. Lord Of The Flies- English

    What is implied at the end of the novel? Is this truly a happy ending?
  33. English

    low sleep or sleepiness what is the effect on our reaction time?
  34. English

    How does the Ramayana portray or illustrate precepts from the Bhagavad Gita?
  35. english

    why might Equiano have asked captain to call him Jacob rather than oladuah
  36. english

    How can I write a Persuasive Essay Outline on Physical Eduation?
  37. English

    What part of speech is "being" in the following sentence: I was surprised at John's being absent.
  38. english.

    When did ebola spread to south africa. Like what month did it happen?
  39. English

    work at start had been very strenuous.(turn into negative sentence)
  40. english

    can you help me with this quote. "circumstances are beyond the control of man; but his conduct is in his own power". What does this really mean??
  41. English

    Why is Babylon Revisited called that if it takes place in Paris?
  42. English

    How does the interaction between waverly develop over the course of the passage "rules of the game."
  43. english

    Is time, summer and winter concrete or abstract words?
  44. English

    create a few questions on the two old bachelors by edward lear. Please help its urgent
  45. English/Writing

    How do I write a characterization paragraph? What's an effective way of characterizing?
  46. english 125

    Support your views with at least one example of a dramatic text and one example of a poem
  47. english

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  48. English

    Some islands are of the coast of Californa. What is th sbject and prepositio in this sntence?
  49. english

    I am writing a exploratory essay about the washington monument and I need help with the conclusion
  50. english

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.
  51. english

    chaucer sounds like a modern day buisnessman. explain why
  52. English lit

    how does achilles enemy differ from beowulfs and gilgameshs
  53. english

    chaucer sounds like a modern day buisnessman. explain why
  54. English

    How to write a report. I'm in ninth standard???Pls help urgently
  55. English

    I'm trying to write an extended metaphor about myself but I'm stuck. So far I have I am a seed small..
  56. English

    What are some poetic devices used in Miley Cyrus' The Climb" and explain.
  57. English

    Question: Please let me know websites where I can see the sea aimals with hteir names. Thank you.
  58. english

    can anyone please take this small "vocab game?" I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter
  59. English

    Can you give me the link of my journal entry i ask you guys to look over from last week.
  60. English

    1..Today the Pink Palace Museum (has, is having, had, will have) a science center too. 1.has
  61. english

    Hey, can anybody tell me what "Names of mountains vary" mean? I'm german and have no clue what it can mean..
  62. english

    what did the line "this was the most unkindest cut of all" reveal about julius caesar?
  63. English

    What would be a good characteristic for somebody who always wanted attention ? it's on the tip of my tounge! thanks...
  64. College English

    I need to write a 700 word essay on what my name means. Can I please get some help!!!
  65. english

    whole history from early man to indus valley civilization.
  66. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  67. English grammar

    Sun was very hot.it was still summer. Correct conjunction for it.
  68. gr 10 english

    can someone help me find an article on "power" in the newspaper, particulary somewhere in Ontario?
  69. english

    The meanings of blow up,account for,call off,talk into and drag on.
  70. English

    You can't fly to Canada in an hour. It's impossible. ==================== What is the meaning of 'in' in the first sentence? Does 'in' mean 'within' or 'after'?

  72. English 9a

    Hello!!!!! I was just wondering if any of you know where I can find the story: "Diez in the Desert" Thx!!!
  73. ENGLISH-HELP!!!!

    How does Euripides portray the realtionship between the human and the divine in the Bacchae?
  74. english

    Is the apostrophe in this sentence in the correct place? The men's uniform.
  75. English

    If someone speaks candidly, she is most likely speaking ; ~honestly ~quietly ~sarcastically
  76. English

    How do the Native Americans respond to the Spaniards in the first encounter between the two groups?
  77. English Grammar

    What is the difference between quantifier and numeral? e.g. one, two, three..... Are they numerals or quantifiers?
  78. English

    Write the poem arrow and song in the form of prose
  79. english

    What are the characteristics of arthur and sundiata? What qualities they have in common? i know both are heroic.
  80. English

    Tell me the explanation on past present future by emily bronte
  81. English

    What influences did Clara Bow have on the people back in the 1920s.
  82. English

    why is speciesism important for Singer’s animal rights view?
  83. English

    In the book Sense and Sensibility, who does Elinor end up marrying?
  84. English

    What is the significance of Catherine Earnshaws ghost in Wuthering Heights?
  85. English

    How does censorship limit student's creativity. In what Way. Please help!! I'm fresh out of ideas!!!
  86. English

    "she returned to the thick hug of humidity." Does this work as an example of personification?
  87. English

    Had they not imposed their beliefs on the Ibo, Okonkwo would not have been provoked to murder.
  88. English

    What's a good thesis statement for the book hunger games ?
  89. english

    Compare the use of verbs in the poems "quickdraw" and "the farmers bride"
  90. english

    please an agumentative essay about military regimeis better than civilian regime
  91. english

    can anyone find me chapter summaries for the book "the sturdy oak" please
  92. English

    What are the shifts in the meaning of the word "CONQUER"? How can they be characterized and what might account for these changes? Thank you
  93. social studies

    what are the steps toward democaracy of the early English settlers?
  94. English

    How can I rewrite this sentence: A boy and his bog sat by a house?
  95. english

    Traditional African marriage is the advantage for man only not women
  96. english

    what genre is Black Ships Before Troy ~ by Rosemary Sutcliff?
  97. english

    What is the object of the preposition in sentence? He will walk alone from his office. 1)alone 2)children 3)under 4)the I say (1) alone
  98. english

    why do u think Edwards felt it was necessary to terrify his puritan audience into action?